Title: Eta Carinae and Other Mysterious Stars: The Hidden Opportunities of Emission Spectroscopy
Volume: 242 Year: 2001 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Gull, Theodore R.; Johannson, Sveneric; Davidson, Kris
ISBN: 1-58381-080-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-578-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
Unique Spectroscopic Problems Related to Eta Carinae 3 Davidson, K.
Eta Carinae: The Central Star 15 Hillier, D. J.; Davidson, K.; Ishibashi, K.; Gull, T.
Emission line variability of Eta Carinae 29 Rivinius, T.; Wolf, B.; Stahl, O.; Kaufer, A.
Solving the X-Ray Variability of Eta Carinae 41 Corcoran, M.; Ishibashi, K.; Swank, J.; Petre, R.
Searching for Physically Acceptable Parameters for Eta Carinae's Companion 53 Ishibashi, K.
The Far Ultraviolet Spectrum of Eta Carinae 55 Iping, R.; Sonneborn, G.; Gull, T.; Massa, D.; Hutchings, J.
The 3-Dimensional and Time-Variant Structures of Ejecta around Eta Carinae as Detected by the STIS 59 Gull, T.; Ishibashi, K.
The HST/STIS Mapping of the Eta Carinae Nebulae 71 Ishibashi, K.; Gull, T.; Davidson, K.
The Shocking Near-IR Spectrum of the Homunculus 81 Smith, N.
Cr II Fluorescence in Eta Carinae due to H Lyman Alpha Pumping 97 Zethson, T.; Hartman, H.; Johansson, S.; Gull, T.; Ishibashi, K.; Davidson, K.
FeII and [FeII] Emission Lines: Numerical Models and Spectroscopic Observations of the Ejecta Associated with Eta Carinae 103 Verner, E.; Ferland, G.; Gull, T.; Ishibashi, K.
Identification of Lines in the Strontium Region of Eta Carinae 107 Hartman, H.; Zethson, T.; Johansson, S.; Gull, T.; Ishibashi, K.; Davidson, K.; Smith, N.
Continuum Fluorescence Excitation of Sr II in Eta Carinae 111 Bautista, M.; Gull, T.; Ishibashi, K.; Hartman, H.; Davidson, K.
Reflected Stellar Wind Line Profiles in Eta Carinae 117 Smith, N.; Davidson, K.; Gull, T.; Ishibashi, K.
Eta Carinae: the Infrared Light Curve 123 Whitelock, P.
The outer ejecta of Eta Carinae 129 Weis, K.
The High-Speed Circumstellar Shells, Lobes, Funnels, Knots and Fingers of P Cygni and Eta Carinae 141 Meaburn, J.
The origin of the strings in the outer regions of Eta Carinae 151 Redman, M.; Meaburn, J.
Magnetic Formation of the Lobes and Equatorial Disk around Eta Carinae? 155 Balick, B.; Matt, S.
Emission-line Spectra of B[e] Supergiants and S Dor Variables 163 Stahl, O.
A Comparison of Emission Line Spectra of Eta Carinae and Four Other Massive Stars 175 Wallerstein, G.; Rodgers, B.
A search for LBVc's with Emission Line Images 179 Corral, L.; Herrero, A.
Spectroscopy of the Peculiar Emission Line Star MWC349 183 Quirrenbach, A.; Frink, S.; Thum, C.
Spectral Variations of the Peculiar Symbiotic Star MWC 560 187 Iijima, T.
Spectroscopic Observations of He2-38 191 Lutz, J.; Wallerstein, G.
The young binary star CPD-59 2628 195 Freyhammer, L.; Clausen, J.; Arentoft, T.; Sterken, C.
Long term optical spectroscopy of HD 86161 (WR 16) 199 Niemela, V.; Gamen, R.; Morrell, N.
The OI 8446, FeII 8490 and FeII 9997 Lines in Hot Luminous Stars 203 Damineli, A.
A Comparison of the FeII Spectrum in Three B[e] Stars: HD 51585 HD 45677 and HD 50138 213 Houziaux, L.; Quinet, P.
Selective Emission Lines in O-Type Spectra 217 Walborn, N.
Identification of the 4486, 4504Å Emission Lines in O-type Spectra 229 Werner, K.; Rauch, T.
Unusual Emission Lines in the Spectra of the Cool Hypergiants 233 Humphreys, R.
Spatially resolved STIS Spectroscopy of Betelgeuse: Evidence for Non-Radial Chromospheric Oscillation from Detailed Modeling 241 Lobel, A.
Cool Star Chromospheres and the Sun 247 Linsky, J.; Redfield, S.; Ayres, T.; Brown, A.; Harper, G.
Changes in the OH Emission of the Hypergiant Star IRAS 19566+3423 259 Lewis, B.
Probing Unusual Processes from Spectra of Young Stars 263 Gahm, G.
Spectroscopy of T Tauri Stars with UVES 275 Stempels, H.
Analysis of Stellar Spectra with Enhanced Emission Lines 281 Viotti, R.; Rossi, C.
Fe II Line Opacity and Level Population Derived from the Self-Absorption Curve Method 291 Viotti, R.
Fluorescence Lines in Eta Carinae and Other Objects 297 Johansson, S.; Zethson, T.; Hartman, H.; Letokhov, V.
Mysterious UV Lines of Fe II in the Blob Spectrum of Eta Carinae 309 Johansson, S.; Letokhov, V.
Intensity anomalies in the C IV doublet caused by Fe II fluorescence 325 Eriksson, M.; Johansson, S.; Wahlgren, G.
Quantitative Spectroscopy of Emission Line Regions 329 Ferland, G.
Quantum-Optical Signatures of Stimulated Emission 339 Dravins, D.
Raman Scattering and Symbiotic Stars 347 Schmid, H.
Fluorescence Observed in the Ultraviolet Spectrum of RR Telescopii 361 Hartman, H.; Johansson, S.
UVES-VLT Observations of OIII Bowen Lines in RR Tel 367 Selvelli, P.; Bonifacio, P.
A New Outburst Stage of the Symbiotic Triple-Star System CH Cygni 371 Skopal, A.; Bode, M. F.; Eyers, S. P. S.; Errico, L.; Teodorani, M.; Vittone, A. A.; Elkin, V.; Crocker, M. M.; Davis, R. J.
What is the Structure of the Symbiotic Nebula in AX Persei? 377 Skopal, A.; Chochol, D.; Ikeda, Y.; Tamura, S.
Some Common Problems and Challenges that Emission-Line Stars Present 381 Feast, M.
STIS Observations of the Eta Carinae Central Source and Weigelt Blobs BD 391 Gull, T.; Ishibashi, K.; Davidson, K.; Collins, N.