Title: Microlensing 2000: a New Era of Microlensing Astrophysics
Volume: 239 Year: 2001 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Menzies, J. W.; Sackett, Penny D.
ISBN: 1-58381-076-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-575-5
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Paper Title Page Authors
Theory of Microlensing 3 Gould, A.
Additional Information from Astrometric Gravitational Microlensing Observations 18 Han, C.
Microlensing Observations 27 Cook, K.
The EROS Microlensing Alert System 28 Glicenstein, J.-F.
Difference Imaging Analysis of the MOA Image Data Base 33 Bond, I.
Baryonic Dark Matter in Galaxies 37 Carr, B. J.
Are there enough MACHOs to fill the Galactic Halo? 54 Lasserre, T.
MACHO Results from 5.7 Years of LMC Observations 63 Cook, K.; The MACHO Collaboration
LMC Self-Lensing Constraints 64 Gyuk, G.; Dalal, N.; Griest, K.
What are MACHOs? Interpreting LMC Microlensing 73 Graff, D. S.
Old White Dwarfs as a Microlensing Population 82 Hansen, B. M. S.
From Low-Mass Star Binaries down to Planetary Systems 91 Udry, S.; Mayor, M.; Halbwachs, J.-L.; Arenou, F.
PLANET Observations of Anomalous Microlensing Events 109 Menzies, J.; Albrow, M. D.; Beaulieu, J.-P.; Caldwell, J. A. R.; Depoy, D. L.; Gaudi, B. S.; Gould, A.; Greenhill, J.; Hill, K.; Kane, S.; Martin, R.; Dominik, M.; Naber, R. M.; Pogge, R. W.; Pollard, K. R.; Sackett, P. D.; Sahu, K. C.; Vermaak, P.; Watson, R.; Williams, A.
Doppler Search for Extrasolar Planets 116 Fischer, D. A.
Photometric Characterization of Stars with Planets 130 Giménez, A.
Microlensing Constraints on the Frequency of Jupiter-Mass Planets 135 Gaudi, B. S.; Albrow, M. D.; An, J. H.; Beaulieu, J.-P.; Caldwell, J. A. R.; Depoy, D. L.; Dominik, M.; Gould, A.; Greenhill, J.; Hill, K.; Kane, S.; Martin, R.; Menzies, J.; Pogge, R. W.; Pollard, K.; Sackett, P. D.; Sahu, K. C.; Vermaak, P.; Watson, R.; Williams, A.
Planet Detection via Microlensing: Consequences of Resolving the Source 144 Vermaak, P.
Planetary Microlensing Signatures in the High Magnification Events MACHO 98-BLG-35 and MACHO 99-LMC-2 153 Bond, I.
Abundance of Terrestrial Planets by Microlensing 160 Yock, P.
Discussion Session I: Mass and Orbital Characteristics of Binaries and Planets 164 Menzies, J.; Sackett, P. D.
Stellar Atmospheres 175 Hauschildt, P. H.; Allard, F.; Aufdenberg, J.; Barman, T.; Schweitzer, A.; Baron, E.
Microlensing Extended Stellar Sources 195 Bryce, H. M.; Hendry, M. A.; Valls-Gabaud, D.
Source Reconstruction as an Inverse Problem 204 Gray, N.; Coleman, I. J.
Microlensing and the Physics of Stellar Atmospheres 213 Sackett, P. D.
A Free-Floating Planet Population in the Galaxy? 223 Zinnecker, H.
Microlensing and Galactic Structure 231 Binney, J.
Galactic Bulge Microlensing Events with Clump Giants as Sources 244 Popowski, P.; Alcock, C.; Allsman, R. A.; Alves, D. R.; Axelrod, T. S.; Becker, A. C.; Bennett, D. P.; Cook, K. H.; Drake, A. J.; Freeman, K. C.; Geha, M.; Griest, K.; Lehner, M. J.; Marshall, S. L.; Minniti, D.; Nelson, C. A.; Peterson, B. A.; Pratt, M. R.; Quinn, P. J.; Stubbs, C. W.; Sutherland, W.; Tomaney, A. B.; Vandehei, T.; Welch, D.
A Galactic Bar to Beyond the Solar Circle and its Relevance for Microlensing 254 Feast, M.; Whitelock, P.
New EROS2 Results towards the Galactic Disk 261 Glicenstein, J.-F.; The EROS Collaboration
Evidence for Isolated Black Hole Stellar Remnants from Microlensing Parallax Events 270 Bennett, D.
A New Component of the Galaxy as the Origin of the LMC Microlensing Events 271 Gates, E.; Gyuk, G.
The Local Group 280 Grebel, E. K.
The Haloes of the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies 299 Evans, N. W.; Wilkinson, M. I.
Pixel Lensing towards M31 in Principle and in Practice 309 Kerins, E.; The Point-Agape Collaboration
Microlensing in M31 - The MEGA Survey's Prospects and Initial Results 318 Crotts, A.; Uglesich, R.; Gould, A.; Gyuk, G.; Sackett, P.; Kuijken, K.; Sutherland, W.; Widrow, L.
Things That Go Blip in the Night: Microlensing and the Stellar/Substellar Mass Function 327 Reid, I. N.
Discussion Session II: Mass Functions/Budgets of Dark and Luminous Objects 341 Menzies, J.; Sackett, P. D.
Cosmological Microlensing 351 Wambsganss, J.
A Radio-microlensing Caustic Crossing in B1600+434? 363 Koopmans, L. V. E.; de Bruyn, A. G.; Wambsganss, J.; Fassnacht, C. D.
Telescopes of the Future 372 Gilmozzi, R.
Microlensing observations with the 4-m International Liquid Mirror Telescope 373 Claeskens, J. C.; Jean, C.; Surdej, J.
Monitoring Light Variations from Space with the OMC 378 Giménez, A.
Telescope Design, Instrumentation and Status of SALT 382 Stobie, R. S.; O'Donoghue, D.; Buckley, D. A. H.; Meiring, K.
Galactic Exoplanet Survey Telescope (GEST): A Proposed Space-Based Microlensing Survey for Terrestrial Extra-Solar Planets 393 Bennett, D.; Rhie, S. H.
Some Closing Comments 394 Feast, M.