Title: P Cygni 2000: 400 Years of Progress
Volume: 233 Year: 2001 View Volume 233 on ADS
Editors: de Groot, M.; Sterken, C.
ISBN: 1-58381-070-6 eISBN: 978-1-58381-569-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Willem Jansz. Blaeu (1571-1638) 3 Sterken, C.
P Cygni: Four Centuries of Photometry 15 de Groot, M.; Sterken, C.; van Genderen, A. M.
Long-term VRI photometry of P Cygni 31 Percy, J. R.; Evans, T. D. K.; Henry, G. W.; Mattei, J. A.
Photometric monitoring of eta Carinae, and the general problem of accurate photometry of S Dor variables 39 Sterken, C.; Freyhammer, L. M.; Arentoft, T.; van Genderen, A. M.
Infrared photometry and imaging of P Cygni 55 Smith, N.; Gehrz, R. D.; Lawrence, G. F.
eta Carinae: physical information from photometry 59 van Genderen, A. M.; de Groot, M.; Sterken, C.
Photometric monitoring of eta Carinae (1997-2000) 71 Sterken, C.; Freyhammer, L. M.; Arentoft, T.; Jones, A.; Liller, W.; van Genderen, A. M.; Brogt, E.; Dijkstra, R. C.; Janson, M.; de Wildt, P.; van der Meer, A.; Ponsioen, C.; Voskes, T.; Marang, F.; Roberts, G.; van Wyk, F.; Kilkenny, D.
X-ray emission and variability of eta Carinae 75 Corcoran, M. F.; Ishibashi, K.; Swank, J. H.; Petre, R.
Variable P Cygni: from UV to radio 83 Kolka, I.
New results on spectral and photometric variability of P Cygni 95 Markova, N.
The AURELIE 1-micron spectrum of P Cygni at high resolution 105 Rossi, C.; Muratorio, G.; Viotti, R. F.
The SARG very high resolution spectrum of P Cygni 109 Rossi, C.; Viotti, R. F.; Gaeng, T.; Gratton, R.; Claudi, R.; Farisato, G.; Martorana, G.; Rebeschini, M.; Bonanno, G.; Bruno, P.; Cali, A.; Cosentino, R.; Scuderi, S.; Timpanaro, M. C.; Desidera, S.
A study of the wind of P Cygni applying the self-absorption-curve method 113 Friedjung, M.; Muratorio, G.; Markova, N.; Israelian, G.
The close environment of P Cygni in Hα 119 Chesneau, O.; Vakili, F.; Abe, L.; Roche, Muriel; Aime, Claude; Lanteri, Henri
The near-infrared spectrum of P Cygni 125 Smith, N.
Ultra-high resolution spectroscopy of P Cygni and similar stars in the optical wavelength region 129 Gaeng, T.
Spectroscopy of P Cygni 133 Najarro, F.
Comparing P Cygni's Spectroscopic Variability with that of other B-type Supergiants 149 Rivinius, T.
The eclipsing P Cygni-type star R 81 in the LMC 163 Tubbesing, S.; Kaufer, A.; Schmid, H. M.; Stahl, O.; Wolf, B.
Variable 12 in NGC2403 - an eta Car/P Cyg - type eruption 169 Humphreys, R. M.; Smith, N.
Recent Results from HST/STIS Spectroscopy of eta Carinae 173 Davidson, K.; Gull, T. R.; Ishibashi, K.
Nebular observations of the ejecta surrounding eta Carinae using the STIS and HST 185 Gull, T. R.; Ishibashi, K.; Davidson, K.
Will HR8752 become a P Cygni type star? 191 de Jager, C.; Lobel, A.; Israelian, G.; Nieuwenhuijzen, H.
Variable stars, archaeoastronomy, Alcor (80 UMa) 199 Polcaro, V. F.; Viotti, R.
HIRES near-infrared spectra of P Cygni-type stars 207 Damineli, A.; dal Ri, C. L.
The photosphere of P Cygni 215 de Jager, C.
Strange-mode instabilities in the nonlinear regime 227 Glatzel, W.; Chernigovski, S.
Radio observations of P Cygni 241 Exter, K.
The eruption history of P Cygni 253 Meaburn, J.
Ultraviolet and visible spectropolarimetric variability in P Cygni 261 Nordsieck, K. H.; Wisniewski, J.; Babler, B. L.; Meade, M. R.; Anderson, C. M.; Bjorkman, K. S.; Code, A. D.; Fox, G. K.; Johnson, J. J.; Weitenbeck, A. J.; Zellner, N. E. B.
Ionization and clumping structure of the wind of P Cygni 275 Nugis, T.