Title: The New Era of Wide Field Astronomy
Volume: 232 Year: 2001 View Volume 232 on ADS
Editors: Clowes, Roger; Adamson, Andrew; Bromage, Gordon
ISBN: 1-58381-065-X eISBN: 978-1-58381-568-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
Early Extragalactic Results from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. 3 Lupton, R. H.; Strauss, Michael A.; Knapp, Gillian R.; Blanton, Michael; Vanden Berk, Daniel E.
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Standard Star Network. 13 Tucker, D. L.; Allyn Smith, J.; Brinkmann, J.
The XMM-Newton / SSC Survey of the Galactic Plane. 16 Motch, C.
Reddening-Independent Quasar Selection from a Wide Field Optical and Near-IR Imaging Survey 26 Sabbey, C. N.; Sharp, R.G.; Vivas, A.K.; Hodgkin, S.T.; Coppi, P.S.; McMahon, R.G.
2dF on the AAT: Current Status and Recent Science Results. 29 Bridges, T.
New Science Results from the SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey. 35 Hambly, N. C.; Brown, M.L.; Smith, R.E.; Read, M.A.; Taylor, A.N.
The AAO/UKST H-alpha Survey and the Discovery of a Rich Vein of Planetary Nebulae. 38 Parker, Q. A.; Phillipps, S.
The Scientific Status of the Isaac Newton Group's Wide Field Survey. 44 Walton, N. A.; Hodgkin, S.T.; Irwin, M.J.; Lewis, J.R.; McMahon, R.G.; Sharp, R.G.; Mendez, J.
The Chandra Multi-wavelength Project (ChaMP): a Serendipitous Survey with Chandra Archival Data. 47 Wilkes, B. J.; Green, P.; Brissenden, R.; Cameron, R.; Dobrzycki, A.; Drake, J.; Evans, N.; Fruscione, A.; Gaetz, T.; Garcia, M.; Ghosh, H.; Grimes, J.; Grindlay, J.; Hooper, E.; Karovska, M.; Kashyap, V.; Kim, D.-W.; Kowal, K.; Marshall, H.; Mossman, A.; Morris, D.; Nichols, J.; Szentgyorgyi, A.; Tananbaum, H.; van Speybroeck, L.; Vikhlinin, A.; Virani, S.; Zhao, P.
SUMSS: Wide-field Radio Imaging of the Southern Sky. 53 Sadler, E. M.; Hunstead, R. W.
A Second Generation Continuum Survey at 21 cm. 59 Stewart, I. M.; Wright, A. E.
The 2dF QSO Redshift Survey. 65 Boyle, B. J.; Croom, S.M.; Hoyle, Fiona; Outram, P.J.; Shanks, T.; Smith, R.J.; Miller, L.; Loaring, N.S.
The 2dF QSO Redshift Survey - Selection Function. 73 Loaring, N. S.; 2dF QSO team; Boyle, B.; Croom, S.; Outram, P.; Shanks, T.; Smith, R.
Simulating the 2QZ Survey. 75 Hoyle, F.; Outram, Phil; Shanks, Tom; Boyle, Brian; Croom, Scott; Smith, Robert; Miller, Lance; Loarinf, Nicola
The Search for Red AGN with 2MASS. 78 Cutri, R. M.; Nelson, B.O.; Kirkpatrick, J.D.; Huchra, J.P.; Smith, P.S.
Faint Quasar Surveys. 84 Hall, P. B.
AGN and Starburst Galaxies Seen through Radio Surveys. 90 Gregorini, L.; Prandoni, I.; de Ruiter, H.R.; Parma, P.; Vettolani, G.; Zanichelli, A.; Wieringa, M.H.; Ekers, R.D.
The Evolution of AGN in the Hard X-rays from HELLAS. 96 La Franca, F.; Fiore, F.; Vignali, C.; Comastri, A.; Pompilo, F.; HELLAS consortium
The FIRST-APM QSO Survey (FAQS) in the SBS Region: Preliminary Results. 102 Chavushyan, V.; Mujica, Raul; Carrasco, Luis; Valdes, Jose R.; Verkhodanov, Oleg; Stepanian, Jivan
The Hamburg/RASS Optical Identification Project. 105 Zickgraf, F.-J.; Engels, D.; Hagen, H.-J.; Reimers, D.
Large Quasar Groups - A Short Review. 108 Clowes, R. G.
Mg II Absorbers toward a Large Quasar Group at 1.20 < z < 1.38. 114 Williger, G. M.; Campusano, L. E.; Clowes, R. G.
The Galaxy Environment of Quasars in the z ≃ 1.3 Clowes-Campusano Large Quasar Group. 117 Haines, C. P.; Clowes, R. G.; Campusano, L. E.
Environments of Quasars in the Context of Large Scale Structure. 123 Söchting, I. K.; Clowes, R. G.; Campusano, L. E.
The Red-Sequence Cluster Survey. 126 Gladders, M. D.; Yee, H. K. C.
Cosmology with the Space-Luminosity Distribution of Virialized Halos. 132 Marinoni, C.; Hudson, M. J.; Giuricin, G.
The NOAO Fundamental Plane Survey of X-ray Selected Galaxy Clusters to 200h-1 Mpc. 138 Smith, R. J.; Hudson, M.J.; Willick, J.A.; Davies, R.L.; Lucey, J.R.; Moore, S.A.W.; Quinney, S.J.; Schade, D.; Suntzeff, N.B.; Wegner, G.A.
The X-ray Evolution of Clusters of Galaxies to z = 0.9. 141 Jones, L. R.; Ebeling, H.; Scharf, C.; Perlman, E.; Horner, D.; Fairly, B.W.; Wegner, G.; Malkan, M.
Dwarf Galaxy Populations in Nearby Clusters. 147 Smith, R. M.; Davies, J. I.; Kambas, A.
Dissecting the Luminosity Function of the Coma Cluster of Galaxies by means of CFHT Wide Field Images. 153 Andreon, S.; Cuillandre, J.-C.
Luminosity Functions of R1/4-like and Exponential-like Galaxies in Nearby Clusters of Galaxies 158 Okamura, S.; Yagi, M.; Sekiguchi, M.; Doi, M.; Shimasaku, K.; Kashikawa, N.; Yasuda, N.
Luminosity Segregation and Angular Correlations. 161 Bonometto, S. A.; Colombo, L. P. L.
Compact Groups in the DPOSS-II Survey. 164 Iovino, A.; de Calvalho, Reinaldo; Gal, R.R.; Odewahn, S.C.; Djorgovski, S.
Compact Groups of Galaxies in the SDSS Commissioning Data. 170 Lee, B.; Tucker, D.; Brinkmann, J.
Hunting for Low Surface Brightness Galaxies in Deep Surveys. 175 Bomans, D. J.; Haberzettl, L.
The INT-WFS + 2dFGRS: the Local Space and Luminosity Density. 181 Cross, N.; Driver, S.; Lemon, D.
A Wide Area Survey for Hard Spectrum ROSAT Sources. 187 Page, M. J.; Mittaz, J. P. D.; Carrera, F. J.
The Millennium Galaxy Catalogue. 193 Lemon, D.; Driver, S.; Cross, N.
The Large Area Lyman Alpha Survey. 196 Rhoads, J. E.; Malhotra, Sangeeta; Dey, Arjun; Jannuzi, Buell T.; Stern, Daniel; Spinrad, Hyron
Galaxy Extraction from the DENIS NIR Survey. 202 Schröder, A.; Paturel, G.; Mamon, G. A.
The Hamburg/SAO Survey for Emission-line Galaxies: Overview and Preliminary Results. 205 Ugryumov, A. V.; Pustilnik, S.; Kniazev, A.Y.; Lipovetsky, V.; Engels, D.; Hagen, H.-J.; Brosch, N.; Hopp, U.; Izotov, Y.; Martin, J.-M.; Masegosa, J.; Marquez, I.; Pramsky, A.
Galaxy Formation at High Redshifts: the View from the NGST. 208 Benson, A. J.; Benson, A.J.; Frenk, C.S.; Baugh, C.M.; Cole, S.; Lacey, C.G.
The Faint Sky Variability Survey. 213 Howell, S. B.; Huber, M.; Everett, M.
The Faint Sky Variability Survey - Exploring the Datasets. 221 Huber, M. E.; Howell, S. B.; Everett, M. E.
A Spectroscopic Survey of Carbon Stars in the Magellanic Clouds. 224 Cannon, R.; Morgan, David; Hatzidimitriou, Despina; Croke, Barry
Near-infrared Surveys and the Shape of the Galactic Disc. 229 Derriere, S.; Robin, A. C.
The Canadian Galactic Plane Survey. 235 Taylor, A. R.
A Near-Infrared Sampling Survey of the Galactic Plane. 241 Hammersley, P. L.; Mahoney, T.J.; Lopez-Corredoira, M.; Garzon, F.
Galactic Structure Parameters of the Galaxy from the 2MASS Survey. 247 Ojha, D. K.
Searching for NEOs Using Wide-Field Telescopes. 253 Steel, D.
Saving Astronomical Treasures. 265 Brosch, N.; Hudec, Rene; Kroll, Peter; Tsvetkov, Milcho
Wide Field Astrometry: Moving from the UKST to VISTA. 272 Cooke, J. A.; Digby, A. P.; Reid, I. N.
New Results From The First Byurakan Survey. 278 Mickaelian, A. M.
PMM and the Photographic Sky Surveys. 284 Monet, D. G.; Levine, S. E.
CDS Services for Digital Surveys. 291 Bonnarel, F.; Bienayme, O.; Egret, D.; Fernique, P.; Genova, F.; Lesteven, S.; Ochsenbein, F.; Wenger, M.; Ortiz, P.
The TERAPIX Data Center for CFHT MEGAPRIME Observations Processing. 297 Radovich, M.; Bonnarel, F.; Mellier, Y.; Bertin, E.; Dantel-Fort, M.; Missonier, G.; Didelon, P.; Morin, B.; Cuillandre, J.-C.; McCracken, H.
Stars and Galaxies in the Galactic Plane: the Scheherazade Project. 300 Pagani, L.; Guibert, J.; Hamilton, J.C.; Simon, G.A.; Viala, Y.-P.
The BEOWFI Project: Reducing WFI Data with a Beowulf Cluster. 303 Grado, A.; Quinn, P.; Wicenec, A.; Devillard, N.; Suchar, D.
The USNO CCD Astrograph Catalog - UCAC. 308 Rafferty, T. J.; Zacharias, N.; Urban, S. E.
Accurate Large-scale Astrometry for Faint Stars. 311 Cannon, R.; Hambly, N.; Zacharias, N.
CURSA - A Package for Manipulating Astronomical Catalogues. 314 Davenhall, A. C.; Clowes, R. G.; Howell, S. B.
Software for VISTA. 317 Stewart, J. M.
Efficiency of Medium-Band Surveys. 320 Wolf, C.; Meisenheimer, K.; Röser, H.-J.
The Digitized Hamburg Objective Prism Surveys. 326 Engels, D.; Hagen, H.-J.; Christlieb, N.; Reimers, D.; Zickgraf, F.-J.; Wisotzki, L.
Calibrating the Astrometric Fluctuations in the CMT CCD Drift-Scan Survey. 329 Evans, D. W.
Astrometric Demands of Fibre-input Spectrographs for Wide-field Quasar Redshift Surveys. 332 Newman, P. R.
Simulations of Parallax Observations for Maximising Telescope Return. 335 Smart, R.; Rapaport, M.; Bucciarelli, B.; Ducourant, C.
VISTA - Project Status of the Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy. 339 Emerson, J. P.
The Large-aperture Synoptic Survey Telescope. 347 Tyson, A.; Angel, R.
The UKIRT IR Wide-Field Camera (WFCAM). 357 Casali, M.; Lunney, David; Henry, David; Montgomery, David; Burch, Keith; Berry, Paul; Laidlaw, Ken; Ives, Derek; Bridger, Alan; Vick, Andrew
Operational Models for the UKIRT WFCAM. 364 Adamson, A. J.
The VST Project Status. 368 Capaccioli, M.; Mancini, D.; Sedmak, G.
Multicolor Galaxy Surveys with the Double Prime Focus Imager at the LBT. 374 Giallongo, E.; Fontana, A.
SALT as a Spectroscopic Survey Telescope. 380 Buckley, D. A. H.; Stobie, R. S.
First-Light Instrumentation for the SALT. 386 Buckley, D. A. H.
SIRIUS - Simultaneous three-color InfraRed Imager for Unbiased Surveys. 389 Nagayama, T.; Nakajima, Y.; Zenno, T.; Nagata, T.; Sato, S.; Tamura, M.; Nakaya, H.; Sugitani, K.
Observing and Data Mining with OmegaCAM. 392 Valentijn, E. A.; Deul, E.; Kuijken, K. H.
CFH12K - A 12k x 8k CCD Array for Wide Field High Resolution Imaging at the CFHT Prime Focus 398 Cuillandre, J.-C.; Starr, B.; Isani, S.; McDonald, J.S.; Luppino, G.
Large Aperture Wide Field Telescopes from EOST. 401 Smith, C. H.
The Future of Superconducting Microcircuits for Widefield Imaging at Submillimetre Wavelengths. 403 Withington, S.; Yassin, G.
Wide-Field Surveying in Radio Astronomy. 411 Perley, R.
All-Sky Spectroscopic Surveys and 6dF. 421 Watson, F. G.; Bogatu, G.; Saunders, W.; Farrell, T.J.; Russell, K.S.; Hungley, B.E.; Miziarski, S.; Gillingham, P.R.; Parker, Q.A.; Colless, M.M.
Towards a Framework for Ground-based Optical/Infrared Public Surveys. 430 da Costa, L.
Submillimetre Surveys: SCUBA and SCUBA-2 436 Robson, I.