Title: Dynamics of Star Clusters and the Milky Way
Volume: 228 Year: 2001 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Deiters, S.; Fuchs, B.; Just, A.; Spurzem, R.; Wielen, R.
ISBN: 1-58381-060-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-564-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
The 300th Anniversary of the Calendar Edict and the History of the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut 3 Wielen, R.
How it All Started 11 von Hoerner, S.
Internal Motions in Globular Clusters 19 King, I. R.; Anderson, J.
Mass Loss from Globular Clusters 29 Heggie, D. C.
Proper Motion and Radial Velocity Study of Internal Motions in Omega Centauri 43 Freeman, K. C.
Tidal Tails around Galactic Globular Clusters: Observations and Simulations 53 Meylan, G.; Leon, S.; Combes, F.
Monte Carlo Simulations of Star Clusters 61 Giersz, M.
The Dynamical Evolution of Globular Clusters and the Stellar Initial Mass Function 69 Takahashi, K.
Rotation and Relaxation in Dense Star Clusters and Galactic Nuclei 75 Spurzem, R.
Direct Simulation of Dense Stellar Systems with GRAPE-6 87 Makino, J.
Rotation, Statistical Dynamics and Kinematics of Globular Clusters 99 Lynden-Bell, D.
The Formation of Hierarchical Systems 111 Aarseth, S.
Monte Carlo Simulations of Globular Cluster Dynamics 117 Rasio, F. A.
Lifetimes of Star Clusters and Dynamical Relaxation 125 Baumgardt, H.
Is the Galactic Center Populated with Young Star Clusters? 131 Portegies Zwart, S.
Evolution and Evaporation of Compact Young Clusters Near the Galactic Center 139 Lee, H. M.; Kim, S. S.; Morris, M.
Stellar Collisions in the Galactic Centre 147 Davies, M. B.
Dynamics of Black-Hole Nuclei 155 Merritt, D.; Cruz, F.; Milosavljević, M.
The Stellar Age Distribution and the Vertical Structure of Galactic Disks 169 Just, A.
The Galactic Potential in the Solar Neighbourhood 175 Bienaymé, O.
The Local Stellar Initial Mass Function 187 Kroupa, P.
Young Stellar Groups, Runaway Stars, and Pulsars 201 de Zeeuw, T.; Hoogerwerf, R.; de Bruijne, J.
Faint Moving Objects of the Dark Halo? 209 Ibata, R.; Bienaymé, O.; Gilliland, R.; Guibert, J.; Hodgkin, S.; Richer, H.; Scott, D.
Halo Streams as Relics from the Formation of the Milky Way 217 Helmi, A.
The Thick Disk-Halo Interface 225 Gilmore, G.; Wyse, R. F. G.
The Evolution of the Milky Way Monitored in the Solar Neighbourhood 235 Fuchs, B.; Dettbarn, C.; Jahreiß, H.; Wielen, R.
Baryonic Mass Budget in the Galaxy 249 Chabrier, G.
The Origins of the Halo and the Thick Disk 255 Carney, B. W.
Dynamics of the Galaxy's Satellites 269 Binney, J.
OGLE Survey - Microlensing in the Milky Way 277 Szymański, M.; Udalski, A.; Kubiak, M.; Pietrzyński, G.; Soszyński, I.; Zebruń, K.; Woźniak, P.
Order and Chaos in the Local Disc Stellar Kinematics 283 Fux, R.
The Nuclear Star Cluster of the Milky Way 291 Genzel, R.
Structure and Dynamics of the Galactic Bulge and Disk 307 Gerhard, O.
The Keck Proper Motion Study of the Galaxy's Central Stellar Cluster: From Speckle Imaging and Velocities to Adaptive Optics and Accelerations 309 Ghez, A. M.; Morris, M. R.; Becklin, E. E.; Kremenek, T.; Tanner, A.
Ground-based Infrared Imaging Search for Substellar Companions Next to Young Nearby Stars 315 Neuhäuser, R.; Guenther, E.; Brandner, W.; Huélamo, N.; Ott, T.; Alves, J.; Comerón, F.; Eckart, A.; Cuby, J.-G.
DIVA, the Next Global Astrometry and Photometry Mission 321 Bastian, U.; Röser, S.; Scholz, R.-D.
Stellar Moving Groups in HIPPARCOS 329 Mylläri, A.; Flynn, C.; Orlov, V.
Old Moving Groups - the Case of HR 1614 335 Feltzing, S.; Holmberg, J.
Gross-Dynamics of Open Clusters in the Galaxy 341 Ossipkov, L.
How to Form (Twin) Globular Clusters? 347 Theis, C.
The Dynamical Evolution of Globular Cluster Systems in Triaxial Galaxies 355 Capuzzo-Dolcetta, R.
CADIS Deep Star Counts and the Stellar Luminosity Function 361 Phleps, S.; Meisenheimer, K.; Wolf, C.; Fuchs, B.
Finding out the Velocity Anisotropy Parameter for some Globular Clusters: the Case of Stationary Model 371 Ashurov, A.; Nuritdinov, S.
On the Determination of the Mass and the Kinematic Structure of Dusty Galaxies 374 Baes, M.; Dejonghe, H.
The Anomalous Horizontal Branch of NGC 2808 - Is it the Result of Environmental Effects? 377 Bedin, L. R.; Piotto, G.; Zoccali, M.; Saviane, I.; Stetson, P. B.; Bono, G.; Cassisi, S.; Recio-Blanco, A.
Spatial and Kinematic Structure of the Per OB2 Association Region 380 Belikov, A. N.; Kharchenko, N.; Piskunov, A. E.; Schilbach, E.; Scholz, R.-D.
Determining Hard Binary Populations of Globular Clusters with Gravitational Radiation 383 Benacquista, M.
Tidal Effects in Galactic Open and LMC Star Clusters 386 Bergond, G.; Guibert, J.; Leon, S.; Vallenari, A.
Spiral Arms, Bar Shape and Bulge Microlensing in the Milky Way 389 Bissantz, N. B.; Gerhard, O.
The Impact of Tides on Cluster Formation 392 Boily, C. M.; Pichon, C.
The Inner and Outer Cluster Blue Horizontal Branches of M92, M3 and M13 395 Butler, D. J.; Shearer, A.
The Age Heterogeneity of the Hyades Supercluster 398 Chereul, E.; Grenon, M.
Intermediate-mass X-ray Binaries and their Role in Producing Millisecond Pulsars in Globular Clusters 401 Davies, M. B.
Stellar Velocity Field in the Bar of the Galaxy Revealed from SiO Maser Observations 404 Deguchi, S.
Softening in N-Body Codes: Minimizing the Force Error 407 Dehnen, W.
A Tree Code Using O(N) Operations 410 Dehnen, W.
The Galactic Bar and Local Stellar Kinematics 413 Dehnen, W.
Multi-mass Gaseous Models of Globular Clusters with Stellar Evolution 416 Deiters, S.; Spurzem, R.
When Expanding Shells Fragment? 419 Ehlerová, S.; Palouš, J.
SUPERBOX - An Efficient Code for the Self-Consistent Computation of the Dynamics of Collision-less Stellar Systems 422 Fellhauer, M.
Could Merged Star Clusters Build up a Small Galaxy? 425 Fellhauer, M.
Monte Carlo Simulations of Dense Galactic Nuclei 428 Freitag, M.; Benz, W.
T Tauri Stars in Taurus-Auriga - Members of the Pleiades Supercluster? 431 Frink, S.
Star Clusters Simulations Using GRAPE-5 434 Fukushige, T.; Kawai, A.; Makino, J.
On the Disruption Time-Scale of Sub Star Systems 437 Funato, Y.
The Effects of Gas Expulsion on Star Clusters 440 Goodwin, S. P.; Pearce, F. R.; Thomas, P. A.
Direct N-body Simulations of the Stellar Velocity Dispersion 443 Hänninen, J.; Flynn, C.
Studying the Milky Way Galaxy with VERA (VLBI Exploration of Radio Astrometry) 446 Honma, M.
A Hybrid Fokker-Planck/Monte-Carlo Code For Globular Cluster Evolution 449 Huang, X.; McMillan, S. L. W.
On the Road to Realistic Globular Cluster Models 452 Hurley, J. R.; Aarseth, S. J.; Tout, C. A.; Gilmore, G.; Pols, O. R.
Time Evolution of Galactic Warps in Prolate Halos 455 Ideta, M.; Hozumi, S.; Tsuchiya, T.; Takizawa, M.
High Accuracy Method for Solving N-body Problems 458 Ishibashi, N.; Miyagawa, A.
Galaxy Mergers: A Search for Chemical Signatures 461 Ivans, I. I.; Carney, B.; de Almeida, L.; Sneden, C.
STIS Kinematical Results on Galactic Nuclei 464 Joseph, C. L.; Merritt, D.; Valluri, M.; Olling, R.; The STIS IDT Team
Dark Matter Distribution in the Milky Way 467 Kalberla, P. M. W.; Kerp, J.; Haud, U.
On the General Features of Particle Periodic Motions in an Annular Distribution of N Bodies 470 Kalvouridis, T. J.
A Search for Mass Segregation in Four Young Magellanic Cloud Clusters 473 Keller, S. C.; Kontizas, M.; Gouliermis, D.; Bellas-Velidis, I.; Bessell, M. S.; Da Costa, G. S.; Kontizas, E.
X-ray Astronomy: XMM, a new Tool to Investigate the Galactic Interstellar Medium 476 Kerp, J.; Kalberla, P. M. W.; Heithausen, A.; Dahlem, M.
Mass Segregation in Star Clusters with Two Mass Components 479 Khalisi, E.; Spurzem, R.
Vertical Diffusion of Stars in the Inner Galactic Bulge 482 Kim, S. S.; Morris, M.
N-Body Simulations of Compact Young Star Clusters near the Galactic Center 485 Kim, S. S.; Figer, D. F.; Lee, H. M.; Morris, M.
Binary Orbits in Triple Systems 488 Kiseleva-Eggleton, L.; Eggleton, P. P.
Multiplicity of Population II stars 491 Köhler, R.; Zinnecker, H.; Jahreiß, H.
HIPPARCOS and the Distance Scale to Local Halo Stars 494 Korn, A. J.; Gehren, T.
On the Dynamics of Peculiar Motion of Galaxies 497 Kozhanov, T. S.; Yerzhanov, K. K.
Galactic Orbits of Globular Clusters 500 Kutuzov, S. A.; Ossipkov, L. P.
Galaxy Modelling by Equipotential Method 503 Kutuzov, S. A.; Ossipkov, L. P.
The Velocity Dispersion of the Hyades as a Function of Mass and Radius 506 Madsen, S.; Lindegren, L.; Dravins, D.
The Hel Star Cluster in the Galactic Center Revisited 509 Maillard, J. P.; Paumard, T.; Morris, M.; Rigaut, F.
Non-Linear Oscillations of Self-Gravitating Ellipsoids and Formation of Star Clusters 512 Malkov, E.
Searching for Tidal Tails in the Local Group Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies 514 Martínez-Delgado, D.; Alonso-García, J.; Aparicio, A.; Gómez-Flechoso, M. A.
Black Hole Mergers in the Universe 517 McMillan, S. L. W.; Portegies Zwart, S. F.
A Proper Motion Search for Stars Escaping from a Globular Cluster with High Velocity 520 Meusinger, H.; Scholz, R.-D.; Irwin, M. J.
Viscous Models for the Long-Term Evolution of the Galactic Disk Based on Dynamical Instabilities 523 Meusinger, H.; Thon, R.
Simulation of the Dynamics of Globular Clusters: an Efficient Parallelization of a Tree-Code 526 Miocchi, P.
A Determination of Galactic Radial Gradients of Velocity Dispersions From a Local Sample of F, G and K Stars 529 Moreno, M.; Oblak, E.
Structure of the Milky Way in Selected Directions 532 Muminov, M.; Mirtadjieva, K.
The Tidal Extension of the Coma Star Cluster revealed by Hipparcos Tycho-2 and Spectroscopic Data 535 Odenkirchen, M.; Makarov, V. V.; Soubiran, C.; Urban, S.
Motion and formation places of young stars in the solar neighborhood 538 Palouš, J.
On the Kinematic Deconvolution of the Local Neighbourhood Luminosity Function 541 Pichon, C.; Siebert, A.; Bienaymé, O.; Ibata, R.
OB Associations as Sources of Galactic Radioactivity 544 Plüschke, S.; Kretschmer, K.; Diehl, R.; Hartmann, D. H.; Oberlack, U.
New Constraints for the Edge of the Galactic Disk 547 Pohlen, M.; Dettmar, R.-J.; Lütticke, R.
Orbital Dynamics of Triaxial Black-Hole Nuclei 550 Poon, M. Y.; Merritt, D.
The Spheroid Density Law and Mass Function 553 Robin, A. C.; Reylé, C.; Crézé, M.
Dynamics of the Sgr A* Cluster 556 Romanowsky, A. J.; Kochanek, C. S.
Dynamics and Chemical Composition of Galactic Stars. Results from a 3D-Chemodynamical Model 559 Samland, M.
A Molecular Face-on View of the Galactic Center 562 Sawada, T.; Hasegawa, T.; Handa, T.; Cohen, R. J.
A 3-D Survey of the Solar Neighbourhood with DIVA 565 Scholz, R.-D.; Schilbach, E.; Hirte, S.; Bastian, U.; Röser, S.; Jahreiß, H.
Hierarchical Star Clusters: Fractal Properties and Maximum Population 568 Surdin, V.
What Happens to the Gas in Globular Clusters? 571 Thoul, A.; Jehin, E.; Magain, P.; Noels, A.; Parmentier, G.
Stellar Distribution Functions in the Solar Neighbourhood 574 van Caelenberg, K.; Dejonghe, H.
Expanding Shells: Instability with Non-Linear Terms 577 Wünsch, R.; Palouš, J.
Stellar Mass Function in Globular Clusters Tidal Tails 580 Zaggia, S.
Conclusions 583 N/A