Title: The Physics of Galaxy Formation
Volume: 222 Year: 2001 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Umemura, Masayuki; Susa, Hajime
ISBN: 1-58381-054-4 eISBN: 978-1-58381-558-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
A Historical Review of Galaxy Formation 1 Ikeuchi, S.
The Initial Conditions of Galaxy Formation 7 Tegmark, M.; Zaldarriaga, Matias; Hamilton, Andrew J.S.
Towards Population III: Simulations of Primordial Gas Collapse and Fragmentation 15 Coppi, P.; Bromm, Volker; Larson, Richard
Fragmentation of Primordial Subgalactic Clouds 27 Tsuribe, T.
Protostellar Evolution in the Early Universe 33 Omukai, K.
On the IMF of Population III Stars 39 Nakamura, F.; Umemura, Masayuki
Nucleosynthesis in Massive Pop III Stars: Mass Dependence and Implications for the IMF 45 Umeda, H.; Nomoto, Ken'ichi
The Physics of Black-Hole Accretion 55 Mineshige, S.
Massive Stars and the Ionizing Background at High Redshift 65 Haehnelt, M.
On the Formation and the Evolution of the Pregalactic Objects 73 Nishi, R.
Cosmological Formation of Subgalactic Objects and Radiative Feedback 79 Susa, H.; Kitayama, Tetsu
Impacts of Radiative Feedback on the Formation of Primordial Galaxies 85 Kitayama, T.; Susa, Hajime; Umemura, Masayuki; Ikeuchi, Satoru
Feedback-Regulated Inhomogeneous Reionization 91 Ferrara, A.
Probing the End of the Dark Age: Quasar Strömgren Spheres Before Cosmological Reionization 101 Haiman, Z.; Cen, Renyue
Cosmic Reionization and Galaxy Formation 109 Umemura, M.; Nakamoto, Taishi; Susa, Hajime
X-rays and Gamma-Rays from the First Luminous Objects 115 Oh, P.
Cosmological Reionization and its Aftermath 121 Gnedin, N.
Forming the First Star in the Universe 129 Abel, T.; Bryan, Greg L.; Norman, Michael L.
Computing Inhomogeneous Reionization 137 Razoumov, A.
3D Radiative Transfer Effects on the Cosmic Reionization 143 Nakamoto, T.; Umemura, Masayuki; Susa, Hajime
Properties of Galaxies in Rich Clusters 149 Okamoto, T.; Nagashima, Masahiro
On the Cusps Around Central Black Holes in Elliptical Galaxies 155 Nakano, T.; Makino, Junichiro
On the Disruption Time Scale of Galaxies in Cluster Environment 161 Funato, Y.
The Imprint of Superclusters in the Cosmic Microwave Background 167 Diaferio, A.
Probing the End of the Dark Ages 173 Madau, P.
The Ionization History of Helium in the Intergalactic Medium 181 Miralda-Escudé, J.
Observable Signatures of Reionization 189 Barkana, R.
Shine the Dark Ages by Cosmic Microwave Background 195 Sugiyama, N.
Light and Shadow in the Early Universe: Inhomegeous Reionization Driven by Radiative and Stellar Feedbacks 201 Ciardi, B.
The Cosmological Origin of Disk Galaxy Scaling Laws 209 Steinmetz, M.
The Origin of Spiral Galaxies Scaling Relations 217 Koda, J.
The Role of Clustering of Sub-Clumps in Bright Elliptical Galaxy Formation 223 Kawata, D.
Semi-Analytical Model for Pregalactic Objects and Feedback 229 Yoshioka, S.
The Color-Magnitude Diagram of Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies 235 Carraro, G.; Lia, Cesario; Chiosi, Cesare
Chemical and Dynamical Evolution of the Galaxy 243 Nakasato, N.
Hierarchical Structure Formation in the Universe Using Cosmic Strings 247 Miyoshi, S.; Hara, Tetsuya; Mahonen, Petri
Large Scale Structures at the Redshift Frontier 253 Hayashino, T.; SPDS group
Gas Dynamics and Fueling Processes in the R < 0.1-1 kpc Region 261 Wada, K.; Fukuda, Hiroyuki
Starburst-AGN Connection; Formation of Radiatively Supported Obscuring Wall 267 Ohsuga, K.; Umemura, Masayuki
Semi-Analytical Models of Galaxy Formation 273 Lacey, C.
Galaxy Number Counts in a Hierarchical Merger Model 283 Nagashima, M.; Totani, Tomonori; Gouda, Naoteru; Yoshii, Yazuru
Spheroidal System Formation and QSO Activities with Hierarchical Clustering Process -Implications from Skeleton Tree Formalism 289 Hanami, H.
Post HIPPARCOS Age-Metallicity Relation of the Solar Neighbourhood Disc 295 Ibukiyama, A.; Arimoto, Nobuo
Physical Processes at Cosmic Dawn 301 Ferrara, A.
CMB Anisotropies due to Feedback-Regulated Inhomogeneous Reionization (Remark: These are awarded poster contributions. They were selected by vote and the authors gave ten minutes talks.) 309 Bruscoli, M.
Chemical Evolution and Far-Infrared Emission of Galaxies 315 Hirashita, H.; Inoue, Akio K.; Kamaya, Hideyuki
SCUBA Observations of Luminous Infrared Galaxies 319 Hwang, C.; Tasi, C.-W.
Bar Dissolution in Prolate Halos 325 Ideta, M.; Hozumi, S.
Conversion Law of Infrared Luminosity to Star Formation Rate for Galaxies 329 Inoue, A.; Hirashita, Hiroyuki; Kamaya, Hideyuki
Comments on a Formation Scenario of the Two-Component Protogalaxy 333 Kamaya, H.
Effectiveness of Implicit Multi-Grid Method with Local Grid Refinement to the Simulation of Cosmological Gravitational Collapse 337 Kiguchi, M.
The Lyman-Alpha Forest at 1.5 < z < 4 341 Kim, T.; Cristiani, Stefano; D'Odorico, Sandro
Ω Centauri: Globular Cluster or Dwarf Spheroidal? 347 Lia, Cesario; Carraro, Giovanni
Disk-Corona Equilibrium and its Relation to Galactic Nuclear Activity 351 Lui, Bifang; Meyer-Hofmeister, Emmi; Meyer, Friedrich
Supernova Triggered Star Formation in the Early Universe 355 Machida, M.; Fujimoto, Masayuki Y.; Nakamura, Fumitaka
Gas Stripping of Dwarf Galaxies in Clusters of Galaxies (Remark: These are awarded poster contributions. They were selected by vote and the authors gave ten minutes talks.) 359 Mori, Masao; Burkert, Andreas
Metal Enrichment of Intergalactic Medium (Remark: These are awarded poster contributions. They were selected by vote and the authors gave ten minutes talks.) 365 Murakami, I.; Yamashita, Kazayuki
New Mid-Infrared Diagnostic of the Dusty Torus Model for Seyfert Nuclei 371 Murayama, T.; Mouri, Hideaki; Taniguchi, Yoshiaki
A New Pole-on View Model for Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies 375 Murayama, T.; Taniguchi, Yoshiaki; Nagao, Tohru
How de we See Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies ? - Properties of Emission-Line Regions in Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies 379 Nagao, T.; Taniguchi, Yoshiaki; Murayama, Takashi
Star Formation in Minihalos and Dwarf Galaxies at Low Redshifts 383 Okoshi, K.; Ikeuchi, Satoru
Trigger Causing a Formation of a Primordial Cloud Core with H2 Cooling 387 Oosato, T.; Yoshida, Tatsuo
Feedback from Galaxy Formation: Production and Photodissociation of Primordial H2 (Remark: These are awarded poster contributions. They were selected by vote and the authors gave ten minutes talks.) 391 Ricotti, M.; Gnedin, Y.; Shull, J. Michael
The Collapse of Primordial Protostellar Clouds: Numerical Simulations 397 Ripamonti, E.; Haardt, F.; Colpi, M.; Ferrara, A.; Ciardi, B.
Evolution of Clusters of Galaxies 401 Sensui, T.; Funato, Yoko; Makino, Junichiro
Weak Lensing Effect on The Two-point Correlation Function of Hotspots in CMB Map 405 Takada, M.
SEDs of Young Galaxies and Thier Clusters 409 Takagi, T.
Dusty Era of the Universe: Infrared Galaxy Number Counts and Cosmic Infrared Background 415 Takeuchi, T.; Ishii, Takako T.
Cosmological Hydrodynamics Code with Dynamically Adaptive Mesh Refinement 419 Yahagi, H.; Yoshii, Yazuru
The Role of Global Thermal Overstability at the Fragmentation of Protogalactic Clouds 423 Yamada, M.; Nishi, R.
Kinematics of the Spiral Structure of our Galaxy 427 Yano, T.; Chiba, Masashi; Gouda, Naoteru
Bright Galaxy Survey at High Redshift with the Kiso Schmidt Telescope 431 Yoshida, T.; Hayashino, Tomoki; Aoki, Tsutomu; Takato, Naruhisa