Title: Amateur - Professional Partnerships in Astronomy: the 111th Annual Meeting of the ASP
Volume: 220 Year: 2000 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Percy, John R.; Wilson, Joseph B.
ISBN: 1-58381-052-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-556-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Getting Organized: U. S. Amateur Astronomy from 1860 to 1985 3 Williams, Thomas R.
What Motivates Amateur Astronomers? 14 Gada, Andreas; Stern, Allan H.; Williams, Thomas R.
Getting Youth Active in Astronomy 22 Gent, Robert L.
Involving More Women in Amateur Astronomy 24 Whitehorne, Mary Lou
Astronomy in Peru 26 Aguilar, H. Maria Luisa
A Survey of Amateur &Professional Participants in the Variable Star Observing Partnership 29 Kannappan, Sheila
Professional-Amateur Collaboration - The AAVSO Experience 35 Akyüz Mattei, Janet
Mementos of Partnership 50 Dyck, Gerald P.
Amateur-Professional Partnerships for Understanding the Nature of Variable Stars 54 Willson, Lee Anne
The AAVSO Photoelectric Photometry Program 57 Percy, John R.
Amateur-Professional Co-operation Involving the AAVSO Photoelectric Photometry Section 60 Thompson, Ray
The AAVSO Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Observing Program 62 Walker, Gary
Contribution to Variable Star Research by GEOS 75 Beltraminelli, Nicola
The Variable Star Section of LIADA in Partnership with Instituto Copérnico 85 Rubén Garcia, Jaime
Partnership in the Study of RR Lyrae Variables 93 Clement, Christine M.
Center for Backyard (Basement) Astrophysics: A History 98 Patterson, Joseph
CCD Photometry: The Center for Backyard Astrophysics 102 Skillman, David
Amateur-Professional Partnerships in the Observations of Occultations 104 Dunham, David W.; Nason, G.; Timerson, B.; Maley, P.
Amateur-Professional Co-operation: Lessons Learned from the International Halley Watch 1981-1989 108 Edberg, Stephen J.
Images of Swift-Tuttle: Amateur-Professional Collaboration 113 Newton, Jack
Minor Planet Amateur-Professional Workshop 1999 114 Kowalski, Richard A.
Kuiper Belt Objects: Observing, From an Amateur's Perspective 123 Offutt, Warren B.
Brief Case Histories of Five Successful Professional-Amateur Collaborations 131 Offutt, Warren B.
Partnership Proposal Between the Amateur and Professional Communities in the Field of Earth Satellite Observing 142 Maley, Paul D.
The Many Faces of the Sun: Observing and Photographing the Solar Chromosphere Through a Solar Cycle 146 Hicks, John
High-Resolution Video Imaging 157 Dantowitz, Ron
Astrophotography 160 Newton, Jack
Amateur CCD Imaging 161 Boltwood, Paul
An Economical Instrument for Near-Earth Object Search 164 Tucker, Roy A.
A Robotic Telescope 167 Gunn, Jerry
The Southern Hα Survey: An Amateur-Professional Collaboration 169 Gaustad, John E.; Rosing, Wayne; McCullough, Peter; van Buren, Dave
The Amateur Sky Survey Mark III Data Archive and Variable Star Results 177 Richmond, Michael; Gombert, Glenn
Will Sky Surveys Put Everyone Out of Business? Discussion 182 N/A
Discovery and Observation of Supernovae 184 Johnson, Wayne P.
Discovery and Optical Monitoring of Nearby Supernovae 185 Filippenko, Alexei V.
An Amateur Astronomer's Experiences with Amateur-Professional Relations 188 Boltwood, Paul
A Few Observations About Professional-Amateur Collaborations 196 Sadun, Alberto C.
Nonlinear Structures in Chaos Data 198 Sadun, Alberto C.; Boltwood, Paul
Gamma-Ray Bursters 199 Horack, John
Archives: Tools for Partnership 202 Griffin, R. Elizabeth
AAVSO International Database and Archives 206 Akyüz Mattei, Janet; Waagen, Elizabeth O.
"Mining" Variable Star Archives 212 Percy, John R.
Computing for Amateur and Professional Astronomers 214 Mochnacki, Stefan W.
Astronomy and Light Pollution 218 Crawford, David L.; Gent, Robert
The RASC Light Pollution Abatement Program 221 Dick, Robert
Opportunities for Historical Preservation in Astronomy 224 Briggs, J. W.
Frontiers of Amateur-Professional Partnerships 229 Robinson, Leif J.
The Many Domains of Astronomy Education: It's All a Question of Partnerships 243 Fraknoi, Andrew
Project ASTRO (or, How to Survive a Visit to a 6th Grade Classroom and Come Back for More) 260 Fraknoi, Andrew; Lalor, Shannon
Astronomers in the Classroom: Project ASTRO 264 Vanstone, Kirsten
Panel: The Role of Planetariums, Public Observatories, Science Centers and Museums in Astronomy Education 267 N/A
Partnerships 284 Levy, David H.
Panel: Astronomers in the Media 287 N/A
Hands-On Astrophysics: Variable Stars in Math, Science, and Computer Education 296 Akyüz Mattei, Janet; Percy, John R.
Explorers of the Universe: University/School Partnerships 299 Alvarez, Marino C.
Occultations 301 Dunham, David
Discovery Lab 302 Gupta, Preeti
The Hands-On Universe Web-Based Asteroid School Project and Discovery of Trans-Neptunian Object 1998 FS144 303 Pack, Hughes
University of Oregeon's Pine Mountain Observatory's "Electronic Universe" - A Professional-Amateur Collaboration for Public Science Education 306 Kang, Rick; Gulino, Nicholas
The Effect of Collaboration with Amateurs in Undergraduate Research 308 Dukes, Robert J., Jr.; Kubinec, William R.; Mills, Laney R.
Student Research Projects on Variable Stars 310 Percy, John R.
Partnerships in Education and Research from the Students' Perspective 312 Bakos, Akos G.; Kolin, David L.; Wilson, Joseph B.
Large-Scale Mapping of the Orion A Molecular Cloud Using the Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite (SWAS) 314 Reynolds, Kiley; Joyce, R.; Tavoletti, C.; Jack, G.; Rodkey, C. J.; Plume, R.
Sunspots Resource 318 Craig, Nahide; Hawkins, Isabel
Forming and Facilitating Amateur-Professional Partnerships - The WGPAC Experience 325 Akyüz Mattei, Janet; Halas Wood, Chris
AAS Working Group - Discussion 329 N/A
Continued AAS Working Group - Discussion 333 N/A
Explorers of the Universe: University/School Partnerships 341 Alvarez, Marino C.; Burks, Geoffrey; Henry, Gregory W.
Astronomy Toronto: A Successful Cable TV Series on Astronomy 343 Attwood, J. R.
AAVSO Eclipsing Binary Program 345 Baldwin, Marvin; Samolyk, Gerry
Observations of Some Neglected Southern RR Lyrae Stars 346 Baldwin, Marvin; Samolyk, Gerry
Amateur Radio Astronomy: An Educational Perspective 348 Blanovsky, Anatoly
Solar Eclipses: Opportunities for Pro-Am Collaboration 349 Chou, B. Ralph
Variable Star Photoelectric Photometry Data Logging by Computer: Notes of a Fledgling Photometrist 352 Dempsey, Frank
Pluto is Discovered Back in Time 355 Buchwald, Greg; Dimario, Michael; Wild, Walter
Partnerships to Debunk Astronomical Pseudo-science 357 Fraknoi, Andrew
The Universe at Your Fingertips: A Link Between Astronomers and Educators 360 Fraknoi, Andrew; Schatz, Dennis
One Factor Determining the Spectral Sensitivity of Variable Star Observers 363 Hallett, Peter E.; Percy, John R.
Amateur-Professional Astronomer Partnerships to Share the Latest Space Science Discoveries With the Public 365 Hawkins, Isabel; Craig, Nahide
UBV Photometry of the Eclipsing Binary System S Cancri 367 Hayasaka, Tadashi
The Solar Magnetic Cycle: An Educational Display: Year 2 371 Jacoby, Suzanne H.; Jones, H. P.; Gearen, M. V.
Astrophotography as a Teaching Tool: A Project ASTRO for Homeless Children 372 Kreyche, Andy
Ocular Hazard Due to Znamya Space-Mirror Experiment 376 Laframboise, James G.; Chou, B. Ralph
Hands-On Astrophysics: An Individual Case 379 Luedeke, Kenneth D.
Monitoring Variable Stars From the Southern Hemisphere 382 Mennickent, Ronald E.; Unda, E.; Sterken, C.
Partners in Discovery 384 Phillips, Tony
How Old Are the Jewels of the Night? 385 Pilachowski, Catherine; Barnes, J.; Jacoby, S. H.; Lockwood, J. F.; Sharp, N.
The Use of Astronomy in Research Based Science Education 386 Rector, Travis A.; Jacoby, S. H.; Lockwood, J. F.; McCarthy, D. W.
Multi-Channel Polarimetry of VV Cephei (1997-1999 Eclipses) 387 Sato, Hideo; Saijo, Keiichi; Yoshioka, Kazuo
Brightness and Colour Measurements of Mars in 1998-1999 389 Schmude, Richard W., Jr.
The Story of the "Socks Star"; A Bright Nova Discovered by a Schoolgirl in War Time 392 Shigehisa, Osao
Research for the Amateur Astronomer 395 Stepka, William F.
The Stars Shine Brightly in Nova Scotia Schools 398 Whitehorne, Mary Lou
The Unedited Working List of Amateur and Professional Astronomers 402 Williams, Thomas R.
Testing Magnetic Accretion in Classical T Tauri Stars 404 Wood, Kenneth; Whitney, Barbara; Stassun, Keivan