Title: The Impact of Large-Scale Surveys on Pulsating Star Research, IAU Colloquium 176
Volume: 203 Year: 2000 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Szabados, L.; Kurtz, D.
ISBN: 1-58381-030-7 eISBN: 978-1-58381-539-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
Astrophysics in the 1890s -- The Dawn of a New Age in Astronomy 1 Hearnshaw, J. B.
Current Status of the Microlensing Surveys 9 Paczyński, B.
Warsaw Variability Surveys 19 Kaluzny, J.
Variable Star Research by the PLANET Collaboration 25 Albrow, M. D.; Pollard, K. R.; Beaulieu, J.-P.; Caldwell, J. A. R.; Menzies, J.; Vermaak, P.; Depoy, D. L.; Gaudi, B. S.; Gould, A.; Pogge, R. W.; Dominik, M.; Naber, R. M.; Sackett, P. D.; Greenhill, J.; Hill, K.; Kane, S.; Watson, R.; Martin, R.; Williams, A.; Sahu, K. C.; The PLANET Collaboration
Photometry of Pulsating Stars in the Magellanic Clouds as Observed in the MOA Project 31 Hearnshaw, J. B.; Bond, I. A.; Rattenbury, N. J.; Noda, S.; Takeuti, M.; Abe, F.; Carter, B. S.; Dodd, R. J.; Honda, M.; Jugaku, J.; Kabe, S.; Kilmartin, P. M.; Koribalski, B. S.; Matsubara, Y.; Masuda, K.; Muraki, Y.; Nakamura, T.; Nankivell, G. R.; Reid, M.; Rumsey, N. J.; Saito, To.; Sato, H.; Sekiguchi, M.; Sullivan, D. J.; Sumi, T.; Watase, Y.; Yanagisawa, T.; Yock, P. C. M.; Yoshizawa, M.
Variability Survey with the HST 38 Weiss, W. W.; Kuschnig, R.; Zwintz, K.
Prospects of Variable Star Research by Future Space Missions 41 Eyer, L.
Two Aspects of Using Hipparcos Data for Studying Multiperiodic Stellar Pulsations 46 Jerzykiewicz, M.
New Powerful Methods for Photometry of CCD Images in Crowded Fields 50 Alard, C.
The Use of Principal Components Analysis in Analysing Variable Star Data 56 Kanbur, S. M.; Iono, D.; Tanvir, N. A.; Hendry, M. A.
Large-Scale Surveys and the GCVS 60 Samus, N. N.; Kazarovets, E. V.; Durlevich, O. V.
A Search of Variable Stars in the Tycho Observations 62 Piquard, S.; Halbwachs, J.-L.; Fabricius, C.; Geckeler, R.; Wicenec, A.
Light Curve Analysis of Tycho Variable Stars 64 Andronov, I. L.; Cuypers, J.; Piquard, S.
Long-Term High-Precision Monitoring from the Geneva Photometric Database 66 Burki, G.; Kienzle, F.
Impact of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey on Variable Star Research 68 Ivezić, ž.; Goldston, J.; Finlator, K.; Knapp, J.; Yanny, B.; The SDSS Collaboration
COROT -- A Unique Database for Low Amplitude Variability Between 1 Minute and 150 Days 69 Michel, E.; Baglin, A.; Barge, P.; Catala, C.; Auvergne, M.; Weiss, W. W.; Appourchaux, T.; Garrido, R.; The COROT Team
Predictions on the Number of Variable Stars for the GAIA Space Mission and for Surveys such as the Ground-Based International Liquid Mirror Telescope 71 Eyer, L.; Cuypers, J.
MONS: Measuring Oscillations in Nearby Stars 73 Kjeldsen, H.; Bedding, T. R.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.
Ultraprecise Photometry from Space: The MOST Microsat Mission 74 Matthews, J. M.; Kuschnig, R.; Walker, G. A. H.; Pazder, J.; Johnson, R.; Skaret, K.; Shkolnik, E.; Lanting, T.; Morgan, J. P.; Sidhu, S.
The Full-Sky Astrometric Mapping Explorer -- Distances and Photometry of 40 Million Stars 76 Horner, S. D.; Germain, M. E.; Greene, T. P.; Harris, F. H.; Johnson, M. S.; Johnston, K. J.; Monet, D. G.; Murison, M. A.; Phillips, J. D.; Reasenberg, R. D.; Seidelmann, P. K.; Urban, S. E.; Vassar, R. H.
The MOA Project Data Reduction Pipeline and Database 78 Reid, M. L.; Sullivan, D. J.; Dodd, R. J.
Blue Variables from the MOA Database 80 Noda, S.; Takeuti, M.; Bond, I. A.; Rattenbury, N. J.; Abe, F.; Carter, B. S.; Dodd, R. J.; Hearnshaw, J. B.; Honda, M.; Jugaku, J.; Kabe, S.; Kilmartin, P. M.; Masuda, K.; Matsubara, Y.; Muraki, Y.; Nakamura, T.; Reid, M.; Rumsey, N. J.; Saito, To.; Sato, H.; Sekiguchi, M.; Sullivan, D. J.; Sumi, T.; Watase, Y.; Yanagisawa, T.; Yock, P. C. M.; Yoshizawa, M.
Photometric Properties of the Hubble Space Telescope Fine Guidance Sensors 82 Zwintz, K.; Kuschnig, R.; Weiss, W. W.; Witeschnik, A.
The Fourier Decomposition of the Light Curves of High Amplitude δ Sct Stars 83 Poretti, E.
Multiperiodic and Aperiodic Pulsations: Comparative Study of Algorithms vs. Variability Types 85 Andronov, I. L.
RV Tauri Stars and Type II Cepheids in the Magellanic Clouds -- Results from the MACHO Database 89 Pollard, K. R.; Alcock, C.; Allsman, R. A.; Alves, D.; Axelrod, T. S.; Becker, A. C.; Bennett, D. P.; Cook, K. H.; Freeman, K. C.; Griest, K.; Lehner, M. J.; Marshall, S. L.; Peterson, B. A.; Pratt, M. R.; Quinn, P. J.; Sutherland, W.; Tomaney, A.; Welch, D. L.; The MACHO Collaboration
Studies of Mira and Semiregular Variables Using Visual Databases 96 Bedding, T. R.; Conn, B. C.; Zijlstra, A. A.
Short Period M Giant Stars in the Hipparcos Catalogue 101 Koen, C.; Laney, D.
On the Pulsation Properties of Red Supergiant Variables 105 Bono, G.; Panagia, N.
Nonlinear Pulsations of Luminous Blue Variables 109 Dorfi, E. A.; Feuchtinger, M. U.; Gautschy, A.
Photometry of R Coronae Borealis Stars during the Recovery Phases of Their Declines 113 Skuljan, L.; Cottrell, P. L.
New R Coronae Borealis Stars in the LMC Discovered in the MACHO Photometry Database 114 Clayton, G. C.; Kilkenny, D.; Welch, D. L.; The MACHO Collaboration
A Spectroscopic Study of RV Tauri Stars in the LMC 116 Pollard, K. R.; Lloyd Evans, T.
Changes of the Physical State in Semiregular Variables 117 Kiss, L. L.; Szabó, Gy.; Szatmáry, K.; Mattei, J. A.
Semiregular Variables: The Character of Variability and Possible Subdivision of the SRc Class 119 Kudashkina, L. S.; Andronov, I. L.
Red Variables from the MOA Database 120 Takeuti, M.; Noda, S.; Bond, I. A.; Rattenbury, N. J.; Abe, F.; Carter, B. S.; Dodd, R. J.; Hearnshaw, J. B.; Honda, M.; Jugaku, J.; Kabe, S.; Kilmartin, P. M.; Masuda, K.; Matsubara, Y.; Muraki, Y.; Nakamura, T.; Reid, M.; Rumsey, N. J.; Saito, To.; Sato, H.; Sekiguchi, M.; Sullivan, D. J.; Sumi, T.; Watase, Y.; Yanagisawa, T.; Yock, P. C. M.; Yoshizawa, M.
Polarization Observations of RV Tauri Stars at the Dodaira Station of the National Astronomical Observatory in Japan 122 Yoshioka, K.; Saijo, K.; Sato, H.
Link between Mass-Loss and Variability Type for AGB Stars? 124 Ivezić, ž.; Knapp, G. R.
Pulsation of the AGB Variable in the Symbiotic Nova PU Vulpeculae 125 Chochol, D.; Pribulla, T.
Optical and Radio Monitoring of a Sample of Late-Type Variables 126 Esipov, V. F.; Lekht, E. E.; Pashchenko, M. I.; Rudnitskij, G. M.
Mira Variables: Statistical Parallaxes, Kinematics and Period-Luminosity Relation 128 Kilpio, E.; Malkov, O.; Kharchenko, N.; Schilbach, E.
Variations of Light Curve Parameters in Miras with Progressive Period Changes 130 Marsakova, V. I.
Unusual Secondary Variations in the Mira Star T Cep 131 Marsakova, V. I.; Andronov, I. L.
UBVRIJHK Photometry of Short-Period Red Variables Identified by the Hipparcos Survey 133 Laney, C. D.; Koen, C.
Nonlinear Time-Series Analysis of Pulsation of Post-AGB Stars by Genetic Algorithm/Neural Network Hybrid Systems 135 Aikawa, T.
Cepheids from the EROS-2 Microlensing Survey 139 Beaulieu, J.-P.; Marquette, J.-B.
Baade-Wesselink Analysis of Magellanic Cloud Cepheids 145 Storm, J.; Carney, B. W.; Gieren, W. P.; Fouqué, P.; Fry, A. M.
Cepheid Diameters from Optical Interferometry: The NPOI Survey 152 Nordgren, T. E.; Germain, M. E.; Sudol, J. J.; Hindsley, R. B.; Armstrong, J. T.; Hajian, A. R.
Cepheids in the Nearby Galaxy IC 1613 157 Antonello, E.; Mantegazza, L.; Fugazza, D.; Bossi, M.; Covino, S.
A Synoptic Variability Survey of M3 161 Szentgyorgyi, A.; Stanek, K. Z.; Sasselov, D.; Kaluzny, J.; Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.
RR Lyrae Stars in Globular Clusters 165 Walker, A. R.
Light Curves and Metal Abundances of RR Lyrae Variables in the Bar of the Large Magellanic Cloud 172 Clementini, G.; Bragaglia, A.; di Fabrizio, L.; Carretta, E.; Gratton, R. G.
Revised Baade-Wesselink Analysis of RR Lyrae Stars 176 Cacciari, C.; Clementini, G.; Castelli, F.; Melandri, F.
DIRECT Distances to Local Group Galaxies 182 Sasselov, D. D.
Pulsating Variable Stars in Local Group Dwarf Galaxies 187 Mateo, M.
Metallicity Effects in Evolutionary Cepheid Models 193 Baraffe, I.; Alibert, Y.
The Cepheid P-L Relation and Metallicity 199 Laney, C. D.
The Distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud 203 Popowski, P.
The Distance to the Galactic Center 208 McNamara, D. H.; Madsen, J. B.; Barnes, J.; Ericksen, B. F.
Numerical Simulations of the Cepheid Population in the Hipparcos Catalog 212 Groenewegen, M. A. T.
The Status of the Distance Scale 216 Tammann, G. A.; Parodi, B. R.; Reindl, B.
An Analysis of Cepheid Distances Using Bayesian Statistics 228 Barnes, T. G., III; Jefferys, W. H.
Cepheid Distance to the Virgo Cluster 229 Mazumdar, A.; Narasimha, D.
The Cepheid Distance to NGC 4414 231 Thim, F.
Accurate Fourier Decomposition of Cepheid Radial Velocity Curves 233 Moskalik, P.; Krzyt, T.; Gorynya, N. A.; Samus, N. N.
Phase Lag of Classical Cepheids and RR Lyrae Stars 235 Ogłoza, W.; Moskalik, P.; Kanbur, S.
The Pulsation Mode of Polaris 237 Moskalik, P.; Ogłoza, W.
Structural Properties of s-Cepheid Velocity Curves: Constraining the Location of the ω4 = 2ω1 Resonance 239 Kienzle, F.; Pont, F.; Moskalik, P.; Bersier, D.
Cepheid Radial Velocities and Phase Lag 240 Sachkov, M. E.
New Results of Moscow Cepheid Radial Velocity Programme 242 Gorynya, N. A.; Samus, N. N.; Sachkov, M. E.; Antipin, S. V.; Rastorgouev, A. S.
Evolutionary Changes in the Periods of Cepheids 244 Berdnikov, L. N.; Ignatova, V. V.
Critical Complements: Progress on the Orbit of T Mon 246 Evans, N. R.; Carpenter, K.; Robinson, R.; Massa, D.; Wahlgren, G. M.; Vinkó, J.; Szabados, L.
Pulsational Amplitudes of Cepheids -- Their Application to Reveal Companions 248 Szabados, L.
Theoretical Distribution of Cepheid Periods in the SMC and LMC 250 Alibert, Y.; Baraffe, I.
omega Centauri -- a Laboratory for Critical Tests of Stellar Structure and Evolution 252 Freyhammer, L. M.; Petersen, J. O.; Andersen, M. I.
Evolutionary Period Changes in omega Centauri!? 254 Jurcsik, J.
The Instability Strip of M3 255 Bakos, G. Á.; Jurcsik, J.
Double Mode Variables in M3 257 Benkħo, J. M.; Jurcsik, J.
New Data on Period Changes of the RR Lyrae Stars in the Globular Cluster M53 259 Kopacki, G.
Variable Stars in the Metal-Rich Globular Clusters NGC 6388 and NGC 6441 261 Pritzl, B.; Smith, H. A.; Catelan, M.; Sweigart, A. V.
New Pulsational Constraints to the Distance of Globular Clusters and the MV(RR)-[Fe/H] Relation 263 Ripepi, V.; Caputo, F.; Castellani, V.; Marconi, M.
A Photometric Survey for Variable Stars in Twelve Metal-Rich Globular Clusters 264 Layden, A. C.; Bowes, B. T.; Ritter, L. A.; Welch, D. L.; Webb, T. M. A.
On the Existence of Luminosity Differences between HB Field and Cluster Stars 265 Carretta, E.; Gratton, R. G.; Clementini, G.
The RR Lyrae Period-Amplitude Relation 266 Clement, C. M.
Revised Empirical Formulae for the Absolute Magnitudes and Intrinsic Colors of RRab Stars 268 Walker, A. R.; Kovács, G.
Origin of Irregularities in RR Lyrae Pulsations 269 Chadid, M.
Anomalous Pulsation of Field RR Lyrae Variables: Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of CM Leo, BS Com, and CU Com 271 Bragaglia, A.; Clementini, G.; di Fabrizio, L.; di Tomaso, S.; Merighi, R.; Tosi, M.; Ivans, I.; Sneden, C.; Wilhelm, R.; Smith, H.
Variable Stars in the Fornax Dwarf Galaxy 273 Bersier, D.; Wood, P. R.
The Variable Stars in NGC 6229 274 Borissova, J.; Valchev, T.; Catelan, M.; Ferraro, F. R.; Sweigart, A. V.
Fourier Coefficients of OGLE Variables 275 Morgan, S.; Simet, M.; Bargenquast, S.; Dickerson, C.
The Petersen Diagram for RR Lyrae Stars in the Magellanic Clouds 276 Popielski, B. L.; Dziembowski, W. A.
Ground-Based Observations of Short- and Medium-Period Variables Discovered by the Hipparcos Satellite 277 Kiss, L. L.; Csák, B.; Alfaro, E. J.; Vinkó, J.
RR Lyrae: Analysis of 100 Years of Observations 281 Szeidl, B.; Kolláth, Z.
First Detection of a Frequency Multiplet in the Line Profile Variations of RR Lyrae: Towards an Understanding of the Blazhko Effect 286 Kolenberg, K.; Aerts, C.; Chadid, M.; Gillet, D.
A New Look at the Blazhko Effect in RR Lyrae Stars with High-Quality Data from the MACHO Project 291 Kurtz, D. W.; Alcock, C.; Allsman, R. A.; Alves, D.; Axelrod, T. S.; Becker, A. C.; Bennett, D. P.; Cook, K. H.; Freeman, K. C.; Griest, K.; Lehner, M. J.; Marshall, S. L.; Minniti, D.; Peterson, B. A.; Pratt, M. R.; Quinn, P. J.; Rodgers, A. W.; Stubbs, C. W.; Sutherland, W.; Tomaney, A.; Welch, D. L.; The MACHO Collaboration
The Oblique Pulsator Model for the Blazhko Effect in RR Lyrae Stars. Theory of Amplitude Modulation I. 299 Shibahashi, H.
Theory of Amplitude Modulation II. The Resonant Mode Interaction Model 307 van Hoolst, T.
Frequency Analysis of the RRc Variables of the MACHO Database for the LMC 313 Kovács, G.; Alcock, C.; Allsman, R.; Alves, D.; Axelrod, T.; Becker, A.; Bennett, D.; Clement, C.; Cook, K. H.; Drake, A.; Freeman, K.; Geha, M.; Griest, K.; Kurtz, D. W.; Lehner, M.; Marshall, S.; Minniti, D.; Nelson, C.; Peterson, B.; Popowski, P.; Pratt, M.; Quinn, P.; Rodgers, A.; Rowe, J.; Stubbs, C.; Sutherland, W.; Tomaney, A.; Vandehei, T.; Welch, D. L.; The MACHO Collaboration
Nonradial Modes in the Galactic Bulge RR Lyrae Stars 315 Moskalik, P.
RR Lyrae Variables in the Globular Cluster M55. The First Evidence for Nonradial Pulsations in RR Lyr Stars 317 Olech, A.; Kaluzny, J.; Thompson, I. B.; Pych, W.; Krzemiński, W.; Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.
Blazhko Effect and Magnetic Field in RR Lyrae 318 Chadid, M.; Gillet, D.; Kolenberg, K.; Aerts, C.
AH Cam: An RR Lyr (Double Mode?) Star with Blazhko Effect 320 Garrido, R.; Kim, S.-L.; Yi, J.; Lee, B.-W.; Bossi, M.
Nonradial Modes in RR Lyrae Stars 321 Dziembowski, W. A.; Cassisi, S.
Any Recent Progress in the Theory of Pulsating Stars? 325 Gautschy, A.
Theoretical UBVI Light Curves of Pulsating Stars 334 Feuchtinger, M. U.; Dorfi, E. A.
Theoretical Models for Classical Cepheids: Mean Magnitudes and Colors and the Evaluation of Distance, Reddening and Metallicity 338 Marconi, M.; Caputo, F.; Ripepi, V.
Nonlinear Pulsations of Convective Stellar Models 343 Buchler, J. R.
Hydrodynamical Modeling of Double-Mode Pulsation 356 Kolláth, Z.
3-D Convection Models: Are They Compatible with 1-D Models? 362 Nordlund, Å.; Stein, R. F.
Oscillations of Rapidly Rotating Stars 373 Dintrans, B.; Rieutord, M.
Nonlinear Survey of RRd Models 374 Szabó, R.; Kolláth, Z.; Csubry, Z.; Buchler, J. R.
vForced Nonradial Oscillations in Early-Type Rotating Stars 376 Witte, M. G.; Savonije, G. J.
Nonlinear Radiative Double-Mode Cepheid Models 377 Fokin, A.; Kienzle, F.; Burki, G.
Convection-Induced Oscillatory Thermal Modes in Red Giants: A New Type of Stellar Oscillation 379 Wood, P. R.
Mixing in the SMC Stars: Implication for Cepheids 381 Cordier, D.; Lejeune, T.; Lebreton, Y.; Goupil, M.-J.
The Effect of Noise and Finite Sampling on the Line Profile Variations of m=0 Modes 383 Montgomery, M. H.
Influence of a Close Companion on the Variability of a Mira-Type Star 384 Rudnitskij, G. M.
Magnetic Oscillations in Radiative Stars 386 Zita, E. J.
Upgrading the MHD Equation of State to Include Relativistic Electrons 388 Gong, Z.; Däppen, W.
The Effect of the Solar Cycle on the Resonant Coupling of g Modes 390 Jordinson, C.; Gough, D. O.
Instabilities in Very Massive Stars 391 Ødegaard, K. J. R.
Long-Term Photometric and Spectroscopic Monitoring of Slowly Pulsating B Stars 395 Aerts, C.; de Cat, P.; de Ridder, J.; Kolenberg, K.; Waelkens, C.; Mathias, P.; Briquet, M.
Understanding Pulsations in OB Stars 401 Balona, L. A.
Delta Scuti Stars: Selected Recent Highlights 408 Handler, G.
CCD Studies of Delta Scuti Stars in Open Clusters 415 Kjeldsen, H.
Amplitude Variability of Delta Scuti Stars: 4 CVn 421 Breger, M.
The Newly-Discovered Gamma Doradus Variables 426 Kaye, A. B.; Handler, G.; Krisciunas, K.; Poretti, E.; Zerbi, F. M.
A List of Stars in the Beta Cephei and SPB Instability Strips 430 Blay, P.; Fabregat, J.
Preliminary New Results on Beta Cephei Stars in NGC 4755 431 Stankov, A.
The Origin and Interpretation of Line Profile Variations of Pulsating B Stars 432 de Ridder, J.; Aerts, C.
Periods of Beta Cephei and SPB Stars from Hipparcos Photometry 434 Molenda-Żakowicz, J.
Binary Slowly Pulsating B Stars 436 de Cat, P.; Aerts, C.
Optical Variability of the Lambda Eri Star HD 105382: Pulsation or Rotation? 437 Briquet, M.; Aerts, C.; de Cat, P.
Photometric Variability of Helium Stars in the Z-bump Instability Strip 438 Aznar Cuadrado, R.; Montañés Rodríguez, P.; Jeffery, C. S.; Pollacco, D.
Z-bump Pulsations in Helium Stars 440 Jeffery, C. S.; Saio, H.
The Radial Velocity Projection Factor in the Pulsating Helium Star V652 Her 441 Montañés Rodriguez, P.; Jeffery, C. S.; Aznar Cuadrado, R.; Pollacco, D.
Boundaries of the Delta Scuti Instability Region 443 Pamyatnykh, A. A.
Suppressing g Modes in Shell Hydrogen-Burning Delta Scuti Stars 444 Bradley, P. A.; Guzik, J. A.
Driving g-mode Pulsations in Gamma Doradus Variables 445 Guzik, J. A.; Kaye, A. B.; Bradley, P. A.; Cox, A. N.; Neuforge, C.
g Modes in F stars -- A Non-adiabatic Investigation of the Stability of g Modes in Gamma Doradus Stars 447 Löffler, W.
New Gamma Doradus Stars from the Hipparcos Mission and Geneva Photometry 449 Eyer, L.; Aerts, C.
Studies of Non-adiabatic Effects on Radial Pulsations in the Atmospheres of Rapidly Oscillating Ap Stars 451 Medupe, R.; Kurtz, D. W.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.
Excitation Mechanism in roAp Stars 453 Balmforth, N. J.; Cunha, M. S.; Dolez, N.; Gough, D. O.; Vauclair, S.
Echelle-Diagrams for roAp Stars 455 Mkrtichian, D. E.; Hatzes, A. P.
Time-Series CCD Photometry of Northern Open Clusters Using the BOAO 1.8-m Telescope: III. NGC 2301 457 Kim, S.-L.; Park, B.-G.; Chun, M.-Y.; Sung, H.; Jeon, Y.-B.; Yuk, I.-S.; Ann, H. B.; Lee, S. H.; Lee, M. G.
Do Herbig Ae Stars Pulsate? 459 Marconi, M.; Ripepi, V.; Alcalá, J.; Covino, E.; Terranegra, L.; Palla, F.
Solar-Like Oscillations of Procyon A: Stellar Models and Time Series Simulations versus Observations 461 Barban, C.; Michel, E.; Martic, M.; Schmitt, J.; Lebrun, J. C.; Baglin, A.; Bertaux, J. L.
New Progress in Mode Detection and Identification in Delta Scuti Stars by the Analysis of Line Profile Variations 463 Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Bossi, M.; Nuñez, N. S.; Sacchi, A.; Zerbi, F. M.
Delta Scuti Stars in Open Clusters: w2 and w20 in NGC 2264 and h501 and h906 in Alpha Per 465 Peña, J. H.; Peniche, R.; Cervantes, F.; García, R. M.; Sareyan, J. P.
Physical Parameter Determination for the Delta Scuti Star HD 200925 467 Peña, J. H.; Paparó, M.; Peniche, R.; Rodríguez, M.; Hobart, M. A.; de La Cruz, C.
First Results of the 17th DSN Campaign: Photometry of XX Pyx 469 Arentoft, T.; Handler, G.; Shobbrook, R. R.; Wood, M. A.; Crause, L.; Crake, P.; Podmore, F.; Habanyama, A.; Oswalt, T.; Birch, P. V.; Lowe, G.; Sterken, C.; Meintjes, P.; Brink, J.; Claver, C. F.; Medupe, R.; Guzik, J. A.; Beach, T. E.; Martinez, P.; Leibowitz, E. M.; Ibbetson, P. A.; Smith, T.; Ashoka, B. N.; Raj, N. E.; Kurtz, D. W.; Balona, L. A.; Costa, J. E. S.; Breger, M.
The STACC 1998 Campaign on Praesepe: The Spectroscopy 471 Dall, T. H.
The STACC 1998 Campaign on Praesepe: The Photometry 473 Frandsen, S.; Pigulski, A.; The Stacc Collaboration
Period Variations and Binary Hypotheses of Three Delta Scuti stars: CY Aqr, BS Aqr, AD CMi 475 Fu, J. N.
Frequency Oscillations in the Delta Scuti Star V534 Tauri: Preliminary Results of the STEPHI IX Campaign 477 Fox Machado, L.; Li, Z. P.; Michel, E.; Alvarez, M.; Hernández, M. M.; Chevreton, M.; Zhou, A.; Barban, C.; Dolez, N.; Belmonte, J. A.; Fernández, A.; Fremy, J.; Pau, S.; Servan, B.; Pérez Hernández, F.; Liu, Y. Y.; Fu, J. N.; Ringot, O.
A Photoelectric Study of the Am Delta Scuti Variable 60 Tau 479 Li, Z. P.; Liu, Y. Y.; Zhou, A. Y.
Pulsation Investigation of V647 Tau -- Preliminary Results of STEPHI Campaign in 1997 481 Liu, Y. Y.; Michel, E.; Barban, C.; Garrido, R.; Alvarez, M.; Hernández, M. M.; Belmonte, J. A.
Ten Years of STEPHI Multisite Campaigns on Delta Scuti Stars 483 Michel, E.; Chevreton, M.; Belmonte, J. A.; Li, Z. P.; Alvarez, M.; The Stephi Team
A Survey for Pulsating Ap Stars from Naini Tal 485 Martinez, P.; Kurtz, D. W.; Chaubey, U. S.; Gupta, S. K.; Joshi, S.; Sagar, R.; Ashoka, B. N.; Seetha, S.
Spectroscopic Survey of Rapidly Oscillating Ap Stars 487 Weiss, W. W.; Ryabchikova, T. A.; Kupka, F.; Lueftinger, T. R.; Savanov, I. S.; Malanushenko, V. P.
Radial Velocity Studies of Pulsations in roAp Stars: Gamma Equ Revisited 489 Kanaan, A.; Hatzes, A. P.; Mkrtichian, D.
Radial Pulsation of the roAp Star HD 122970? 490 Handler, G.; Paunzen, E.; Garrido, R.; Guzik, J. A.; Beach, T. E.; Medupe, R.; Chagnon, F.; Shobbrook, R. R.; Matthews, J. M.; Ryabchikova, T. A.; Hatzes, A. P.
Pulsation among Lambda Bootis Stars 492 Weiss, W. W.; Paunzen, E.; Pamyatnykh, A.; Mkrtichian, D.
1995-1998 Large-Scale Campaigns on Lambda Boo Star 29 Cygni 494 Mkrtichian, D. E.; Kusakin, A. V.; Koval, V. A.; Akan, M. C.; Ibanoglu, C.; Paunzen, E.; Weiss, W. W.; Lopez de Coca, P.; Rolland, A.; Costa, V.; Olivares, J. I.; Hobart, M. A.; Hatzes, A. P.; Malanushenko, V. P.; Devlen, A.; Ozturk, A.; Paparó, M.; Krisciunas, K.; Percy, J.; Thompson, S.; Handler, G.; Burnashev, V. I.; Movchan, A. I.
Pulsating Stars and Other Variables in h and χ Persei 496 Krzesiński, J.; Pigulski, A.
Oscillation Patterns of SX Phoenicis Variables in Globular Clusters 497 Petersen, J. O.; Quaade, M.; Andersen, M. I.; Freyhammer, L. M.
Stellar Content of the Young Open Cluster NGC 6823 499 Pigulski, A.; Kołaczkowski, Z.; Kopacki, G.
Looking for Trends in the Group Properties of Pulsating Subdwarf B Stars 503 Reed, M. D.; Kawaler, S. D.; Kleinman, S. J.
Excitation of Gravity-Mode Pulsations in DA & DB White Dwarfs 508 Wu, Y.
Identification of Cool White Dwarfs in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 514 Metcalfe, T. S.; Mukadam, A.; Winget, D. E.; Fan, X.; Strauss, M. A.; Claver, C.
A Model Survey of DAV White Dwarfs 515 Kleinman, S. J.; Kawaler, S. D.; Bischoff, A.
Surveys and the Discovery of New Variable White Dwarfs 516 Vauclair, G.; Dolez, N.; Fu, J. N.; Chevreton, M.; Homeier, D.; Koester, D.
Observational Proof of the ZZ Ceti Red Edge 518 Kanaan, A.; Winget, D. E.; Kepler, S. O.; Montgomery, M. H.
Time-Series Spectroscopy of EC 14026 Stars: Preliminary Results 519 O'Toole, S. J.; Teixeira, T. C.; Bedding, T. R.; Kjeldsen, H.
Time Scales for Period Change in Pulsating White Dwarf Stars 521 Kepler, S. O.; Costa, J. E. S.; Winget, D. E.; Reed, M. D.; Kawaler, S. D.
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