Title: Imaging the Universe in Three Dimensions: Astrophysics with Advanced Multi-Wavelength Imaging Devices
Volume: 195 Year: 2000 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: van Breugel, W.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.
ISBN: 1-58381-022-6 eISBN: 978-1-58381-531-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
Instrumentation and Astrophysics: How did we get to be so Lucky? 3 Harwit, M.
Galaxy Formation and Large Scale Structure (Review) 13 Ellis, R.
Tunable Imaging Filters and Scientific Applications (Review) 34 Bland-Hawthorn, J.
Critical Comparison of 3-D Imaging Approaches (Review) 58 Bennett, C. L.
One Million Galaxies in Technicolor 71 Szalay, A.
Design for an 8-m Telescope with a 3 Degree Field at f/1.25: The Dark Matter Telescope 81 Angel, R.; Lesser, M.; Sarlot, R.; Dunham, E.
High-Redshift Gravitationally Lensed Galaxies and Tunable Filter Imaging 94 Hewett, P. C.; Warren, S. J.; Willis, J. P.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; Lewis, G. F.
The Power of Differential Observing 100 Tinney, C. G.
A Four-Color CCD Imaging System for the REACT Network (Poster) 106 Diercks, A. H.; Harrison, F. A.; Kulkarni, S. R.; Stubbs, C. W.
Anglo-Australian Tunable Littrow Articulated Spectrograph (Review) 110 Taylor, K.; Robertson, G.; Barden, S.
Faint Object 2-D Spectroscopy: Promise and Limitations 122 Roth, M. M.; Becker, T.; Schmoll, J.
Probing the Metallicity Evolution of Disk Galaxies via Imaging Spectroscopy 128 Garnett, D. R.
Science & Surveys with Integral Field Spectrographs (Review) 134 Davies, R. L.
Fabry-Perot Observations of Spiral Galaxies: The Impact on Mass Distribution (Poster) 144 Blais-Ouellette, S.; Carignan, C.; Amram, P.
New Improved Photometric Redshifts of Galaxies in the HDF (Poster) 148 Furusawa, H.; Shimasaku, K.; Doi, M.; Okamura, S.
Comparison of Tunable Filter and Broadband-Selected Redshift Surveys for Star-Forming Galaxies (Poster) 152 Jones, D. H.
SAURON: Integral-field Spectroscopy of Galaxies (Poster) 158 Miller, B. W.; Bureau, M.; Verolme, E.; de Zeeuw, P. T.; Bacon, R.; Copin, Y.; Emsellem, E.; Davies, R. L.; Peletier, R. F.; Allington-Smith, J. R.; Carollo, C. M.; Monnet, G.
Multiple Deployab;e Integral Field Units in the Near-IR (Review) 165 Wright, G. S.
Supermassive Black Hole Searches with 3-D Spectroscopy 173 Bacon, R.; Emsellem, E.; Copin, Y.; Monnet, G.
The Nature of Obscured Nuclear Starbursts: M 82 179 Förster-Schreiber, N. M.
BEAR Imaging FTS: High Resolution Spectroscopy in Infrared Emission Lines 185 Maillard, J. P.
CIRPASS: A Near-IR Integral Field Spectrograph 191 Parry, I. R.; Dean, A. J.; Ellis, R. S.; King, D.; Mackay, C. D.; McMohan, R. G.; Medlen, S. R.; Pritchard, J. M.; Ramaprakash, A. N.
Kinematics of Ionized Gas in the Central Parsec of the Galaxy from High-Resolution Spectroscopy of the Brackett-γ Line (Poster) 196 Morris, M.; Maillard, J. P.
The New Palomar Integral Field Spectrograph 200 Murphy, T. W., Jr.; Matthews, K.; Soifer, B. T.
Near-IR Integral-Field Spectroscopy with Adaptive Optics 206 Thatte, N.; Anders, S.; Eisenhauer, F.; Tecza, M.; Mengel, S.; Eckart, A.; Genzel, R.; Monnet, G.; Bonaccini, D.
NGC 4388: Imaging and Kinematics of the Nuclear Region through Integral Field Spectroscopy (Poster) 216 Ciroi, S.; Afanasiev, V.; Dodonov, S.; Radovich, M.; Rafanelli, P.; Richter, G.; Temporin, S.
Integral Field Spectroscopy of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies (Poster) 220 Colina, L.; Arribas, S.; Borne, K.
Imaging Spectropolarimetry: The Nature of Hyperluminous Infrared Galaxies (Poster) 224 Hines, D. C.
3-D Spectroscopic Observations of the IRLG Mrk266 (Poster) 228 Ishigaki, T.; Yoshida, M.; Aoki, K.; Ohtani, H.; Sugai, H.; Hayashi, T.; Ozaki, S.; Hattori, T.; Ishii, M.
Merging Signatures in the Core of Mkn938 (Poster) 232 Rafanelli, P.; Rifatto, A.; Afanasiev, V.; Dodonov, S.; Birkle, K.; Cannavacciuolo, C.; Böhm P.; Richter, G.; Vennik, J.
Imaging Spectroscopy at mm-Wavelengths (Review) 236 Scoville, N. Z.; Sargent, A. I.
Submm Continuum Surveys for Obscured Galaxies (Review) 248 Smail, I.; Ivison, R.; Blain, A.; Kneib, J. P.; Owen, F.
Ionized Outflows in 3-D: Insights from Herbig-Haro Objects & Applications to Nearby AGN (Review) 263 Cecil, G.
Fabry-Perot Imaging Spectroscopy of Starburst and AGN Winds 277 Veilleux, S.
Deep TTF Imaging of Powerful Radio Galaxies 284 Tadhunter, C.; Villar-Martin, M.; Morganti, R.
3-D Observations of Nearby Active Galaxies with the IFU TIGER 289 Ferruit, P.; Pécontal, E.; Wilson, A. S.
Integral Field Spectroscopy with Optical Fibers: Studies of the Circumnuclear Regions of Nearby Active Galactic Nuclei (Review) 295 Arribas, S.; Mediavilla, E.
Infrared 3-D Observations of Nearby Active Galaxies 307 Maiolino, R.; Thatte, N.; Alonso-Herrero, A.; Lutz, D.; Marconi, A.
The Kyoto Multimode 3-D Spectrographs 313 Ohtani, H.; Ishigaki, T.; Hayashi, T.; Ozaki, S.; Hattori, T.; Sugai, H.; Ishii, M.; Sasaki, M.
Integral Field Spectroscopy with GEMINI and Space Telecopes 319 Allington-Smith, J.; Content, R.; Haynes, R.; Robertson, D.
Integral Field Spectroscopy of NGC 2992 (Poster) 325 García-Lorenzo, B.; Arribas, S.; Mediavilla, E.
Tridimensional Spectroscopy of the Interacting System NGC 7592 (Poster) 329 Hattori, T. G.; Yoshida, M.; Ohtani, H.; Ishigaki, T.; Sugai, H.; Hayashi, T.; Ozaki, S.; Ishii, M.
First Results with a Wide-Field Near-Infrared Integral Field Unit (Poster) 333 Herbst, T. M.
The Disturbed Structure of the Nuclear Region of Mkn298 (Poster) 337 Rifatto, A.; Rafanelli, P.; Afanasiev, V.; Dodonov, S.; Birkle, K.; Böhm, P.; Boller, T.; Radovich, M.; Richter, G.; Vennik, J.
3-D Spectroscopy of High-z Radio Galaxies with the IFUs TIGER and OASIS (Poster) 341 Rocca-Volmerange, B.; Adam, G.; Ferruit, P.; Moy, E.
Kinematics of the Ionized Gas in Irregular Galaxies: IC 1613 and NGC 4449 (Poster) 346 Valdez-Gutiérrez, M.; Rosado, M.; Georgiev, L.; Lacey, C.; Borissova, J.; Kurtev, R.
Molecular Hydrogen Imaging of Star-Forming Regions 350 Ramsay-Howat, S. K.; Chrysostomou, A.; Burton, M. G.; Brand, P. W. J. L.
Probing the Origin of Mass-Loss in Young T-Tauri Stars 356 Dougados, C.; Lavalley, C.; Cabrit, S.
QSOs and the 3-D Universe (Review) 365 Boyle, B. J.
Recent Spectroscopy of the 3C 48 Host Galaxy and a Simple Image Slicer Design 385 Stockton, A.; Canalizo, G.
Rugate Filters: Quasars Beyond z ~ 7? 391 Cianci, S.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; O'Byrne, J.
Have Most High-Redshift Quasars Been Overlooked? 398 Wolf, C.; Meisenheimer, K.; Röser, H.-J.; Beckwith, S. V. W.; Focken-Brock, R.; Hippelein, H.; von Kuhlmann, B.; Phleps, S.; Thommes, E.
A Very Extended Ionized Nebula around the Quasar MR2251 - 178 (Poster) 404 Shopbell, P. L.; Veilleux, S.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.
Tunable Filter Imaging of a Quasar Field at z = 0.9 (Poster) 408 Baker, J. C.
The NGST Science Program (Review) 415 Stockman, H. S.; Mather, J. C.
An Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer for the Next Generation Space Telescope 425 Graham, J. R.
IFMOS: Integral Field Multi Object Spectrograph for the NGST 431 Le Fèvre, O.; Allington-Smith, J.; Prieto, E.; Bacon, R.; Content, R.; Cristiani, S.; Davies, R.; Delabre, B.; Ellis, R.; Monnet, G.; Pécontal, E.; Posselt, W.; Thatte, N.; de Zeeuw, P. T.; van der Werf, P.
The Tunable Filter Program for NGST 437 Satyapal, S.; Greenhouse, M. A.; Barclay, R.; Amato, D.; Arritt, B.; Barry, R.; Holt, C.; Kuhn, J.; Higeiman, T.; Fonneland, N.; Lesnya, L.
A Multi-Object Spectrometer using Micro Mirror Arrays 443 MacKenty, J. W.; Stiavelli, M.
Programmable 2-Dimensional Microshutter Arrays (Poster) 449 Moseley, S. H.; Fettig, R. K.; Kutyrev, A. S.; Bowers, C. W.; Kimble, R. A.; Orloff, J.; Woodgate, B. E.
Concept of an Imaging FTS and Broad-band Imager for NGST (Poster) 453 Mailard, J. P.; Renault, J. C.
Beyond the NGST (Next Generation Space Telescope) 457 Gregory, D. D.; Abrams, M. C.; Hookman, R.
LISA: A Low Resolution MIR/FIR Imaging Spectrograph for SOFIA 463 Krabbe, A.; Wolf, J.
SPICA: IR-Camera for SOFIA (Poster) 470 Wolf, J.; Krabbe, A.; Rabanus, D.
3-D Spectroscopy with SIRTF (Poster) 473 Armus, L.
CCD Innovations 479 Tonry, J. L.; Luppino, G. A.
The Astronomical Potential of Optical STJs 487 Perryman, M. A. C.; Peacock, A.
5,000 by 5,000 Spatial by 15,000 Spectral Resolution Elements: First Astronomical Observations with a Novel 3-D Detector 495 Keller, C. U.
A Novel Interferometer Spectrometer for Sensitive Stellar Radial Velocimetry 501 Erskine, D. J.; Ge, J.
Image Slicing with Infrared Fibers 508 Larkin, J. E.; Quirrenbach, A.; Graham, J. R.
Advanced Image Slicers from the Laboratory to NGST 518 Content, R.
Focussing Image Slicers: Refractive and Reflective (Poster) 540 Richardson, E. H.; Moore, A.; Tilleman, T.; Crampton, D.
3-D Spectroscopy with Fibers: Extraction Methods and their Limitations (Poster) 544 Becker, T.; Roth, M. M.; Schmoll, J.
SIMON: The Infrared Multi-Object Spectrometer of the Observatoire du Mont Mégantic (Poster) 548 Doyon, R.; Nadeau, D.; Vallée, Ph.
Tunable Gratings: Imaging the Universe in 3-D with Volume-Phase Holographic Gratings (Review) 552 Barden, S. C.; Williams, J. B.; Arns, J. A.; Colburn, W. S.
Development of Grisms and Immersion Gratings for the Spectrographs of the Subaru Telescope (Poster) 564 Ebizuka, N.; Kobayashi, H.; Hirahara, Y.; Wakaki, M.; Kawaguchi, K.; Sasaki, T.; Iyer, M.
Adaptive Optics High Resolution Spectroscopy: Present Status and Future Direction (Poster) 568 Ge, J.; Ciarlo, D.; Kuzmenko, P.; Alcock, C.; Macintosh, B.; Cook, K.; Max, C.; Angel, R.; Woolf, N.; Lloyd-Hart, M.; Najita, J.
Slit Mask Exchange in a Cryogenic IR Multi-Object Spectrograph (Poster) 573 Hastings, P. R.; Wright, G. S.
An Image Slicer for the UKIRT Imager Spectrometer (Poster) 577 Wells, M.; Hastings, P.; Ramsay-Howat, S.
PMAS: An Integral Field Spectrophotometer for the Calar Alto Observatory 3.5m Telescope (Poster) 581 Roth, M. M.; Altmann, W.; Bauer, S.-M.; Becker, T.; Dionies, F.; Fechner, T.; Hahn, T.; Laux, U.; Popow, E.; Schmoll, J.; Wolter, D.
An OH Airglow Supression Spectrograph with Multi-Object Feeder 585 Maihara, T.; Iwamuro, F.
Recent Developments in Fabry-Perot Interferometers 591 Pietraszewski, K. A. R. B.
OSIRIS: A Tunable Filter Spectrograph for the GTC 10m Telescope (Poster) 597 Cepa, J.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; González, J. J.; The Osiris Consortium
Multi-notch and Multi-band Interference Coatings (Poster) 601 Cianci, S.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; O'Byrne, J.
The GSFC Lyot Filter for Night Time Astronomy (Poster) 605 Woodgate, P. Palunas. B. E.; Danks, A. C.; Klingesmith, D. A.; Dunn, R. B.
Conference Summary 611 Woodgate, B. E.