Title: Structure and Kinematics of Quasar Broad Line Regions
Volume: 175 Year: 1999 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Gaskell, C. M.; Brandt, W. N.; Dietrich, M.; Dultzin-Hacyan, D.; Eracleous, M.
ISBN: 1-886733-97-X eISBN: 978-1-58381-511-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
Counting Broad-Line Region Clouds 1 Dietrich, M.; Wagner, S. J.; Courvoisier, T. J.-L.
Are There Clouds in the BLR? Keck Observations of NGC 4151 9 Arav, N.
Emission and Absorption Features in the HUT Spectrum of PG 1351+64 15 Zheng, W.; Kriss, G. A.; Espey, B. R.; Davidsen, A. F.
Photoionization Transfer Codes for Thin or Thick Hot Media 19 Dumont, A.-M.; Porquet, D.
An Analysis of the Velocity Dependence of BLR Emission Line Ratios from HST and Optical Data 25 Snedden, S. A.; Gaskell, C. M.
Elemental Abundances from Intrinsic QSO Emission and Absorption Lines 33 Hamann, F.
Emission-Line Profile Variability 41 Peterson, B. M.; Pogge, R. W.; Wanders, I.
The International AGN Watch: Past, Present, and Future 49 Peterson, B. M.
Does the AGN Continuum Slope Change with Luminosity? 55 Romano, P.; Peterson, B. M.
Profile Variations in AGN Spectra 61 Kollatschny, W.; Bischoff, K.
A Long-Term Spectroscopic Monitoring Program of Low-Redshift Quasars 69 Corbin, M. R.; Smith, P. S.
Multi-wavelength Monitoring of the Nuclei of Seyfert Galaxies and Quasars with Several Telescopes of NIS and European Countries in the Framework of an INTAS Program 75 Bochkarev, N. G.; Shapovalova, A. I.
Spectral Variability of NGC 4151 During 1990 79 Oknyanskij, V. I.; van Groningen, E.
On the Absence of Broad Mg II Emission-Line Variability in NGC 3516 during 1996 85 Goad, M. R.
The HST Search for Ultra-Rapid Variability in NGC 7469 91 Welsh, W. F.; Koratkar, A. P.; Korista, K. T.; Peterson, B. M.
Hydromagnetic Outflow Model for the BLR in NGC 5548 97 Bottorff, M.; Korista, K. T.; Shlosman, I.; Blandford, R. D.
Wind Structure in the Nuclei of Active Galaxies 103 Williams, R. J. R.; Baker, A. C.; Perry, J. J.
Hα Spectropolarimetry of NGC 4151: the BLR-Host Connection 111 Martel, A. R.
PG 0946+301: the Rossetta Stone of BALQSOs? 119 Arav, N.
Polarimetry and Spectropolarimetry of a Sample of Broad Absorption Line Quasars 125 Lamy, H.; Hutsemékers, D.
The Ultraviolet and Optical Continuum Emission in Active Galactic Nuclei 131 Koratkar, A. P.
Accretion Disks and the Lyman Continuum Polarization of QSOs 143 Shields, G. A.; Wobus, L.; Husfeld, D.
Monitoring the Hα Line in BL Lacertae - Evidence for an Accretion Disk? 149 Corbett, E. A.; Robinson, A.; Hough, J. H.; Axon, D. J.
The Optical Case for a Disk Component of BLR Emission 157 Gaskell, C. M.; Snedden, S. A.
Double-Peaked Emission Lines and Their Implications for the Dynamics of the Line-Emitting Gas in Radio-Loud Active Galaxies 163 Eracleous, M.
Accretion Disk Line Emission in AGN: A Devil's Advocacy 175 Sulentic, J. W.; Marziani, P.; Dultzin-Hacyan, D.
General Discussion of Disk Emission Line Issues 187 N/A
Accretion Disk Models and Long-Term Variability of Double-Peaked Balmer Line Profiles in AGNs 189 Gilbert, A. M.; Eracleous, M.; Filippenko, A. V.; Halpern, J. P.
Spectropolarimetry of Radio Galaxies: a New Perspective on the Broad-Line Region 197 Robinson, A.; Corbett, E. A.; Axon, D. J.
Spectropolarimetry of Radio Galaxies with Double-Peaked Emission Lines 205 Kay, L. E.; Eracleous, M.; Moran, E. C.; Magalhães, A. M.; Halpern, J. P.
The Mass-Luminosity Relationship in AGN 213 Wandel, A.
On Quasar Masses and Quasar Host Galaxies 227 Laor, A.
SEDs vs. Emission-Line Correlations in Low-Redshift Quasars 235 Kuraszkiewicz, J.; Wilkes, B. J.; Green, P. J.; Mathur, S.; McDowell, J. C.
The PG X-ray QSO Sample: Links among X-ray, UV & Optical Spectra 241 Wills, B. J.; Brotherton, M. S.; Laor, A.; Wills, D.; Wilkes, B. J.; Ferland, G. J.
Broad Hα Profiles in a Large Sample of AGN 249 Stirpe, G. M.; Robinson, A.; Axon, D. J.
Line Width and Spectral Index Distributions as Evidence for Axisymmetry in the Broad Line Regions of Active Galaxies 257 Rudge, C. M.; Raine, D. J.
Ultrasoft Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies: What Physical Parameter Ultimately Drives the Structure and Kinematics of Their Broad Line Regions? 265 Brandt, W. N.; Boller, Th.
X-ray Monitoring Results for Ultrasoft Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies 279 Boller, Th.; Brandt, W. N.
Spectral Dependence of the Broad Emission-Line Region in AGN 285 Wandel, A.
A Search for Balmer-Line Variability in Narrow-Line Seyfert 1's: a Review 291 Giannuzzo, M. E.; Mignoli, M.; Stirpe, G. M.; Comastri, A.
An Empirical Ultraviolet Iron Spectrum Template 297 Vestergaard, M.; Wilkes, B. J.
Where is the Ca II Triplet Emitting Region in AGN? 303 Dultzin-Hacyan, D.; Taniguchi, Y.; Uranga, L.
The Emission-Line Spectrum of KUG 1031+398 and the Intermediate Line Region Controversy 309 Gonçalves, A. C.; Véron, P.; Véron-Cetty, M.-P.
Narrow Emission Lines and the Spectral Energy Distribution in Seyfert Galaxies 315 Kraemer, S. B.; Crenshaw, D. M.; Turner, T. J.; George, I. M.
Matter-Bounded Clouds and High-Excitation Narrow Lines of AGN 321 Binette, L.; Rodríguez-Ardila, A.
On the Strong Depolarization of Synchrotron Radiation by the NLR in Radio Sources with Galactic Sizes 329 Adornes, R. B.; Ludke, E.
Faraday Rotation due to the Dense Gas Towards the BLR-NLR Transition Zone 335 Ludke, E.; Cotton, W. D.; Dallacasa, D.; Sanghera, H. S.
Properties of the UV Absorbers in Seyfert 1 Galaxies 341 Crenshaw, D. M.; Kraemer, S. B.
Warm and Cold Absorption in Polarized Soft X-ray AGN 347 Grupe, D.; Wills, B. J.; Wills, D.
Emission-Line Probes of Circumnuclear Dust in AGNs 353 Shields, J. C.; Pogge, R. W.; De Robertis, M. M.
Constraints on the Warm Absorber from the Iron Coronal Lines in Seyfert 1 Galaxies 359 Porquet, D.; Dumont, A.-M.
Properties of Dusty and Dust-Free Warm Absorbers 365 Komossa, S.
Optical Spectropolarimetry of Broad Line Active Galaxies 373 Giannuzzo, M. E.; Corbett, E. A.; Robinson, A.; Young, S.; Hough, J. H.; Axon, D. J.
Observations of NGC 4151 from the Astro-2 and ORFEUS-SPAS-II Missions 379 Espey, B. R.
Optical Polarization and Warm Absorbers 385 Leighly, K. M.; Kay, L. E.; Wills, B. J.; Wills, D.; Grupe, D.
2. 5-11. 6 μm Spectrophotometry and Imaging of the CfA Sample 387 Clavel, J.; Schulz, B.; Altieri, B.; Barr, P.; Claes, P.; Heras, A.; Leech, K.; Metcalfe, L.; Salama, A.
SAX Observations of the Maser AGN ESO 103-G35 395 Wilkes, B. J.; Mathur, S.; Fiore, F.; Antonelli, A.
Investigating the Nuclei of 60 μm Peaker Galaxies 401 Heisler, C. A.
Evidence Against the Unified Scheme for Seyferts and an Alternative View 409 Dultzin-Hacyan, D.; Krongold, Y.; Fuentes Guiridi, I.; Marziani, Paolo
Searching for Hidden Blazars Via Emission Line Variability 415 Ma, F.; Wills, B. J.
Broad Line Regions - a Final Examination 423 Gaskell, C. M.