Title: The Low Surface Brightness Universe, IAU Colloquium 171
Volume: 170 Year: 1999 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Davies, J. I.; Impey, C.; Phillips, S.
ISBN: 1-886733-92-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-506-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
Historical Introduction 3 Freeman, K. C.
Is there a Low Surface Brightness Universe? 9 Disney, M. J.
Optical Galaxy Selection 19 McGaugh, S.
Selection effects at 21cm 27 Briggs, F. H.
Constraints on the unseen galaxy population from the Lyα forest 35 Lanzetta, K. M.; Chen, Hsiao-Wen; Webb, J. K.; Barcons, X.
Low luminosity galaxies in large surveys 45 Huchra, J. P.
The space density of spiral galaxies as a function of their luminosity, surface brightness and scalesize 52 de Jong, R. S.; Lacey, C.
The faint end of the galaxy luminosity function in rich clusters 60 Smith, R. M.; Phillipps, S.; Driver, S. P.; Couch, W. J.
Optical and near-IR field luminosity functions 68 Loveday, J.
Low surface brightness galaxies in deep surveys 76 Ferguson, H. C.
Low surface brightness dwarf galaxies in the Bristol-Anglo-Australian Observatory Virgo cluster survey 84 Jones, J. B.; Phillipps, S.; Schwartzenberg, J. M.; Parker, Q. A.
A dichotomy between HSB and LSB galaxies 92 Verheijen, M.; Tully, B.
Multi-Wavelength Surveys for Galaxies Hidden by the Milky Way 103 Kraan-Korteweg, R. C.
A survey for low surface brightness dwarf galaxies around M31 111 Armandroff, T. E.; Davies, J. E.; Jacoby, G. H.
The Fornax spectroscopic survey - Low Surface Brightness galaxies in Fornax 120 Drinkwater, M. J.; Phillipps, S.; Jones, J. B.
Found: High Surface Brightness compact galaxies 128 Drinkwater, M. J.; Phillipps, S.; Jones, J. B.; Gregg, M. D.; Parker, Q. A.; Smith, R. M.; Davies, J. I.; Sadler, E. M.
Counting the ghosts: optical field surveys for Low Surface Brightness galaxies 131 Dalcanton, J. J.
The radial extent of the Fornax cluster Low Surface Brightness galaxy population 138 Davies, J. I.; Kambas, A.; Morshidi-Esslinger, Z.; Smith, R.
The discovery of red Low Surface brightness galaxies 145 O'Neil, K.
Dwarf galaxies in nearby groups 154 Bremnes, T.; Binggeli, B.; Prugniel, P.
Low Surface Brightness Dwarf Galaxies in Nearby Clusters 157 Chiboucas, K.; Mateo, M.
The interstellar medium in Low Surface Brightness galaxies 161 de Blok, W. J. G.
Dwarf galaxies as Low Surface Brightness galaxies 169 Skillman, E. D.
Low Surface Brightness galaxies beyond z=0. 5: existence, detection and properties 177 Bothun, G.
Environmental effects on the faint end of the luminosity function 183 Phillipps, S.; Jones, J. B.; Smith, R. M.; Couch, W. J.; Driver, S. P.
Morphology and stellar populations in the gas-rich, giant Low Surface Brightness galaxies 191 Knezek, P.
The extreme outer regions of disk galaxies: star formation and metal abundances 196 Ferguson, A.; Wyse, R.; Gallagher, J.
The Low Surface Brightness galaxy HIPASS1126-72 204 Kilborn, V.; de Blok, E.; Stavely-Smith, L.; Webster, R.
The structure of the super thin spiral galaxy UGC7321 207 Matthews, L. D.; Gallagher, J. S.; van Driel, W.
HST WFC-2 imaging of four nearby Low Surface Brightness galaxies 210 O'Neil, K.
Kinematics of giant Low Surface Brightness galaxies 214 Pickering, T. E.
What causes the HI holes in gas-rich Low Surface Brightness dwarfs? 221 Rhode, K. L.; Salzer, J. J.; Westpfahl, D. J.
VLA HI imaging of the Low Surface Brightness dwarf galaxy DDO47 224 Walter, F.; Brinks, E.
The fate of Low Surface Brightness galaxies in clusters and the origin of the diffuse intra-cluster light 229 Moore, B.; Lake, G.; Stadel, J.; Quinn, T.
The structure of the multi-phase ISM in Low Surface Brightness galaxies 237 Spaans, M.
The star formation histories of Low Surface Brightness galaxies 245 Bell, E. F.; Bower, R. G.; de Jong, R. S.; Rauscher, B. J.; Barnaby, D.; Harper, D. A.; Hereld, M.; Loewenstein, R. F.
Gas rich Low Surface Brightness galaxies - progenitors of blue compact dwarfs? 253 Salzer, J. J.; Norton, S. A.
Morphological aspects of star formation in dwarf galaxies 261 Brosch, N.; Heller, A.; Almoznino, E.
The connection between dE and dI galaxies 271 Miller, B. W.
Star formation thresholds in Low Surface Brightness dwarf galaxies 274 van Zee, L.
Testing environmental influences on star formation with a sample of Low Surface Brightness dwarf galaxies in the Vigo cluster 282 Heller, A.; Almoznino, E.; Brosch, N.
The Parkes Multi-beam blind HI survey 291 Webster, R. L.; Kilborn, V.; O'Brien, J. C.; Stavely-Smith, L.; Putman, M. E.; Banks, G.
HI in Karachentsev objects: properties of new nearby dwarf galaxies 299 Huchtmeier, W. K.
An HI survey of Low Surface Brightness galaxies selected from the APM survey 307 Côté, S.; Broadhurst, T.; Loveday, J.; Kolind, S.
Using weak MgII lines to chart Low Surface Brightness galaxies 315 Le Brun, V.; Churchill, C. W.
Simulations of Lyα absorption from Low Surface Brightness galaxies 323 Linder, S. W.
First results from the HI Parkes zone of avoidence survey 331 Henning, P. A.; Stavely-Smith, L.; Kraan-Korteweg, R. C.; Sadler, E. M.
Results from the Dwingeloo obscured galaxies survey 334 Rivers, A. J.; Henning, P. A.; Kraan-Korteweg, R. C.; Lahav, O.; Burton, W. B.
HI properties of Low Surface Brightness dwarf and blue compact dwarf galaxies 337 Taylor, C. L.; Brinks, E.; Skillman, E. D.
The HST/LCO measurement of the optical extra-galactic background light 341 Bernstein, R. A.
Optical diffuse light in clusters of galaxies 349 Vílchez-Gómez, R.
Diffuse ultraviolet background radiation 357 Henry, R. C.
Detecting the Low Surface Brightness Universe: the extra-galactic background light and LSB galaxies 365 Väisänen, P.; Tollestrup, E. V.
Cosmic baryon density from primordial nucleosynthesis and other evidence 375 Pagel, B. E. J.
Chemical constraints, baryonic mass and the chemical evolution of Low Surface Brightness galaxies 383 Edmunds, M. G.
Helium abundances in the most metal-deficient dwarf galaxies 390 Izotov, Y. I.
What we don't know about the Universe 393 Impey, C.