Title: High Energy Processes in Accreting Black Holes
Volume: 161 Year: 1999 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Poutanen, Juri; Svensson, Roland
ISBN: 1-886733-81-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-497-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
Accretion onto Black Holes: an Overview 3 Begelman, M. C.
X-rays and Soft Gamma-rays from Seyferts, Radio Galaxies, and Black-Hole Binaries 16 Zdziarski, A. A.
X-ray Energy Spectra of Galactic Black Hole Candidates 39 Ebisawa, K.
Gamma-Ray Observations of Galactic Black Hole Candidates 54 Grove, J. E.
Accretion Disk in CYG X-1 in the Soft State 64 Gierliński, M.; Zdziarski, A. A.
On the Geometry of Accretion Flow in Soft X-ray Transients from Modeling the X-ray Reprocessing 70 Zycki, P. T.; Done, C.; Smith, D. A.
Relativistic Distortions in the Low/Hard State X-ray Spectrum of CYG X-1 76 Done, C.; Zycki, P. T.
Super-Eddington Accretion in GRS 1915+105 82 Vilhu, O.
GRS 1915+105: Exploring Links between Radio and X-ray Emission 88 Hannikainen, D. C.; Hunstead, R. W.; Vilhu, O.; Campbell-Wilson, D.; Williamson, M.
Temporal X-ray Properties of Galactic Black Hole Candidates: Observational Data and Theoretical Models 97 Cui, W.
Accretion Disks in the Context of Self-Organized Criticality: How to Produce 1/f Fluctuations? 113 Mineshige, S.; Negoro, H.
Monte-Carlo Simulations on the Rapid Aperiodic Variability of Galactic Black-Hole Candidates 129 Böttcher, M.; Liang, E. P.
On the Time Lags in Galactic Black Holes 135 Poutanen, J.; Fabian, A. C.
ASCA and Radio/RXTE Observations of GX 339-4 141 Nowak, M. A.; Wilms, J.; Dove, J. B.; Fender, R. P.
X/γ-ray Spectra of Seyferts and BeppoSAX Observations 149 Matt, G.
Ultrasoft Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies: an Extreme of the Seyfert Phenomenon 166 Brandt, W. N.
Compton Reflection and Iron Fluorescence in Active Galactic Nuclei and Galactic Black Hole Candidates 178 Reynolds, C. S.
Constraints on Disks Models of The Big Blue Bump from UV/Optical/IR Observations 193 Antonucci, R.
Variability of the UV/Soft X-ray Continuum in NGC 5548 204 Magdziarz, P.; Blaes, O.; Madejski, G.
Compton Scattering and the Rises in UV Polarization in Quasars 210 Beloborodov, A. M.; Poutanen, J.
A Simultaneous ASCA and RXTE Long Look at the Seyfert 1 Galaxy MCG-6-30-15 216 Lee, J. C.; Fabian, A. C.; Iwasawa, K.; Brandt, W. N.; Reynolds, C. S.
A Broad Band Spectrum of NGC 4388 Observed with RXTE 222 Malmivaara, K.; Vuori, M.
Warm Absorbers in Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies 228 Komossa, S.; Greiner, J.
The Giant X-ray Outburst in NGC 5905 - a Tidal Disruption Event? 234 Komossa, S.; Bade, N.
Constraining ADAF Models for Supermassive Black Holes 240 di Matteo, T.; Fabian, A. C.; Carilli, C. L.; Ivison, R. J.
The Power of Jets: Blazars VS Galactic Superluminals 249 Ghisellini, G.
Variability and Unification of Blazars and Gamma Ray Bursts 264 Dermer, C. D.; Chiang, J.
Relativistic Outflows in Gamma Ray Bursts 277 Stern, B.
Accretion Disk Models 295 Beloborodov, A. M.
Instabilities is α-Disks 315 Krolik, J. H.
Clumps in a Hot Soup 325 Celotti, A.; Rees, M. J.
Structure and Formation of Accretion Disk Corona for Active Galactic Nuclei and Galactic Black Holes 331 Czerny, B.; Janiuk, A.; Rózańska, A.; Zycki, P. T.
Numerical Models of Rotating Accretion Flows around Black Holes 337 Igumenshchev, I. V.
Global Structure and Spectra of Galactic Black Hole Accretion Disks 343 Liang, E.; Luo, C.; Lin, D.
On the Particle Heating and Acceleration in Black Hole Accretion Systems 349 Li, H.; Colgate, S. A.; Kusunose, M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.
Thermalization Mechanisms in Compact Sources 361 Svensson, R.
The Physics of Hybrid Thermal/Non-Thermal Plasmas 375 Coppi, P. S.
Particle Heating in Advection-Dominated Accretion Flows 404 Quataert, E.
Compton Upscattering by Accretion Flows 410 Psaltis, D.; Lamb, F. K.
Synchrotron Radiation and its Comptonization in Astrophysical Thermal Plasmas 416 Wardziński, G.; Zdziarski, A. A.
The Dynamics of Turbulent Viscosity 422 Torkelsson, U.; Ogilvie, G. I.; Pringle, J. E.; Brandenburg, A.; Nordlund, Å.; Stein, R. F.
How do Bright Accretion Disks Shine? 428 Agol, E.; Krolik, J. H.
Thermal Instability: A Statistical Approach 434 Illarionov, A. F.
Conference Summary 443 Fabian, A. C.