Title: Second Advances in Solar Physics Euroconference: Three-Dimensional Structure of Solar Active Regions
Volume: 155 Year: 1998 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Alissandrakis, Costas E.; Schmieder, Brigitte
ISBN: 1-886733-75-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-491-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
Formation of Active Regions: Observations and Theory (Invited review) 3 Vlahos, L.
On the Asymmetry of Bipolar Active Regions 14 Ferriz-Mas, A.; Schüssler, M.
Competition Model for the Formation and Evolution of Active Regions 19 Mylonas, N.; Vlahos, L.; Kluiving, R.
Structures and Flows in the Solar Active Photosphere and Chromosphere (Invited review) 24 Tsiropoula, G.
3-Color Photometry of a Sunspot Using Speckle Masking Techniques 44 Sütterlin, P.; Wiehr, E.
Umbral and Penumbral Waves in a Chromospheric Sunspot 49 Alissandrakis, C. E.; Tsiropoula, G.; Mein, P.
The Unresolved Structure of Photospheric Magnetic Fields: Truths, Troubles and Tricks (Invited review) 54 Sánchez Almeida, J.
Configuration of the Magnetic Field in Solar Active Regions 74 Zhang, H.
Configuration of the Velocity and Magnetic Field Vectors in the Photosphere of Symmetrical Sunspots 79 Klvaña, M.; Bumba, V.; Krivtsov, A.
Linear Force-free Magnetic Field over an Active Region with Due Regard to Coronal Magnetic Field 85 Abramenko, V. I.; Yurchishin, V. B.
The Topology of Coronal Magnetic Fields in Active Regions 90 Brown, D. S.; Priest, E. R.
Force Free Models of Relaxed and Partially Relaxed Coronal Magnetic Fields 95 Browning, P. K.; Lothian, R. M.; Clegg, J. R.
Analysis of Active Regions via 3D Rendering Techniques 100 Alexander, D.; Gary, G. Allen; Thompson, B. J.
Non potentiality of coronal loops above active regions 105 Aulanier, G.; Schmieder, B.; Démoulin, P.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Deforest, C.
Three-dimensional Structure of the Magnetospheres of Solar Active Regions from Radio Observations (Invited review) 110 Gelfreikh, G. B.
The Emergence of a Solar Active Region 130 White, S. M.; Lee, J.; Kundu, M. R.; The SOHO/MDI Team
The Solar Atmosphere Above a Sunspot 135 Zlotnik, E. Ya.; White, S. M.; Kundu, M. R.
Sunspot-associated Sources, a Peculiar Source and a Halo-like Source as Basic Components of the 3D Structure of a Large Active Region from RATAN-600 and SSRT Observations 140 Kaltman, T. I.; Korzhavin, A. N.; Peterova, N. G.; Lubyshev, B. I.; Maksimov, V. P.; Alissandrakis, C. E.; Fu, Q.
3-Dimensional Models of Active Region Loops 145 Aschwanden, M. J.; Neupert, W. M.; Newmark, J.; Thompson, B. J.; Brosius, J. W.; Holman, G. D.; Harrison, R. A.; Bastian, T. S.; Nitta, N.; Hudson, H. S.; Zucker, A.
Active Region Structures and Dynamics in the Transition Region and Corona (Invited review) 150 Brekke, P.
Three Dimensional EUV Imaging of Sunspot Regions Observed with SOHO 171 Brynildsen, N.; Brekke, P.; Haugan, S. V. H.; Kjeldseth-Moe, O.; Maltby, P.; Harrison, R. A.; Rimmele, T.; Wilhelm, K.
What YOHKOH has Discovered about Active Regions 176 Bentley, R. D.
Suprathermal Electrons in Non-flaring Active Regions (Invited review) 182 Klein, Karl-Ludwig
Evolution and Decay of Active Regions (Invited review) 202 van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.
Chromospheric Activity above Changing Photospheric Magnetic and Velocity Fields of Developing Active Regions 224 Bumba, V.; Klvaña, M.; Kálmán, B.; Rompolt, B.; Rudawy, P.
Case studies of magnetic topology evolution in active regions 229 Cacciani, A.; di Martino, V.; Hanslmeier, A.; Messerotti, M.; Moretti, P. F.; Pettauer, Th.; Veronig, A.
Signatures of Interactions of Active Regions 234 Simnett, G. M.
Results of Site Testing for a Large Visible/Infrared Telescope 255 Beckers, Jacques M.
First Observations with THEMIS 260 Rayrole, J.; Mein, P.; Schmieder, B.
A MOF-based full vector imaging magnetograph 265 Cacciani, A.; Comari, M.; Furlani, S.; Hanslmeier, A.; Messerotti, M.; Moretti, P. F.; Pettauer, Th.; Veronig, A.
A Photometric Full-Disk Telescope for Kanzelhöhe Solar Observatory 270 Steinegger, M.; Hanslmeier, A.
Hα Polarimetry of the Solar Surface 274 Ameijenda, V.; Clarke, D.
The Radio Heliograph of RATAN 600 279 Bogod, V. M.; Grebinskij, A. S.; Opeikina, L. V.; Gelfreikh, G. B.
The architecture of the New JOSO WWW Server 287 Messerotti, M.; Veronig, A.
Design Issues for HTML-Based Solar Archive Interfaces 292 Reardon, Kevin
Whole Sun Catalog: Design and Implementation 297 Dimitoglou, G.; Mendiboure, C.; Reardon, K.; Sanchèz-Duarte, L.
BASS2000: Technical Description of the Oracle Archive and Web Interface 302 Mendiboure, C.
Coordinated Observations with SOHO, YOHKOH and VLA 311 Aschwanden, Markus J.; Bastian, Tim S.; Nitta, Nariaki; Newmark, Jeff; Thompson, Barbara J.; Harrison, Richard A.
Millimetre Wave Radio Emission from Solar Active Regions and Correlation with Other Wavelength Data 316 Pohjolainen, Silja
Evolution of the Magnetic Field and Chromospheric Fine Structure in a Filament Channel 321 van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Mein, P.; Mein, N.; Schmieder, B.; Malherbe, J.-M.; Aulanier, G.; Démoulin, P.; Deforest, C.; Staiger, J.
3-D Modelling of a Filament Observed in Hα and with SOHO/MDI 326 Aulanier, G.; Démoulin, P.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Mein, P.; Deforest, C.
Prominence Emissions with SUMER and Optical Telescopes 331 Wiehr, E.; Stellmacher, G.; de Boer, C. R.; Sütterlin, P.
The Helium Spectrum in the Quiet Sun: The January 16/17 and May 7-13 1997 Coordinated SOHO/Ground-Based Observational Campaigns 336 Andretta, Vincenzo; Jordan, Stuart D.; Muglach, Karin; Garcia, Adriana; Jones, Harrison P.; Penn, Matthew J.; Soltau, Dirk
Simultaneous Observations with the GCT and SoHO: High Velocity Events in the Upper Chromosphere 341 Muglach, K.; Sütterlin, P.
Joint Observations of an Active Region with Norikura and CDS 346 Harra-Murnion, L. K.; Matthews, S. A.; Hara, H.; Ichimoto, K.
Oscillations in Chromosphere and Transition Region Based on SUMER Measurements 351 Kucera, A.; Curdt, W.; Rybák, J.; Schühle, U.; Wöhl, H.
Impulsive Coronal Dynamics as Revealed by EIT 356 Clette, F.; Berghmans, D.
Reconstruction of the Electron Density Distribution in the Solar Corona Based on LASCO C2 Observations 361 Gabryl, J.-R.; Cugnon, P.; Lamy, P.
The Relationship between Hot and Cold Active Region Structures 366 Matthews, S. A.; Harra-Murnion, L. K.
Preliminary Results for Coronal Magnetic Fields as Suggested by MDI Magnetograms 371 Walsh, R. W.; Ireland, J.; Mackay, D. H.; Galsgaard, K.; Longbottom, A. W.
Spicules and Macrospicules: Simultaneous Hα and He II (304 Å) Observations 376 Georgakilas, A. A.; Dara, H.; Zachariadis, Th.; Alissandrakis, C. E.; Koutchmy, S.; Delannée, C.; Delaboudinière, J.-P.; Hochedez, J.-F.
Evolution of Flaring Structures 381 Sylwester, Janusz; Sylwester, Barbara
Working Group 7 Activities in 1997: Still one Eclipse to GO ! 389 Clette, F.
Observational program for the total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999 394 Vince, I.
Features of the Totality Band for the Total Solar Eclipse of August 1999 398 Maris, Georgeta; Pop, Corneliu
Preparations for the 1999 Total Solar Eclipse in Bulgaria. Scientific Programs and Meteorological Information 403 Dermendjiev, V. N.; Mishev, D. I.; Tsanev, V. I.; Popov, G. K.
Observing Sites and Local Facilities in Turkey, for the Total Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 408 Ökten, A.; Özisik, T.; Bassal, M.
The Search for the Outer Boundary of the Dust-Free Zone Around the Sun 413 Gulyaev, R. A.; Shcheglov, P. V.
Solar Eclipse Observations at Short Millimetre Wavelengths 416 Nagnibeda, Valery G.; Rozanov, Boris A.
Boundary Conditions and the Extrapolation of Magnetic Fields (Invited Review) 423 Semel, M.