Title: New Perspectives on Solar Prominences, IAU Colloquium 167
Volume: 150 Year: 1998 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Webb, David F.; Schmieder, Brigitte; Rust, David M.
ISBN: 1-886733-70-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-486-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Lucien d'Azambuja 3 Martres, M. J.
The History of Solar Prominence Research (Review) 11 Tandberg-Hanssen, E.
Observations of Filament Structure and Dynamics (Review) 23 Engvold, O.
Dynamics and Fine Structures in Quiescent Prominences (MSDP/Pic DU Midi, SOHO/SUMER and CDS) 32 Li, K.; Malherbe, J.-M.; Wiik, J. E.; Schmieder, B.; Roudier, Th.; Kucera, T.; Poland, A.
Observations of the Association of Prominences and the Surrounding Corona 37 Smartt, R. N.; Zhang, Z.; Airapetian, V. S.; Kim, I. S.
First Year of Observations with SOHO/EIT of the "Quiet" Sun Corona 41 Portier-Fozzani, F.; Maucherat, A. J.; The EIT Team
The Plasma Environment of Prominences - SOHO Observations (Review) 45 Moses, D.; Korendyke, G. M.; Moulton, N.; Newmark, J.
EUV and Microwave Observations of a Filament 55 Chiuderi-Drago, F.; Bocchialini, K.; Lamartinie, S.; Vial, J.-C.; Bastian, T.; Alissandrakis, C. E.; Harrison, R.; Delaboudiniere, J.-P.; Lemaire, P.
A Statistical Investigation of Prominence Fine Structure in the EUV 59 Pojoga, S.; Nikoghossian, A. G.; Mouradian, Z.
Small-Scale Structure in Loops and Prominence Threads 63 Rudawy, P.; Madjarska, M. S.
Eclipse Polarimetric Research of Prominences 66 Lebedev, A. N.; Belenko, I. A.; Bougaenko, O. I.; Kim, I. S.; Matsuura, O. T.; Picazzio, E.; Livi, R. P.; Livi, S. H.
On the Bright Rims of H-alpha Filaments 70 Paletou, F.
A Large Filament and Flares in Active Region NOAA 5669 on September 2,1989 74 Porfir'eva, G. A.; Yakunina, G. V.; Mouradian, Z.
Magnetic Fields in Filaments (Review) 78 Demoulin, P.
3-D Twisted Flux-Tube in a Linear Force-Free Equilibrium 86 Aulanier, G.; Demoulin, P.
Concerning Magnetic Field Measurements in Prominences Using Zeeman and Hanle Methods 90 Bashkirtsev, V. S.; Mashnich, G. P.
Hidden Manifestations of Inverse Polarity in Filaments 94 Filippov, B. P.
Vector Magnetic Fields in the Base of Filaments and the Filament Environment 98 Wang, J.; Li, W.
Magnetic Helicity and Filaments (Review) 102 Berger, M. A.
On The Relationship Between Current and Magnetic Field in Ring-Filaments 111 Callebaut, D. K.; Makarov, V. I.
Formation of Thin Current Sheets in the Solar Atmosphere 115 Cheng, C. Z.; Choe, G. S.
Plasma Electric Field Measurements as a Diagnostic of Neutral Sheets in Prominences 119 Foukal, P.
Nonstationary Electric Drifts in the Solar Atmosphere 123 Veselovsky, I. S.
A Model of Plasma Sheets in Equilibrium 127 Koutchmy, S.; Molodensky, M.; Vibert, D.
Latitudinal Variations of Line-of-Sight Velocity Oscillations in the Photosphere, Chromosphere and Prominences 131 Mashnich, G. P.; Bashkirtsev, V. S.
Velocity Fields of a Filament Region Observed with Ground-Based Telescopes and from SOHO 135 Mein, P.; Schmieder, B.; Malherbe, J.-M.; Wiik, J. E.; Engvold, O.; Brekke, P.; Zirker, J. B.; Poland, A. I.; Delaboudiniere, J.-P.; Staiger, J.
Infrared Doppler Oscillations in a Solar Filament 139 Molowny-Horas, R.; Oliver, R.; Ballester, J. L.; Baudin, F.
The Prominence-Corona Transition Region and the Problem of Prominence Oscillations 143 Oliver, R.; Ballester, J. L.
Prominence Oscillations and the Influence of the Distant Photosphere 147 Schutgens, N. A. J.; Kuperus, M.; van den Oord, G. H. J.
Nonlinear Waves in Force-Free Fibrils 151 Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Nakariakov, V. M.
Linear Waves in Force-free Fibrils 155 Zhugzhda, Y. D.
Observation of Prominence Heating and the Heating Mechanism 159 Ofman, L.; Mouradian, Z.; Kucera, T. A.; Poland, A. I.
YOHKOH Observations of Coronal Structures Surrounding Dark Filaments (Review) 163 Uchida, Y.
Axial Soft X-ray Brightening Associated with H-alpha Filaments 171 Solberg, F. C. R.; McAllister, A.
Solar Prominence Diagnostics (Review) 175 Vial, J.-C.
Lyman Lines in Prominences and Filaments: NLTE ModellingStrategies 188 Heinzel, P.
NLTE Model of a Quiescent Filament 190 Kononovich, E. V.; Gorshkov, A. B.; Smirnova, O. B.; Kotrc, P.
Prominence Emission Lines Observed with SUMER and Two Ground-Based Telescopes 196 de Boer, C. R.; Stellmacher, G.; Wiehr, E.
Solar Prominence Diagnostics from November 3, 1994 Eclipse 201 Foing, B. H.; Wiik, J. E.; Duvet, L.; Henrich, N.; Cravatte, S.; David, F.; Altieri, B.; Beaufort, T.; Ligot, L.; Maurice, E.
SUMER/SOHO Filament Observations in Selected Lyman Lines 205 Schmieder, B.; Kucera, T.; Heinzel, P.; Vial, J.-C.
2-D Radiative Transfer Simulations with Angle-Dependent Partial Frequency Redistribution 209 Gorshkov, A. B.; Heinzel, P.
Modelling of Non-Uniform Prominence Slabs 213 Heinzel, P.; Anzer, U.
Spectroscopic Study of a Quiescent Prominence 217 Park, Y. D.; Yun, H. S.; Ichimoto, K.; Sim, K. J.; Moon, Y.-J.
Evolution of Complex Filaments 221 Dumitrache, C.
Evidence of Prominences on Cool Late-Type Stars (Review) 227 Byrne, P. B.; Eibe, M. T.; van den Oord, G. H. J.
Prominences on Rapidly-Rotating Solar-Type Stars 235 Jardine, M.; Barnes, J.; Unruh, Y.; Collier Cameron, A.
Stability of an Idealized Equilibrium Model of Prominences in Rapidly Rotating Stars 239 Ferreira, M.
Prominences and Circumstellar Emission Around FK Comae Berenices: Balmer Line Diagnostics from MUSICOS Spectra 243 Oliveira, J. M.; Foing, B. H.; Gondoin, Ph.; Stempels, H. C.; Beaufort, T.; Le Poole, R. S.; de Jong, J. A.
A Fibril Structure Model for Stellar Prominences 247 Oliver, R.; Ballester, J. L.
Prominence-like Clouds Near HK AQR 251 van den Oord, G. H. J.; Bryne, P. B.; Elbe, M. T.
Filament Channels: Essential Ingredients for Filament Formation (Review) 257 Gaizauskas, V.
Magnetic Flux Transport and Formation of Filament Channels 265 van Ballegooijen, A. A.; Cartledge, N. P.; Priest, E. R.
Filament Channels: Contrasting Their Structure in H-alpha and H epsilon I 1083 NM 269 Harvey, K. L.; Gaizauskas, V.
Force-Free Models of Filament Channels 274 Longbottom, A.
Simulation Studies of Solar Prominence Formation 278 Choe, G. S.; Cheng, C. Z.
Are Prominences Formed by Flux Convergence? 282 Galsgaard, K.; Longbottom, A. W.
Force-Free Models of a Filament Channel in Which a Filament Forms 286 Mackay, D. H.; Gaizauskas, V.; Priest, E. R.
Analysis of H-alpha Observations of High Altitude Coronal Condensations 290 Allen, U. A.; Bagenal, F.; Hundhausen, A. J.
MHD and Plasma Interpretation of a Prominence Eruption Observed by SOHO (Review) 294 Martens, P. C. H.
Prominence Eruptions (Review) 302 Vrsnak, B.
Magnetic Field Reconnection in the H-alpha Eruptive Prominence on September 18, 1995 310 Karlicky, M.; Kotrc, P.; Simberova, S.; Knizek, M.; Varady, M.
Wave Activity and Prominence Eruption 314 Baudin, F.; Bocchialini, K.; Delannee, C.; Koutchmy, S.; Stellmacher, G.; Shibata, K.; Veselovsky, I. S.; Panasenko, O. A.; Zhukov, A. N.
Helical Structure in an Eruptive Prominence Related to a CME (SUMER, CDS, LASCO) 318 Kucera, T. A.; Poland, A. I.; Wiik, J. E.; Schmieder, B.; Simnett, G.
H-alpha Observations of the Dual Eruptive Prominences of June 29, 1994 322 Lenza, L.
Behaviour of H-alpha and H CA II Emission Lines in a Prominence Before and During its Dynamic "Disparition Brusque" 326 Madjarska, M. S.; Dermendjiev, V. N.; Mouradian, Z.; Kotrc, P.
Horizontal Expansion of Eruptive Prominences 330 Rompolt, B.
On the Eruption of Prominences and Disappearance of Quiescent Filaments 334 Gupta, S. S.; Singh, J.
Eruption of Twisted Filament and Associated Phenomena 338 Uddin, W.; Verma, V. K.
Causes and Effects of Filament Eruptions (Review) 342 Filippov, B. P.
The Energetics of Flux-Rope Prominence Models in Axially Symmetric Systems 350 Lin, J.; Forbes, T. G.; Isenberg, P. A.; Demoulin, P.
On a Possible Mechanism of Quiescent Prominence Destabilization 354 Nenovski, P.; Dermendjiev, V. N.; Madjarska, M. S.; Vial, J.-C.
Radio and X-ray Investigations of Erupting Prominences (Review) 358 Gopalswamy, N.; Hanoka, Y.; Lemen, J. R.
Filament Disparition Brusque and CME - September 25-26, 1996 Event 366 van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Schmieder, B.; Aulanier, G.; Demoulin, P.; Martens, P. C. H.; Zarro, D.; Deforest, C.; Thompson, B.; St. Cyr, C.; Kucera, T.; Burkepile, J. T.; White, O. R.; Hanaoka, Y.; Nitta, N.
Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of a Coronal Mass Ejection 370 Ciaravella, A.; Raymond, J. C.; Fineschi, S.; Romoli, M.; Benna, C.; Gardner, L.; Giordano, S.; Michels, J.; O'Neal, R.; Antonucci, E.; Kohl, J.; Noci, G.
Soft X-ray Observations of Eruptive Prominences 376 Watanabe, T.; Yamamoto, M.; Hudson, H.; Irie, M.; Ichimoto, K.; Kurokawa, H.; Yatagai, H.
Prominence Disappearance Related to CMEs 380 Hiei, E.
MHD Simulation of Dark Filament Eruption in the Quadrupole Source Model 384 Uchida, Y.; Hirose, S.; Cable, S.; Uemura, S.; Fujisaki, K.; Torii, M.; Morita, S.
Coronal Plasmoid Dynamics 388 Delannee, C.; Koutchmy, S.; Zhukov, A.; Veselovsky, I.
Evolution of the Filament/CH/Magnetic Field Complex 393 Ioshpa, B. A.; Mogilevsky, E. I.; Obridko, V. N.
New Evidence of Chromospheric Evaporation 397 Kasparova, J.; Kotrc, P.; Heinzel, P.; Nikulin, I. F.; Rudawy, P.
Filament Activity Associated with an Umbral Flare 401 Li, W.; Wang, J.
Filaments and the Solar Dynamo (Review) 407 Seehafer, N.
Solar and Stellar Dynamo Waves Under Asymptotic Investigation 415 Kuzanyan, K. M.
Filament Chirality: A Link Between Fine-Scale and Global Patterns (Review) 419 Martin, S. F.
The Skew of Polar Crown X-ray Arcades 430 McAllister, A. H.; Hundhausen, A. J.; Mackay, D.; Priest, E.
Global Pattern of the Magnetic Field Vectors Above Neutral Lines from 1974 to 1982: Pic-du-Midi Observations of Prominences 434 Bommier, V.; Leroy, J. L.
Are All Prominences Either Sinistral or Dextral? 439 Zirker, J. B.; Leroy, J.-L.; Gaizauskas, V.
Large-Scale Patterns of Prominences in the Global Solar Cycles During 1880-1995 442 Callebaut, D. K.; Makarov, V. I.; Tavastsherna, K. S.
Chirality, Helicity, and Joy's Law 446 Foukal, P.
A Dynamic Dextral-Sinistral Model for the Structure and Evolution of Prominence Magnetic Fields 453 Priest, E. R.
CMEs and Prominences and Their Evolution over the Solar Cycle (Review) 463 Webb, D. F.
LASCO/EIT Observations of Coronal Mass Ejections from Large-Scale Filament Channels 475 Plunkett, S. P.; Dere, K. P.; Howard, R. A.; Michels, D. J.; Brueckner, G. E.; Thompson, B. J.; Delaboudiniere, J.-P.
Disappearances of High-Latitude Filaments as Sources of High-Latitude CMEs 479 Cliver, E. W.; Webb, D. F.
Time-Latitude Prominence and the Green Corona Distribution Over the Solar Activity Cycle 484 Minarovjech, M.; Rybansky, M.; Rusin, V.
Digital "Cartes Synoptiques de la Chromosphere Solaire et Catalogues des Filaments et des Centres d'Activite" 488 Coffey, H. E.; Hanchett, C. D.
Reconstruction of Sun-as-Star Magnetic Field Structure and Evolution Using Filament Observations 493 Ponyavin, D. I.
A New Station of Prominence Patrol Observations in Slovakia 499 Dorotovic, I.; Lukac, B.; Pinter, T.; Rybansky, M.
The Present and Future of Prominence Observations at Valasske Mezirici Astronomical Observatory 502 Lenza, L.; Dokoupilova, D.
Development of an Instrument Based on a Fibre-Bonded CCD Camera for Prominence Observations 506 Verma, V. K.; Uddin, W.; Gaur, V. P.