Title: Solar System Formation and Evolution
Volume: 149 Year: 1998 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Lazzaro, D.; Vieira Martins, R.; Ferraz-Mello, S.; Fernandez, J.
ISBN: 1-886733-69-4 eISBN: 978-1-58381-485-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
Formation of Planetary Systems 1 Lissaner, J. J.
Extra-Solar planets 13 Sicardy, B.
Indication of Disk Accretion on Low Mass Pre Main Sequence Stars 27 Batalha, C.; Dewulsky, K.
Orbital Resonances and Chaos in the Solar System 37 Malhotra, R.
Chaos, Diffusion, Escape and Permanence of Resonant Asteroids in Gaps and Groups 65 Ferraz-Mello, S.; Nesvorny, D.; Michtchenko, T. A.
The Structure of the Kuiper Belt and the Origin of Jupiter-Family Comets 83 Morbidelli, A.
Origin and evolution of the Oort cloud 107 Fernandez, J. A.; Brunini, A.
Comets Hale-Bopp (1995 O1) and Hyakutake (1996 B2): records of presolar chemistry and more 117 Campins, H.
What can be learned from asteroids surveys? 135 Tancredi, G.
Tidal Stresses on Europa: Celestial Mechanics Meets Geology 149 Greenberg, R.; Geissler, P.; Hoppa, G.; Tufts, B. R.; Durda, D.
Dynamics of Planetary Rings 167 Nicholson, P. D.
Nonthermal Radio Emissions of the Solar System 183 Chian, A. C.-L.