Title: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VII
Volume: 145 Year: 1998 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Albrecht, Rudolf; Hook, Richard N.; Bushouse, Howard A.
ISBN: 1-886733-65-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-481-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
VRML and Collaborative Environments: New Tools for Networked Visualization 3 Crutcher, R. M.; Plante, R. L.; Rajlich, P.
Parallel Tree N-body Code: Data Distribution and DLB on the CRAY T3D for Large Simulations 7 Becciani, U.; Antonuccio-Delogu, V.; Gambera, M.; Pagliaro, A.; Ansaloni, R.; Erbacci, G.
Modelling Spectro-photometric Characteristics of Nonradially Pulsating Stars 11 Daszynska, J.; Cugier, H.
Identification and Analysis of Binary Star Systems using Probability Theory 15 Grocheva, E.; Kiselev, A.
Modelling Spectro-photometric Characteristics of Eclipsing Binaries 19 Polubek, G.
Object-Oriented Experiences with GBT Monitor and Control 25 Fisher, J. R.
Realtime, Object-oriented Reduction of Parkes Multibeam Data using AIPS++ 32 Barnes, D. G.
World Coordinate Systems as Objects 41 Warren-Smith, R. F.; Berry, D. S.
Constructing and Reducing Sets of HST Observations Using Accurate Spacecraft Pointing Information 45 Micol, A.; Pirenne, B.; Bristow, P.
The New User Interface for the OVRO Millimeter Array 49 Scott, S.; Finch, R.
The IRAF Mosaic Data Reduction Package 53 Valdes, F. G.
Determination of the Permissible Solutions Area by Image Reconstruction from a few Projections: Method 2-CLEAN DSA 58 Agafonov, M. I.
Image Processing of Digitized Spectral Data 63 Boulatov, A. V.; Kashapova, L. K.
A Parallel Procedure for the Analysis of Long-term Sequences of Light Curves 67 Lanza, A. F.; Rodono, M.; Becciani, U.; Antonuccio Delogu, V.
A Posteriori Guidance for Astronomical Images 71 Melon, P.; Guillaume, M.; Refregier, P.; Llebaria, A.; Cautain, R.; Leporati, L.
Recognition of Anomalous Events 75 Monai, S.; Pasian, F.
Slitless Multiobject Spectroscopy with FOSC Type Instruments 78 Polcaro, V. F.; Viotti, R.
Substepping and its Application to HST Imaging 82 Wu, N.; Caldwell, J.
The Co-Addition Technique Applied to Images of Galaxy Cores 86 Zeilinger, W. W.; Crane, P.; Grosbol, P.; Renzini, A.
Robust, Realtime Bandpass Removal for the HI Parkes All Sky Survey Project using AIPS++ 89 Barnes, D. G.; Staveley-Smith, L.; Ye, T.; Oosterloo, T.
RVSAO 2.0 - A Radial Velocity Package for IRAF 93 Mink, D. J.; Kurtz, M. J.
New Developments in the FITSIO and FV Software Packages 97 Pence, W.
The NCSA Horizon Image Data Browser: a Java Package Supporting Scientific Images 99 Plante, R. L.; Xie, W.; Plutchak, J.; McGrath, R. E. M.; Lu, X.
An IRAF Port of the New IUE Calibration Pipeline 103 Shaw, R. A.; Bushouse, H. A.
GIM2D: an IRAF package for the Quantitative Morphology Analysis of Distant Galaxies 108 Simard, L.
Grid OCL : A Graphical Object Connecting Language 112 Taylor, I. J.; Schutz, B. F.
GUI-fying and Documenting your Shell Script 116 Teuben, P. J.
The Mosaic Data Capture Agent 120 Tody, D.; Valdes, F.
Packaging Radio/Sub-millimeter Spectral Data in FITS 125 Wang, Z.
The IDL Wavelet Workbench 129 Werger, M.; Graps, A.
IRAF Multiple Extensions FITS (MEF) Files Interface 132 Zarate, N.
Cost-Effective System Management 139 Schaller, S.
Other People's Software 142 Mandel, E.; Murray, S. S.
Message Bus and Distributed Object Technology 146 Tody, D.
Building Software from Heterogeneous Environments 150 Conroy, M.; Mandel, E.; Roll, J.
Fitting and Modeling of AXAF Data with the ASC Fitting Application 157 Doe, S.; Ljungberg, M.; Siemiginowska, A.; Joye, W.
The ISO Spectral Analysis Package ISAP 161 Sturm, E.; Bauer, O. H.; Brauer, J.; Buckley, M.; Harwood, A.; Helou, G.; Khan, I.; Li, J.; Lord, S.; Lutz, D.; Mazzarella, J.; Morris, P. W.; Narron, B.; Sidher, S.; Swinyard, B.; Unger, S. J.; Verstraete, L.; Vivares, F.; Wieprecht, E.; Wiezorrek, E.
News on the ISOPHOT Interactive Analysis PIA 165 Gabriel, C.; Acosta-Pulido, J.; Heinrichsen, I.
How to Piece Together Diffracted Grating Arms for AXAF Flight Data 169 Alexov, A.; McLaughlin, W.; Huenemoerder, D.
Data Analysis Concepts for the Next Generation Space Telescope 173 Rosa, M. R.; Albrecht, R.; Freudling, W.; Hook, R. N.
Mixing IRAF and STARLINK Applications -- FIGARO under IRAF 177 Bly, M. J.; Chipperfield, A. J.
An Infrared Camera Reduction/Analysis Package 181 Chan, S. J.
The Astrometric Properties of the NOAO Mosaic Imager 184 Davis, L. E.
NICMOSlook and CalnicC: Slitless Spectra Extraction Tools 188 Pirzkal, N.; Freudling, W.; Thomas, R.; Dolensky, M.
Analysis Tools for Nebular Emission Lines 192 Shaw, R. A.; de La Pena, M. D.; Katsanis, R. M.; Williams, R. E.
The Future of Data Reduction at UKIRT 196 Economou, F.; Bridger, A.; Wright, G. S.; Rees, N. P.; Jenness, T.
The IRAF Client Display Library (CDL) 200 Fitzpatrick, M.
Recent Developments in Experimental AIPS 204 Greisen, E. W.
ASC Coordinate Transformation - The Pixlib Library, II 208 He, H.; McDowell, J.; Conroy, M.
A Software Package for Automatic Reduction of ISOPHOT Calibration Data 212 Huth, S.; Schulz, B.
Reducing SCUBA Data at the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope 216 Jenness, T.; Lightfoot, J. F.
ISDC Data Access Layer 220 Jennings, D.; Borkowski, J.; Contessi, T.; Lock, T.; Rohlfs, R.; Walter, R.
ISO-SWS Data Analysis 224 Lahuis, F.; Wieprecht, E.; Bauer, O. H.; Boxhoorn, D.; Huygen, R.; Kester, D.; Leech, K. J.; Roelfsema, P. R.; Sturm, E.; Sym, N. J.; Vandenbussche, B.
Cyber Hype or Educational Technology? What is being learned from all those BITS? 231 Christian, C. A.
Using Java for Astronomy: The Virtual Radio Interferometer Example 240 McKay, N. P. F.; McKay, D. J.
Teaching Astronomy via the Internet 244 Benacchio, L.; Brolis, M.; Saviane, I.
Astronomy On-Line - the World's Biggest Astronomy Event on the World-Wide-Web 248 Albrecht, R.; West, R.; Naumann, M.; Madsen, C.
Nightly Scheduling of ESO's Very Large Telescope 255 Chavan, A. M.; Giannone, G.; Silva, D.; Krueger, T.; Miller, G.
VLT Data Quality Control 259 Ballester, P.; Kalicharan, V.; Banse, K.; Grosbol, P.; Peron, M.; Wiedmer, M.
Astro-E's Mission Independent Scheduling Suite 263 Antunes, A.; Saunders, A.; Hilton, P.
ASCA: an International Mission 267 Hilton, P.; Antunes, A.
Achieving Stable Observing Schedules in an Unstable World 271 Giuliano, M.
Data Analysis with ISOCAM Interactive Analysis System - Preparing for the Future 275 Ott, S.; Gastaud, R.; Abergel, A.; Altieri, B.; Augueres, J.-L.; Aussel, H.; Bernardi, J.-P.; Biviano, A.; Blommaert, J.; Boulade, O.; Boulanger, F.; Cesarsky, C.; Cesarsky, D. A.; Charmandaris, V.; Claret, A.; Delaney, M.; Delattre, C.; Deschamps, T.; Desert, F.-X.; Didelon, P.; Elbaz, D.; Gallais, P.; Ganga, K.; Guest, S.; Helou, G.; Kong, M.; Lacombe, F.; Landriu, D.; Laurent, O.; Lecoupanec, P.; Li, J.; Metcalfe, L.; Okumura, K.; Perault, M.; Pollock, A.; Rouan, D.; Sam-Lone, J.; Sauvage, M.; Siebenmorgen, R.; Starck, J.-L.; Tran, D.; Vanburen, D.; Vigroux, L.; Vivares, F.
The Interaction of the ISO-SWS Pipeline Software and the ISO-SWS Interactive Analysis System 279 Wieprecht, E.; Lahuis, F.; Bauer, O. H.; Boxhoorn, D.; Huygen, R.; Kester, D.; Leech, K. J.; Roelfsema, P.; Sturm, E.; Sym, N. J.; Vandenbussche, B.
The Phase II Language for the Hobby-Eberly Telescope 284 Gaffney, N. I.; Cornell, M. E.
The NOAO Web-based Observing Proposal System 288 Bell, D. J.; Barnes, J.; Pilachowski, C.
Observing Control at the UKIRT 292 Bridger, A.; Wright, G.; Economou, F.
The Ground Support Facilities for the BeppoSAX Mission 296 Bruca, L.; Capalbi, M.; Coletta, A.
The STScI NICMOS Calibration Pipeline 300 Bushouse, H. A.; Stobie, E.
Enhanced HST Pointing and Calibration Accuracy: Generating HST Jitter Files at ST-ECF 304 Dolensky, M.; Micol, A.; Pirenne, B.; Rosa, M.
HST Paper Products: A New Way to Look at HST Data}{308} 308 Hack, W.; Hsu, J.-C.
On the Need for Input Data Control in Pipeline Reductions 312 de Cuyper, J.-P.; Hensberge, H.
Pipeline Calibration for STIS 316 Hodge, P. E.; Hulbert, S. J.; Lindler, D.; Busko, I.; Hsu, J.-C.; Baum, S.; McGrath, M.; Goudfrooij, P.; Shaw, R.; Katsanis, R.; Keener, S.; Bohlin, R.
Data-flow for the ESO Imaging Survey (EIS) 320 Hook, R. N.; da Costa, L. N.; Bertin, E.; Deul, E.; Freudling, W.; Nonino, M.; Wicenec, A.
System Interfaces to the STIS Calibration Pipeline 324 Hulbert, S.
REMOT: A Design for Multiple Site Remote Observing 328 Linde, P.; Pasian, F.; Pucillo, M.; Ponz, J. D.
The Distributed Analysis System Hierarchy (DASH) for the SUBARU Telescope 332 Mizumoto, Y.; Chikada, Y.; Kosugi, G.; Nishihara, E.; Takata, T.; Yoshida, M.; Ishihara, Y.; Yanaka, H.; Morita, Y.; Nakamoto, H.
Pipeline Processing and Quality Control for Echelle Data 337 Morgante, G.; Pasian, F.; Ballester, P.
On-The-Fly Re-Calibration of HST Observations 341 Pirenne, B.; Micol, A.; Durand, D.; Gaudet, S.
OPUS-97: A Generalized Operational Pipeline System 344 Rose, J.
Remote Observing with the Keck Telescope: ATM Networks and Satellite Systems 348 Shopbell, P. L.; Cohen, J. G.; Bergman, L.
NICMOS Software: an Observation Case Study 352 Stobie, E.; Lytle, D.; Ferro, A.; Barg, I.
The INTEGRAL Science Data Centre 356 Walter, R.; Aubord, A.; Bartholdi, P.; Borkowski, J.; Bratschi, P.; Contessi, T.; Courvoisier, T.; Cremonesi, D.; Dubath, P.; Jennings, D.; Kretschmar, P.; Lock, T.; Paltani, S.; Rohlfs, R.; Sternberg, J.
The VLT Science Archive System 363 Albrecht, M. A.; Angeloni, E.; Brighton, A.; Girvan, J.; Sogni, F.; Wiceneci, A. J.; Ziaeepour, H.
A Queriable Repository for HST Telemetry Data, a Case Study in using Data Warehousing for Science and Engineering 367 Pollizzi, J. A.; Lezon, K.
Accessing Astronomical Data over the WWW using datOZ 371 Ortiz, P. F.
Distributed Searching of Astronomical Databases with Pizazz 375 Gamiel, K.; McGrath, R.; Plante, R.
New Capabilities of the ADS Abstract and Article Service 378 Eichhorn, G.; Accomazzi, A.; Grant, C. S.; Kurtz, M. J.; Murray, S. S.
Object-Relational DBMSs for Large Astronomical Catalogue Management 382 Baruffolo, A.; Benacchio, L.
The VizieR System for Accessing Astronomical Data 387 Ochsenbein, F.
The ASC Data Archive for the AXAF Ground Calibration 391 Zografou, P.; Chary, S.; Duprie, K.; Estes, A.; Harbo, P.; Pak, K.
Mirroring the ADS Bibliographic Databases 395 Accomazzi, A.; Eichhorn, G.; Kurtz, M. J.; Grant, C. S.; Murray, S. S.
Archiving Activities at the Astronomical Observatory of Asiago 400 Baruffolo, A.; Falomo, R.
The IUE Archive at Villafranca 404 Barylak, M.; Ponz, J. D.
Search and Retrieval of the AXAF Data Archive on the Web using Java 408 Chary, S.; Zografou, P.
Browsing the HST Archive with Java-enriched Database Access 412 Dolensky, M.; Micol, A.; Pirenne, B.
Prototype of a Discovery Tool for Querying Heterogeneous Services 416 Egret, D.; Fernique, P.; Genova, F.
Hubble Space Telescope Telemetry Access using the Vision 2000 Control Center System (CCS) 421 Miebach, M.; Dolensky, M.
An Archival System for Observational Data Obtained at the Okayama and KISO Observatories. III 425 Nishihara, E.; Yoshida, M.; Ichikawa, S.; Aoki, K.; Watanabe, M.; Horaguchi, T.; Yoshida, S.; Hamabe, M.
Querying by Example Astronomical Archives 429 Pasian, F.; Smareglia, R.
Integrating the ZGSC and PPM at the Galileo Telescope for On-line Control of Instrumentation 433 Pasian, F.; Marcucci, P.; Pucillo, M.; Vuerli, C.; Malkov, O. Y.; Smirnov, O. M.; Monai, S.; Conconi, P.; Molinari, E.
The ISO Post-Mission Archive 438 Saxton, R. D.; Arviset, C.; Dowson, J.; Carr, R.; Todd, C.; Kessler, M. F.; Hernandez, J.-L.; Jenkins, R. N.; Osuna, P.; Plug, A.
HST Keyword Dictionary 442 Swade, D. A.; Gardner, L.; Hopkins, E.; Kimball, T.; Lezon, K.; Rose, J.; Shiao, B.
Noise Detection and Filtering using Multiresolution Transform Methods 449 Murtagh, F.; Starck, J.-L.
Linne, a Software System for Automatic Classification 457 Christlieb, N.; Wisotzki, L.; Grasshoff, G.; Nelke, A.; Schlemminger, A.
Information Mining in Astronomical Literature with Tetralogie 461 Egret, D.; Mothe, J.; Dkaki, T.; Dousset, B.
CDS GLU, a Tool for Managing Heterogeneous Distributed Web Services 466 Fernique, P.; Ochsenbein, F.; Wenger, M.
The CDS Information Hub 470 Genova, F.; Bartlett, J. G.; Bonnarel, F.; Dubois, P.; Egret, D.; Fernique, P.; Jasniewicz, G.; Lesteven, S.; Ochsenbein, F.; Wenger, M.
Literature and Catalogs in Electronic Form: Questions, Ideas and an Example: the IBVS 474 Holl, A.
Keeping Bibliographies using ADS 478 Kurtz, M. J.; Eichhorn, G.; Accomazzi, A.; Grant, C. S.; Murray, S. S.
Astrobrowse: A Multi-site, Multi-wavelength Service for Locating Astronomical Resources on the Web 481 McGlynn, T.; White, N.
A Multidimensional Binary Search Tree for Star Catalog Correlations 485 Nguyen, D.; Duprie, K.; Zografou, P.
Methodology of Time Delay Change Determination for Uneven Data Sets 488 Oknyanskij, V. L.
A Wavelet Parallel Code for Structure Detection 493 Pagliaro, A.; Becciani, U.; Antonuccio, V.; Gambera, M.
Positive Iterative Deconvolution in Comparison to Richardson-Lucy Like Algorithms 496 Pruksch, M.; Fleischmann, F.
Structure Detection in Low Intensity X-Ray Images using the Wavelet Transfor M Applied to Galaxy Cluster Cores Analysis 500 Starck, J.-L.; Pierre, M.
An Optimal Data Loss Compression Technique for Remote Surface Multiwavelength Mapping 504 Vasilyev, S. V.
Automated Spectral Classification Using Neural Networks 508 Vieira, E. F.; Ponz, J. D.
Methods for Structuring and Searching Very Large Catalogs 512 Wicenec, A. J.; Albrecht, M.