Title: Radio Emission from Galactic and Extragalactic Compact Sources, IAU Colloquium 164
Volume: 144 Year: 1998 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Zensus, J. A.; Taylor, G. B.; Wrobel, J. M.
ISBN: 1-886733-64-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-480-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
Thirty Years of VLBI: Early Days, Successes, and Future 1 Moran, J. M.
The VSOP Mission -- A New ERA for VLBI 11 Hirabayashi, H.
The Caltech-Jodrell Bank VLBI Surveys 17 Pearson, T. J.; Browne, I. W. A.; Henstock, D. R.; Polatidis, A. G.; Readhead, A. C. S.; Taylor, G. B.; Thakkar, D. D.; Vermeulen, R. C.; Wilkinson, P. N.; Xu, W.
The Blazar Paradigm: Synchro-Compton Emission from Relativistic Jets 25 Marscher, A. P.
Ejection Phenomena in Galaxies and QSOs: Are We Going Far Enough? 33 Burbidge, G.
Structure and Properties of AGN Cores from VLBI and Total Flux Density Variations 35 Valtaoja, E.
Sub-mas Jets in Gamma-Active Blazars: Results from High Frequency VLBI 37 Krichbaum, T. P.; Kraus, A.; Otterbein, K.; Britzen, S.; Witzel, A.; Zensus, J. A.
The Identification of EGRET Sources with Flat-Spectrum Radio Sources 39 Mattox, J. R.
Millimeter VLBI Observations of the Gamma-Ray Blazar NRAO 530 41 Bower, G. C.
Monthly VLBI Monitoring of Selected Gamma-Bright Quasars 43 Britzen, S.; Witzel, A.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Roland, J.; Wagner, S. J.
Markarian 421: TeV Gamma-ray Flares and VLBI Structure 45 Edwards, P. G.; Moellenbrock, G. A.; Unwin, S. C.; Wehrle, A. E.; Weekes, T. C.
Model of a Precessing Jet in 3C 279 47 Abraham, Z.; Carrara, E. A.; Zensus, J. A.
Relativistic Numerical Simulations of Superluminal Sources 49 Gomez, J. L.; Marti, J. M.; Marscher, A. P.; Ibanez, J. M.; Alberdi, A.
The Magnetic Switch as the Origin of the FRI/FRII Break 51 Meier, D. L.; Godon, P.; Edgington, S.; Payne, D. G.; Lind, K. R.
Synchrotron Spectra of Compact VLBI-Jets 53 Lobanov, A. P.; Zensus, J. A.
VLBI of Southern EGRET Identifications 55 Murphy, D. W.; Tingay, S. J.; Preston, R. A.; Meier, D. L.; Jones, D. L.; Edwards, P. G.; Costa, M. E.; Lovell, J. E. J.; McCulloch, P. M.; Jauncey, D. L.; Reynolds, J. E.; Tzioumis, A. K.; King, E. A.; Nicolson, G. D.; Quick, J. F. H.; Wan, T.-S.; Shen, Z.-Q.
Two Stationary Components in the High-Redshift Quasar 1338+381 57 Bouchy, F.; Lestrade, J.-F.
EVN+MERLIN Observations of 3C 66B and a Two-Fluid Model for VLBI Jets 59 Fraix-Burnet, D.; Despringre, V.; Baudry, A.
The Radio Jet of Quasar 0153+744 61 Hummel, C. A.
Symmetric Parsec-Scale Radio Jets in NGC 4261 63 Jones, D. L.; Wehrle, A. E.
Search for Short Timescale Structural Variation of 3C 273 at 22 GHz and 43 GHz 65 Mantovani, F.; Valerio, C.; Junor, W.; McHardy, I. M.
Multi-Epoch VLBA Observations of gamma-Ray Bright Blazars 67 Marchenko, S. G.; Marscher, A. P.; Mattox, J. R.; Wehrle, A. E.; Xu, W.
Superluminal Motion in the Gamma-Ray Blazar 3C 279 69 Unwin, S. C.; Wehrle, A. E.; Xu, W.; Zook, A. C.; Marscher, A. P.
The Injector and the AGN Core 71 Matveenko, L. I.; Pauliny-Toth, I. I. K.
S5 0836+710 A Kelvin-Helmholtz Unstable Jet on Parsec Scales? 73 Otterbein, K.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Kraus, A.; Witzel, A.; Hummel, C. A.; Zensus, J. A.
Structural Variations in the Quasar 3C 454.3 75 Pauliny-Toth, I. I. K.
Superluminal Motion in the Parsec-Scale Jet of 3C 380 77 Polatidis, A. G.; Wilkinson, P. N.
The Slow Jet in the Nucleus of 3C 84 79 Dhawan, V.; Kellermann, K. I.; Romney, J. D.
Unification of Radio Galaxies 81 Cohen, M. H.; Ogle, P. M.; Tran, H. D.; Goodrich, R. W.
First VLBA Images of the Nuclei in 3CR Lobe-dominated Quasars 83 Hough, D. H.; Vermeulen, R. C.; Readhead, A. C. S.
Relativistic Jets in Low Power Radio Galaxies 85 Giovannini, G.; Arbizzani, E.; Feretti, L.; Venturi, T.; Cotton, W. D.; Lara, L.; Taylor, G. B.
The Sub-Parsec-Scale Structure and Evolution of Centaurus A at 8.4 and 22.2 GHz 87 Tingay, S. J.; Jauncey, D. L.; Reynolds, J. E.; Tzioumis, A. K.; Preston, R. A.; Jones, D. L.; Murphy, D. W.; Meier, D. L.; Lovell, J. E. J.; McCulloch, P. M.; Costa, M. E.; Nicolson, G.; Quick, J. F. H.
Sub-arcsecond Radio Imaging of Jets in Low Luminosity Radio Galaxies 89 Bondi, M.; Parma, P.; Fanti, R.; de Ruiter, H.; Laing, R. A.
The Counterjet in the Nucleus of Centaurus A 91 Preston, R. A.; Tingay, S. J.; Jones, D. L.; Murphy, D. M.; Meier, D. L.; Jauncey, D. L.; Reynolds, J. E.; Tzioumis, A. K.; Lovell, J. E. J.; McCulloch, P. M.; Costa, M. E.; Nicolson, G.
Some Theoretical Studies of Two Gamma-Ray Blazars: PKS 0528+134 and MRK 421 93 Qian, S. J.; Zhang, X. Z.; Witzel, A.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Britzen, S.; Kraus, A.
Multi-Frequency VLBA+Effelsberg Observations of 1038+528 A/B 95 Rioja, M. J.; Porcas, R. W.
Magnetic Fields in AGN 97 Wardle, J. F. C.
A Multi-Frequency VLBI Polarization Study of the CSS Quasar 3C 309.1 105 Aaron, S. E.; Wardle, J. F. C.; Roberts, D. H.
The Radio Properties of BL Lac Objects 107 Aller, M. F.; Aller, H. D.; Hughes, P. A.
Rotation-Measure Mapping of 3C 119 109 Flatters, C.
A Polarimetric Survey of CSS Sources at 22 GHz with the VLA 111 Luedke, E.; Adornes, R. B.
Faraday Rotation Measure Observations on the Pc-Scale: Probing the AGN Environment 113 Taylor, G. B.; Venturi, T.; Udomprasert, P. S.
Magnetic Field Configuration in 4C 39.25 115 Alberdi, A.; Lara, L.; Gomez, J. L.; Marcaide, J. M.; Perez-Torres, M. A.; Kemball, A.; Leppaenen, K.; Marscher, A. P.; Patnaik, A.; Porcas, R.
X-Band VLBA Polarization of 3C 287 117 Dallacasa, D.; Schilizzi, R. T.; Rendong, Nan
VLBA Observations of 3C 120 119 Gomez, J. L.; Marscher, A. P.; Alberdi, A.; Marti, J. M.; Ibanez, J. M.
CME and Ejection of Large Scale Magnetic Fields, Helical Magnetic Fields, and Intrinsically Asymmetric Jets -- New Findings in AGN 121 Chu, H. S.; Zhang, F. J.; Spencer, R. E.
Detection of Parsec-Scale Circular Polarization with the VLBA 123 Homan, D. C.; Wardle, J. F. C.; Ojha, R.; Roberts, D. H.
A Polarization Study of Quasar 4C 71.07 125 Hutchison, J. M.; Cawthorne, T. V.
Evolution of the Parsec-Scale Structures of OJ 287 and 3C 273 127 Ojha, R.; Homan, D. C.; Roberts, D. H.; Wardle, J. F. C.
Sub-milliarcsec Structure of 3C 111 at 0.7 and 3.6 CM 129 Alef, W.; Preuss, E.; Kellermann, K. I.; Gabuzda, D.
VLBA Studies of Molecular Gas toward Centaurus A 131 van Langevelde, H. J.; Beasley, A.
Probing the Accretion Region of NGC 1275 with VLBI 133 Walker, R. C.; Kellermann, K. I.; Dhawan, V.; Romney, J. D.; Benson, J. M.; Vermeulen, R. C.; Alef, W.
Limiting Brightness Temperature for Synchrotron Sources 135 Laehteenmaeki, A.; Valtaoja, E.
Statistical Effects of Doppler Beaming and Malmquist Bias on Flux-Limited Samples of Compact Radio Sources 137 Lister, M. L.; Marscher, A. P.
The Effects of Light Travel Time on the Appearance of Relativistic Jets 139 Mioduszewski, A. J.; Hughes, P. A.; Duncan, G. C.
Low Frequency (327 MHz) VLBI Survey: First Results 141 Altunin, V.; Beasley, A.; Luedke, E.; Alekseev, V.; Lipatov, B.; Dagkesamansky, R.; Kardashev, N.; Kovalenko, A.; Molotov, I.; Slysh, V.; Migenes, V.
A VSOP Survey Program Pre-launch Continuum Survey 143 Edwards, P. G.; Fomalont, E. B.
A MERLIN and VLBI Survey of Faint Compact Radio Sources 145 Garrett, M. A.; Garrington, S. T.
A VLBI Survey of 461 Southern Flat Spectrum Sources 147 King, E. A.; Lovell, J. E. J.; Ellingsen, S. P.; Costa, M. E.; McCulloch, P. M.; Reynolds, J. E.; Jauncey, D. L.
Millimeter Continuum Monitoring of Extragalactic Radio Sources with the IRAM 30m Telescope 149 Ungerechts, H.; Kramer, C.; Lefloch, B.; Leon, S.; Masset, F.; Moreno, R.; Paubert, G.; Reynaud, D.; Sievers, A.; Wild, W.
Comparison of Total Flux and VLBI Properties of a Sample of 15 AGN at 22 GHz 151 Wiik, K.; Valtaoja, E.
The Submilliarcsecond Structure of Quasars and AGN 153 Kellermann, K. I.; Zensus, J. A.; Vermeulen, R. C.; Cohen, M. H.
A VLBA Calibrator Survey 155 Peck, A. B.; Beasley, A. J.
Structure and Variability of Sources from Geodetic VLBI -- Data 157 Pyatunina, T. B.
VLBA Imaging of a Large Sample of Blazars 159 Attridge, J. M.; Roberts, D. H.; Wardle, J. F. C.
EVN Observations of BL Lac Objects with Distorted Structures 161 Charlot, P.; Sol, H.; Vicente, L.
The Rosat-Green Bank Sample of Intermediate BL Lac Objects 163 Laurent-Muehleisen, S. A.; Kollgaard, R. I.; Feigelson, E. D.
Polarization VLBI Observations of a Complete Sample of Northern BL Lacertae Objects 165 Pushkarev, A. B.; Gabuzda, D. C.
The Recent Highly-Polarized Centimeter Burst in BL Lacertae 167 Aller, H. D.; Hughes, P. A.; Aller, M. F.
Very Long Baseline Polarimetry of BL Lac 169 Denn, G. R.; Mutel, R. L.
Low-luminosity BL Lac Objects and Flat-spectrum Radio Galaxies 171 Bondi, M.; Dallacasa, D.; Marcha, M. J. M.; Stanghellini, C.
A Multi-Frequency VLBI Total Intensity and Polarization Study of the BL Lacertae Object 0716+714 173 Kovalev, Y. Y.; Gabuzda, D. C.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Alef, W.; Witzel, A.
VLBA Monitoring of Three Gamma-Ray Bright Blazars: AO 0235+164, 1633+382 (4C 38.41), & 2230+114 (CTA 102) 175 Xu, W.; Wehrle, A. E.; Marscher, A. P.
The Parsec-Scale Radio Polarization of Three GHz-Peaked-Spectrum Radio Sources 177 Stanghellini, C.; Dallacasa, D.; O'Dea, C. P.; Baum, S. A.; Fanti, C.; Fanti, R.
Multi-Frequency VLBI Observations of the GPS Source 1934-638 179 Tzioumis, A. K.; King, E. A.; Reynolds, J. E.; Jauncey, D. L.; Gough, R. G.; Preston, R. A.; Murphy, D. W.; Tingay, S. J.; Meier, D. L.; Jones, D. L.; Lovell, J. E. J.; Edwards, P. G.; McCulloch, P. M.; Costa, M. E.; Kedziora-Chudczer, L.; Campbell-Wilson, D.; Nicolson, G. D.; Quick, J. F. H.
A Spectral Analysis of 3C 67 and 3C 190 181 Katz-Stone, D. M.; Rudnick, L.
3C 216: Is It the CSS Source with the Highest Rotation Measure? 183 Luedke, E.; Cotton, W. D.; Sanghera, H. S.; Dallacasa, D.
Milliarcsecond Structure of the Faraday Effects in 3C 147: ``The CSS Prototype with Highest Rotation Measure'' (Which Is Not) 185 Luedke, E.; Cotton, W. D.; Sanghera, H. S.; Dallacasa, D.
GPS Sources with High Peak Frequencies 187 Edge, A. C.; Pooley, G.; Jones, M.; Grainge, Keith; Saunders, Richard
The Ultimate Fate of CSOs 189 De Young, D. S.
CTD 93 -- The Not-So-Simple Double 191 Shaffer, D. B.; Kellermann, K. I.
PKS 1718-649, the Nearest GPS Radio Source 193 Jauncey, D. L.; Tingay, S. J.; Preston, R. A.; Reynolds, J. E.; Tzioumis, A. K.; King, E. A.; Lovell, J. E. J.; McCulloch, P. M.; Costa, M. E.; Koekemoer, A.; Tornikoski, M.; Kedziora-Chudczer, L.; Campbell-Wilson, D.; Nicolson, G. D.
The Alignment Effect in Compact Steep Spectrum Radio Sources 195 de Vries, W. H.; O'Dea, C. P.; Baum, S. A.; Barthel, P. D.
VLBI Observations of the Seyfert Galaxy IC 5063 197 Oosterloo, T.; Tzioumis, A.; Reynolds, J.; Morganti, R.; Tsvetanov, Z.; McCulloch, P.; King, E.
The Two-Sided VLBI Source in the Seyfert Galaxy MRK 231 199 Ulvestad, J. S.; Wrobel, J. M.; Carilli, C. L.
Variability of the Radio Nucleus of the Galaxy M81 201 Bietenholz, M. F.; Bartel, N.; Rupen, M. P.
VLBI Astrometry of the Ultra-Compact Nucleus of M81 203 Ebbers, A.; Bartel, N.; Bietenholz, M. F.; Rupen, M. P.; Beasley, A. J.
Radio Emission from Low-Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei 205 van Dyk, S. D.; Ho, L. C.
Short-Term Variability of Sagittarius A* at Millimeter Wavelengths 207 Tsutsumi, T.; Kawabata, T.; Miyazaki, A.; Tsuboi, M.
Nonthermal Nuclei in 374 UGC Galaxies 209 Wrobel, J. M.; Condon, J. J.; Machalski, J.
Compact Radio Emission in 60 micron Peaker Galaxies 211 Heisler, C. A.; Norris, R. P.; Jauncey, D. L.; Reynolds, J. E.; King, E. A.
Proper Motions and Jets in NGC 4258: Further Evidence for a Sub-Parsec Nuclear Disk 213 Herrnstein, J. R.
Shock Origin of High-Velocity Maser Emission from Circumnuclear Disks 217 Maoz, E.; McKee, C. F.
VLBI Observations of Central Region in NGC 3079 219 Satoh, S.; Inoue, M.; Nakai, N.
Water in NGC 1068 221 Greenhill, L. J.
NGC 1052: A Different Class of H_2O Megamaser? 223 Diamond, P. J.; Claussen, M. J.; Braatz, J. A.; Wilson, A. S.; Henkel, C.
Maser Radiation from a Turbulent Keplerian Disk: NGC 4258 225 Watson, W. D.; Wallin, B. K.; Wyld, H. W.
Imaging of the ARP 220 OH Megamasers with VLBI 227 Lonsdale, Colin J.; Diamond, P. J.; Lonsdale, Carol J.; Smith, H. E.
SiO and H_2O Masers in the Central Parsec of the Galaxy 229 Menten, K. M.; Reid, M. J.
Evidence for a Circumnuclear Atomic Disk and Massive Black Hole in the Hidden Quasar Cygnus A 231 Conway, J. E.
The Nuclear Region of a Megamaser in a Southern AGN, NGC 5793: Parsec-Scale Structure and OH Absorption 233 Hagiwara, Y.; Kawabe, R.; Nakai, N.; Diamond, P. J.
Proper Motions and the Distance to a Water Vapor Maser in the Galaxy M33 235 Argon, A. L.; Greenhill, L. J.; Moran, J. M.; Reid, M. J.; Menten, K. M.
VLBI Observations of a Megamaser in a Seyfert Galaxy IC 2560 237 Nakai, N.; Inoue, M.; Hagiwara, Y.; Miyoshi, M.; Diamond, P. J.
Water Maser Emission and the Parsec-Scale Jet in NGC 3079 239 Trotter, A. S.; Moran, J. M.; Greenhill, L. J.
Results from Space-VLBI Pre-Launch Surveys: H_2O Masers 241 Migenes, V.; Horiuchi, S.; Inoue, M.; Edwards, P.; Fomalont, E. B.; Slysh, V. I.; Val'tts, I. E.
Multi-Epoch VLBA Observations of the SiO Maser Emission towards R Aquarii (R Aqr) 243 Boboltz, D. A.; Diamond, P. J.; Kemball, A. J.
Imaging of the Surface of a Star: VLBA Monitoring of the SiO Masers around U Herculis 245 Diamond, P. J.; Kemball, A. J.
VLA Observations of H_2O Masers in the Class 0 Protostar S106FIR 247 Furuya, R.; Kawabe, R.; Saito, M.; Umemoto, T.; Kitamura, Y.
The H_2O Supermaser Emission Region in Orion KL 249 Matveenko, L. I.; Diamond, P. J.; Graham, D. A.
Shock Structure of the High-Velocity Water Masers in W49 N 251 Liljestroem, T.
Proper Motions of Water Masers in Circumstellar Shells 253 Marvel, K. B.; Diamond, P. J.; Kemball, A. J.
VLA Imaging of Class I Methanol Masers at 7 MM with Angular Resolution 0 to 4.2" 255 Slysh, V. I.; Kogan, L.
Intraday Variability of Flat-Spectrum Radio Sources 257 Wagner, S. J.
VLBI Observations of Intraday Variability 265 Gabuzda, D. C.; Kochanev, P. Y.; Kollgaard, R. I.
PKS 0405-385 as Seen by the ISM Telescope 267 Kedziora-Chudczer, L. L.; Walker, M. A.; Jauncey, D. L.; Wieringa, M. H.; Reynolds, J. E.; Tzioumis, A. K.; Nicolson, G. D.
Interstellar Scintillation and Intraday Variability 269 Rickett, B. J.
Four Southern Intraday Variable Radio Sources 271 Kedziora-Chudczer, L. L.; Jauncey, D. L.; Wieringa, M. H.; Reynolds, J. E.; Tzioumis, A. K.
Serendipitous VLBI Observations of Intraday Variability in the BL Lac Objects 1334-127, 2131-021, and 2155-152 273 Kochanev, P. Y.; Gabuzda, D. C.
Do Jets Exist in All Compact Extragalactic Objects? 275 Kovalev, Y. A.; Kovalev, Y. Y.
Polarization Properties of Intraday Variable Blazars 277 Kraus, A.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Witzel, A.
Multi-Frequency Monitoring of a Sample of Extragalactic Radio Sources 279 Mingaliev, M.; Botashev, A.; Stolyarov, V.
The Nature of a Homogeneous Sample of Compact Radio Sources Variable at 151 MHz 281 Minns, A. R.; Riley, J. M.; Warner, P. J.; Rioja, M. J.; Roettgering, H. J. A.
Variable Radio Sources in the GB6 Catalog 283 Gregory, P. C.; Scott, W. K.; Poller, B.
A Perspective on Scintillation 285 Walker, M. A.
Towards an Understanding of the Galactic Distribution of Electron-Density Fluctuations 287 Salgado, J. F.; Salter, C. J.; Ghosh, T.; Junor, W.; Manoharan, P. K.
Mapping Small Scale Structure in Galactic H i with the VLBA 289 Faison, M. D.; Goss, W. M.; Diamond, P. J.
Constraints on the Evolution of Powerful Radio Sources from GPS and CSS Sources 291 O'Dea, C. P.
CSS Radio Sources and their Optical Characteristics 293 Morganti, R.; Tadhunter, C. N.; Dickson, R.; Tzioumis, A.; King, E.
The Evolution of Compact Steep-Spectrum Sources 295 Jeyakumar, S.; Saikia, D. J.
Evidence for Self-Similar Evolution of Gigahertz-Peaked-Spectrum Sources 297 Snellen, I. A. G.; Schilizzi, R. T.; van Langevelde, H. J.; de Bruyn, A. G.; Miley, G. K.
VLBA and MERLIN Polarization Observations of Compact Steep-Spectrum Sources 299 Mantovani, F.; Bondi, M.; Junor, W.; Salter, C. J.; Saikia, D. J.
Survey of Milliarcsec Structure in Eight Seyfert Galaxies: Results on NGC 1068 and NGC 4151 301 Roy, A. L.; Ulvestad, J. S.; Colbert, E. J. M.; Wilson, A. S.; Norris, R. P.
VLBI Observations of Gravitational Lenses 303 Porcas, R. W.
Measuring the Hubble Constant with the Gravitational Lens System CLASS 1608+656 311 Fassnacht, C. D.; Pearson, T. J.; Blandford, R. D.; Readhead, A. C. S.
PKS 1830-211: VLBA lambda 7mm Polarization Observations 313 Garrett, M. A.; Leppaenen, K.; Porcas, R. W.; Patnaik, A. R.; Nair, S.; Teraesranta, Harri
Measuring the Properties of the Gravitational Lens PKS 1830-211 315 Lovell, J. E. J.; McCulloch, P. M.; Ellingsen, S. P.; Phillips, C. J.; Reynolds, J. E.; Jauncey, D. L.; Sinclair, M. W.; Wilson, W. E.; Tzioumis, A. K.; King, E. A.; Gough, R. G.; Preston, R. A.; Jones, D. L.; Backus, P. R.
Imaging the Absorbing Cloud at Z = 0.88582 toward 1830-211 317 Carilli, C. L.; Menten, K. M.; Reid, M. J.; Rupen, M.; Claussen, M.
VLBI Observations of the Gravitational Lens B1422+231 319 Patnaik, A. R.; Porcas, R. W.
VLBA Imaging of UX Ari 321 Beasley, A. J.; Bastian, T. S.
SGR A* and Company -- Multiwavelength Observations of SGR A* and VLA Search for ``Sgr A*'s'' in LINERs 323 Falcke, H.; Goss, W. M.; Ho, L. C.; Matsuo, H.; Teuben, P.; Wilson, A. S.; Zhao, J.-H.; Zylka, R.
Evidence of a Low-Mass Companion to AB Doradus 325 Guirado, J. C.; Reynolds, J. E.; Lestrade, J.-F.; Preston, R. A.; Jauncey, D. L.; Jones, D. L.; Tzioumis, A. K.; Ferris, R. H.; King, E. A.; Lovell, J. E. J.; McCulloch, P. M.; Johnston, K. J.; Kingham, K. A.; Martin, J. O.; White, G. L.; Jones, P. A.; Arenou, F.; Froeschle, M.; Kovalevsky, J.; Martin, C.; Lindegren, L.; Soderhjelm, S.
Scintillation and the VELA Pulsar's Magnetosphere 327 Gwinn, C. R.; Britton, M. C.; Reynolds, J. E.; Jauncey, D. L.; King, E. A.; McCulloch, P. M.; Lovell, J. E. J.; Flanagan, C. S.; Smits, D. P.; Preston, R. A.; Jones, D. L.
Interstellar Scattering in the Galactic Anticenter 329 Lazio, T. J. W.; Cordes, J. M.
Astrometry of the Planetary-System Millisecond Pulsar B1257+12 331 Nunes, N. V.; Bartel, N.
GRS 1915+105: Flares, QPOs and Other Events at 15 GHz 333 Pooley, G. G.; Fender, R. P.
Toward a Trigonometric Parallax of SGR A* 335 Reid, M. J.; Readhead, A. C. S.; Vermeulen, R. C.; Treuhaft, R. N.
Apparent Relativistic Motion in Cygnus X-3 337 Spencer, R. E.
The Evolution and Distance to Scorpius X-1 339 Fomalont, E. B.; Bradshaw, C. F.; Geldzahler, B. J.
VLBA Observations of GRS 1915+105 341 Dhawan, V.; Mirabel, I. F.; Rodriguez, L. F.
New Radio Observations of Circinus X-1: A Summary 343 Fender, R. P.
Two Types of Jet in Cepheus A 345 Hughes, V. A.
Two-Frequency VLA Monitoring of LSI+61.303 deg during a Full Radio Period 347 Paredes, J. M.; Peracaula, M.; Ribo, M.; Marti, J.; Tavani, M.; Kniffen, D. A.; Mattox, J. R.
Radio Properties of the X-Ray Binary GX 339-4 349 Sood, R. K.; Campbell-Wilson, D.; Durouchoux, Ph.; Corbel, S.; Fender, R.; Spencer, R.; Nowak, M. A.; Tzioumis, A. K.
An Image of a Highly Relativistic Jet from a Large Flare in the X-Ray Binary CYG X-3 351 Mioduszewski, A. J.; Hjellming, R. M.; Rupen, M. P.; Waltman, E. B.; Pooley, G. G.; Ghigo, F. D.; Fender, R. P.
Deceleration in the Expansion of SN 1993J 353 Marcaide, J. M.; Alberdi, A.; Ros, E.; Diamond, P.; Shapiro, I. I.; Guirado, J. C.; Jones, D. L.; Mantovani, F.; Perez-Torres, M. A.; Preston, R. A.; Schilizzi, R. T.; Sramek, R. A.; Trigilio, C.; van Dyk, S. D.; Weiler, K. W.; Whitney, A. R.
VLBI Observations of Supernova 1993J: The First 1000 Days 355 Rupen, M. P.; Beasley, A. J.; Bartel, N.; Bietenholz, M. F.; Graham, D. A.; Altunin, V. I.; Jones, D. L.; Conway, J. E.; Venturi, T.; Umana, G.; Rius, A.
An Update on Radio Supernovae 357 van Dyk, Schuyler D.; Sramek, Richard A.; Weiler, Kurt W.; Montes, Marcos J.; Panagia, Nino
Super-Resolution of the Radio Remnant of SN 1987A 359 Gaensler, B. M.; Tzioumis, A. K.; Manchester, R. N.; Staveley-Smith, L.; Reynolds, J. E.; Kesteven, M. J.
Phase-Referencing Observations of Galactic Circumstellar Masers 361 van Langevelde, H. J.; Sjouwerman, L. O.; Diamond, P. J.; Schilizzi, R. T.; Baudry, A.
86 GHz VLBI Imaging of the SiO Masers in VX SGR 363 Doeleman, S. S.; Lonsdale, C. J.; Greenhill, L. J.
Disk Structure of the H_2O Maser IC 1396N 365 Val'tts, I. E.; Slysh, V. I.; Migenes, V.; Umemoto, T.; Furuya, R.; Kawabe, R.; Fomalont, E. B.; Hirabayashi, H.; Inoue, M.
Water Masers toward the Low-Luminosity YSO IRAS 05413-0104 367 Claussen, M. J.; Marvel, K. B.; Wootten, H. A.; Wilking, B. A.
Spatially Resolved H_2O Masers as Probes of Supersonic Turbulence 369 Strelnitski, V. S.; Alexander, J.; Moran, J. M.; Reid, M. J.
First EVN Maps of 6-GHz OH Lines in Star Forming Regions 371 Desmurs, J.-F.; Baudry, A.
OH and H_2O Maser Distribution in Orion KL 373 Horiuchi, S.; Migenes, V.
VLBA Imaging of 12.2 GHz Methanol Masers 375 Ellingsen, S. P.; McCulloch, P. M.; Diamond, P. J.; Norris, R. P.
Methanol Masers -- Are They in Circumstellar Disks? 377 Norris, R. P.; Phillips, C. J.; Ellingsen, S. P.
to 4.4" BIMA Array Mapping of the 107 GHz Methanol Maser in W3(OH) 379 Slysh, V. I.; Val'tts, I. E.; Kalenskii, S. V.; Larionov, G. M.; Mundy, L. G.
Link of the HIPPARCOS Stellar Reference Frame to the Distant Quasars 381 Lestrade, J.-F.; Preston, R. A.; Jones, D. L.; Phillips, R. B.; Rogers, A. E. A.; Titus, M. A.; Reynolds, J. E.; Jauncey, D. J.; Gabuzda, D. C.; Rioja, M. J.; Guirado, J. C.; McCulloch, P. M.
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