Title: Astrophysics from Antarctica
Volume: 141 Year: 1998 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Novak, Giles; Landsberg, Randy
ISBN: 1-886733-61-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-477-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
Antarctic Astronomy: From Infrared to Millimeter Wave 3 Burton, M. C.
Neutrino Astronomy: First Light-Using The South Pole IceCap 10 Morse, R. M.
Cosmic Ray Astrophysics from Balloons in Antarctica 26 Wilkes, R. J.
A Hundred Years of Science at the PIC DU Midi Observatory 39 Davoust, E.
Astronomy and Astrophysics in the U. S. Antarctic Program 54 Lynch, J. T.
The Python Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy Experiment 63 Dragovan, M.
Future Cosmic Background Anisotropy Observations from the South Pole 67 Peterson, J. B.
APACHE96. CMBR Anisotropy Experiment at Dome C 81 Valenziano, L.; Attolini, M. R.; Burigana, C.; Malaspina, M.; Mandolesi, N.; Ventura, G.; Villa, F.; dall'Oglio, G.; Pizzo, L.; Cosimi, R.; Miriametro, A.; Martinis, L.; Piccirillo, L.; Bersanelli, M.; Morgante, G.
CMBR and Dome C 90 Sironi, G.
The TopHat Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy Experiments 97 Silverberg, R. F.
Prospects for Measuring Polarization in the CMBR 106 Ruhl, J.
A Search for Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background at 33 GHz - Preliminary Observations of the South Celestial Pole Region 116 Sironi, G.; Cavaliere, F.; Gervasi, M.; Giardino, G.; Malfanti, C.; Mussio, S.; Passerini, A.; Pennelli, F.; Bonelli, G.
The Degree Angular Scale Interferometer 121 Halverson, N. W.; Carlstrom, J. E.; Dragovan, M.; Holzapfel, W. L.; Kovac, J.
Multi-band mm-wave Ground-based Observation of the CMBR Anisotropy 126 Ali, S.; Romeo, G.; Limon, M.; Schaefer, R. K.; Piccirillo, L.; Rebolo, R.; Gutierrez, C.; Femenia, B.; Martinis, L.; Morgante, C.
Molecular Clouds and their Boundary Layers 133 Graf, U. U.; Stutzki, J.
AST/RO Observations of Neutral Atomic Carbon 146 Jackson, J. M.; Lane, A. P.; Stark, A. A.; Bania, T. M.
The Evolution of Photoionized Regions 154 Franco, J.; Diaz-Miller, R. I.; Freyer, T.; Garcia-Segura, C.
The WHAM H alpha Survey 169 Tufte, S. L.; Reynolds, R. J.; Haffner, L. M.
Search for Extra-Solar Planets Through Monitoring Microlensing Events from Antarctica 179 Sahu, K. C.
Atomic Carbon in Galactic H II Regions 192 Huang, M.; Balm, S. P.; Bania, T. M.; Bolatto, A.; Chamberlin, R. A.; Ingalls, J. G.; Jackson, J. M.; Lane, A. P.; Rumitz, M.; Stark, A. A.; Wilson, R. W.
Neutral Carbon in the Magellanic Clouds: Probing the Metal-Poor Interstellar Medium 196 Bolatto, A. D.; Balm, S. P.; Bania, T. M.; Chamberlin, R. A.; Huang, M.; Ingalls, J. C.; Jackson, J. M.; Lane, A. P.; Stark, A. A.
AST/RO Observations of Southern Hemisphere High-Latitude Clouds 200 Ingalls, J. C.; Bania, T. M.; Chamberlin, R. A.; Jackson, J. M.; Lane, A. P.; Rumitz, M.; Stark, A. A.
An Estimate of Telescope Polarization for the SPARO Experiment 205 Renbarger, T.; Dotson, J. L.; Novak, G.
Detecting Cosmic Rays with SPASE 211 Gaisser, T. K.; Dickinson, J. E.; Evenson, P. A.; Gill, J. R.; Hart, S. P.; Hinton, J. A.; Lloyd-Evans, J.; Martello, D.; Miller, T. C.; Spiczak, G. M.; Stanev, T.; Watson, A. A.
The AMANDA Neutrino Telescope: Design, Construction, and Performance 220 Lowder, D. M.
Status of the RICE Experiment 234 Allen, C.; Bean, A.; Besson, D.; Kotov, S.; Kravchenko, I.; McKay, D.; Ralston, J.; Seunarine, S.; Frichter, G.; Miller, T.; Seckel, D.; Spiczak, C.; Karle, A.
Gamma Ray Spectroscopy on Long Duration Balloon Flights in Antarctica 246 Lin, R. P.
The Potential for Planetary Science from the Pole 259 Stern, S. A.; Slater, D. C.
Meteorites on Ice: Collecting Primitive Solar System Materials in Antarctica 265 Sandford, S. A.
The Near-IR and Mid-IR Sky Background at the South Pole 285 Ashley, M. C. B.
Submillimeter Transmission at South Pole 289 Lane, A. P.
Astronomical Seeing at the South Pole 296 Loewenstein, R. F.; Bero, C.; Lloyd, J. P.; Mrozek, F.; Bally, J.; Theil, D.
Performance Estimates for a Near Infrared Adaptive Optics System at the South Pole 303 Wild, W. J.; Kibblewhite, E. J.; Harper, D. A.
The AASTO Program 313 Storey, J. W. V.
The South Pole TDRSS Relay (SPTR) 319 Israel, D. J.
SIRTF: A Status Report and Implications for Antarctic Observatories 325 Werner, M.
SOFIA: Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy 333 Davidson, J. A.
The Pierre Auger Observatory 344 Hojvat, C.
Future South Pole Telescopes 349 Stark, A. A.
The AMANDA Neutrino Experiment and its Expansion to 1 Kilometer Dimension 368 Haizen, F.