Title: Brown Dwarfs and Extrasolar Planets
Volume: 134 Year: 1998 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Rebolo, Rafael; Martin, Eduardo L.; Zapatero Osorio, Maria Rosa
ISBN: 1-886733-54-6 eISBN: 978-1-58381-470-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Formation of Brown Dwarfs: Star Formation and the Initial Mass Function (invited review) 3 Adams, F. C.
Deep Searches in Open Clusters (invited review) 11 Hambly, N. C.
Wide Field Searches for Brown Dwarfs (invited review) 20 Hawkins, M. R. S.
Suspicious Characters Lurking in the Solar Neighborhood (invited review) 28 Henry, T. J.
A Deep CCD Survey for Very Low-Mass Pre-Main Sequence Stars in Taurus 36 Briceno, C.; Hartmann, L.; Stauffer, J.; Martin, E. L.
ISO Observations of Brown Dwarf Candidates in Rho Ophiuchi 43 Comeron, F.; Claes, P.
Revealing the Brown Dwarf Population in the Pleiades Open Cluster 51 Zapatero Osorio, M. R.; Rebolo, R.; Martin, E. L.; Hodgkin, S. T.; Jameson, R. F.; Cossburn, M. R.; Magazzu, A.; Basri, G.; Steele, I. A.
A Deep Search for Brown Dwarfs in the Praesepe Open Cluster 61 Magazzu, A.; Rebolo, R.; Zapatero Osorio, M. R.; Martin, E. L.; Hodgkin, S. T.
The DENIS Sky Survey: First Results on Very Low Mass Stars and Substellar Objects 67 Delfosse, X.; Forveille, T.; Tinney, C. G.; Epchtein, N.
The Kinematics of the Lowest Mass Stars 75 Tinney, C. G.
ISOCAM Observations of Young Low-mass Stars 81 Olofsson, G.; Kaas, A. A.; Nordh, L.; Bontemps, S.; Huldtgren, M.; Andre, P.; Cesarsky, C. J.; Montmerle, T.; Abergel, A.; Boulanger, F.; Cesarsky, D.; Lagache, G.; Puget, J. L.; Blommaert, J.; Burgdorf, M.; Prusti, T.; Copet, E.; Davies, J.; Falgarone, E.; Perault, M.; Persi, P.; Sibille, F.
Discovery of the Lowest Mass Brown Dwarf in the Pleiades 85 Cossburn, M. R.; Hodgkin, S. T.; Jameson, R. F.; Pinfield, D. J.
Brown Dwarfs in the Pleiades, a Deep IJ-survey 89 Festin, L.
INFRA-RED SPACE OBSERVATORY Observations of the Pleiades Brown Dwarfs Teide 1 and Calar 3 93 Leech, K.; Altieri, B.; Claes, P.; Laureijs, R.; Martin, E. L.; Metcalfe, L.; Prusti, T.; Rebolo, R.; Salama, A.; Siebenmorgen, R.; Trams, N.; Zapatero Osorio, M. R.
Searching for New Brown Dwarf Candidates in a Pleiades IJK Imaging Survey 96 Schultz, G.
Praesepe: IR Measurements at the Bottom of the Main Sequence 99 Hodgkin, S. T.; Jameson, R. F.; Pinfield, D. J.; Steele, I. A.; Hambly, N. C.
Rotation of Field M Dwarfs 102 Delfosse, X.; Forveille, T.; Perrier, C.; Mayor, M.
A New Population of Brown Dwarfs 106 Hawkins, M. R. S.; Ducourant, C.; Jones, H. R. A.; Rapaport, M.
CCD Parallaxes of Nearby Faint Stars 109 Ducourant, C.; Daupholes, B.; Rapaport, M.; Colin, J.; Geffert, M.
Formation of Substellar Objects Orbiting Stars (invited review) 115 Bodenheimer, P.
Extrasolar Planets Detected by the Doppler Technique (invited review) 128 Marcy, G. W.; Butler, R. P.
Mass Function and Orbital Distributions of Substellar Companions (invited review) 140 Mayor, M.; Queloz, D.; Udry, S.
On the Formation of Eccentric Superplanets 152 Artymowicz, P.
The Near Term Future of Extrasolar Planet Searches 162 Butler, R. P.; Marcy, G. W.
Searching for Extra-solar Planets from McDonald Observatory 169 Hatzes, A. P.; Cochran, W. D.
Low-Mass Companions Found in a Large Radial-Velocity Survey 178 Latham, D. W.; Stefanik, R. P.; Mazeh, T.; Torres, G.; Carney, B. W.
On the Secondary Mass Distribution of Spectroscopic Binaries 188 Mazeh, T.; Goldberg, D.; Latham, D. W.
Gliese 229B and the Palomar Search for Brown Dwarf Companions of Nearby Stars 196 Oppenheimer, B. R.
The Low-Mass Companions in the Nearby Triple System LHS 1070 203 Leinert, C.; Woitas, J.; Allard, F.; Richichi, A.; Jahreiss, H.
Hyades Binaries and (no) Brown Dwarfs 210 Gizis, J. E.; Reid, I. N.
Photometric Detection of Extrasolar Planets by the Transit-Method 216 Deeg, H.
Detectability of Jupiter-to-Brown-Dwarf-Mass Companions Around Small Eclipsing Binary Systems 224 Doyle, L. R.; Deeg, H.; Jenkins, J. M.; Schneider, J.; Ninkov, Z.; Stone, R.; Gotzger, H.; Friedman, B.; Blue, J. E.; Doyle, M. F.
Extrasolar Comets in Young Stellar Systems 232 de Winter, D.; Grady, C. A.; Eiroa, C.
The Cometary Tail of Giant Extrasolar Planets at Small Orbital Distance 241 Schneider, J.; Rauer, H.; Lasota, J. P.; Bonazzola, S.; Chassefiere, E.
The Environments of Pre-Main Sequence Stars: Brown Dwarf Companions and Circumstellar Disk Evolution 245 Meyer, M. R.; Beckwith, V. W.
Interfero-Coronagraphy: a Tool for Detection of Faint Companions 254 Baudoz, P.; Gay, J.; Rabbia, Y.
Direct Imaging of Extra-solar Planets 262 Olivier, S. S.; Max, C. E.; Brase, J. M.; Gavel, D. T.; Macintosh, B.; Carrano, C.
Recent Measurements of Stars with Planets using the Palomar Testbed Interferometer 271 Pan, X.; Kulkarni, S.; Colavita, M. M.; Shao, M.
The Mass-Ratio Evolution of Accreting Protobinary Systems: Implications for Brown Dwarfs in Binaries 273 Bate, M. R.
Stable Planetary Orbits in Double Star Systems 277 Benest, D.
Orbital Evolution of Extra-Solar Giant Planets 280 Trilling, D.; Benz, W.; Guillot, T.; Lunine, J. I.; Hubbard, W. B.; Burrows, A.
PPL 15: the First Binary Brown Dwarf System? 284 Basri, G.; Martin, E. L.
An HST/NICMOS and ESO/Adaptive Optics Search for Young Brown Dwarfs and Giant Planets 288 Brandner, W.; Zinnecker, H.; Allard, F.
Simulations of Dark-Speckle for the Hubble Space Telescope 292 Boccaletti, A.
High Resolution Ground-Based Spectroscopy of 51 Peg b: Search for Atmospheric Signatures 296 Coustenis, A.; Schneider, J.; Wittemberg, R.; Chazsefiere, E.; Guillot, T.; Penny, A.; Greene, T.; Rauer, H.; Bockelee-Morvan, D.
Astrometric Detection of a Very Low-Mass Companion Orbiting a Late-Type Radio Star 304 Guirado, J. C.; Reynolds, J. E.; Lestrade, J.-F.; Preston, R. A.; Jauncey, D. L.; Jones, D. L.; Tzioumis, A. K.; Ferris, R. H.; King, E. A.; Lovell, J. E. J.; McCulloch, P. M.; Johnston, K. J.; Kingham, K. A.; Martin, J. O.; White, G. L.; Jones, P. A.; Arenou, F.; Froeschle, M.; Kovalevsky, J.; Martin, C.; Lindegren, L.; Soderhjelm, S.
On the Distribution of Mass Ratios of Late-Type Main Sequence Spectroscopic Binaries 308 Halbwachs, J. L.; Mayor, M.; Udry, S.
Confirming Planet Discoveries with Line Bisectors: Do Aldebaran and BETA GEM Have Planetary Companions? 312 Hatzes, A. P.; Cochran, W. D.
Testing the VEGA Phenomenon: A Coronagraphic Search for Circumstellar Disks 316 Kalas, P.
On the Possible Multiplicity of Components of Some Low Mass Systems 320 Kovaleva, D.
The Observatoire de Haute-Provence Search for Extrasolar Planets with ELODIE 324 Queloz, D.; Mayor, M.; Sivan, J. P.; Kohler, D.; Perrier, C.; Mariotti, J. M.; Beuzit, J. L.
Nomenclature for Extrasolar Substellar Objects: A New Challenge 327 Warren, W. H., Jr.; Dickel, H. R.
Planet Finder Options IV: Mechanical Aspects of a Planet Finder Mission and a possible Precursor Mission 332 Woolf, N. J.
Coronagraphic Imager with Adaptive Optics (CIAO) for the SUBARU Telescope 338 Tamura, M.; Takami, H.; Suto, H.; Kaifu, N.; Takato, N.; Ebitsuka, N.; Nishimura, T.; Murakawa, K.; Itoh, Y.; Takeyama, N.; Chikami, K.
Structure and Evolution of Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs (invited review) 345 Baraffe, I.; Chabrier, G.
Advances in the Theory of Brown Dwarfs and Extrasolar Giant Planets (invited review) 354 Burrows, A.; Sudarsky, D.; Sharp, C.; Marley, M. S.; Hubbard, W. B.; Lunine, J. I.; Guillot, T.; Saumon, D.; Freedman, R.
Model Atmospheres: Brown Dwarfs from the Stellar Perspective (invited review) 370 Allard, F.
Atmospheres of Giant Planets from Neptune to Gliese 229B (invited review) 383 Marley, M. S.
The Lithium Test for Young Brown Dwarfs (invited review) 394 Basri, G.
Spectroscopic Properties of Ultra-cool Dwarfs and Brown Dwarf (invited review) 405 Kirkpatrick, J. D.
The Lithium Lines Formation in Brown Dwarf Atmospheres: Molecules, Chromospheres, NLTE 416 Pavlenko, Y. V.
Photospheric Dust in Cool Dwarfs 423 Jones, H. R. A.; Tsuji, T.
The Stellar Metallicity - Planet Connection 431 Gonzalez, G.
Photospheric Dust Grains Formation in Brown Dwarfs 438 Allard, F.; Alexander, D. R.; Tamanai, A.; Hauschildt, P. H.
A Role for Superadiabatic Convection in Low Mass Structures? 442 D'Antona, F.; Mazzitelli, I.
M-Subdwarfs 446 Gizis, J. E.
Electronic Ground State Parameters for Molecular Hydrogen 450 Mickelson, M. E.
A Superlevel Method for Molecular NLTE in Cool Atmospheres 455 Schweitzer, A.; Hauschildt, P. H.; Allard, F.
Modeling of an Abiotic Atmosphere of a Telluric Planet: Application to Extrasolar Planets 459 Selsis, F.; Parisot, J. P.; Dobrijevic, M.
Calibration of PMS Isochrones and Conversions from the Theoretical Plane to the Observational Plane 463 Stauffer, J.
Infrared Spectroscopy of Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs 467 Steele, I. A.; Hambly, N. C.; Zapatero Osorio, M. R.; Jameson, R. F.
A Comparison of the Infrared Spectra of Two Very Late-type M Dwarfs with Different Gravities 471 Viti, S.; Tennyson, J.; Jones, H. R. A.; Allard, F.; Hauschildt, P. H.
The Eclipsing Binary System CM Draconis 475 Viti, S.; Tennyson, J.; Jones, H. R. A.; Schweitzer, A.; Allard, F.; Hauschildt, P. H.
The Stellar Mass Function (invited review) 483 Kroupa, P.
Towards the Determination of Substellar Mass Functions in the Galaxy (invited review) 495 Chabrier, C.; Mera, D.
The Substellar Initial Mass Function in the Pleiades 507 Martin, E. L.; Zapatero Osorio, M. R.; Rebolo, R.
An Estimate of the Total Mass of the Galactic Halo in Substellar Objects, from an Observationally Tested Chemical Evolution Model 515 Casuso, E. C.; Casuso, J. E.; Beckman, E. C.; Beckman, J. E.
Brown Dwarfs and the Luminosity Functions of Young Stellar Populations 518 Censori, C.; D'Antona, F.
A Young Population of Brown Dwarfs? 524 Jones, H. R. A.; Hawkins, M. R. S.
Geometrical Simulations of Cloud Fragmentation and Possible Implications for the IMF 528 Kaas, A. A.; Kristen, H.; Ostlin, G.
Deriving the Low-Mass IMF in Young Clusters: Which Evolutionary Tracks to Use? 532 Luhman, K. L.
The Mass of The Pleiades 536 Pinfield, D. J.; Jameson, R. F.; Hodgkin, S. T.
Microlensing by Non-Compact Objects 539 Zakharov, A. F.; Sazhin, M. V.
Conference Summary: Brown is Now a Color 545 D'Antona, F.