Title: Mass Ejection from AGN (Active Galactic Nuclei)
Volume: 128 Year: 1997 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Arav, N.; Shlosman, I.; Weymann, R. J.
ISBN: 1-886733-48-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-464-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
BAL QSOs: Proper%T ties and Problems - an Optical Spectroscopist's Overview 3 Weymann, R.
Partial Coverage and Time Variability of Narrow-Line Intrinsic QSO Absorption Systems 13 Barlow, T. A.; Hamann, F.; Sargent, W. L. W.
High-Velocity Narrow-Line Absorbers in QSOs 19 Hamann, F.; Barlow, T.; Cohen, R. D.; Junkkarinen, V.; Burbidge, E. M.
Variability in Radio-Loud Quasar Associated Absorption Lines 25 Aldcroft, T.; Bechtold, J.; Foltz, C.
BAL Quasars in the VLA FIRST Survey 31 Becker, R. B.; Gregg, M. D.; Laurent-Muehleisen, S. A.; White, R. L.; Helfand, D. J.; McMahon, R. G.; Oegerle, W.; Friedman, S.; Richards, G.; York, D.; Rockosi, C.; Impey, C.
Outflows from High-Redshift Radio Galaxies 35 Dey, A.
Metastable Associated Absorbers in Broad-Line Radio Galaxies 41 Halpern, J. P.
On the Geometry of Associated Absorption in Radio-Loud QSOs 48 Barthel, P. D.; Tytler, D. R.; Vestergaard, M.
Systematic Differences between BAL and non-BAL QSOs: Constraints on BAL Covering Factors and QSO Geometry 52 Turnshek, D. A.
QSOs;BAL QSOs and Hyperluminous Infrared Galaxies 59 Hines, D. C.; Schmidt, G. D.
Spectropolarimetric Evidence for Mass Flows in Active Galactic Nuclei and QSOs 69 Miller, J. S.
Keck Spectropolarimetry of BAL QSOs 78 Ogle, P. M.
Spectropolarimetry of FIRST 0840+3633 84 Brotherton, M. S.; van Breugel, W.; Dey, A.; Antonucci, R.
Resonance Scattering in Broad Absorption Line Quasars 88 Blandford, R. D.; Lee, H.-W.
The True Frequency of BAL QSOs 94 Goodrich, R. W.
Clues to Outflows: Polarization of IRAS-Selected QSOs 99 Wills, B. J.; Hines, D. C.
Polarimetric Clues to the Structure of BAL QSOs 106 Schmidt, G. D.; Hines, D. C.; Smith, P. S.
A Polarimetry Survey of Bright Soft X-Ray Selected ROSAT AGN 112 Grupe, D.; Wills, B. J.; Wills, D.
Intrinsic UV Absorption in Seyfert Galaxies 121 Crenshaw, D. M.
The Dynamical Stability of an Absorbing Cloud in NGC 4151 126 Weymann, R.; Morris, S.; Gray, M.; Hutchings, J.
HUT Observations of Time-Variable Absorption in NGC 4151 132 Krolik, J. H.; Kriss, G. A.
The X-Ray View of AGNs - an Overview 141 Mushotzky, R. F.
Evidence for Relativistic Outflows in Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies 155 Leighly, K. M.; Mushotzky, R. F.; Nandra, K.
Comments On the Intrinsic X-Ray/UV Absorbers in AGNs 161 Mathur, S.
Soft X-Ray Absorption in BAL QSOs 167 Green, P. J.
Warm Absorbers in Seyfert 1 Galaxies 173 Reynolds, C. S.
Physical Conditions in the NGC 3783 Absorber 179 Shields, J. C.; Hamann, F.
Ionization and Abundances in Intrinsic QSO Absorption-Line Systems 187 Hamann, F.; Barlow, T. A.; Cohen, R. D.; Junkkarinen, V.; Burbidge, E. M.
Column Densities; Ionization State; Element Abundances; and Continuum Source Coverage of QSO BALR Gas 193 Turnshek, D. A.
Analysis of PG 0946+301 HST Spectra 201 Korista, K. T.; Arav, N.
Ionization and Abundances Studies: Difficulties and Proposed Solutions 208 Arav, N.
Novaeand BAL QSOs: The Aluminum Test 214 Shields, G. A.
On the Phosphorus Overabundance in the BAL QSO PG 0946+301 220 Junkkarinen, V.; Beaver, E. A.; Burbidge, E. M.; Cohen, R. D.; Hamann, F.; Lyons, R. W.
The Importance of Fine-Structure Transitions to BAL Spectra 226 Yamamoto, T. M.; Wampler, E. J.
An Overview of Dynamical Models for Outflows in BAL QSOs and Seyferts 233 de Kool, M.
Photoionized Disk Winds 246 Murray, N.; Chiang, J.
Disk-Winds in Cataclysmic Variables and AGNs 252 Chiang, J.; Murray, N.
Can the Line-Driven Instability Form BAL QSO Clouds? 258 Feldmeier, A.; Norman, C.; Pauldrach, A.; Owocki, S.; Puls, J.; Kaper, L.
A Signature of Radiative Acceleration in BAL QSOs 264 Arav, N.
Hydromagnetic Outflow Models in AGNs: Comparison with Observing Campaigns for NGC 5548 270 Bottorif, M.; Korista, K. T.; Shlosman, I.; Blandford, R. D.
Mass-Loss Contrails From Giant Stars 277 Scoville, N. Z.
Dynamics and Radiative Properties of Clouds in Magnetized Disk Outflows in AGNs 282 Kartje, J. F.; Konigl, A.
Conference Summary 291 Norman, C.; Arav, N.
A Catalog of QSOs Showing Intrinsic Absorption 305 Sowinski, L. G.; Schmidt, G. D.; Hines, D. C.