Title: Diffuse Infrared Radiation and the IRTS
Volume: 124 Year: 1997 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Okuda, H.; Matsumoto, T.; Rollig, T.
ISBN: 1-886733-44-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-460-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Introductory talk "Diffuse Infrared Radiation and the IRTS" 3 Okuda, H.
IRTS mission overview 13 Murakami, H.
IRTS pointing reconstruction at IPAC 21 Moshir, M.; McCallon, H.; Evans, T.; Marsh, K.; Carlisle, G.; Laughlin, G.; Smith, B.; Beichman, C.
The absolute sensitivity calibration of the IRTS/MIRS 25 Tanabe, T.; Yamamura, I.; Onaka, T.; Chan, K.-W.; Roellig, T. L.; Cohen, M.
The structured zodiacal light: IRAS, COBE, and ISO observations 33 Reach, W. T.
IRTS observation of the zodiacal light 41 Noda, M.; Matsumoto, T.; Kawada, M.; Murakami, H.; Matsuura, S.; Tanaka, M.; Narita, K.
Optical properties of the interplanetary dust; Symmetry plane and spectral feature of the zodiacal cloud 50 Mukai, T.
Observations of late-type stars 61 Cohen, M.
A near infrared stellar catalogue at high Galactic lattitudes 67 Freund, M. M.; Cohen, M.; Matsuura, M.; Murakami, H.; Kawada, M.; Matsumoto, T.; Tanaka, M.; Matsuura, S.; Noda, M.
Point source observations by the IRTS 72 Yamamura, I.; IRTS Team
The 2MASS survey and the cosmic infrared background 82 Beichman, C. A.
Model atmospheres of late-type stars: New possibilities with the new space data 91 Tsuji, T.; Ohnaka, K.; Aoki, W.
Observations of AGB stars in the Galactic outer disk 105 Jiang, B. W.; Deguchi, S.
Identification of stars observed by the NIRS at high Galactic latitudes 109 Matsuura, M.; Freund, M. M.; Kawada, M.; Matsumoto, T.; Murakami, H.; Tanaka, M.; Matsuura, S.; Noda, M.; Yamamura, I.
The NIRS point source extraction program and stellar catalogues 114 Freund, M. M.; Cohen, M.; Matsuura, M.; Murakami, H.; Matsumoto, T.; Tanaka, M.; Matsuura, S.; Noda, M.
COBE observations of infrared emission from the diffuse ISM: Constraints on interstellar dust models 121 Dwek, E.
FIRP(Far-Infrared Photometer) observations of the interstellar dust 131 Hirao, T.; Matsumoto, T.; Sato, S.; Ganga, K.; Lange, A. E.; Smith, B. J.; Freund, M. M.
155 Micron continuum emission from the Galactic plane observed by IRTS 139 Okumura, K.; Hiromoto, N.; Okuda, H.; Shibai, H.; Nakagawa, T.; Makiuti, S.; Matsuhara, H.
Firstresults of the PRONAOS/SPM two meter submillimeter telescope 144 Ristorcelli, I.; Lamarre, J. M.; Serra, G.; Pajot, F.; Giard, M.; Bernard, J. P.; Torre, J. P.
A summary of the "UIR" bands 149 Tokunaga, A. T.
PAR emission in the diffuse ISM: ISO results 161 Bernard, J. P.; Puget, J. L.; Abergel, A.; Boulanger, F.; Desert, F. X.; Reach, W.; Verstraete, L.
IRTS observations of the unidentified infrared bands in the diffuse Galactic light 170 Onaka, T.; IRTS Team
Excitation of molecular rotational lines by near infrared PAR photons 178 Ciard, M.; Crete, E.; Puget, J. L.
Grain temperatures and emission in diffuse interstellar clouds 183 Greenberg, J. M.; Li, A.
Emission measurement of thermally altered filmy QCC 193 Coto, M.; Iwai, J.; Terada, H.; Imanishi, M.; Maihara, T.; Wada, S.; Narisawa, T.
The structure of Quenched Carbonaceous Composite (QCC) 197 Wada, S.; Hayashi, S.; Narisawa, T.; Tokunaga, A. T.
4.5 to 11.7 MU M spectrophotometric observations of the Galactic center region by the MIRS/IRTS 202 Chan, K.; Roellig, T. L.; Onaka, T.; Yamamura, I.; Tanabe, T.
Cold Galactic dust observed with COBE data 205 Lagache, G.; Abergel, A.; Boulanger, F.; Bernard, J. P.; Desert, F. X.; Puget, J. L.
COBE observations of interstellar line emission 211 Wright, E. L.
FILM observation of the [C II] line 218 Shibai, H.; FILM Team
Far-Infrared [C II] line survey observations with a balloon-borne telescope 228 Nakagawa, T.; Okuda, H.; Shibai, H.; Yui, Y. Y.; Doi, Y.; Mochizuki, K.; Tohya, T.; Makiuti, S.; Ishii, K.; Nishimura, T.; Low, F. J.
Rocket observations of the [C II] 158 micron line and the Far-Infrared continuum emission from the diffuse interstellar medium at high Galactic latitudes 237 Matsuhara, H.; Tanaka, M.; Fukui, Y.; Kawada, M.; Matsumoto, T.; Matsuura, S.; Bock, J. J.; Lange, A. E.
The CO 2-1/1-0 ratio in the southern Milky Way and the Large Magellanic Cloud 244 Hasegawa, T.; Morino, J.; Sorai, K.; Handa, T.; Sato, K.; Oka, T.; Seta, M.; Sakamoto, S.; Hayashi, M.; Booth, R.; Nyman, L. K.; Bronfman, L.; Rubio, M.; Shaver, P.
First detection of [C I] absorption lines toward SGR B2 and W49A 251 Sato, K.; Hasegawa, T.; White, G. J.
Heating and cooling of the interstellar medium 255 Tielens, A. G. C. M.
The chemistry of interstellar clouds 264 Spaans, M.
UV radiation in the Rho OPH dark cloud 272 Yui, Y. Y.; Tomono, D.; Onaka, T.; Nakagawa, T.; Shibai, H.; Okuda, H.
Observations of the rho Ophiuchi Cloud with the ISO/LWS and SWS 278 Tomono, D.; Onaka, T.; Yamashita-Yui, Y.; Nakagawa, T.; Shibai, H.
[C II] line observations of the Galactic plane by the IRTS/FILM 283 Makiuti, S.; Shibai, H.; Okuda, H.; Nakagawa, T.; Matsuhara, H.; Okumura, K.; Hiromoto, N.
Diffuse [C II] 158 micron emission from the Cygnus X Region 287 Doi, Y.; Nakagawa, T.; Yui, Y. Y.; Okuda, H.; Shibai, H.; Nishimura, T.; Low, F. J.
Gaseous CO absorption toward the objects near the Galactic center 291 Nakagawa, T.; Okuda, H.; Shibai, H.; Nagata, T.; Matsuhara, H.; Geballe, T. R.; Kobayashi, Y.
A photodissociation-region model for global properties of the Galaxy 296 Mochizuki, K.; Nakagawa, T.
Near-infrared molecular hydrogen emission in the Orion Nebula 300 Usuda, T.; Sugai, H.; Kawabata, H.; Inoue, M. Y.; Kataza, H.; Tanaka, M.
Near-Infrared wide-field imaging of the Orion Nebula 304 Mori, A.; Okumura, S.; Nishihara, E.; Yamashita, T.
Observation of [Ne II] 12.8 micron line from the W5ld Ultracompact H II Region - MIRFI first results 307 Watarai, H.; Takahashi, H.; Hayata, E.; Matsuhara, H.; Matsumoto, T.
The Mt. Fuji submillimeter-wave telescope 310 Sekimoto, Y.; Yamamoto, S.; Yoshida, H.; Habara, H.; Arikawa, Y.; Hirota, T.; Ikeda, M.; Maezawa, H.; Salto, S.; Ozeki, H.; Fujiwara, H.; Inatani, J.; Ohishi, M.; Tatematsu, K.; Miyazawa, K.; Yang, J.; Shiki, S.
The far-infrared cosmic background and foregrounds: Constraints; correlations; and caveats from the analysis of COBE FIRAS data 317 Shafer, R. A.; Mather, J. C.
Cold component of the galactic emission and extragalactic sub-mm background observed by COBE 325 Abergel, A.; Boulanger, F.; Bernard, J. P.; Desert, F. X.; Lagache, C.; Puget, J. L.; Burton, W. B.; Hartmann, D.
Limits on the cosmic infrared background from clustering in COBE/DIRBE maps 329 Kashlinsky, A.; Mather, J. C.; Odenwald, S.
IRTS observation of the near infrared diffuse background 334 Matsumoto, T.; Kawada, M.; Murakami, H.; Tanaka, M.; Noda, M.; Matsuura, S.; Freund, M. M.; Cohen, M.
ISO (CAM; PHT) Mid-IR spectro-imaging of the diffuse ISM of the edge-on galaxy NGC 5907: PARs are there! 343 Rouan, D.; Lecoupanee, P.; Lacombe, F.; Tiphene, D.; Gallais, P.; Giard, M.; Leger, A.
Wide-field and deep galaxy surveys 348 Wainscoat, R. J.
Models of the extragalactic infrared background 356 Franceschini, A.
Balloon observations of the diffuse near-IR sky emission 367 Mandolesi, N.; Franceschini, A.; Attolini, M. R.; Cortiglioni, S.; Morigi, C.; Valenziano, L.; Ventura, G.; Danese, L.; Boscaleri, A.; Partridge, R. B.
Dust absorption feature by the obscuring torus around AGNs and its applications 372 Imanishi, M.; Terada, H.; Goto, M.; Maihara, T.
MIR spectroscopy of the type 2 quasar IRAS P09104+4109 376 Sato, Y.; Taniguchi, Y.; Kawara, K.; Murayama, T.; Mouri, H.
A new MIR test of the dusty torus model for Active Galactic Nuclei 381 Murayama, T.; Mouri, H.; Taniguchi, Y.
ISOPHOT far-infrared survey in the Lockman hole: First report 386 Kawara, K.; Taniguchi, Y.; Sato, Y.; Okuda, H.; Matsumoto, T.; Sofue, Y.; Wakamatsu, K.; Matsuhara, H.; Hasegawa, T.; Chambers, K. C.; Cowie, L. L.; Joseph, R. D.; Sanders, D. B.; Wynn-Williams, C. G.
Preliminary results from ISO: US guaranteed time projects 393 Helou, G.; Becklin, E. E.; Stencel, R. E.; Wilkes, B. J.
First Results of the ISO Short-Wavelength Spectrometer 399 de Graauw, T.
First results of Japanese Guaranteed Time Observations 405 Okuda, H.
SOFIA: The next airborne observatory 415 Erickson, E. F.
The NASA Space Infrared Telescope Facility 424 Gautier, T. N., III
The Wide-Field Infrared Explorer (WIRE) Mission 432 Hacking, P.; Herter, T.; Stacey, C.; Houck, J. R.; Shupe, D. L.; Lonsdale, C.; Gautier, T. N.; Schember, H. R.; Werner, M. W.; Soifer, B. T.; Moseley, S. H.; Graf, P.
The Next Generation Space Telescope, NGST 441 Mather, John C.
The Next Generation Space Telescope; NGST 449 Thronson, H. A.
NASA's Origins Theme and the future of IR space astronomy 449 Thronson, H. A.
Infrared Imaging Surveyor: IRIS 454 Matsumoto, T.
The Far-Infrared and Submillimeter Space Telescope (FIRST) 465 Genzel, R.
Cobras-Samba 474 Giard, M.; Gispert, R.; Puget, J. L.; Bouchet, F.
An all sky cirrus confusion noise map for WIRE 482 Gautier, T. N., III
New results and questions they raised at this Symposium 489 Harwit, M.