Title: The 12th 'Kingston Meeting': Computational Astrophysics
Volume: 123 Year: 1997 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Clarke, D. A.; West, M. J.
ISBN: 1-886733-43-0 eISBN: 978-1-58381-459-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
Computational Astrophysics: The "New Astronomy" for the 21st Century 3 Norman, Michael L.
The Longterm Dynamical Evolution of Orbital Configurations 17 Duncan, Martin J.
Time Symmetrization Meta-Algorithms 26 Hut, Piet; Funato, Yoko; Kokubo, Eiichiro; Makino, Junichiro; McMillan, Steve
Variable Time Step Integrators for Long-Term Orbital Integrations 32 Lee, Man Hoi; Duncan, Martin J.; Levison, Harold F.
Abundance Anomalies and Anisotropic Turbulent Transport in Stars 41 Michaud, G.; Vincent, A.; Meneguzzi, M.
Helioseismology by Genetic Forward Modeling 49 Charbonneau, P.; Tomczyk, S.
The Radiation-Magnetohydrodynamics of Accretion-Powered Neutron Stars 55 Klein, Richard I.
On the Existence of Intermediate Shocks 66 Falle, S. A. E. G.; Komissarov, S. S.
Numerical Simulations Can Lead to New Insights 72 Stein, Robert F.; Carlsson, Mats; Nordlund, Ake
Angular Momentum Transport in Simulations of Accretion Disks 78 Murray, James Rhys
On Radiative Transfer in SPH 84 Razoumov, Alexei
Semi-Empirical Wind Models for lambda Velorum (K4 Ib-II) 87 Bennett, Philip D.; Harper, Graham M.
Interaction of the Pulsar-Driven Wind with Supernova Ejecta 94 Jun, Byung-Il
The Evolution of Blue Stragglers: Merging SPH and Stellar Evolution Codes 100 Sills, Alison
Detonation Waves in Type IA Supernovae 103 Wiggins, D. J. R.; Falle, S. A. E. G.
Monte-Carlo Simulations of X-Ray Binary Spectra 109 Leahy, D. A.
Effects of Scattering on Pulse Shapes from Accreting Neutron Stars 112 Leahy, D. A.
Collapse and Outflow: Towards an Integrated Theory of Star Formation 117 Pudritz, Ralph E.; McLaughlin, Dean E.; Ouyed, Rachid
Time-Dependent Protosteliar Accretion and Ejection 129 Henriksen, R. N.
Gas-Dynamical Simulations of the Circumstellar and Interstellar Media 136 Stone, James M.
The Role of Weak Magnetic Fields in Kelvin-Helmholtz Unstable Boundary Layers 146 Jones, T. W.; Gaalaas, Joseph B.; Ryu, Dongsu; Frank, Adam
The Jeans Condition: A New Constraint on Spatial Resolution in Simulations of Self- Gravitational Hydrodynamics 152 Klein, Richard I.; Truelove, Kelly; McKee, Christopher F.
Warm Interstellar Molecular Hydrogen 159 Martin, P. G.
GRAPESPH with Fully Periodic Boundaries: Fragmentation of Molecular Clouds 169 Klessen, Ralf
Origin of Episodic Outflows in YSO and AGN 172 Ouyed, Rachid
The GRAPE-4; a Teraflops Stellar Dynamics Computer 177 Hut, Piet
On Simulations of Galactic Disks of Stars 189 Griv, Evgeny
A Fokker-Planck Model of Rotating Stellar Clusters 196 Girash, John
Stability Properties of Spherical Models with Central Black holes 202 Meza, Andres; Zamorano, Nelson
Simulation of the Formation of Compact Groups of Galaxies 207 White, Nicholas J.; Nelson, Alistair H.
Selected Lagrangian Weights-An Alternative to Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics 211 Nelson, Alistair H.; Williams, Peter R.; Moore, John P.; Sleath, Nicholas P.
Galaxy Dynamics by N-Body Simulation 215 Sellwood, J. A.
Galaxy Splashes: The Effects of Collisions Between Gas-Rich Galaxy Disks 225 Struck, Curtis
Galaxy Formation in Dissipationless N-Body Models 231 van Kampen, Eelco
Global Error Measures for Large N-Body Simulations 237 Hayes, Wayne B.; Jackson, Kenneth R.
Jet Stability: Numerical Simulations Confront Analytical Theory 243 Hardee, Philip E.
A Restarting Jet Revisited: MHD Computations in 3-D 255 Clarke, David A.
Effect of Magnetic Fields on Mass Entrainment in Extragalactic Jets 262 Rosen, Alexander; Hardee, Philip E.; Clarke, David A.; Johnson, Audress
Jet Turbulence and High-Resolution 3-D Simulations 268 Loken, C.
Modern Schemes for Solving Hyperbolic Conservation Laws of Interest in Computational Astrophysics on Parallel Machines 274 Balsara, Dinshaw S.
Relativistic Jet Simulations and VLBI Maps 284 Hughes, Philip; Mioduszewski, Amy; Duncan, Comer
Simulations of Jet Production in Magnetized Accretion Disk Coronae 290 Meier, David L.; Edgington, Samantha; Godon, Patrick; Payne, David G.; Lind, Kevin R.
Numerical Simulations of Rotating Accretion Flows near a Black Hole 296 Ryu, Dongsu; Chakrabarti, Sandip K.
The Binary Black Hole Grand Challenge Project 305 Choptuik, M. W.
Head-on Collisions of Two Black Holes 314 Hobill, D. W.; Anninos, P.; Seidel, H. E.; Smarr, L. L.; Suen, W.-M.
The Lyman Alpha Forest Within the Cosmic Web 323 Bond, J. Richard; Wadsley, James W.
SPH P-cubed MG Simulations of the Lyman Alpha Forest 332 Wadsley, J. W.; Bond, J. Richard
Simulating Cosmic Structure at High Resolution: Towards A Billion Particles? 340 Couchman, H. M. P.
Nature of the Low Column Density Lyman Alpha Forest 351 Norman, Michael L.; Anninos, Peter; Zhang, Yu; Meiksin, Avery
Reheating of the Universe and Population III 357 Ostriker, Jeremiah P.; Gnedin, Nickolay Y.
Simulating X-Ray Clusters with Adaptive Mesh Refinement 363 Bryan, Greg L.; Norman, Michael L.
The Effect of Substructure on the Final State of Matter in an X-Ray Cluster 369 Tittley, Eric; Couchman, H. M. P.