Title: Accretion Phenomena and Related Outflows, IAU Colloquium 163
Volume: 121 Year: 1997 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Wickramasinghe, D. T.; Bicknell, G. V.; Ferrario, L.
ISBN: 1-886733-41-4 eISBN: 978-1-58381-457-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Observations of Disks and Outflows from Young Stars 3 Badly, J.
Tomography of Accretion Flows in Binary Stars and Active Galactic Nuclei 14 Horne, K.
The Fe K-alpha Line and Relativistic Effects from Accretion Disks 27 Ross, R. R.
High Energy Continuum Spectra from X-Ray Binaries 41 Zhang, S. N.
Imaging Relativistic Radio Jets and the X-ray-Radio Connection In X-ray Transients 53 Hjellming, H. M.
New Radio and Optical Data for GRO J1655-40 63 Hunstead, R. W.; Wu, K.; Campbell-Wilson, D.
A Super-Eddington Wind Model for GRO J1655-40 68 Meier, D. L.
Advective Disks 75 Narayan, R.
Instability, Turbulence, and Enhanced Transport in Accretion Disks 90 Balbus, S. A.; Hawley, J. F.
Disk-Corona Models and X-Ray Emission from Seyfert Galaxies 101 Maraschi, L.; Haardt, F.
Probing Accretion Disks in AGN with Water Masers 113 Maloney, P. R.
Dynamical and Microphysical Constraints on Accreting Magnetospheric Clouds in Active Galactic Nuclei 126 Kuncic, Z.
Accretion Discs in Cataclysmic Variable Stars 133 Warner, B.
X-ray Observations of Accretion Disks 142 White, N. E.
Ubiquitous Disks in AGN 152 Schmidt, C. D.
Accretion Discs around Black Holes 162 Wehrse, R.
Accretion Disks with Convective Viscosity 173 Smak, J.
Three-Dimensional Simulations of Accretion Disks 179 Hawley, J. F.; Balbus, S. A.
Viscosity and Large-Scale Magnetic Fields from Accretion Disc Dynamos 190 Tout, C. A.
A Magnetic Alternative to the Standard Viscous Accretion Disc 201 Campbell, C. G.
Interaction Of A Stellar Magnetic Field With A Turbulent Accretion Disk 205 Bardou, A.; Heyvaerts, J.
Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence in Accretion Discs: Towards More Realistic Models 210 Torkelsson, U.; Brandenburg, A.; Nordlund, A.; Stein, R. F.
Hydrodynamic Simulations of Wind-Accretion with Gradients 215 Ruffert, M.
Magnetic Accretors in Binaries 223 King, A. R.
Boundary Layers in Cataclysmic Variables and Pre-Main-Sequence Stars 230 Popham, R.
Disc Accretion Onto Magnetic Stars: Slow Rotator and Propeller 241 Li, J.; Wickramasinghe, D. T.
The Quasi-Coherent Oscillations of SS Cygni 251 Mauche, C. W.
On the Dramatic Spin-Up/Spin-Down Torque Reversals in BATSE Observations of Accretion Powered Pulsars 256 Nelson, R. W.; Vaughan, B. A.; Bildsten, L.; Chakrabarty, D.; Koh, D. T.; Prince, T. A.; Finger, M. H.; Wilson, R. B.; Rubin, B. C.
Instabilities in Accretion Disks of Cataclysmic Variables: A Unification Model for Dwarf Nova Outburst 269 Osaki, Y.
A Model for WZ SGE with "Standard" Values of alpha 279 Hameury, J. M.; Hure, J. M.; Lasota, J. P.
Mass Transfer in Low Mass Close Binaries 283 Wu, K.
The Nature and Evolutionary Status of GRO J1744-28 289 Joss, P. C.; Rappaport, S.
Relativistic Diskoseismology 300 Wagoner, R. V.
Radiation-Driven Warping: The Origin of WARPS and Precession in Accretion Disks 311 Maloney, P. R.; Begelman, M. C.
Planetary Formation in Protostellar Disks 321 Lin, D. N. C.
Recent Observations of Flickering in CVs and AGN 331 Welsh, W. F.; Wood, J. H.; Horne, K.
Modeling Tidal Effects in Accretion Discs 335 Godon, P.
Global, Nonaxisymmetric Instabilities in Magnetized Accretion Disks 339 Curry, C.; Pudritz, R. E.
Kilohertz QPO in Low Mass S-ray Binaries: an overview 347 van der Klis, M.
Disc Instabilities and "Soft" X-Ray Transients 351 Lasota, J. P.
Wind Accretion VS Roche Lobe Overflow in HMXBs 361 Blondin, J. M.; Owen, M. P.
Cygnus X-1: A Case for a Magnetic Accretion Disk? 366 Nowak, M. A.; Vaughan, B. A.; Dove, J.; Wilms, J.
X-Ray Observations of SS 433 with ASCA 370 Kotani, T.; Kawai, N.; Matsuoka, M.; Brinkmann, W.
On Modelling the Lightcurves of Binary X-ray Sources 375 Hessman, F. V.; van Teeseling, A.; Beuermann, K.
UBV-Photometry and 35-day Cycle Model for X-ray Binary HZ Her/Her X-1 379 Shakura, N. I.; Smirnov, A. V.; Ketsaris, N. A.
Neutron Star Mergers, Disks Around Black Holes, and Gamma-Ray Bursts 384 Janka, H.-T.; Ruffert, M.
Eclipsing AM Herculis Binaries 391 Bailey, J.
HST Eclipse Studies of Magnetic CVs: Resolving the UV Hot SPOT and Accretion StreamH. 396 Stockman, S.
Properties of Magnetic Accretion Curtains: Magnetic CVs and T Tauri Stars 403 Ferrario, L.
Breaking the 100 MG Barrier: The First High Field Magnetic CV 409 Szkody, P.; Schmidt, G. D.; Smith, P. S.; Silber, A.; Hoard, D. W.; Tovmassian, G.; Gänsicke, B. T.; de Martino, D.
White Dwarf Masses in magnetic CVs: Multi-temperature FITS to Girzga data 413 Cropper, M.; Ramsay, C.; Wu, K.
Spectropolarimetry of CV's; Signatures of Magnetic Fields in Accretion Flows 418 Steeghs, D.; Horne, K.
Discless Accretion in Intermediate Polars? 420 Buckley, D. A. H.
Unified Accretion Disk Models Around Black Holes and Neutron Stars and Their Spectral Properties 427 Chakrabarti, S. K.
Cylindrically-Collimated; Self-Similar MHD Disk Outflows 439 Ostriker, E. C.
Three-Dimensional Global MHD Simulations of Magnetised Accretion Disks and Jets 443 Matsumoto, R.; Shibata, K.
HST GHRS Observations of the Herbig AE Star HD104237: First UV Observations of a Hot Disk Wind from a Pre-Main Sequence Star 448 Brown, A.; Djie, H. R. E. T. A.; Blondel, P. F. C.; Harper, G. M.; Bennett, P. D.; Skinner, S. L.
HSTSpatially Resolved Spectra Of Accretion Discs In CVs 453 Baptista, R.
The nature of V Sagittae 457 Wood, J. H.; Lockley, J. J.
Modelling the Polarization from Accretion Disks 461 Dittmann, O. J.
Winds from Cataclysmic Variables 465 Drew, J. E.
Constraints of Winds from Accretion Disks 475 Idan, I.; Shaviv, G.
Numerical Simulations of MHD Winds from Accretion Disks 481 Stone, J. M.
Time-Dependent MHD Simulations of Jets from Accretion Discs: Stationary Solutions 490 Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V. E.; Ustyugova, C. V.; Koldoba, A. V.; Chechetkin, V. M.
Dynamics of Self-Accreting Disks in Be Stars 494 Kroll, P.; Hanuschik, R. W.
Emission Lines of Dwarf Novae Accretion Disks 498 Hummel, W.; Horne, K.; Marsh, T.; Wood, J. H.
Young Binary Star/Disk Interactions 505 Lubow, S. H.; Artymowicz, P.
Magnetospheric Accretion in T Tauri Stars 515 Armitage, P. J.
WFPC2 Studies of the Disk and Jet of HH 30 520 Stapelfeldt, K.; Burrows, C.; Krist, J.; Watson, A.; FPC2 Science Team; WFPC2 Science Team
Do Herbig Ae/Be Stars Have Disks? 525 Ray, T. P.; Corcoran, M.
Infrared Jets from Protostars: The case of HH212 531 Zinnecker, H.; McCaughrean, M. J.
HST Observations of the HH 47 and HH 111 Stellar Jets 536 Hartigan, P.
Direct Imaging of Circumstellar Disks in the Orion Nebula 546 McCaughrean, M. J.
Magnetized Accretion Disks and the Origin of Bipolar Outflows 551 Konigl, A.
Magnetically-Driven Winds from Protostellar Disks 561 Wardle, M.
A Two Dimensional Photoionization Front Model for YSO Envelopes in the Orion Nebula 566 Sutherland, R. S.
Inside the Bullets of Orion 571 Burton, M. G.
Theory and Simulation of Asymmetrically Perturbed Radiatively Cooled Jets 575 Hardee, P. E.; Stone, J. M.; Xu, J.
Evidence for Radiative Acceleration in Quasars 580 Arav, N.
High Energy Neutrinos from Blazars 585 Protheroe, R. J.
Parameters of Disks from VLBI Observations 591 Walker, R. C.
Polarization Properties of Active Galactic Nuclei 600 Hough, J. H.
Optical/Ultraviolet Continuum Polarization of AGN Accretion Disks 610 Blaes, O.; Agol, E.
The Disk Wind Model of the Broad Line Region of Active Galactic Nuclei 615 Chiang, J.; Murray, N.
Gaseous Disks in the Nuclei of Elliptical Galaxies 620 Ford, H.; Tsvetanov, Z.; Ferrarese, L.; Kriss, G.; Jaffe, W.; Harms, R.; Dressel, L.
Nuclear Stellar Disks in E/S0 Galaxies 626 Jaffe, W.; van den Bosch, F.
High-Velocity Maser Emission From Shocks Along Spiral Waves In The Circumnuclear Disk Of NGC 4258 630 Maoz, E.
The Dark Mass Concentration at the Galactic Center 637 Melia, F.
Compact Radio Cores in the Galactic Center and Elsewhere 647 Falcke, H.
Accretion in the Center of the Milky Way 659 Duschl, W. J.; von Linden, S.
Order and Chaos in Accretion Disks of Active Galactic Nuclei 663 Chian, A. C.-L.
General Relativistic Simulation of Jet Formation from Magnetized Accretion Disk 667 Koide, S.; Shibata, K.; Kudoh, T.
Interaction of Jets with the Interstellar Medium in GPS; CSS and CSO Sources 672 Bicknell, C. V.; Dopita, M. A.; O'Dea, C. P.
HZ Puppis: an Old Nova and Intermediate Polar 679 Abbott, T. M. C.; Shafter, A. W.
Optical Polarization and Line Variability in Quasars with Associated Absorption 681 Aldcroft, T.; Bechtold, J.; Smith, P.; Foltz, C.; Schmidt, C.
Lifetimes of Circumstellar Disks in LYNDS 1641 683 Allen, L. E.; Strom, K. M.
ASCA observation of 4U1624-49 685 Angelini, L.; Parmar, A.; White, N.
Radiation Hydrodynamics and Soft X-Ray Emission of Accreting Magnetic White Dwarfs 687 Beuermann, K.; Fischer, A.; Rousseau, T.
X-Ray and Optical Observations of a New X-Ray Soft Intermediate Polar: RX J0512.2-3241 689 Burwitz, V.; Reinsch, K.; Beuermann, K.; Thomas, H.-C.
Numerical Simulations Of Advective Flows Around Black Holes 690 Chakrabarti, S. K.; Ryu, D.; Molteni, D.; Sponholz, H.; Lanzafame, G.; Eggum, G.
Magnetic Flux Transport in Protostellar Accretion Disks 692 Contopoulos, J.; Konigl, A.
Spectropolarimetry of Double Peaked Broad HA Lines in Radio Galaxies 693 Corbett, E. A.; Robinson, A.; Young, S.; Axon, D. J.
Outflow Angles and Bulk Lorentz Factors for Different Categories of AGN 695 Guerra, E. J.; Daly, H. A.
Time-Resolved Optical Spectroscopy of V795 Herculis 697 Dickinson, R. J.; Prinja, R. K.; Rosen, S. R.; King, A. R.; Hellier, C.; Horne, K.
Periodical Instabilities in the Blackhole Candidate GX339-4 Accretion Disk 699 Durouchoux, P.
Heating and Cooling of Hot Accretion Flows by Non Local Radiation 700 Esin, A. A.
Radio; Infrared and X-Ray Observations of GRS 1915+ 105 701 Fender, R. P.; Pooley, G. G.; Robinson, C. R.; Harmon, B. A.; Zhang, S. N.; Canosa, C.
EK Tra: a Spectroscopic Twin of VW HYI 703 Gänsicke, B. T.; Beuermann, K.
Nonlinear Outcome of Gravitational Instability in Optically Thick Disks 704 Gammie, C. F.
Optical and IR Observations of AQL X-1 705 Garcia, M. R.; Callanan, P. J.
Periodic Changes of the Accretion Geometry in the Nearly-Synchronous Polar RXJ1940.1-1025 707 Geckeler, R. D.; Staubert, R.
X-Ray Observations of GRS 1915+ 105 709 Greiner, J.; Harmon, B. A.; Paciesas, W. S.; Morgan, E. H.; Remillard, R. A.
The Intrinsic UV/Soft X-Ray Spectrum Of Quasars 711 Haardt, F.; Madau, P.
Emission Line Profiles from BeXRBs 713 Hanuschik, R. W.; Maisack, M.; Cao, H.; Hummel, W.
Spin-resolved observations of RXJ0558 715 Harlaftis, E. T.; Horne, K.
X-Ray Flares and Outflows Driven by Magnetic Interaction Between a Protostar and its Surrounding Disk 717 Hayashi, M.; Shibata, K.; Matsumoto, R.
UV/Optical Continuum Variability in AGN: Observational Test of Accretion Disk Models 719 Heisler, C. A.; Sun, W.; Malkan, M. A.
Dust Evolution in Protoplanetary Accretion Disks 721 Henning, T.; Schmitt, W.; Mucha, R.
Accretion Disks in the SW Sex Stars 723 Hoard, D. W.; Szkody, P.
Accretion and Outflow Activity in the Earliest Phases of Star-Formation:CO; Sub-mm Continuum; and Near-Infrared Observations 725 Hodapp, K.-W.; Ladd, E. F.
Clues and Modelling for Missing Boundary Layer in Cataclysmic Variables 727 Huang, M.; Sparks, W. M.; Sion, E. M.
The Atmospheric Variations of the Peculiar B[e] Star HD 45677 (FS CMa) 729 Israelian, C.; Friedjung, M.; Graham, J.; Muratorio, G.; Rossi, C.; de Winter, D.
Discovery of an X-Ray Off-State in the Supersoft Source CAL 83 730 Kahabka, P.
A Self-Similar Model for Extragalactic Jets and the FRI/FRII Divide 732 Kaiser, C. R.; Alexander, P.
Hydrodynamical Models of Line-Driven Accretion Disk Winds 734 Kallman, T.; Pereyra, N. A.; Blondin, J. M.
New Algorithms for Radiative Transfer in Accretion Disks and Surroundings 736 Kanschat, G.
Water Maser Emission from Dusty Clouds in AGNs 738 Kartje, J. F.; Konigl, A.; Elitzur, M.
The Dynamics and Radiative Properties of Clouds in Magnetized Accretion Disk Outflows in AGNs 740 Kartje, J. F.; Konigl, A.
Southern Hemisphere VLBI Observations of the Expansion of GRO J1655-40 741 King, E. A.; Jauncey, D. L.; Reynolds, J. E.; Tzioumis, A. K.; McKay, D. J.; Kesteven, M. J.; Gough, R.; Migenes, V.; Sinclair, M. W.; Tingav, S. J.; Preston, R. A.; Meier, D. L.; Murphy, D. W.; Jones, D. L.; Lovell, J. E. J.; Ellingsen, S. P.; McCulloch, P. M.; Campbell-Wilson, D.; Hunstead, R. W.; Quick, J.; Smits, D.
Stability of Viscous Accretion Tori 743 Kleiber, R.; Glatzel, W.
Eclipse Mapping of the Accretion Disk Wind in the Cataclysmic Variable UX UMa 745 Knigge, C.; Drew, J. E.; Mason, K. O.; Long, K. S.
Below the Lyman Edge: UV Polarimetry of Quasars 747 Koratkar, A.; Goodrich, R.; Antonucci, R.
Dissipation of Turbulent Magnetic Fields In Accreting Black Holes 749 Kowalenko, V.; Melia, F.
Mass Flux and Toroidal Magnetic Field in Magnetically Driven Jets from Accretion Disks: Steady Solutions and Application to Jet/Wind in YSO 751 Kudoh, T.; Shibata, K.
Magnetically Driven Jets from Accretion Disks: Comparison Between 2.5D Nonsteady Simulations and 1.5D Nonsteady/Steady Solutions 753 Kudoh, T.; Matsumoto, R.; Shibata, K.
Toroidal Fields: a Driving Mechanism for Protostellar Jets 754 Liffman, K.; Siora, A.
A Quantitative Model for Bipolar Molecular Outflows 757 Li, Z.; Shu, F. H.
SPH Simulations of Protoplanetary Perturbers in Gas Disks 758 Maddison, S.; Barge, P.
Magnetic Accretion Funnels in Young Stellar Objects: Thermal Structure and Emission Signatures 760 Martin, S. C.; Konigl, A.
On the Difference Between Radio Quiet and Radio Loud AGN 761 Marziani, P.; Calvani, M.; Sulentic, J. W.
On the Origin of Iron K-alpha and HI Balmer Lines in AGN 763 Marziani, P.; Calvani, M.; Sulentic, J. W.; Romano, P.; Zwitter, T.; Dultzin-Hacyan, D.
"Red Blazars": Evidence Against A Synchrotron Origin 764 Masci, F. J.; Webster, R. L.
Three Dimensional MHD Simulations of Parker Instability in Differentially Rotating Disk 766 Matsuzaki, T.; Matsumoto, R.; Tajima, T.; Shibata, K.
Axisymmetric MHD Simulations of Stellar Magnetosphere/Accretion Disk Interaction 768 Miller, K.; Stone, J.
Spiral Shocks in Accretion Disks with SPH 770 Murray, J. R.
The Effect of the Nova Explosion on the Evolution of Cataclysmic Variables 771 Naylor, T.; Somers, M. W.
A Model of Hybrid Magnetospheric Structure Filled with Cylindrical Polar Jet and Conical Wind Envelope 773 Nitta, S.
Infrared Emission Around CYG X-3 775 Ogley, R. N.; Burnell, S. J. B.; Fender, R. P.
M = 1 Oscillations of Accretion Disks in Close Binary Systems 777 Okazaki, A. T.
3-D Hydrodynamic Simulation of Accretion Disk Formation in LMC-X4 779 Owen, M. P.; Blondin, J. M.
Stellar Winds of Classical T Tauri Stars 780 Paatz, G.; Camenzind, M.
Radiation driven winds from CV accretion disks 782 Proga, D.; Drew, J. E.; Stone, J. M.
Simultaneous optical and EUVE Observations of the IP PQ GEM 783 Ramsay, G.; Howell, S.; Sirk, M.; Potter, M. C. S.; Rosen, S.
Hydrodynamical Simulations of H alpha Emission in Algol Binaries 785 Ratliff, M. A.; Richards, M. T.
Optical Low States of the Supersoft X-Ray Source RX J0513.9-6951 787 Reinsch, K.; van Teeseling, A.; Beuermann, K.; Abbott, T. M. C.
Photometric Evidence for the Presence of an Accretion Disk and for a Superhump - Like Phenomenon in the Classical Nova V1974 Cygni 1992 788 Retter, A.; Leibowitz, E. M.; Ofek, E. O.
High-Speed Optical Spectroscopy of a Cataclysmic Variable Wind: BZ Cam (0623+71) 790 Ringwald, F. A.; Naylor, T.
Hydrodynamical Evolution of Circumbinary Accretion Disks 792 Rozyczka, M.; Laughlin, G.
ASCA Observations of the Eclipsing IP XY Ari 794 Schlegel, E. M.; Mukai, K.; Ishida, M.
Accretion Disk Instabilities and the Quasar Luminosity Function 795 Siemiginowska, A.
A Magnetohydrodynamic Model of Galaxy Formation 797 Sleath, J. P.; Nelson, A. H.
Mid-infrared Observations of Magnetic Fields in the Disks of Bi-Polar Outflow Sources 799 Smith, C. H.; Wright, C. M.; Aitken, D. K.; Roche, P. F.
Optical Photometry of the Eclipsing LMC Supersoft Source CAL 87 801 Southwell, K. A.; Charles, P. A.; O'Donoghue, D.; Alcock, C.; Allsman, R. A.; Alves, D.; Axelrod, T. S.; Bennett, D. P.; Cook, K. H.; Freeman, K. C.; Griest, K.; Guern, J.; Lehner, M. J.; Marshall, S. L.; Peterson, B. A.; Pratt, M. R.; Quinn, P. J.; Rodgers, A. W.; Stubbs, C. W.; Sutherland, W.; Welch, D. L.
Magnetic Torque Induced High/Low Accretion States in AM Herculis Binaries 803 Sparks, W. M.; Howell, S. B.; Huang, M.
Soft X-rays of AGN: Emission from Accretion Disks? 805 Staubert, R.; Dorrer, T.; Muller, C.; Friedrich, P.; Brunner, H.
Multidimensional Radiative Transfer in Accretion Environments 807 Steinacker, J.; Henning, T.; Menshchikov, A.
Mapping Quasi-Periodic Oscillations from the Outbursting Intermediate Polar GK Persei 809 Still, M. D.; Morales-Rueda, L.; Roche, P.
Optical Signatures of Reprocessing from Hercules X-1 811 Still, M. D.; Reynolds, A. P.; Quaintrell, H.; Roche, P.; Chakrabarty, D.; Levine, S. E.
Strong Soft X-ray Emission and High Accretion Rates in Seyfert Galaxies 812 Szuszkiewicz, E.
H-alpha Spectroscopy of WW CET 814 Tappert, C.; Wargau, W.; Hanuschik, R. W.
Self-Similar MHD Collimated Outflows 816 Trussoni, E.; Sauty, C.; Tsinganos, K.
Parameters Of Dwarf Nova SS Cygni 818 Voloshina, I.; Khruzina, T.
Physical Parameter Eclipse Mapping 820 Vrielmann, S.; Horne, K.; Baptista, R.; Hessman, F. V.
WindAccretion In Separated Binaries 822 Walder, R.
Dynamics of Low Luminosity Accretion onto Neutron Stars: Spherically Symmetric Models 824 Wang, J. C. L.; Sutherland, R. S.
Binary Star Formation in Disc-Disc Encounters 826 Watkins, S. J.; Bhattal, A. S.; Francis, N.; Whitworth, A. P.
Super-Eddington Accretion in the Formation of Low-Mass X-ray Binaries and Millisecond Pulsars 828 Webbink, R. F.; Kalogera, V.
ROSAT Observations of 4 Draconis: AM HER or Symbiotic? 830 Wheatley, P. J.
Stimulating Simulating 832 Whitehurst, R.
Uncovering Flickering in Time-Resolved Spectroscopy for the Nova-like Variable UX Ursa Majoris 834 White, J. C., II
On the 1994 Outbursts of GRO J1655-40 835 Wu, K.; Hunstead, R. W.
Beaming in Radio-Quiet AGN 837 Young, S.; Hough, J. H.; Axon, D. J.; Bailey, J. A.
Two New T Tauri stars and a Candidate FU Orionis Star associated with BOK Globules 839 Yun, J. L.; Moreira, M.
A New Physical Mechanism to Account for the "Anomalous Viscosity" in Accretion Disks 840 Zhang, X.
The Formation Of Astrophysical Jets 845 Livio, M.