Title: The Second Stromlo Symposium: The Nature of Elliptical Galaxies
Volume: 116 Year: 1997 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Arnaboldi, M.; Da Costa, G. S.; Saha, P.
ISBN: 1-886733-36-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-452-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
Introductory Overview - What are the Key Problems? 1 Freeman, K. C.
Structure; Formation and Ages of Elliptical Galaxies 11 Bender, Ralf
Gravitational Lensing Limits On Early-Type Galaxies 21 Kochanek, C. S.; Keeton, C. R.
Dynamics of Triaxial Stellar Systems 32 Merritt, David
Dynamical Evidence for Black Holes and Dark Halos 44 de Zeeuw, P. Tim
Dynamics of the Outer Halos of Ellipticals 54 Arnaboldi Gnidica, Magda; Freeman, Kenneth C.
Do Elliptical Galaxies Have Dense Dark Matter Halos? 65 Rix, Hans-Walter
Geometrical Profiles of E galaxies: Comparison in Different Environments 71 Bettoni, Daniela; Fasano, Gianni; Kjaergaard, Per; Moles, Mariano
Intrinsic Shapes of Ellipticals: New Methods; New Data 75 Statler, Thomas S.; Dutta, Suvendra Nath; Bak, Jakob
Ionized Gas Kinematics in Elliptical Galaxies: A Tool for Gas Origin 80 Boulesteix, J.; Plana, H.
Steps toward the Modelling of the 2D Light Distribution of Early-type Galaxies 84 Iodice, Enrica; D'Onofrio, Mauro; Capaccioli, Massimo
The Distribution of Elliptical Galaxy Shapes 86 Bak, Jakob; Statler, Thomas S.
Unstable Axial Orbits in Cuspy Elliptical Galaxies 88 Hasan, Hashima; Pfenniger, Daniel
Searching for the Kinematical Signature of a Black Hole in M87 91 Merritt, David; Oh, Siang Peng
Detecting Triaxiality and Figure Rotation in Gaseous Elliptical Galaxies 93 Bureau, Martin; Freeman, Ken
Two-component Dynamical Models of NGC 3377 95 Magorrian, John; Scorza, Cecilia
A New Method for the Construction of Three-Integral Axisymmetric Galaxy Models 97 Cretton, Nicolas
The Dynamics of the Central Galactic Spheroid 99 Sevenster, M.; Chapman, J.; Dejonghe, H.; Habing, H.; Killeen, N.; Lindqvist, M.
Distribution Functions from Numerical Simulations 101 Dutta, Savendra N.; Statler, Thomas S.; Weil, Melinda
Comparing Discrete Kinematic Data and N-body Simulations 103 Saha, Prasenjit
Dynamics of the Galactic Bulge using Planetary Nebulae 105 Beaulieu, Sylvie F.
New Projections of Triaxiality 107 Romanowsky, Aaron J.; Kochanek, Christopher S.
Density Profiles of Dark Matter Halos Formed in Dissipationless Cosmology Simulations 109 Pfitzner, David W.
Kinematic Profiles of SO Galaxies 111 Fisher, David
The Central Structure of Early Type Galaxies 113 Lauer, Tod R.; Faber, S. M.; Tremaine, Scott; Ajhar, Edward A.; Byun, Yong-Ik; Dressier, Alan; Gebhardt, Karl; Grillmair, Carl; Kormendy, John; Richstone, Douglas
Massive Black Holes in Galactic Nuclei 123 Richstone, Douglas
The Role of Mergers in Shaping the Nuclei of Galaxies 131 Carollo, C. Marcella
HST/FOS Spectra of the Nucleus of M32: Improved Evidence for a Nuclear Black Hole 138 van der Marel, Roeland P.
A Nuclear Disk and Massive BH in NGC 4342 142 van den Bosch, Frank C.; Jaffe, Walter
Dynamical Models of Nuclei of Galaxies 147 Emsellem, Eric
Gas/Stars Coupling in the Centre of Early Type Galaxies 149 Emsellem, Eric
Trends of Central Dark Matter Density in Galaxies 151 Persic, M.; Salucci, P.; Bertola, F.; Pizzella, A.
Observational Constralnts on the Origins of the Fundamental Plane 154 Pahre, M. A.; Djorgovski, S. G.
A Theory of Changes and the Fundamental Plane 166 Levine, Stephen
Broken Homology and the Fundamental Plane 175 Graham, Alister; Colless, Matthew
The EFAR Fundamental Plane 180 Saglia, R. P.; Colless, Matthew; Baggley, G.; Bertschinger, Edmund; Burstein, David; Davies, Roger L.; McMahan, Robert K.; Wegner, Gary
Dynamical Non-Homology and the Tilt of the Fundamental Plane 184 Busarello, G.; Capaccioli, M.; Longo, G.; Puddu, E.
Hubble Space Telescope Results on Resolved Stellar Populations in Elliptical Galaxies 186 Mould, Jeremy R.
Ultraviolet Light from Old Stellar Populations 195 Dorman, Ben
Elliptical Galaxies: Young or Old? 208 Silva, David R.; Bothun, Gregory D.
Near-Infrared Synthetic Spectra of Elliptical Galaxies 213 Houdashelt, Mark L.; Bell, Roger A.
Optical Synthetic Spectra of Elliptical Galaxies 218 Bell, Roger A.; Houdashelt, Mark L.
A Far Ultraviolet Analysis of the Stellar Populations in Six Elliptical and SO Galaxies 220 Brown, Thomas M.; Ferguson, Henry C.; Davidsen, Arthur F.
The Origin of the UV Upturn in Elliptical Galaxies 225 Yi, Sukyoung
Breaking the Age-Metallicity Degeneracy of Elliptical Galaxies 227 Kodama, Tadayuki; Arimoto, Nobuo
Testing Physical Reality of Poor Groups of Galaxies with Early-Type Members 229 Rampazzo, R.; Covino, S.; Reduzzi, L.; Trinchieri, G.; Sulentic, J. W.
Star Formation History of Elliptical Galaxies Showing Fine Structure 231 Rampazzo, R.; Longhetti, M.; Bressan, A.; Chiosi, C.
2D Colour Maps of Galaxies with Shells 233 Reduzzi, L.; Longhetti, M.; Rampazzo, R.
Total UV Magnitudes and (UV-V) Colours for Normal Early-type Galaxies 235 Rifatto, A.; Longo, G.; Capaccioli, M.
The Enrichment of the Intracluster Medium 237 Gibson, Brad K.; Matteucci, Francesca
Are "Dwarf" Ellipticals Genuine Ellipticals? 239 Jerjen, Helmut; Binggeli, Bruno
Parameter Relations for Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies. 249 Caldwell, N.
The Kinematics of Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies 259 Mateo, Mario
The Stellar Populations of Dwarf Elliptical and Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies 270 Da Costa, G. S.
Dwarf Elliptical and Dwarf SO Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster 283 Ryden, Barbara S.; Terndrup, Donald M.; Pogge, Richard W.; Lauer, Tod R.
The Nature of Dwarf Ellipticals in Virgo and Fornax 287 Drinkwater, Michael J.; Gregg, Michael D.; Holman, Brett A.
Internal Kinematics of Dwarf and Low-Luminosity Elliptical Galaxies 292 Held, Enrico V.; Mould, Jeremy R.; Freeman, K. C.
The Dwarf Galaxy Population Surrounding Ellipticals in the Fornax Cluster 296 Hilker, Michael; Kissler-Patig, Markus; Richtler, Tom; Infante, Leopoldo
The Surface-BrightnessLuminosity Relation as Distance Indicator 298 Jerjen, Helmut; Binggeli, Bruno
The Sculptor Dwarf Irregular Galaxy SDIG: A Progenitor Dwarf Spheroidal? 300 Heisler, Charlene A.; Hill, Tanya L.; McCall, Marshall L.; Hunstead, Richard W.
The Stellar Content of the Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy NGC 185 302 Martinez-Delgado, David; Aparicio, Antonio; Gallart, Carme
Color-Magnitude Diagram of the Ursa Minor dSph 304 Martinez-Delgado, David; Aparicio, Antonio
Hubble Space Telescope Observations of the Draco Dwarf Spheroidal 306 Grillmair, Carl J.; Mould, Jeremy R.; Worthey, Guy; Holtzman, Jon A.; Trauger, J.; Ballester, G. E.; Burrows, C.; Clarke, J.; Crisp, D.; Gallagher, J. S., III; Griffiths, R.; Hester, J.; Hoessel, J. G.; Krist, J.; Scowen, P.; Stapelfeldt, K.; Watson, A.; Westphal, J.
Hubble Space Telescope Observations of M32 308 Grillmair, Carl J.; Lauer, Tod R.; Worthey, Guy; Faber, S. M.; Freedman, Wendy L.; Madore, Barry F.; Ajhar, E. A.; Baum, W. A.; Holtzman, J. A.; Lynds, C. R.; O'Neil, E. J., Jr.; Stetson, P. B.
HI in Elliptical Galaxies 310 van Gorkom, Jacqueline; Schiminovich, David
Molecular Gas in Elliptical Galaxies 322 Rupen, Michael P.
Dust and Ionized Gas in Elliptical Galaxies 338 Goudfrooij, Paul
The H I-rich Elliptical Galaxy NGC 5266 349 Morganti, Raffaella; Sadler, Elaine; Oosterloo, Tom; Pizzella, Alessandro; Bertola, Francesco
Observations of Neutral Gas in Elliptical Galaxies 354 Morganti, Raffaella; Sadler, Elaine; Oosterloo, Tom
New H I Observations of the Polar Ring Galaxy NGC 4650a 356 Arnaboldi Gnidica, Magda
H Observations of Compact Groups of Galaxies 358 Oosterloo, Tom; Iovino, Angela
Star Formation in the H I Cloud Associated with the NE Radio Lobe of NGC 5128 (Cen A) 360 Graham, John A.
Imaging and Kinematics of Neutral Hydrogen in and around "Shell Galaxies" 362 Schiminovich, David; van Gorkom, Jacqueline; van der Hulst, Thijs; Oosterloo, Tom; Wilkinson, Althea
Dust Populations in Elliptical Galaxy Cores 364 Wise, Michael W.; Silva, David R.
Far Infrared Emission from Interstellar Grains in Elliptical Galaxies 369 Mathews, William G.; Tsai, John C.
Galactic Drips and How to Stop Them! 371 Mathews, William G.
The Dust Content of Early-Type Galaxies 373 Merluzzi, Paola; Capaccioli, Massimo; Longo, Giuseppe
X-ray Emission from Elliptical Galaxies 375 Sarazin, Craig L.
X-ray Results on Elliptical Galaxies from ASCA 386 Makishima, Kazuo; Matsushita, Kyoko
Structure and Evolution of Interstellar Gas in Flattened; Slowly Rotating Elliptical Galaxies 396 Mathews, William G.; Brighenti, Fabrizio
Environmental and Internal Optical Properties and the X-ray Content of E and SOs 401 Mackie, Glen; Fabbiano, Giuseppina
Influence of Galactic Mergers on Evolution of Hot Interstellar Gas in Elliptical Galaxies 405 Mathews, William G.; Brighenti, Fabrizio
Metal Abundance of Hot Gas in Elliptical Galaxies: Long Time Observation of NGC4636 407 Matsushita, Kyoko; Makishima, Kazuo; Rokutanda, Etsuko; Ohashi, Takaya
X-ray Observations of Low Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei in Elliptical Galaxies 409 Iyomoto, Naoko; Makishima, Kazuo; Matsushita, Kyoko; Fukazawa, Yasushi; Tashiro, Makoto; Ohashi, Takaya
Why are (Some) Elliptical Galaxies Active? 411 Sadler, Elaine M.
The Radio Properties of Elliptical Galaxies 421 Ledlow, Michael J.
Activity in Ellipticals 432 Bicknell, Geoffrey V.; Koekemoer, Anton; Dopita, Michael A.; O'Dea, Christopher P.
Hosts of Low Redshift Southern Radio Galaxies from the MRC 443 Mahabal, Ashish; Kembhavi, Ajit; McCarthy, Patrick
Surface Photometry of Radio-Loud Elliptical Galaxies 445 Gonzalez-Serrano, J. Ignacio; Carballo, Ruth
Mergers and Globular-Cluster Formation in Early-Type Galaxies 447 Schweizer, Francois
Faint Features of Bright Ellipticals 460 Malin, David; Hadley, Brian
Dynamical Evolution of Compact Groups 469 Barnes, Joshua E.
New Clues on Soft Merging in Early Type Galaxies 480 Richter, Gotthard; Capaccioli, Massimo; Longo, Giuseppe; Bohm, Petra; D'Onofrio, Mauro
Constraints on Elliptical Galaxy Formation from the Properties of Their Globular Cluster Systems 489 Zepf, Stephen E.
HST Imaging of Globular Clusters in Kinematically-Distinct Core Ellipticals 493 Forbes, Duncan A.
Two Classes of Elliptical Galaxies from their Globular Cluster Systems 498 Kissler-Patig, Markus
Spectroscopy of Globular Clusters in NGC 5128 500 Held, Enrico V.; Federici, Luciana; Testa, Vincenzo; Cacciari, Carla
Stellar Kinematics in Merging Galaxies: Clues to the Fate of Merger Remnants 502 Shier, L. M.; Fischer, J.
Young Globular Clusters in NGC 7252 504 Seitzer, Patrick; Schweizer, Francois
Multiple Extended Gaseous Components in Elliptical Galaxies: a Memory of Successive Mergers? 506 Plana, H.; Boulesteix, J.
The AFI Package as a Tool to Detect Faint Photometric Structures in Galaxies 508 Richter, Gotthard; Bohm, Petra; Capaccioli, Massimo; Longo, Giuseppe
The Structure of the Peculiar SO Galaxy NGC 128 510 D'Onofrio, Mauro; Pagan, Angelo; Capaccioli, Massimo; Merluzzi, Paola
Measuring the Evolution of the Mass-to-Light Ratio from Z = 0 to Z = 0.6 from the Fundamental Plane 512 Franx, Marijn; Kelson, Dan; van Dokkum, Pieter; Illingworth, Garth; Fabricant, Dan
Studies of the Morphological Content of Rich Clusters at Intermediate Redshift using HST 522 Couch, Warrick J.
Star-Forming Galaxies at Z approximates 3: Bulges and Ellipticals in Their Infancy? 534 Giavalisco, Mauro; Steidel, Charles C.; Pettini, Max; Dickinson, Mark E.; Adelberger, Kurt L.
High-z Objects and Cold-Dark-Matter Cosmogonies: the Case of 53W091 545 Kashlinsky, A.; Jimenez, R.
Discovery of a Cluster of Elliptical Galaxies at Redshift 2.38 551 Francis, Paul J.; Woodgate, Bruce E.; Danks, Anthony C.
Evolution of the Kormendy Relation and a Test of World Models 555 Todd, Neal; Warren, Stephen
Luminosity Profiles of Hubble Deep Field Ellipticals 557 Fasano, Giovanni; Filippi, Michele; Bertola, Francesco
The K-band Luminosity Function of Early-Type Galaxies 559 Sharples, R. M.; Gardner, J. P.; Frenk, C. S.; Carrasco, B. E.
Clustering in COBE/DIRBE Maps and the Cosmic Infrared Background 561 Kashlinsky, A.; Mather, J. C.; Odenwald, S.
The Nature of Elliptical Galaxies: Conference Summary 563 Schechter, Paul L.