Title: Emission Lines in Active Galaxies: New Methods and Techniques, IAU Colloquium 159
Volume: 113 Year: 1997 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Peterson, Bradley M.; Cheng, Fu-Zhen; Wilson, Andrew S.
ISBN: 1-886733-33-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-449-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
X-Ray Emission Lines: Present and Future Experiments 1 Kunieda, H.
High-Energy Lines in Active Galactic Nuclei 20 Neizer, Hagai
High-Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopy with AXAF 34 Fabbiano, G.
Relativistic Iron K-alpha Emission in Seyfert Galaxies 36 Nandra, K.
ASCA Observations of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies 40 Hayashida, K.
ASCA Observations of Seyfert 2 Galaxies 44 Awaki, H.
X-Ray Observations of Low-Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei 52 Makishima, K.; Iyomoto, N.; Ishisaki, Y.; Terashima, Y.
ASCA Observations of LINERS 54 Terashima, Y.; Kunieda, H.; Iyomoto, N.; Makishima, K.; Serlemitsos, P. J.
Accretion Disks and Line Emission in AGN 56 Rokaki, E.
Star/Disk Interaction in the Nuclei of Active Galaxies 64 Lin, D. N. C.
Line and Continuum Emission from the Outer Regions of a Self-Gravitating; Magnetized Accretion Disk 66 Lu, Ye; Yang, Lantian; Wu, Shaoping
On Shock Conditions in Black-Hole Accretion 70 Yuan, Feng; Lu, Ju-Fu
Parameter Space of Shock Formation in Adiabatic Flows 72 Lu, Ju-Fu; Yu, K. N.; Yuan, F.; Young, E. C. M.
The Relativistic Beaming Model and Superluminal Motions 74 Fan, J. H.; Xie, G. Z.; Zhang, Y. H.; Qin, Y. P.
A Multicolor Study of AGNs and BL Lacs 76 Sun, W.-H.; Su, Yu-Ya; Tang, Hsiao-Feng; Malkan, Matthew A.; Stone, Remington P. S.
Rapid Continuum Variability in NGC 4151 78 Edelson, Rick
Broad Emission Lines in Active Galactic Nuclei 80 Baldwin, J. A.
Metal Abundances and Ionization in QSO Broad Emission-Line Regions 96 Hamann, F.; Shields, J. C.; Cohen, R. D.; Junkkarinen, V. T.; Burbidge, E. M.
The HST Sample of Radio-Loud Quasars: Emission Lines from Ly-alpha to H-Beta 104 Wills, Beverley J.; Brotherton, M. S.; Wills, D.; Thompson, K. L.; Baldwin, J. A.; Carswell, R. F.; Browne, I. W. A.; Netzer, H.; Francis, P. J.
The HST Sample of Radio-Loud Quasars: Fell and Other Correlations 106 Wills, D.; Thompson, K. L.; Brotherton, M. S.; Wills, Beverley J.; Baldwin, J. A.; Carswell, R. F.; Browne, I. W. A.; Netzer, H.
Emission Lines in the Far-UV and Extreme-UV Region 108 Zheng, W.
The HST Spectrum of I ZW 1: Implications of the C 111* Lambda 1176 Emission Line 116 Laor, Ari; Jannuzi, Buell T.; Green, Richard F.; Boroson, Todd A.
Emission-Line Properties of Z ~4 QSOs. 118 Shields, J. C.; Hamann, F.; Foltz, C. B.; Chaffee, F. H.
IR Spectroscopy of High-Redshift Quasars 122 Bechtold, Jill; Shields, Joseph; Rieke, Marcia; Ji, Peiwen; Scott, Jennifer; Kuhn, Olga; Elvis, Martin; Elston, Richard
Emission Lines and the Spectral Energy Distributions of Quasars. 126 Wilkes, B. J.; Green, P. J.; Mathur, S.; McDowell, J. C.
The Spectra of Dusty Quasars 130 Francis, Paul J.; Webster, Rachel L.; Masci, Frank J.; Drinkwater, Michael J.; Peterson, Bruce A.
Complete Atlases of Recalibrated Archival HST FOS Spectra of Quasars and AGN 134 Pesto, S.; Koratkar, A.; Blitz, E.; Evans, I. N.
A Detailed Comparison of HST FOS and IUE UV Spectra of Selected Seyfert Nuclei 136 Koratkar, A.; Pesto, S.; Evans, I. N.
Reverberation Mapping and Broad-Line Region Models 138 Maoz, Dan
Velocity-Resolved Echo Mapping 146 Horne, Keith
Velocity-Resolved Line Response of the Emission Lines in the High-Luminosity (MV is approximately equal to -24) Seyfert 1 Galaxy Fairall 9 151 Wamsteker, W.; Recondo-Gonzalez, M. C.; Rodriguez-Pascual, P. M.; Vio, R.; Makino, F.
UV and X-Ray Variability of 3C 390.3 155 Wang, Ting-Gui; Wamsteker, Willem; Cheng, Fu-Zhen
Results From Five Years of Spectrophotometric Monitoring of 28 Palomar-Green Quasars 159 Kaspi, Shai
First Results of Optical Monitoring of 3C 390.3 163 Dietrich, M.; O'Brien, P. T.; Leighly, K. M.
Optical Monitoring of 3C 390.3 in 1995 165 Qian, Bo-Chen; Tao, Jun
IUE Monitoring of the Bright Seyfert 1 Galaxy Fairall 9 167 Rodriguez-Pascual, P. M.
Spectral Monitoring of NGC 4151 and 3C 390.3 at the 6-in Telescope 169 Shapovalova, A. I.; Burenkov, A. N.; Bochkarev, N. G.
Long-Term Variability of AGN 171 Bischoff, K.; Kollatschny, W.; Dietrich, M.
A Search for Optical Line Variability in Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies 173 Giannuzzo, M. Ester; Stirpe, Giovanna M.
Velocity Diagnostics of the Broad Emission-Line Region of Active Galactic Nuclei 175 Espey, Brian
Line Shifts in the Two-Phase Broad-Line Region with Radial Kinematics 179 Xue, Sui-Jian; Cheng, Fu-Zhen
Broad-Line Profile Variability 183 Wanders, Ignaz
C IV lambda1549 Emission-Line Profile Variations in AGN 191 Turler, Marc; Courvoisier, Thierry J.-L.
The Nature and Origin of Structure in Broad Emission Line Profiles 193 Gaskell, C. Martin; Snedden, Stephanie A.
An Analysis of Broad Emission-Line Profiles from HST Data 195 Snedden, Stephanie A.; Gaskell, C. Martin
The Diversity of Broad Emission-Line Profiles 197 Stirpe, Giovanna M.; Robinson, Andrew; Axon, David J.
The Effect of a Variable Anisotropic Continuum Source upon the Broad Emission-Line Profiles and Responses 199 Goad, Mike; Wanders, Ignaz
Line-Profile Variations in AGN 201 Kollatschny, W.; Dietrich, M.
Unusual Balmer-Line Variations in the Radio-Loud AGN 4C 37.43 203 Romano, P.; Sulentic, J.; Marziani, P.; Calvani, M.; Moles, M.; Zwitter, T.
Line Profiles Radiated by Orbiting Matter Around Black Holes 205 Ostgaard, E.; Bao, G.; Hadrava, P.
Broad-Line Profiles and Time Lags of Bloated Stars 207 Alexander, Tal
Keck High-Resolution Spectroscopy of MRK 335: Constraints on the Number of Emitting Clouds in the BLR 211 Arav, Nahum; Barlow, Tom A.; Blandford, Roger D.; Laor, Ari
Thermal Instability and Alfv~n Waves in the Formation of Quasar Clouds 213 Goncalves, D. R.; Jatenco-Pereira, V.; Opher, R.
Hydromagnetic Wind Model for the Broad-Line Region of NGC 5548 215 Bottorff, M. C.; Korista, K. T.; Shlosman, I.; Blandford, R. D.
Inconsistency of Photoionization Models for NGC 5548: Proof of Mechanical Heating? 217 Collin-Souffrin, S.; Dumont, A.-M.; Nazarova, L.
Disk Emission Lines 220 Murray, N.; Chiang, J.
Is the Broad-Line Region Expanding? 222 Liang, Kan; He, Xiang-Tao; Wang, Zhong-Min; You, Jun-Han
The Contribution of ~erenkov Line Radiation to the Broad Lines in AGNs 224 Wu, Hao; Shi, Jian-Rong; You, Jun-Han
Cerenkov Line Radiation: an Important Line Mechanism in the Broad-Line Region 228 Shi, Jian-Rong; Wu, Hao; You, Jun-Han
Iron Lines; X-Rays; and Outflowing Winds 230 Lawrence, A.
The Evolving X-Ray Absorber on NGC3516. 234 Mathur, S.; Wilkes, B. J.; Aldcroft, T.
Associated Absorption at Low and High Redshift. 236 Elvis, M.; Mathur, S.; Wilkes, B. J.; Fiore, F.; Giommi, P.; Padovani, P.
Intrinsic Absorption and Emission Lines in Seyfert Galaxies 240 Crenshaw, D. M.
Reprocessing Models and the ASCA Spectrum of MKN 290 244 Turner, T. J.; George, I. M.; Kallman, T.; Yaqoob, T.; Zycki, P. T.
Properties of Warm Absorbers and Constraints from Their Optical and UV Line Emission 246 Komossa, Stefanie; Fink, Henner
A Link Between Seyfert Emission-Line Widths and X-Ray Continuum Slopes 248 Boller, Th.; Brandt, W. N.
The Relationship Between the Emission-Line Spectra and X-Ray/UV Continuum 252 Lu, Youjun; Wang, Tinggui
Correlation Between the FWHM of the Broad Emission Lines and the Soft X-Ray Photon Index in the PG Quasars 254 Gondhalekar, P. M.; Rouillon-Foley, C.; Kellett, B. J.
Are Radio-Loud Quasars Rebellious Or Are Radio-Quiets Just Plain Untalented? 256 Vestergaard, M.; Wilkes, B. J.; Barthel, P. D.
Near-IR Spectroscopy of High-z QSOs: Relating the Broad and Narrow-Line Regions 258 Brotherton, M. S.
A New Luminosity Effect in QSO Spectra 260 Corbin, Michael R.; Boroson, Todd A.
A Correlation Analysis for Emission Lines in 52 AGN 262 Dultzin-Hacyan, D.; Sulentic, J.; Marziani, P.; Calvani, M.; Moles, M.
The Narrow-Line Regions of Seyfert and Radio Galaxies 264 Wilson, Andrew S.
Extended Emission-Line Regions Around AGN 280 Robinson, A.
Coronal Lines in Active Galactic Nuclei 288 Oliva, E.
Coronal Lines from the BLR, NLR, and ENLR 298 Wagner, Stefan J.
Infrared Emission-Line Signatures of Tori in the Nuclei of Seyferts 302 Storchi-Bergmann, Thaisa; Winge, Claudia; Ward, Martin J.; Wilson, Andrew S.
A Correlated Optical-Infrared Outburst of MRK 744: Strong Evidence For Thermal Dust Reverberation 306 Nelson, B.
Mid-Infrared Forbidden Lines of NGC 1068, NGC 4151, and NGC 5506 308 Greenhouse, M. A.; Hayward, T. L.; Satyapal, S.; Wooden, D. H.; Miles, J. W.; Witteborn, F. C.; Bregman, J. D.; Woodward, C. E.; Malkan, M. A.; Fischer, J.; Smith, H. A.
Gas Outflow in the Seyfert Galaxy IC 5063 310 Morganti, R.; Oosterloo, T.; Tsvetanov, Z.
Infrared to Millimeter Spectroscopy and Imaging of Active Galactic Nuclei 312 Genzel, R.; Lutz, D.; Sturm, E.; Tacconi, L.; Thatte, N.; Sternberg, A.
Near-Infrared Emission Lines in AGNs 325 Krabbe, A.
AGN Spectra as Seen by the Infrared Space Observatory: First Results 333 Lutz, D.; Genzel, R.; Sturm, E.; Moorwood, A. F. M.; Oliva, E.; Marconi, A.; Netzer, H.
A Survey of Spectral Features in ISO SWS Spectra of AGNs 337 Sturm, E.; Lutz, D.; Genzel, R.
Bidimensional Spectroscopy with Optical Fibers of Spatially Resolved Emission-Line Regions Around Active Galactic Nuclei 339 Arribas, S.; Mediavilla, E.; del Burgo, C.; Garcia-Lorenzo, B.
Integral Field Spectrography of Active Galaxies with TIGER 343 Ferruit, P.; Pecontal, E.; Adam, G.; Bacon, R.
Narrow Lines and Continuum Emission in Seyfert 2 Galaxies 347 Polletta, M.; Bassani, L.; Caroli, E.; Malaguti, G.; Malizza, A.; Palumbo, G. G. C.
Near-Infrared View of the Nuclear Region of NGC 1808 349 Kotilainen, J. K.
Near-Infrared Imaging Spectroscopy of the Seyfert Nucleus of the Circinus Galaxy 351 Maiolino, R.; Thatte, N.; Kroker, H.; Gallimore, J. F.; Genzel, R.
Tri-dimensional Spectroscopy of the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 1275: Kinematics and Excitation of the Cooling-Flow Gas 353 Yoshida, M.; Kosugi, G.; Aoki, K.
The Kyoto 3-D Spectrograph and an Imaging Fabry-Perot Observation of the Nuclear Region of NGC 4151 355 Ohtani, H.; Ishigaki, T.; Hayashi, T.; Ozaki, S.; Hattori, T.; Sasaki, M.; Aoki, K.; Yoshida, M.; Watanabe, E.
High-Velocity Outflow in the Extended Emission-Line Region of the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 7319 357 Aoki, Kentaro
Cospatial Line Emission and Accelerated Outflow in the Spatially Resolved Narrow-Line Region of NGC 4151: Confirming Model Predictions 359 Moore, D.; Cohen, B. D.; De Robertis, M. M.
Bidimensional [O III] lambda lambda 4959; 5007 Spectroscopy in the Circumnuclear Region of the Active Galaxy NGC 1068 361 Garcia-Lorenzo, B.; Arribas, S.; Mediavilla, E.; del Burgo, C.
3-D TIGER Observations of Radio Galaxies 363 Adam, G.; Rocca-Volmerange, B.; Ferruit, P.; Bacon, R.
Shocks and Photoionization in the Narrow-Line Region 365 Viegas, Sueli M.; Contini, Marcella
Shocking Outflows in Seyfert Galaxies: an Imaging Perspective 378 Pogge, Richard W.
Shock Excitation of Emission Lines in GPS, CSS, and CSO Sources 382 Bicknell, Geoffrey V.; Dopita, Michael A.; O'Dea, Christopher P.
Excitation Mechanism of Extended Emission-Line Regions in Active Galaxies 386 Evans, Ian; Koratkar, Anuradha; Allen, Mark; Tsvetanov, Zlatan; Dopita, Michael
A Critical Test for Photoionization of Seyfert NLRs 390 Metz, S. K.; Tadhunter, C. N.; Robinson, A.; Axon, D. J.
Excitation Mechanisms in Seyfert Galaxies 392 Allen, M. G.; Dopita, M. A.; Tsvetanov, Z. I.
Masers in Active Galactic Nuclei 394 Greenhill, L. J.
Dynamical Models of the Maser in NGC 4258. 402 Moran, J. M.
A Study of the Spectrum of the OH Megamaser in III ZW 35 406 Yu, Zhi-Yao
One-Armed Oscillations of Accretion Disks in AGN: Application to the Warped Maser Disk of NGC 4258 411 Okazaki, Atsuo T.
New AGNs Discovered with the 2.16-in Telescope at Xinglong Station of Beijing Astronomical Observatory 413 Zou, Z. L.; Li, Q. B.
An Objective-Prism Survey of Emission-Line Galaxies 419 Kim, Chulhee
A Survey of X-ray-Emitting IRAS Galaxies: A New Class of Objects or Hidden AGNs? 421 Dennefeld, M.
Discovery of Five New X-ray-Selected BL Lacertae Objects and Three New Quasars 423 Xie, G. Z.; Brinkmann, W.; Cha, G. W.; Laurent-Muehleisen, S.; Zhang, Y. H.; Li, K. H.; Bai, J. M.; Liu, F. K.
Discovery of Five Bright Low-Redshift Quasars from ROSAT PSPC Sources 425 Wei, Jianyan; Cao, Li; Hu, Jiangyao; Li, Qibin
Optical Identification of the ROSAT All-Sky Survey Sources in Two 2 degree X 2 degree Fields 427 Zhao, Y.; Zhong, J.; Wei, J.; Hu, J.; Li, Q.
Low-Luminosity Seyfert Nuclei. 429 Ho, L. C.; Filippenko, A. V.; Sargent, W. L. W.
An Ultraluminous IRAS Galaxy with an Extremely Soft X-Ray Spectrum 434 Xia, X. Y.; Boller, Th.; Deng, Z. G.
Spectral Properties of Parkes Flat-Spectrum Radio Sources 437 Drinkwater, Michael J.; Francis, Paul J.; Webster, Rachel L.
Luminous IR Galaxies: Evolution and Molecular Gas 439 Gao, Yu
How Strong Should an Emission Line Be for BL Lac Classification? 441 Marcha, M. J. M.
The Spectra of Very Luminous IRAS Galaxies 443 Wu, Hong; Zou, Zhenlong; Xia, Xiaoyang; Deng, Zugan
The Unification of Active Galaxies: Observations 445 Goodrich, R. W.
HUT Observations of the Lyman Limit in AGN: Implications for Unified Models 453 Kriss, G.; Krolik, J.; Grimes, J.; Tsvetanov, Z.; Espey, B.; Zheng, W.; Davidsen, A.
Clumpy Scattering Regions in Active Galactic Nuclei 457 Kishimoto, Makoto
A Unified View of How the Study of Emission Lines Furthers Our Knowledge of AGN 459 Krolik, Julian H.
ROSAT Observations of Radio Quasars: Unification of Flat and Steep-Spectrum Sources? 475 Yuan, W.; Brinkmann, W.; Siebert, J.
The Nature of the Energy Source in LINERs 477 Colina, L.; Koratkar, A.
Determination of the Gravitational Potential of Seyfert Cores from High-Resolution Spatial and Spectral Data 485 Wittkowski, M.
AGN Properties and Their Contribution to the Cosmic X-Ray Background 487 Matsuoka, M.
Emission Lines in Active Galaxies: Outlook for the Future 489 Peterson, Bradley M.