Title: Magnetic Reconnection in the Solar Atmosphere: Proceedings of a Yohkoh Conference
Volume: 111 Year: 1997 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Bentley, R. D.; Mariska, J. T.
ISBN: 1-886733-31-7 eISBN: 978-1-58381-447-5
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Paper Title Page Authors
Meeting Overview 3 Culhane, J. L.
Observations of X-Ray Bright Points (Invited) 9 Harvey, K. L.
The Role of Magnetic Reconnection in Small-Scale Coronal Events (Invited) 19 Parnell, C. E.
Theory and Observations of X-Ray Jets (Invited) 29 Shibata, K.; Shimojo, M.; Yokoyama, T.; Ohyama, M.
Observations and Numerical Studies of Coronal X-Ray Jets and H alpha Surges Associated with Emerging Magnetic Fields 39 Okubo, A.; Matsumoto, R.; Miyaji, S.; Akioka, M.; Shibata, K.; Yokoyama, T.
Signatures of New Emerging Flux in the Solar Atmosphere 43 Schmieder, B.; Malherbe, J. M.; Mein, P.; Mein, N.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Roudier, T.; Nitta, N.; Harra-Murnion, L. K.
3D Magnetic Reconnection: Example of an X-Ray Bright Point 49 Demoulin, P.; Mandrini, C. H.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Priest, E. R.; Henoux, J. C.; Schmieder, B.
YOHKOH Observations Related to Coronal Heating (Invited) 59 Shimizu, T.
Theories of Coronal Heating (Invited) 69 Chiuderi, Claudio
The Nature of Magnetic Reconnection in the Corona 79 Antiochos, S. K.; Karpen, J. T.; Devore, C. R.
Dynamical Properties of Single and Double 3D Null Points 82 Galsgaard, K.; Rickard, G. J.; Reddy, R. V.; Nordlund, A.
Three-Dimensional Numerical Studies on Coronal Heating of X-Ray Bright Points 89 Birk, G. T.; Dreher, J.; Neukirch, T.
The Energy Supply for Coronal Magnetic Structures 95 Berger, M. A.
Collision of Magnetic Flux Tubes in Weakly Ionized Plasmas 101 Sakai, Jun-Ichi
Coronal Heating by Sudden Magnetic Relaxation 105 Sturrock, P. A.
The Observed Properties of Coronal Loops 112 Kano, R.
Are the Redshifts Observed in Transition Region Lines Caused by Magnetic Reconnection? 116 Hansteen, Viggo; Maltby, Per; Malagoli, Andrea
Ultra Low Temperature Sulfur X-Ray Spectra 122 Doschek, G. A.; Feldman, U.; Dubau, J.
Fe XVII X-Ray Lines in Solar Coronal Plasmas 125 Greer, C. J.; Phillips, K. J. H.; Bhatia, A. K.; Keenan, F. P.
Soft X-Ray (Yohkoh) and Radio (VLA) Observations of Solar Narrowband, Millisecond Spike Events 129 Krucker, Sam; Benz, Arnold O.; Aschwanden, Markus J.
Observational Problems for Flare Models Based on Large-Scale Magnetic Reconnection (Invited) 135 Hudson, Hugh S.; Khan, Josef I.
Properties of Thermal Flares (4-30 MK) Derived from Observations: Does a Reconnection Mechanism Have a Role in the Flare Process? 145 Feldman, U.
Hot and Super-Hot Plasmas above an Impulsive-Flare Loop 155 Tsuneta, S.; Kosugi, T.; Sato, J.; Masuda, S.
A Study of Major Flares Observed by YOHKOH 156 Nitta, Nariaki
A Loop Flare Observed by YOHKOH on 1992 July 11 162 Khan, Josef I.; Hudson, Hugh S.; Sterling, Alphonse C.; Lemen, James R.
Loop-Top Impulsive Source and Footpoint Sources 166 Masuda, S.
Radio Source above a Flare Loop 171 Shibasaki, K.
YOHKOH SXT and BCS Observations of the "Reconnection Region" of a Solar Flare 177 Sterling, Alphonse C.; Hudson, Hugh S.; Lemen, James R.
A Coronal Velocity Field around a Long-Duration Event: Search for Reconnection Inflow 183 Hara, H.; Ichimoto, K.
Multiwavelength Observations of the 1992 January 5 Flare: Evidence of Magnetic Reconnection 187 Rolli, Eric; Wulser, Jean-Pierre; Magun, Andreas
On Small Coronal Particle Acceleration Sites with Widespread Magnetic Connections 194 Aurass, H.; Klein, K.-L.; Martens, P. C. H.
Double-Loop Configuration and Its Related Activities 200 Hanaoka, Yoichiro
The June 11, 1992 "Spotless" Flare: Global Restructuring of Coronal Magnetic Field 206 Sersen, M.
Energetic Consequences of the DC-Electric Field Model 209 Zarro, Dominic M.; Schwartz, Richard A.
The Maximum Temperatures of Flare Thermal Plasma and Their Implications 215 Watanabe, T.
Do Electron Time-of-Flight Measurements Support Magnetic Reconnection Models? 216 Aschwanden, Markus
Tests for Electron-Dominant Heating in Impulsive Solar Flares 222 Newton, Elizabeth K.
The Variation of Emission Measure Versus Temperature During Solar Flares Observed by the YOHKOH SXT and GOES 228 McTiernan, J. M.
Diagnostics of Solar Flares from Hydrodynamic Modeling: Using the Decay Phase to Derive the Loop Dimensions 232 Reale, F.; Peres, G.; Betta, R.
Investigating the Non-Thermal Velocity of Small GOES Class Flares Observed by YOHKOH 236 Harra-Murnion, L. K.; Akita, K.; Watanabe, T.
Direct Observations of Chromospheric Evaporation in Solar Flares 240 Savy, Serge K.
ANDRIL Algorithm for Deconvolution of SXT Images 244 Sylwester, J.; Sylwester, B.; Siarkowski, M.
Fine Structures Observed on Deconvolved SXT Images 249 Sylwester, B.; Sylwester, J.; Siarkowski, M.
Pixon Reconstruction and the Masuda Event of 1992 January 13 253 Alexander, D.; Metcalf, T.; Hudson, H. S.
Reconnection Theory for Flares (Invited) 259 Forbes, T. G.
Compressional and Shear Waves in X-Point Reconnection 268 McClymont, A. N.; Craig, I. J. D.
Magnetic Reconnection Coupled with Heat Conduction 274 Yokoyama, Takaaki; Shibata, Kazunari
Solar Flare as Taylor's Relaxation 280 Kusano, K.; Suzuki, Y.; Fujie, K.; Endo, Y.; Nishikawa, K.
Magnetic Reconnection; Parallel Electric Fields and Particle Acceleration 286 Neukirch, T.
Derivation of Accelerated Electron Spectra by Inversion of Bremsstrahlung Spectra from a Thick Target of Nonuniform Ionisation 292 Brown, John C.; McArthur, Guillian K.; McIntosh, Scott W.
Plasma Beta Limitations for Magnetic Annihilation Models 296 Inverarity, G. W.; Priest, E. R.
Particle Acceleration and Magnetic Annihilation in Current Sheets 300 Jardine, M.; Allen, H. R.
Beam Driven Return Current Instabilities and White-Light Flares 304 Matthews, S. A.; Brown, J. C.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.
Field-Aligned Particle Acceleration in Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection 308 Vekstein, G. E.; Browning, P. K.
A New Mechanism for Fast Flare Loop Heating, Observed by Yohkoh 312 Voitenko, Yurii M.
Post-Eruption Arcades and 3-D Magnetic Reconnection (Invited) 319 Klimchuk, James A.
3D Reconnection in Complex Topologies (Invited) 331 Priest, E. R.
Magnetic Chirality and Coronal Reconnection 341 Canfield, Richard C.; Pevtsov, Alexei A.; McClymont, Alexander N.
YOHKOH Evidence Against the Reclosing Opened-Up Arcade Model for Arcade Flares and Arcade Formations 347 Uchida, Y.; Fujisaki, K.; Morita, S.; Hirose, S.
Magnetic Helicity, MHD Kink Instabilities and Reconnection in the Corona 353 Rust, D. M.
Relative Altitude of Hot and Cool Post-Flare Loops 359 van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Schmieder, B.; Wiik, J. E.; Tarbell, T.; Heinzel, P.; Kitai, R.; Funakoshi, Y.; Anwar, B.
H-alpha Eruptive Prominence and Evolution of Force-Free Electric Currents in the Solar Atmosphere 365 Karlicky, M.
YOHKOH Data on CME-Flare Relationships and Post-Eruption Magnetic Reconnection in the Corona 369 Chertok, Ilia M.
Simulation Study of Magnetic Reconnection in Solar Corona 375 Kusano, K.; Nishikawa, K.
Coronal X-Ray Dimming in Two Limb Flares 379 Hudson, Hugh S.; Lemen, James R.; Webb, David F.
Formation of an X-Ray Helmet Structure after a Coronal Mass Ejection 383 Hiei, E.; Hundhausen, A. J.; Burkepile, J.
Large-Scale Active Coronal Phenomena in YOHKOH SXT Images 388 Svestka, Z.; Farnik, F.; Hudson, H. S.; Uchida, Y.; Hick, P.
Three Part Structure of a CME Revealed by X-Ray and Microwave Observations 393 Gopalswamy, N.; Kundu, M. R.; Lara, A.; Hanaoka, Y.; Enome, S.; Lemen, J. R.; Akioka, M.
Flare Associated Large-Scale Magnetic Reconnection 398 Manoharan, P. K.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Pick, M.; Demoulin, P.
EIT Images of the EUV Solar Atmosphere 402 Portier-Fozzani, F.; Moses, J. D.; Delaboudiniere, J. P.; Gurman, J. B.; Clette, F.; Maucherat, A.
Magnetic Reconnection: Open Issues 409 Tsuneta, Saku
Summary and Discussion 419 Emslie, A. Gordon