Title: The History of the Milky Way and Its Satellite System
Volume: 112 Year: 1996 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Burkert, A.; Hartmann, D. H.; Majewski, S. A.
ISBN: 1-886733-32-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-448-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
Observational Constraints on Chemodynamical Models of the Milky Way 1 Majewski, S. R.; Phelps, R.; Rich, R. M.
Numerical Simulations of the Interaction of Protocluster Clouds with the Protogalactic Background 25 Dinge, D.; Blondin, J.
Evolution of Anisotropy in Collapsing Systems 35 Theis, Christian
Cosmochronology and Galactic Chemical Dynamics 45 Mathews, G. J.; Hartmann, D. H.; Burkert, A.
Self-Regulated Star-Formation in 'Chemodynamical' Models of Galaxies 55 Koppen, J.
QSO Absorption Line Systems as a Probe of Galaxies Like the Milky Way 63 Charlton, Jane C.; Churchill, Christopher W.
Challenges in the Chemical Evolution of Galaxies 73 Edmunds, M. C.
Chemodynamical Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies 79 Andersen, R.-P.; Burkert, A.; Ruffert, M.
Numerical Simulations of the Chemodynamical Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies 87 Mori, Masao; Yoshii, Yuzura; Tsujimoto, Takuji; Nomoto, Ken'ichi
The Magellanic Clouds: Overview of their History, Structure, Chemical Composition and Surveys 91 Filipovic, M. D.; White, G. L.; Jones, P. A.; Haynes, R. F.; Pietsch, W. N.; Wielebinski, R.; Klein, U.
The Star Formation in the Large Magellanic Cloud: A Tidally Induced Process? 109 Vallenari, A.
The Formation of Halo Globular Clusters 121 Burkert, A.; Brown, J. H.; Truran, J. W.
Using Globular Clusters to Constrain Properties of the Milky Way 129 Klessen, Ralf
Characteristics of Stars at Low Metallicities 141 El Eid, M. F.
The Inventory of Nearby F and G Dwarfs 145 Nordstrom, B.; Olsen, E. H.; Andersen, J.; Mayor, M.; Pont, F.
The Lifetime of Type 1a Supernova Progenitors and The Chemical Evolution in the Solar Neighborhood 159 Tsujimoto, T.; Yoshii, Y.; Nomoto, K.
Oxygen Isotopes from Massive Stars 169 Langer, N.
The White Dwarf Population 181 Isern, J.; Hernanz, M.; Garcia-Berro, E.; Mochkovitch, R.; Burkert, A.
Two Stationary Gas Flow Solutions for Barred Galaxies 191 Englmaier, Peter; Gerhard, Ortwin
The Recent Star Formation History of the Inner Galaxy 197 Hartmann, Dieter; Timmes, F. X.; Diehl, Roland