Title: The Minnesota Lectures on Extragalactic Neutral Hydrogen
Volume: 106 Year: 1996 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Skillman, Evan D.
ISBN: 1-886733-26-0 eISBN: 978-1-58381-442-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Cool and Warm Phases of the Interstellar Medium in Spiral Galaxies 1 Walterbos, Rena A. M.; Braun, Robert
Bubbles and Holes in the Interstellar Medium 47 van der Hulst, J. M.
Galaxies: Self-Regulating Systems with Dissipation 82 Paloui, Jan
HI and Spiral Structure with a New Look at M81 96 Westpfahl, David J.; Adler, David S.
Radial Density Waves 141 Struck, Curtis
Using HI in Polar-Ring Galaxies to Probe Galactic Potentials 168 Cox, A. L.; Sparke, L. S.
Neutral Hydrogen in the Magellanic System 187 Dickey, John M.
Neutral Hydrogen in Dwarf Galaxies 208 Skillman, Evan D.
The Relation Between Large-Scale Gas Dynamics, Nuclear Kinematics, and Activity 238 Koribalski, Barbel
HI in AGN 268 Brinks, Elias; Mundell, Carole G.
The Evolution of Galaxies in Different Environments 293 van Gorkom, Jacqueline
HI Selection Effects and the Galaxy Mass Function 323 Schneider, Stephen E.
HI Redshift Surveys and Large Scale Structure 357 Salzer, John J.; Haynes, Martha P.
Future Prospects with the Arecibo and Green Bank Telescopes 389 Vanden Bout, Paul A.; Haynes, Martha P.