Title: Pulsars: Problems and Progress, IAU Colloquium 160
Volume: 105 Year: 1996 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Johnston, S.; Walker, M. A.; Bailes, M.
ISBN: 1-886733-25-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-441-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
Millisecond Pulsar Surveys 3 Bailes, M.
The Green Bank Northern Sky Survey: Discovery of a New Neutron Star-Neutron Star Binary 11 Nice, D. J.; Sayer, R. W.; Taylor, J. H.
A high frequency search for highly dispersed pulsars 13 Kramer, M.; Jessner, A.; Muller, P.; Wielebinski, R.
Searching for Pulsars in the WENSS 15 Kouwenhoven, M.; Berger, M.; Deich, W.; de Bruyn, G.
The Westerbork Flexible Filterbank Backend 17 Kouwenhoven, M.; Voute, L.; van der Klis, M.; Weggemans, H.; Deich, W.; Vasisht, G.; Kulkarni, S.
Design of (2+1+2)D FFT for Interferometric Pulsar Survey 19 Daishido, T.; Tanaka, N.; Sudo, S.; Suzuki, M.; Saito, Y.; Agehama, R.; Adachi, M.; Watanabe, N.
The S2 Baseband Processing System for Phase-coherent Pulsar Observations 21 Wietfeldt, R.; van Straten, W.; Rizzo, D. D.; Bartel, N.; Cannon, W.; Bailes, M.; Reynolds, J.; Wilson, W.
Mark IV: A Phase Coherent Observing System for Pulsars 23 Shrauner, J. A.; Stairs, I. H.; Dewey, R. J.; Krumholz, M.; Taylor, H. E.; Taylor, J. H.; Thorsett, S. E.
A Wide-Bandwidth Digital Filterbank 25 Foster, R. S.; Ray, P. S.; Lundgren, S. C.; Backer, D. C.; Dexter, M. R.; Zepka, A.
Millisecond pulsar observation system using AOS 27 Hanado, Y.; Imae, M.; Sekido, M.
Pulsar Velocities - Revisions and Ramifications 31 Lorimer, D. R.
Pulsar Period and Magnetic Field Evolution 39 Camilo, F.
The case for no field decay from improved pulsar population studies 47 Hartman, J. W.; Verbunt, F.; Bhattacharya, D.; Wijers, H.
Velocity-Magnetic Field Correlation of Pulsars 49 Itoh, N.; Kotouda, T.
The Origin of Millisecond Pulsar Velocities 51 Tauris, T. M.
The velocity distribution of young radio pulsars: simulating the observations 53 Hartman, J. W.
Neutron Star Population Dynamics 55 Cordes, J. M.; Chernoff, D.; Arzoumanian, Z.
The Cluster Analysis of Pulsar Parameters 57 Malov, I. F.; Malov, O. I.
The investigations of pulsar integral radio luminosities 59 Malov, I. F.; Malov, O. I.; Malofeev, V. M.
An International Pulsar Data Archive 61 Matsakis, D. N.; Josties, F. J.; Foster, R. S.
The Next Five Years of Pulsar Timing 65 Taylor, J. H.
Rotational Instabilities in Pulsars 73 Lyne, A. G.
Fundamental Precision of Pulsar Timing 83 Foster, R. S.
Precision Pulsar Timing in the Presence of Interstellar Weather - PSR B1937+21 and the Crab Pulsar 87 Backer, D. C.; Wong, T.
Further Observations of the Planets Pulsar 91 Wolszczan, A.
Millisecond Pulsar Timing in Effelsberg 95 Kramer, M.; Doroshenko, O.; Jessner, A.; Wielebinski, R.; Wolszczan, A.; Camilo, F.; Taylor, J. H.; Xilouris, K. M.
14 Years of Daily Timing Observations of the VELA Pulsar 97 McCulloch, P. M.
Periodic Changes in Intensity and Arrival Time of Pulses from the VELA Pulsar: Evidence for Free Precession? 101 Deshpande, A. A.; McCulloch, P. M.
Twelve years of Glitches in the VELA Pulsar 103 Flanagan, C. S.
Expectancy of large pulsar glitches 105 Baykal, A.; Alpar, A.
On the timing histories of the Crab, PSR1509-58 and PSR0S40-69 107 Carraminana, A.; Alvarez, C.
VLBI Position Determinations for the Millisecond Pulsar B1937+21. 111 Bartel, N.; Chandler, J. F.; Ratner, M. I.; Shapiro, I. I.
Pulsar Astrometry and Improved Terrestrial Clocks 113 Matsakis, D. N.; Josties, F. J.; Foster, R. S.
Phase-referenced VLBA Observations of PSRs B1937+21 and B0329+54 115 Dewey, H. J.; Beasley, A. J.
Pulsar VLBI Experiment with Kashima(Japan)-Kalyazin(Russia) Baseline 117 Sekido, M.; Imae, M.; Hanado, Y.; Takahashi, Y.; Koyama, Y.; Ilyasov, Y. P.; Rodin, A. E.; Avramenko, A. E.; Oreshko, V. V.; Poperechenko, B. A.
Orbital Parallaxes of Wide Orbit Binary Pulsars and their implications 119 Kopeikin, S. M.
Testing the Strong Equivalence Principle in strong field regimes 123 Wex, N.
MACHO Detection by Pulsar Timing Observation 125 Ohnishi, K.; Hosokawa, M.; Fukushima, T.; Takeuti, M.
Microlensing of pulsar-radiation 127 Wex, N.; Gil, J.; Sendyk, M.
Limits on a stochastic background of gravitational waves 129 McHugh, M. P.; Zalamansky, G.; Vernotte, F.; Lantz, E.
Relativistic effect of gravitational deflection of light in binary pulsars 131 Doroshenko, O. V.; Kopeikin, S. M.
Pulsar Timing Limits on Very Low Frequency Stochastic Gravitational Radiation 132 Dewey, R. J.; Thorsett, S. E.
Neutron stars and strange stars 133 Gondek, D.
Neutron Stars, Strange Pulsars and Strange Dwarfs 135 Weber, F.; Glendenning, N. K.
Whence the pulses? 139 Melrose, D. B.
Plasma Instabilities : Sources for Coherent Radio Emission 147 Asseo, E.
Physics of the Radio Emission Region 155 Eilek, J. A.
Inverse Compton Scattering in pulsar physics 159 Qiao, G. J.
Microstructure and patterns of coherent radiation 163 Ables, J. G.; McConnell, D.
Geometrical effects on radio pulsar profiles and spectra 167 Sieber, W.
Nonlinear Propagation of Pulsar Radiation 171 Shukla, P. K.; Stenflo, L.
Compton scattering effect on polar gap formation: Self-sustained polar CAP heating 175 Luo, Q.
Pulsar Death at an Advanced Age 177 Arons, J.
Are Giant Pulses Evidence of Self-Organized Criticality? 179 Young, M. D. T.; Kenny, B. G.
Radio emission from polar caps in pulsars 181 Kuijpers, J.; Volwerk, M.
To explain Crab pulsar emission by ICS Model 183 Han, J. L.; Zhang, B.; Qiao, G. J.; Xu, R. X.
On the pulsar radiation mechanism 185 Gangadhara, H. T.
Microstructure and the Pulsar Emission Mechanism 187 Boriakoff, V.
The death line of millisecond pulsars 189 Bjornsson, C.
Wide Beams from Young Pulsars (or One Pole for All) 193 Manchester, B. N.
Microstructure: A Review 197 Hankins, T. H.
Numerical study of the radio microstructure associated with the plasma turbulence emission model 205 Weatherall, J. C.
Observations of Giant Pulses from Pulsar PSR B1937+21 209 Thorsett, S. E.; Shrauner, J. A.; Cognard, I.; Taylor, J. H.
Giant Micropulses from PSR J0437-4715 211 Anderson, S. B.; Jenet, F. A.; Kaspi, V. M.; Prince, T. A.; Sandhu, J. S.; Unwin, S. C.; Navarro, J.
A model for PSR J0437-4715 213 Gil, J.; Krawczyk, A.
Separation of integrated pulse shapes into unique sub-components 215 Kramer, M.
Mosaic structure of the emission region of pulsar PSR 0329+54 217 Kuzmin, A. D.; Izvekova, V. A.
Single pulse profiles and the Lorentz factor of emitting particles in pulsarmagnetospheres 221 Rathnasree, N.
Properties of individual and integrated pulses drawn into mode changing phenomenon in PSR 0943+10 at 40. 103 and 430 MHz 223 Suleymanova, S. A.; Izvekova, V. A.; Rankin, J. M.
An Explanation for Pulsar Mode Changing Phenomenon 225 Zhang, B.; Qiao, C. J.; Lin, W. P.; Han, J. L.
Geometry of emission in PSR 1929+ 10 227 Rankin, J. M.; Rathnasree, N.
A Geometrical origin of the Pulsar Core and Conal Emissions 229 Kapoor, B. C.; Shukre, C. S.
Pulse profiles of millisecond pulsars 231 Jayawardhana, R.; Grindlay, J. E.
The Effelsberg surveys of pulse shapes 233 Kijak, J.; Kramer, M.; Wielebinski, R.; Jessner, A.; Seiradakis, J.
Pulsar Polarization; Emission; and Beaming 237 Rankin, J. M.
Monitoring Millisecond Pulsars in Full Polarization 245 Xilouris, K. M.; Kramer, M.
Polarimetric Observations of PSR J0437-4715 249 Navarro, J.; Manchester, R. N.
Birefringence as a Mechanism for the Broadening and Depolarization of Pulsar Average Profiles 253 McKinnon, M. M.
Individual Pulse Polarization of Pulsars at Low Frequencies 257 Suleymanova, S. A.; Izvekova, V. A.; Pugachev, V. D.
Postion angle jumps in pulsar linear polarization 261 Xu, R. X.; Qiao, G. J.; Han, J. L.
A study of polarisation modes in PSR 0823+26 263 Rankin, J. M.; Rathnasree, N.
On polarisation of high intensity pulses in radio pulsars 265 Rathnasree, N.; Rankin, J. M.
Multi-Frequency Pulsar Polarimetry at High Frequencies 267 von Hoensbroech, A.; Xilouris, K. M.
Pulsar Radio Spectra 271 Malofeev, V. M.
Multi-frequency pulsar studies at high radio frequencies 279 Kramer, M.; Xilouris, K. M.
Multifrequency Radio Properties of the Crab Pulsar 283 Moffett, D. A.; Hankins, T. H.
Unusual frequency dependence of the integrated profile of the millisecond pulsar PSR J2145-0705 285 Kuzmin, A. D.; Losovski, B. Y.
Pulsar radio beams and emission altitudes 287 Kijak, J.; Gil, J. A.
EUV Observations of Pulsars 291 Edelstein, J.; Bowyer, S.
A 60 Second Periodic Modulation in Crab Pulsar Optical Light-Curve 297 Cadez, A.; Galicic, M.
Optical Observations of Pulsars 299 Gouiffes, C.; Ogelman, H.
The Polarization of the Crab Pulsar with HST 301 Dolan, J. F.; Boyd, P. T.; Hill, R. J.; Graham-Smith, F.; Lyne, A. G.; Biggs, J. D.; Percival, J. W.; Robinson, E. L.; van Citters, G. W.
Search for the Optical Counterpart of PSR 1953+29 303 Boriakoff, V.; Beskin, G.; Dossa, D.; Fauci, F.; Oke, J. B.; Tella, L.
Recent Gamma-Ray Observations 307 Thompson, D. J.
Gamma-Ray Pulsar Emission Models 315 Harding, A. K.
Physical processes in pulsar magnetospheres and non-thermal high-frequency emission 323 Usov, V. V.
High Energy Pulsars: Pulses and Populations 331 Romani, R. W.
Very High Energy Emission from Pulsars 339 Kifune, T.
ASCA X-Ray Observations of the VELA Pulsar Jet 347 Ogelman, H.; Markwardt, C.
The X-ray synchrotron nebula around PSR 1509-58 351 Brazier, K. T. S.
X-ray observations of PSR J0218+4232 and of PSR B1937+21 353 Verbunt, F.; Johnston, H. M.; de Bruyn, A. G.; van der Klis, M.
The Attenuation of Hard y-rays in Strongly-Magnetized Pulsars 355 Harding, A. K.; Baring, M. G.
Variability of CGRO/EGRET Gamma Ray Sources 357 McLaughlin, M. A.; Mattox, J. R.; Cordes, J. M.; Thompson, D. J.
Origin of High Velocity Pulsar and Soft Gamma Ray Repeaters 359 Hanami, H.
Gamma Ray Bursts as Death of Magnetized Neutron Stars 361 Hanami, H.
Recent Results from the CANGAROO Project 363 Dazeley, S. A.; Edwards, P. G.; Patterson, J. R.; Rowell, O. P.; Sinnott, M.; Thornton, G. J.; Wilkinson, C.; Hara, T.; Hayashida, N.; Katsumata, H.; Kifune, T.; Konishi, T.; Matsubara, Y.; Matsuoka, T.; Mizumoto, Y.; Mori, M.; Muraishi, M.; Muraki, Y.; Oda, T.; Ogio, S.; Obsaki, T.; Sako, T.; Sakurazawa, K.; Susukita, R.; Suzuki, A.; Tamura, T.; Tanimori, T.; Yanagita, S.; Yoshida, T.; Yoshikoshi, T.
Recent X-ray Observations of Pulsar Nebulae 367 Kawai, N.; Tamura, K.
Pulsar/Supernova Remnant Associations 375 Kaspi, V. M.
Associations between pulsars and supernova remnants 385 Gaensler, B. M.; Johnston, S.
The Problem of Energy Transfer in the Crab Nebula 387 Machabeli, G.; McHedlishvili, C.; Shapakidze, D.
Pulsar Wind Nebulae 393 Cordes, J. M.
Pulsar Winds 401 Arons, J.
Pulsar Electrodynamics - Pulsars and Puzzlers 409 Shibata, S.
General Relativistic Electrodynamics and Pulsar Theory 417 Mestel, L.
Energy Transport in a Rotation-Modulated Pulsar Wind 421 Melatos, A.; Melrose, D. B.
Wind Acceleration in Pulsar Magnetospheres 425 Takahashi, M.; Shibata, S.
The Pulsar Magnetosphere - A Stationary Self-Consistent Solution 429 Hofmann, B.; Herold, H.; Ruder, H.
Wave Propagation in Pulsar Magnetospheres and Interstellar Interferometric Observations 431 Gallant, Y. A.
Distorted Dipole Magnetic Fields 433 Burman, R.
Magnetic field amplification in newly-born neutron stars 435 Wiebicke, H.-J.; Geppert, U.
Interstellar Scattering: Observations and Interpretations 439 Rickett, B.
The Galactic Electron Density Distribution 447 Weisberg, J. M.
Pulsar Flux Monitoring and Refractive Scintillation 455 Stinebring, D. R.; Smirnova, T. V.; Hovis, J.; Kempner, J. C.; Myers, E. B.; Hankins, T. H.; Kaspi, V. M.; Nice, D. J.
An AU-Aperture Lens to Resolve the VELA Pulsar's Radio Emission Region 459 Gwinn, C. B.; Ojeda, M. J.; Britton, M. C.; Reynolds, J. E.; Jauncey, D. L.; King, E. A.; Flanagan, C. S.; Smits, D. P.; Preston, R. A.; Jones, D. L.
Multiple Imaging of Pulsars by the ISM 463 Gupta, Y.
Characterization of Multiple Refractive Scintillation Events in the Directions of Two Millisecond Pulsars 469 Cognard, I.; Lestrade, J.-F.
Interstellar Fringes from PSR B0834+06 471 Rickett, B.; Lyne, A.; Gupta, Y.
Scintillation Studies of the Pulsar PSR B0329+54 473 Stinebring, B. R.; Faison, M. D.; McKinnon, M. M.
Resolving Pulsar Magnetospheres Using Interstellar Scintillation 475 Smirnova, T. V.; Shishov, V. I.; Malofeev, V. M.
Simultaneous Observations of Large Enhancement In the Flux of PSR 0950+08 Over a 200 KM Baseline at 103 MHz 477 Bobra, A. D.; Chandra, H.; Vats, H. O.; Janardhan, P.; Vyas, G. D.; Deshpande, M. R.
Kinematic distances for southern pulsars: GUM and Carina 479 Koribalski, B.; Johnston, S.; Weisberg, J.
Investigation of pulsar diffractive scintillation at 4.75 a.nd 10.55 GHz 481 Malofeev, V.; Shishov, V.; Sieber, W.; Jessner, A.; Kramer, M.; Wielebinski, H.
The Distribution of Fractional Linear Polarization and the Random Component of Polarization Position Angle 483 McKinnon, M. M.; Stinebring, D. H.
On Galactic magnetic field derived from RMs of pulsars 485 Han, J. L.; Qiao, G. J.
The White Dwarf Companions of Recycled Pulsars 489 van Kerkwijk, M. H.
Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Millisecond Pulsar Companions: Constraints on Evolution 497 Lundgren, S. C.; Foster, R. S.; Camilo, F.
PSR B1259-63: Periastron Puzzles 501 Johnston, S.
Tidal Interactions in Pulsar Binaries 509 Mardling, R.
Distances to Binary Pulsars and Implications for Tests of General Relativity 513 Bell, J. F.; Bailes, M.
Observations of a new eclipsing binary millisecond pulsar 517 Stappers, B. W.
A Millisecond Pulsar Progenitor to an Ultra-Compact Low-Mass X-ray Binary 521 Lundgren, S. C.; Ergma, E.; Cordes, J. M.
Rotational and Orbital Fluctuations of Eclipsing Binary Pulsar PSR B1744-24A 523 Nice, D. J.; Thorsett, S. E.
Orbital Parameters of the PSR B1620-26 Triple System 525 Arzoumanian, Z.; Joshi, K.; Rasio, F. A.; Thorsett, S. E.
Classical Spin-Orbit Coupling and Periastron Advance in PSR J0045- 7319 531 Kaspi, V. M.
The relation between recycled radio pulsars and wide low-mass X-ray binaries 533 Li, X.; Wang, Z.
Aspects of Mass Transfer in X-ray Binaries 535 Tauris, T. M.
Non-Stationary Accretion in HER X-1-like Systems 537 Geppert, U.; Urpin, V.
Intermediate-Mass Binary Pulsars: a New Class of Objects? 539 Camilo, F.
Neutron Star Binaries in Open Clusters 541 Aarseth, S.; Mardling, R.
The Origin of Millisecond Pulsars 547 Bhattacharya, D.
Debate : The Origin and Evolution of Millisecond Pulsars 557 Bailes, M.; Ergma, E.; Lyne, A.; Rasio, F.; van den Heuvel, E.; van Kerkwjk, M.; Verbunt, F.; Wijers, H.