Title: Physics, Chemistry, and Dynamics of Interplanetary Dust, IAU Colloquium 150
Volume: 104 Year: 1996 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Gustafson, Bo A. S.; Hanner, Martha S.
ISBN: 1-886733-24-4 eISBN: 978-1-58381-440-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
Dynamic Populations of Dust in Interplanetary Space 3 Grim, E.; Staubach, P.
A Reformulation of Divine's Interplanetary Model 15 Matney, M. J.; Kessler, D. J.
Analysis of ULYSSES Dust Measurements Within the Asteroid Belt 19 Mann, I.; Wilek, M.; Grun, E.
Jovian Dust Bursts 23 Zook, H. A.; Grun, E.; Baguhl, M.; Hamilton, D.; Linkert, G.; Liou, J.-C.; Forsyth, R.; Phillips, J. L.
Detection of Possible Interstellar Particles by the HITEN Spacecraft 27 Svedhem, H.; Munzenmayer, R.; Iglseder, H.
Electromagnetic Escape of Dust from the Solar System 31 Hamilton, D. P.; Grun, E.; Baguhl, M.
Interstellar Grain Flow Through the Solar Wind Cavity around 1992 35 Gustafson, B. A. S.; Lederer, S. M.
Trapping of Dust Particles Into Internal Resonances with the Inner Planets 39 Gomes, R. S.
Dynamical Evolution of Interplanetary Dust due to Gravitational Scattering by Jupiter and the Inner Planets 43 Gor'kavyi, N. N.; Ozernoy, L. M.; Mather, J. C.
Orbital Evolution of the Lunar Ejecta 47 Yamamoto, S.; Mukai, T.
The Physics of Meteors 53 Ceplecha, Z.
The Meteoroid Orbit Facility Amor: Recent Developments 65 Baggaley, J. W.; Bennett, R. G. T.
On the Determination of Velocities of Radar Meteors 71 Pecina, P.
A New Technique for Radar Meteor Speed Determination: Inter-Pulse Phase Changes from Head Echoes 75 Taylor, A. D.; Cervera, M. A.; Elford, W. G.; Steel, D. I.
Fragmenting Particles during 1989-1994 Perseid Radar Observations 79 Simek, M.
Optical Search for High Meteors in Hyperbolic Orbits 83 Woodworth, S. C.; Hawkes, R. L.
The Evolution of Meteoroid Streams 89 Williams, I. P.
The Formation and Evolution of the Perseid Meteoroid Stream 101 Harris, N. W.
Modelling the Orbital Evolution of the Perseid Meteoroids 105 Jones, J.; Brown, P.
Activity of the New Filament in the Perseid Meteor Stream 109 Simek, M.; Pecina, P.
Dynamics of the Leonid Meteoroid Stream: a Numerical Approach 113 Brown, P.; Jones, J.
The First in a New Series of Leonid Outbursts 117 Jenniskens, P.
Regular and Stochastic Motion of Meteoroid Streams in Halley-Type Orbits 121 Emel'yanenko, V. V.; Bailey, M. E.
When Might 2P/ENCKE have Produced Meteor Storms? 125 Steel, D. I.; Asher, D. J.
NO Meteor Storms Expected from P/machholz 2 129 Asher, D. J.; Steel, D. I.
Dynamic and Probabilistic Relation Between Meteoroids and Their Parent Bodies 133 Adolfsson, L. G.; Gustafson, B. A. S.
Modelling the Ejection of Meteoroids from Comets 137 Jones, J.; Brown, P.
Sources of Interplanetary Dust 143 Dermott, S. F.; Grogan, K.; Gustafson, B. A. S.; Jayaraman, S.; Kortenkamp, S. J.; Xu, Y. L.
Estimating the Asteroidal Component of the Zodiacal Cloud Using the Earth's Resonant Ring 155 Jayaraman, S.; Dermott, S. F.
Sirtf: a Unique Opportunity for Probing the Zodiacal Cloud 159 Jayaraman, S.; Dermott, S. F.; Werner, M.
The Contribution of Kuiper Belt Dust Grains to the Inner Solar System 163 Liou, J.-C.; Zook, H. A.; Dermott, S. F.
Naturally Occurring Selection Effects on the Terrestrial Accretion of Interplanetary Dust Particles 167 Kortenkamp, S. J.; Dermott, S. F.; Liou, J. C.
Sources of 10 Micron Interplanetary Dust: the Contribution from the Kuiper Belt 171 Flynn, G. J.
The Contamination of Iapetus by Phoebe Dust 179 Burns, J. A.; Hamilton, D. P.; Mignard, F.; Soter, S.
Orbital Evolution of Small Particles Ejected from Martian Satellites 183 Ishimoto, H.
Martian Self-Sustaining Dust Torus 187 Sasaki, S.
Recent Near Earth Satelllite Flux Data: Contribution in the Definition of the Interplanetary Flux at 1 AU Heliocentric Distance 193 McDonnell, J. A. M.; Gardner, D. J.; McBride, N.
Space Debris 201 Kessler, D. J.; Anz-Meador, P. D.; Matney, M. J.
Archiving Impact Data: the LDEF IDE Database 209 Paul, K. G.
Microparticle Impacts Observed on the Hubble Space Telescope Solar Array 213 Berthoud, L.; Paul, K.
Empirical Scaling Laws for Crater Dimensions for Impacts Into Solar Cells 217 Paul, K. G.; Berthoud, L.
STARDUST:COMET and Interstellar Dust Sample Return Mission 223 Brownlee, D. E.; Burnett, D.; Clark, B.; Hanner, M. S.; Horz, F.; Kissel, J.; Newburn, R.; Sandford, S.; Sekanina, Z.; Tsou, P.; Zolensky, M.
The Cosmic Dust Analyzer for the Cassini Mission to Saturn 227 Srama, R.; Grun, E.; The Cassini-Dust-Science Team
Mars Dust Counter on Board Isas Planet-B 233 Igenbergs, E.; Sasaki, S.; Farber, G.; Fisher, F.; Munzenmayer, R.; Fujiwara, A.; Iglseder, H.; Glasmachers, A.; Grun, E.; Mukai, T.; Nogami, K.-I.; Ohashi, H.; Schwehm, G.; Svedhem, H.; Yamakoshi, K.
Hypervelocity Capture of Meteoroids in Aerogel 237 Tsou, P.
A Collector for Interplanetary Dust Particles and Space Debris 243 Xu, Y.-L.; Zhang, H. Q.; Zhang, N.; Yu, M.; Xie, P.; Fan, C. Y.
An Optical Instrument to Characterize Individual Dust Particles 247 Giovane, F.; Gustafson, B. A. S.; Lamy, Ph. L.
Accuracy of a Velocity/trajectory Sensor for Charged Dust Particles 251 Auer, S.
Concepts for Dust Velocity Measurements on a Cometary Orbiter 255 Perruchot, S.; Lamy, Ph. L.; Giovane, F.; Gustafson, B. A. S.
The Elemental Composition of Interplanetary Dust 261 Brownlee, D. E.
Collection and Microanalysis of Antarctic Micrometeorites 265 Maurette, M.; Engrand, C.; Kurat, G.
The Search for Interstellar Components in Interplanetary Dust Particles 275 Bradley, J.; Ireland, T.
A Comprehensive Study of Major, Minor and Light Element Abundances in Over 100 Interplanetary Dust Particles 283 Thomas, K. L.; Keller, L. P.; McKay, D. S.
Isotopic Anomalies in Interplanetary Dust Particles 287 Messenger, S.; Walker, R. M.
The Abundance Pattern of Elements Having Low Nebular Condensation Temperatures in Interplanetary Dust Particles: Evidence for a New Chemical Type of Chondritic Material 291 Flynn, G. J.; Bajt, S.; Sutton, S. R.; Zolensky, M. E.; Thomas, K. L.; Keller, L. P.
Mineralogical Changes in IDPS Resulting from Atmospheric Entry Heating 295 Keller, L. P.; Thomas, K. L.; McKay, D. S.
Optical and Thermal Properties of Zodiacal Dust 301 Levasseur-Regourd, A. C.
COBE Observations of Zodiacal Emission 309 Hauser, M. G.
Dust Near the Sun 315 Mann, I.
COBE/DH{BE Studies of Scattering by Interplanetary Dust 321 Berriman, G. B.; Weiland, J. L.; Lisse, C. M.; Reach, W. T.; Hauser, M. G.; Kelsall, T.
Search for the Signature of Interstellar Dust in the COBE Data 325 Grogan, K.; Dermott, S. F.; Gustafson, B. A. S.; Jayaraman, S.; Xu, Y. L.; Hamilton, D.
Clues in Zodiacal Light Observations for a Dust Ring Along the Earth's Orbit 329 Renard, J. B.; Dumont, R.; Levasseur-Regourd, A. C.; Hadamcik, E.
Clementine Photographs of the Inner Zodiacal Light 333 Cooper, B. L.; Zook, H. A.; Potter, A. E.
Zodiacal Light - Scattered Fraunhofer Line Profiles 337 Clarke, D.
Radial Velocities of Dust Particles in the F-Corona 341 Shestakova, L. I.; Aimanov, A. K.; Aimanova, G. K.
Infrared Spectroscopic Observations of Neutral Helium during the 1994 Eclipse 345 Mann, I.; Kuhn, J. R.; Penn, M. J.
The Role of Particle Size in Producing the F-Coronal Scattered Brightness 349 MacQueen, R. M.; Davidson, W. C.; Mann, I.
Time Variation of the Solar Dust Cloud 353 Kimura, H.
Modelcalculations of Near Solar Dust Properties 357 Mann, I.; Ishimoto, H.; Okamoto, H.; Mukai, T.
Dust Particles Near the Sun 361 Shestakova, L. I.; Tambovtseva, L. V.
Composition and Optical Properties of Cometary Dust 367 Hanner, M. S.
Morphology of Cometary Dust Coma and Tail 377 Sekanina, Z.
Fragmentation of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9'S Nuclei during Flight Through the Jovian Atmosphere 383 Sekanina, Z.
A Fragmentation Model of Dust Grains in the Inner Coma of Halley. a Possible Explanation of the Color Effect 387 Goidet-Devel, B.; Clairemidi, J.; Moreels, G.; Rousselot, P.
Polarimetric Measurements of Scattered Light by Dust Grains in Earth and Microgravity Conditions. Tentative Interpretation of the Dichotomy Between Comets 391 Hadamcik, E.; Levasseur-Regourd, A. C.; Worms, J. C.; Renard, J. B.
Meteorites from Comets? Recent Observational Developments 395 Campins, H.
Optical Properties of Dust from Laboratory Scattering Measurements 401 Gustafson, B. A. S.
Laboratory Measurements of Light Scattering by Dust Particles 409 Combet, P.P.; Lamy, Ph. L.
Scattering Properties of Dust Particles in Weightlessness 415 Worms, J. C.; Levasseur-Regourd, A. C.; Hadamcik, E.; Bourras, D.; Renard, J. B.
A Complete and Efficient Multisphere Scattering Theory for Modeling the Optical Properties of Interplanetary Dust 419 Xu, Y.-L.; Gustafson, B. A. S.
Applicability of A1-TERM Method to the Scattering by Irregularly Shaped Interplanetary Dust Grains 423 Okamoto, H.
Optical Properties of Fluffy Particles 427 Stognienko, R.; Henning, Th.; Ossenkopf, V.
Scattering Properties of Cometary Grains 433 Vaidya, D. B.; Desai, J. N.
Modelling the Temperature of Cometary Particles 437 Xing, Z.; Hanner, M. S.
Coherent Backscatter Opposition Effect from Saturn Ring Particles and Their Regoliths 443 Horn, L. J.; Nelson, R. M.; Smythe, W. D.; Hapke, B. W.
On the Dielectric Function of Partially Amorphous Olivine Dust 447 Lynch, D. K.; Mazuk, S.
Sublimation of Interplanetary Dust 453 Mukai, T.
Laboratory Experiments on Carbonaceous and Silicate Materials 463 Colangeli, L.; Mennella, V.; Rotundi, A.; Bussoletti, E.; Palumbo, P.
The Mobility of a Hydrogen Atom on an Icy Mantle 469 Masuda, K.
Size Distributions of Asteroidal Dust: Possible Constraints on Impact Strengths 473 Durda, D. D.; Dermott, S. F.
Free Molecular Gas Drag on Fluffy Aggregates 477 Nakamura, R.
Measurement of Dust Electric Charges by the ULYSSES and Galileo Dust Detectors 481 Svestka, J.; Auer, S.; Baguhl, M.; Grun, E.
Properties of Interstellar Dust 487 Dorschner, J.
On the Crystalline Silicate Component of Comet Dust 497 Greenberg, J. M.; Li, A.; Yamamoto, T.; Kozasa, T.
The Dust in Beta Pictoris Systems 507 Fajardo-Acosta, S. B.
Dust Evolution ln Protoplanetary Disks 513 Henning, T.; Schmitt, W.; Klahr, H.; Mucha, R.
Chemical Reactions and Dust Destruction in Protoplanetary Accretion Disks 517 Finocchi, F.; Gail, H.-P.; Duschl, W. J.; Tscharnuter, W. M.
Summary Remarks 527 Lamy, Ph. L.