Title: The Galactic Center, 4th ESO/CTIO Workshop
Volume: 102 Year: 1996 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Gredel, Roland
ISBN: 1-886733-22-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-438-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Galactic Center at Low Radio Frequencies 3 Alvarez, H.; Aparici, J.; May, J.
Molecular Clouds near the Galactic Center 8 Bally, John
Neutral Carbon and the Dense Interstellar Medium in the Inner 300 PC of the Galaxy 16 Jaffe, D. T.; Plume, R.; Evans, Neal J., II; Bally, John
LargeScale Observations of the Far-Infrared [CII] Line Emission from the Galactic Center 20 Nakagawa, Takao; Doi, Yasuo; Yamashita Yui, Yukari; Okuda, Haryuki; Mochizuki, Kenji; Shibai, Hiroshi; Nishimura, Tetsmio; Low, Frank J.
H2 Emission from the Inner 400 parsecs of the Galaxy: II. The UV-Excited H2 28 Pak, Soojong; Jaffe, D. T.; Keller, L. D.
LargeScale Surface Photometry of the Galactic Center 36 Schmidtobreick, L.; Tappert, C.; Schlosser, W.; Koczet, P.; Wiemann, S.; Jutte, M.; Hoffmann, B.; Schmidt-Kaler, Th.; Kimeswenger, S.
The Formation of Large Scale Structures Via the Parker Instability 40 Santillan, A.; Martos, M. A.; Franco, J.; Cox, D. P.
SiO Emission from the Galactic Center Molecular Clouds 47 Martin-Pintado, Jesus; de Vicente, Pablo; Fuente, Asuncion; Planesas, Pere
The Molecular Gas in the Galactic Center Region based on C-18 O Measurements 54 Dahmen, C.; Huttemeister, S.; Wilson, T. L.; Mauersberger, R.; Linhart, A.; Bronfman, L.; Tieftrunk, A. R.; Meyer, K.; Wiedenhover, W.; Dame, T. M.; Palmer, E. S.; May, J.; Aparici, J.; Macauliffe, F.
CS (J=2-1) Observations of the SGR B Complex and FIR 21 60 Yusef-Zadeh, F.; Uchida, K. I.; Mehringer, D. M.; Roberts, D.; Nyman, L.-A.; Casement, S.; Lindqvist, M.
A Hot Ring in the SGR B2 Molecular Cloud 64 de Vicente, Pablo; Martin-Pintado, Jesus; Wilson, Tom L.
Kinematical, Physical and Evolutionary Status of the Galactic Center Giant Molecular Cloud G1.6-0.025 68 Sobolev, Andrej M.
Kinematics of the SGR A Cloud Complex 77 Zylka, Robert
Millimetre Spectral Line Observations of the Galactic Centre 85 Sandqvist, Aa.
Detection of OH (1720 MHz) Masers in SGR A East 93 Green, A. J.; Frail, D. A.; Goss, W. M.; Yusef-Zadeh, F.; Roberts, D. A.
Physical Condition of UV Heated Warm Gas around the Galactic Center 101 Yui, Yukari Y.; Nakagawa, Takao; Okuda, Haruyuki; Shibai, Hiroshi; Hiromoto, Norihisa; Doi, Yasmio
KWIC Imaging of the Galactic Center 106 Latvakoski, H. M.; Stacey, G. J.; Hayward, T. L.; Gull, G. E.
Far-infrared line Structure line Observations of the Galactic Center Radio Arc 114 Poglitsch, A.; Genzel, R.; Madden, S. C.; Nikola, T.; Timmermann, U.; Geis, N.; Townes, C. H.
Interstellar Extinction in time Vicinity of Galactic Center Thermal Radio Emission Regions122 122 Cotera, Angela S.; Simpson, Janet P.; Erickson, Edwin F.; Colgan, Sean W. J.; Burton, Michael G.
The Turbulent Galactic Center: Extremely Strong Scattering near SGR A* 127 Lazio, T. Joseph W.; Cordes, James M.
Kinematics of the Ionized Gas in SGR A West: The Minicavity and the Western Arc 137 Roberts, D. A.; Yusef-Zadeh, F.; Goss, W. M.
The -185 KM s(to the minus 1) Cloud Interacting with the Galactic Center 146 Zhao, Jun-Hui; Goss, W. M.; Ho, P. T. P.
The 1720 MHz OH Emission from G359.1-0.5 and the CND 151 Yusef-Zadeh, F.; Robinson, B. T.; Roberts, D. A.; Goss, W. M.; Frail, D. A.; Green, A.
H2 Emission from the Galactic Centre Molecular Ring 163 Ramsay Howat, S. K.; Mountain, C. M.; Geballe, T. R.
Molecular Line Maps of the Galactic Centre Circumnuclear Disk 171 White, Glenn J.
10pm Imaging Polarimetry 179 Aitken, David; Smith, Craig; Moore, Toby; Roche, Patrick
Astrometry in the Galactic Center Region 189 Rosa, Michael R.
Observations of the Galactic Center with SHARP: First Stellar Proper Motions 196 Eckart, A.; Genzel, R.
Quantitative Spectroscopy of the HeI Cluster 203 Najarro, Francisco; Kudritzki, Rolf P.; Krabbe, Alfred; Genzel, Reinhard; Lutz, Dieter; Hillier, D. John
Chemical Abundances of Stars at the Galactic Center 212 Carr, John S.; Sellgren, K.; Balachandrau, Suchitra C.
Origin of the Peculiar HeI Stars 220 Tamblyn, Peter; Melia, Fulvio; Ricke, G. H.
2.2 MU M Keck Images of the Galaxy's Central Stellar Cluster at 0".05 Resolution 228 Klein, B. L.; Ghez, A. M.; Morris, M.; Becklin, E. E.
Fourier Imaging Spectroscopy of the Galactic Center 232 Simons, D. A.; Maillard, J. P.
Consequences of Extended Dark Mass in the Galactic Center Cluster 236 McCregor, Peter J.; Bicknell, Geoffrey V.; Saha, Prasenjit
Masers and Star Formation near the Galactic Centre 247 Caswell, J. L.
Object #17 and Quintuplet Clusters near the Galactic Center 255 Nagata, Tetsuya
Hot Stars in the Quintuplet 263 Figer, Donald F.; Morris, Mark; McLean, Ian S.
The Chemical Composition near the Galactic Centre - A Study of Four Blue Supergiants 271 Smartt, S. J.; Dufton, P. L.; Lennon, D. J.
Really Cool Stars at the Galactic Center 277 Blum, R. D.; Sellgren, K.; Depoy, D. L.
Interstellar Extinction and the Luminosity Function of Galactic Center Stars 285 Sellgren, K.; Blum, R. D.; Depoy, D. L.
The Nature of OH/IR Stars in the Galactic Centre Region 289 Blommaert, Joris; van der Veen, Wil; Habing, Harm; van Langevelde, Huib-Jan; Sjouwerman, Lorant
A new Sample of OH/IR Stars in the Galactic Center 294 Sjouwerman, Lorant; Winnberg, Anders; van Langevelde, Huib Jan; Habing, Harm; Lindqvist, Michael
Spectroscopy of New Planetary Nebulae close to the Galactic Center 299 van de Steene, G. C.; Jacoby, G. H.
The 15 MU M ISOGAL Survey of the Inner Galactic Disk 305 Omont, Alain
Variable Stars close to the Galactic Centre 312 Glass, I. S.; Matsumoto, S.; Ono, T.; Sekiguchi, K.
The Stellar Content of the Bulge: NTT and HST Photometry 320 Vallenari, A.; Chiosi, C.; Bertelli, C.; Ng, Y. K.
Dynamics of the Core Region 327 Miller, R. H.
The Dynamics of the Galactic Center: Origin of the Mini-Spiral 335 Fridman, A. M.; Khoruzhii, O. V.; Lyakhovich, V. V.; Ozernoy, L.; Sil'chenko, O. K.; Blitz, L.
A Large Proper-Motion Survey in Plaut's Low-Extinction Window 345 Mendez, R. A.; Rich, R. M.; van Altena, W. F.; Girard, T. M.; van den Bergh, S.; Majewski, S. R.
Galactic Cores as Separate Stellar Subsystems 353 Sil'chenko, Olga K.
On Masses of Equilibrium Configurations 357 Verozub, L. V.
MOND and the Feeding of the Monster: The Conveyor Belt 362 Selman, Fernando J.
The Discovery of the Radio Source Sagittarius A (Sgr A) 369 Goss, W. M.; McGee, R. X.
The Spectrum of SGR A* and the Central Parsec 380 Mezger, Peter C.
The Interpretation of the SGR A* Spectrum 389 Duschl, Wolfgang J.; Beckert, Thomas
Activity and Radiative Characteristics of the Central Engine in the Galactic Center 395 Melia, F.
Bondi-Hoyle Accretion onto SGR A* 403 Coker, R. F.; Melia, F.
The First Detection of a Source Coincident with SGR A* at 8.7 PM 407 Stolovy, Susan R.; Hayward, T. L.; Herter, Terry
ROSAT/X-ray Studies of the Galactic Center 415 Predehl, P.; Zinnecker, H.
ASCA Observations of the Galactic Center 423 Maeda, Yoshitomo; Koyama, Katsuji
Six Years of hard X-Ray and Soft -y-Ray Observations of the Galactic Center with the Sigma Telescope 431 Vargas, M.; Goldwurm, A.; Paul, J.; Ballet, J.; Bouchet, L.; Roques, J. P.; Jourdain, E.; Borrel, V.; Sunyaev, R.; Gilfanov, M.; Churazov, E.; Kuznetsov, S.; Trudolubov, S.; Revnivtsev, M.; Khavenson, N.; Dyachkov, A.
A Search for Infrared Positronium Line Emission from the Great Annihilator near the Galactic Centre 439 Puxley, P. J.; Skinner, C. K.
G357.1-00.2: A Peculiar Nonthermal Radio Source near the Galactic Centre 443 Gray, Andrew D.
The Interaction of the G359.54+0.18 Nonthermal Filaments with the Ambient Medium 447 Staguhn, J.; Stutzki, J.; Yusef-Zadeh, F.; Uchida, K. I.
SGR A* and its Siblings in nearby Galaxies 453 Falcke, Heino
Stars, Stellar Remnants, and the Black hole in the Galactic Center 462 Rieke, G. H.; Rieke, M. J.
Comparison between the Galactic Center and Activity in NGC 4258 (M106) 471 Burbidge, E. M.
The Robe of the Galactic Center on our Understanding of Violent Activity in time Nuclei of Galaxies 480 Burbidge, G.; Hoyle, F.
Mid-Infrared Emission amid Luminous Sources in the Central Parsec 491 Gezari, Dan
OH/IR. Stars - Dynamical Studies 500 Winnberg, Anders