Title: Hydrogen-Deficient Stars
Volume: 96 Year: 1996 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Jeffery, C. S.; Heber, U.
ISBN: 1-886733-17-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-432-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
Introductory review: Some general problems concerning RCB stars 3 Feast, M. W.
R Coronae Borealis stars: current status of the observational data 13 Cottrell, P. L.
Model atmospheres of cool hydrogen-deficient carbon stars 27 Gustafsson, B.; Asplund, M.
Are the declines of R Coronae Borealis stars caused by super- Eddington luminosities? 39 Asplund, M.; Gustafsson, B.
Surface composition of the RCB stars - refinement of a few mere facts 43 Rao, N. K.; Lambert, D. L.
A non-LTE investigation of carbon in R Coronae Borealis stars 57 Asplund, M.; Ryde, N. A. E.
Hydrogen-deficient nature of Z UMi 58 Goswami, A.; Rao, N. K.; Gonzalez, G.; Lambert, D. L.
Spectrum of S APS at deep minimum 59 Rao, N. K.; Goswami, A.; Smith, V. V.; Lambert, D. L.
R CR B pulsation and mass loss 60 Rao, N. K.; Lambert, D. L.
Observational properties of dust shells of R Coronae Borealis stars 63 Clayton, G.
Chemistry and thermodynamics of the nucleation in R CrB star shells 69 Goeres, A.
Shock-induced condensation in R CrB stars 83 Woitke, P.; Goeres, A.; Sedlmayr, E.
Pulsationally induced dust formation in evolved stars 87 Lafon, J.-P. J.
What causes the R Corona Borealis type minimum: dust cloud or dust shell? 91 Rosenbush, A. E.
Long-term photometry of R Coronae Borealis (RCB) stars 95 Cottrell, P. L.; Gilmore, A. G.; Kilmartin, P. M.; Pooley, D. J.; Lawson, W. A.
On the inter-fade periods of R CrB type variables 96 Jurcsik, J.
Short-time low-amplitude fadings in R CrB and XX Cam-a rapid dust-producing phenomenon? 97 Zhilyaev, B.; Totochava, A. G.
The mathematically strict analysis of the extinction curves of the RCB 98 stars 98 Zubko, W.
Wolf-Rayet central stars of planetary nebulae 101 Tylenda, R.
Wolf-Rayet stars and stellar winds 111 Hillier, D. J.
Wolf-Rayet stars of high and low mass 127 Hamann, W.-R.
Non-LTE spectroscopic analysis of the wind of the central star of NGC 6543 141 de Koter, A.; Hubeny, I.; Heap, S. R.; Lanz, T.
A method for the direct determination of the wind electron temperature of WC10 central stars of planetary nebulae 145 De Marco, O.; Storey, P. J.; Barlow, M. J.
A quantitative analysis of the [WCL] star CPD-56 Degrees 8032 149 Crowther, P. A.; De Marco, O.; Storey, P. J.; Barlow, M. J.
Spectral analyses of late-type WR central stars: upper limits for the hydrogen abundance 150 Leuenhagen, U.
A 3000-d visual light curve for the [WC11] star CPD-56 Degrees 8032 (V837 Ara) 151 Lawson, W. A.; Jones, A. F.
Surface properties of extreme helium stars 152 Jeffery, C. S.
MV SGR - the emission line spectrum 167 Pandey, G.; Rao, N. K.; Lambert, D. L.
Spectral variations of DY CEN 171 Giridhar, S.; Rao, N. K.; Lambert, D. L.
Spectral analysis of the extreme helium star LSS 3184 172 Drilling, J. S.; Jeffery, C. S.; Heber, U.
A spectral analysis of the H-deficient star HD144941 173 Harrison, P. M.; Jeffery, C. S.
NLTE analysis of the extreme helium star HD 160641 174 Rauch, T.
Spectrum synthesis of type IA SNe 175 Hauschildt, P. H.; Baron, E.; Nugent, P.; Branch, D.
Stellar wind and elemental segregation 179 Hunger, K.; Groote, D.; Heber, U.
He-rich stars and the fading of radiatively driven winds 185 Babel, J.
X-ray emission from magnetically confined winds 189 Babel, J.; Montmerle, T.
Observations and models of H-deficient planetary nebulae 193 Harrington, J. P.
The planetary nebulae K1-27 and LoTr4 and their central stars 205 Koppen, J.; Rauch, T.; Werner, K.
[WR] nuclei of planetary nebulae: inferences from statistical studies of the nebulae 209 Gorny, S. K.; Stasinska, G.
The planetary nebulae of PG 1159 stars - clues to their evolutionary history 213 Napiwotzki, R.; Haas, S.; Schonberner, D.
Morphology of the planetary nebula Lo4 217 Kohoutek, L.
CPD -56 Degrees 8032: a very low-excitation planetary nebula 219 Kohoutek, L.
HST narrow-band imaging and UV spectrophotometry of planetary nebulae in the Magellanic Clouds 220 Vassiliadis, E.; Dopita, M. A.; Meatheringham, S. J.; Bohlin, R. C.; Ford, H. C.; Harrington, J. P.; Wood, P. R.; Stecher, T. P.; Maran, S. P.
The statistics and classification of hydrogen-deficient white dwarfs: ten years post-Mysore 223 Sion, E. M.
Helium-rich stars from the HS, PG and KPD surveys 241 Heber, U.; Dreizler, S.; Werner, K.; Engels, D.; Hagen, H.-J.
Proper motions of the hot subdwarfs: observations and population tests 245 Thejll, P.; Flynn, C.; The CAMC Team
Fully line-blanketed NLTE model atmospheres for hot hydrogen-deficient stars 249 Hubeny, I.; Lanz, T.
The role of blanketing by iron-group elements in sdO stars atmospheres 261 Haas, S.
Solution of the Balmer line problem 265 Werner, K.
Sphericity effects in helium rich NLTE model atmospheres 266 Kubat, J.
PG 1159 stars 267 Werner, K.; Dreizler, S.; Heber, U.; Rauch, T.
Spectral analysis of hot helium-rich white dwarfs 281 Dreizler, S.; Werner, K.
The DB and DBA white dwarfs: epitomes of hydrogen-deficient stars 295 Beauchamp, A.; Wesemael, F.; Bergeron, P.; Liebert, J.; Saffer, R. A.
AM CVn binaries - will they evolve into DB white dwarfs? 309 Solheim, J. E.
Is GP Coin a true AM CVn system? 313 Ulla, A.; Mantel, K.-H.; Barwig, H.; La Dous, C.; Sabau, L.; Goodrich, R. W.
NLTE spectral analysis of helium-rich sdO stars from the southern HK survey 317 Drilling, J. S.; Napiwotzki, R.; Dreizler, S.; Heber, U.; Beers, T. C.
Analysis of IR photometry for sdO stars 318 Ulla, A.; Thejll, P.
Observations of PG 1159 stars with the Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope 319 Kruk, J. W.; Werner, K.
Is the transformation of atmospheres by diffusion possible? 320 Unglaub, K.; Bues, I.
GD358 and the role of hydrogen in DB evolution 321 Provencal, J. L.; Shipman, H. L.
The instability strip of the pulsating DB (V777 Her) white dwarfs: a preliminary view in the optical 322 Wesemael, F.; Beauchamp, A.; Bergeron, P.; Fontaine, G.; Saffer, R. A.; Liebert, J.
Analysis of the helium-rich magnetic white dwarf GD 1702 323 Fey, W.; Bues, I.
L745-46A: hydrogen and metal abundances in a He-rich white dwarf 324 Koester, D.; Allard, N. F.
Molecules in the atmospheres of helium-rich very cool white Dwarfs 325 Aslan, T.; Bues, I.; Karl-Dietze, L.
The story of PG SGE 329 Kipper, T.
On the evolution and mass of FG SGE 341 Blocker, T.; Schonberner, D.
High resolution spectra of FG SGE during the 1992 and 1994 deep minima 345 Smith, V. V.; Gonzalez, G.; Rao, N. K.
The observational characterization of hydrogen-deficient carbon stars as pulsating stars 349 Lawson, W. A.; Kilkenny, D.
Linear models for hydrogen-deficient star pulsations 361 Saio, H.
Small amplitude variations in XX Cam and three other northern hemisphere RCrB stars 374 Weiss, A.; Olson, E. G.; Fried, R.
Nonlinear radial pulsation models for hydrogen-deficient stars 375 Fadeyev, Yu. A.
A nonlinear radial pulsation model for the extreme helium star V652 387 HER (BD+13 Degrees 3224) 387 Fadeyev, Yu. A.; Lynas-Gray, A. E.
Pulsations and mass loss of hydrogen-deficient carbon stars 391 Dorfi, E.; Feuchtinger, M. U.
Ultraviolet light curves for pulsating helium stars 395 Hill, P. W.; Jeffery, C. S.
A radial velocity curve for pulsating helium star LSS3184 396 Jeffery, C. S.; Hill, N. C.
Asteroseismology of PG1159 stars 397 Vauclair, G.
On the origin of R CrB and other hydrogen-deficient stars 409 Iben, I.; Tutukov, A. V.; Yungelson, L. R.
The progenitors of hydrogen-deficient supernovae 419 Podsiadlowski, P.
How are hydrogen-deficient stars formed? 433 Schonberner, D.
Observational evidence for evolutionary links 443 Lambert, D.
Basic data on hydrogen-deficient stars 461 Drilling, J. S.
A catalogue of hydrogen-deficient stars 471 Jeffery, C. S.; Heber, U.; Hill, P. W.; Dreizler, S.; Drilling, J. S.; Lawson, W. A.; Leuenhagen, U.; Werner, K.