Title: Astronomy Education: Current Developments, Future Coordination
Volume: 89 Year: 1996 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Percy, John A.
ISBN: 1-886733-10-4 eISBN: 978-1-58381-425-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
Astronomy Education: an International Perspective 1 Percy, John R.
The State of Astronomy Education in the US 9 Fraknoi, Andrew
Better Rather Than More Astronomy Education 26 Ahlgren, Andrew
Education Reform: Implications for the Teaching of Astronomy 33 Schatz, Dennis
Astronomy's Conceptual Heirarchy 46 Sadler, Philip M.
Hands-On Astronomy for Education 61 Pennypacker, Carl; Asbell-Clarke, Jodi
Textbooks and Electronic Media 66 Pasachoff, Jay M.
Model for Reaching Underserved Audiences: The Cultural Arts Program For Children Living in Temporary Housing 73 Tyson, Neil D.; Calderon, Ismael
The Role of Planetariums in Astronomy Education 80 Manning, James G.
The AAS Education Initiative in Astronomy 88 Edwards, S.; Strom, S. E.
Getting Astronomers Involved in the Teaching of Astronomy 94 Fierro, Julieta
Education Programs at the National Science Foundation 96 Salinger, Gerhard L.
The Role of Education in NASA's Space Science Research Programs and Missions 99 Rosendhal, Jeffrey D.
The Role of National Observatories in Science Education: From Moonlighting to Mainstream 103 Danly, Laura
What's Happening in Physics Education? 110 Lopez, Ramon E.
Astronomy Education in the Two-Year Colleges 112 Tucker, George F.
Post-Secondary Astronomy 116 Mumford, George S.; Comins, Neil
K-12 Astronomy Education 125 Lockwood, Jeff; Asbell-Clarke, Jodi
Teacher Preparation 129 French, Linda M.; Schatz, Dennis
Role of Informal Science Centers in Formal Education 131 Mattei, Janet A.; Hawkins, Isabel
Public Education in Astronomy 134 Fraknoi, Andrew; Mosley, John
Reaching Underserved Groups 140 Knappenberger, Paul; Degioia-Eastwood, Kathy
Creating Networks and Coalitions 143 Hemenway, Mary Kay; Roettger, Elizabeth; Percy, John
Technology and Astronomy Education 148 Marschall, Laurence A.; Safko, John
The Angel Ramos Visitor and Educational Facility - Arecibo Observatory 156 Altschuler, Daniel; Eder, Joann
Hands-On Universe: Bringing Astronomical Explorations to the Classroom 158 Asbell-Clarke, Jodi; Pack, Hughes; Pennypacker, Carl; Toler, Dane
Astronomy as a Doorway to Science for Disadvantaged Students 161 Augensen, Harry J.
UNIVERSO: A Spanish-Language Astronomy Radio Program 165 Barnes, Sandi
Scaling the Solar System at Lake Afton Public Observatory 167 Beaver, John E.; Kardel, W. Scott; Novacek, Greg
Tennis Ball Astronomy 169 Bisard, Walter J.
Learning Theory and Implications 171 Bishop, Jeanne E.
Integrating Astronomy with Elementary Non-Science Curricula 176 Bobrowsky, Matt
A Role for Planetariums in Science Education Reform 178 Chapman, Stu
The Mystery of the Nazca Lines 180 Cochrane, Kathleen
Addressing Common Astronomy Misconceptions in the Classroom 181 Comins, Neil F.
GNAT: A Global Network of Small Astronomical Telescopes 183 Crawford, David L.; Craine, Eric
Astronomy and Teacher Training at the University of Waterloo: The Waterloo-Queens Science Teaching Program 186 Dagenais, Gisele
Space Telescope Elementary School Outreach Program (STESOP) 188 Danly, Laura; Mendez, Flavio J.
Hands-On Learning at Northern Arizona University and Lowell Observatory: The National Undergraduate Research Observatory, and Research Experiences for Undergraduates 190 Degioia-Eastwood, Kathy
Developing Education and Outreach Programs at Research Institutions: Lessons Learned at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics High Energy Astrophysics Division 192 Dow, K.; Mandel, E.; Jones, C.; Murray, S.; Ruiz, T.
Undergraduate Research for Majors and Non-Majors 195 Dukes, Robert J.; Kubinec, William R.; Nations, Harold L.
Bridging the Cultural Gap with Science 197 Eastlick, Pam
Periodical Publications on Astronomy for Children 199 Fierro, Julieta
Project ASTRO: Partnership between Astronomers and Teachers 200 Fraknoi, Andrew; Richter, Jessica; Hildreth, Scott
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Astronomy Education 202 Fraknoi, Andrew
An Astronomy Course for Preservice Elementary Teachers 204 French, Linda M.
A Local Newspaper Column about Astronomy and the Night Sky 206 Friend, David B.
Constellations in the Classroom 208 Graham, Mary; Muratore, Mary
Making Planetariums and Science Museums More Accessable for People with Disabilities 210 Grice, Noreen
Treatment of Creationism in an Introductory Astronomy Class 212 Hall, Donald E.
The Educational Activities of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 214 Havlen, Robert J.
Science On-Line: Partnership Approach for the Creation of Internet-Based Classroom Resources 215 Hawkins, Isabel; Battle, Robyn; Christian, Carol; Malina, Roger
Education Programs of the American Astronomical Society 218 Hemenway, Mary Kay
The Cosmology Distinction Course in New South Wales, Australia 221 Hollow, Robert; White, Graeme L.
Teaching Astronomical Concepts through IUE Data Analysis 224 Imhoff, Catherine L.; Clemmitt, Sarah
NOAO K-12 Educational Outreach Activities 225 Jacoby, Suzanne H.
Initiative to Develop Education through Astronomy (IDEA) 227 Kinney, Anne; Danly, Laura; Rest, Carole
The FOSTER Program: Teacher Enrichment through Participation in NASA's Airborne Astronomy Program 228 Koch, D.; Gillespie, C., Jr.; Hull, G.; Devore, E.
Planetaria and the Space Telescope Science Institute 230 Landis, Rob; Ratcliffe, Martin; Fentress, Steve; Kinney, Anne; Danly, Laura
The VEGA Extension of Project ASTRO 233 Lark, Neil L.
Project ARTIST and Project ACCESS! Integrating Astronomy and Planetary Sciences into the Elementary and Middle School Curriculum 235 Lebofsky, Larry A.; Canizo, Thea; Lebofsky, Nancy R.
UNIVERSE: The Infinite Frontier 237 Levine, Joel M.
The Remote Access Astronomy Project 239 Lovan, Shea A.; Lubin, Philip M.
The Skymath Project: The Teaching of Middle School Mathematics using the Real-World Problem of the Weather 241 Lynds, Beverly T.
The Light Pollution Monitoring Program 243 Maciolek, Ardis
Project CLEA: Three Years of Developing Computerized Exercises for the Introductory Astronomy Laboratory 245 Marschall, Laurence A.; Snyder, G. A.; Hayden, M. B.; Cooper, P. R.; Luehrmann, M. K.; Good, R. F.
Hands-On Astrophysics: Variable Stars in the Math/Science Lab 247 Mattei, Janet A.; Saladyga, Michael; Anderson, Lynn M.; Percy, John R.
Partnership in Astronomy: Linking Students and Teachers with a Community of Dedicated Amateur Astronomers 249 Mattei, Janet A.; Motta, Mario; Saladyga, Michael; Anderson, Lynn M.
Cosmic Disaster in 2000 251 Mosley, John
Astronomy Education and the AAPT 253 Mumford, George S.
Solar System - Activities and Rationales 255 Nokleby, Lois A.
Education Programs of the International Astronomical Union 256 Percy, John R.
The Astronomy Village 259 Pompea, Stephen M.
Cosmic Explorers: an Astronomy Day Camp for Children 262 Procter, Alison; Johanson, Heather
Undergraduate Astronomical Spectrographs - A Modular Approach 264 Ratcliff, Stephen J.
Light! Spectra! Action! Teaming Up to Create Excellent Astronomical Experiences 266 Roettger, Elizabeth E.; Singel, Amy L.; Duncan, Douglas K.
Astronomy Distance Education Courses at the University of South Carolina 270 Safko, John L.
Students' Hands-On Physics (SHOP) 272 Saken, Jon M.; Henry, Todd J.
A High School Astronomy Course for a Wide Range of Student Abilities 273 Sampson, Gary E.
Space Odyssey and Astro Adventures: A Comprehensive Astronomy Outreach Program 275 Schatz, Dennis
A Revised Approach to a Self-Paced Introductory Astronomy Course 276 Shawl, Stephen J.
Interdisciplinary Astronomy in Planetarium Shows 279 Smith, Dale W.
Students Submit Proposal for Amateur Viewing Time on the Hubble Space Telescope 281 Teames, Sallie
The American Astronomical Society's Teacher Resource Agents Program 283 Trasco, John; Degioia-Eastwood, Kathy; Slavsky, David; Hemenway, Mary Kay
Planet Twister 285 Vanstone, Kirsten
An Exercise on the Scientific Method 287 West, Mary Lou
The Nepean Astronomy Centre and its Educational Programs 289 White, Graeme L.; Jones, Paul A.; Hons, A. W.; Watson, K.; Young, T. M.; Honywood, M. A.; Hollow, R. P.; Field, J. R.; Bauer, C. M.; Jarman, A. J.
Follow the Drinking Gourd: Bibliography 291 Wilder, Christina
The Universe in your Hand: Teaching Astronomy by using an Astrolabe 292 Williams, Harold
Conceptual Astronomy: A Cognitive Approach for Teaching Science to Non-Majors 295 Zeilik, Michael
Telescopes in Education 297 Hennig, Lee Ann A.
Appropriate Curricula Materials for K-12 Astronomy Topics 298 Hoff, Darrel
National Astronomy Education Projects: A Catalog 302 Fraknoi, Andrew
Selected Resources for Teaching Astronomy 307 Fraknoi, Andrew