Title: Astrophysical Applications of Stellar Pulsation, IAU Colloquium 155
Volume: 83 Year: 1995 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Stobie, R. S.; Whitelock, P. A.
ISBN: 1-886733-03-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-419-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
Population I Stellar Structure and Evolution: facing the lingering difficulties to make a step forward 1 Maeder, A.
Population II Stellar Structure and Evolution: A Few Selected Topics 12 Chiosi, C.
Pulsation and Evolution. an observer's viewpoint 23 Waelkens, C.
Recent Developments in Stellar Pulsation Theory 31 Gautschy, A.
Oblique Pulsator Model for the Blazhko Effect of RR Lyrae Stars 42 Shibahashi, H.; Takata, M.
New Results on Pulsating OB Stars 44 Moskalik, P.
Mode Identification of the BetaCephei star BW Vulpeculae 56 Aerts, C.; Van Hoolst, T.; Mathias, P.
Rapid Pulsations in AP Stars 58 Martinez, P.; Kurtz, D. W.
Astrophysical Applications of Delta Scuti Stars 70 Breger, M.
Probing the Extraordinary Ends of Ordinary Stars: White Dwarf Seismology with the Whole Earth Telescope 81 Kawaler, S. D.
Seismological Properties of Evolutionary Delta Scuti Models Using OPAL Opacities 92 Guzik, J. A.; Bradley, P. A.
Precision Asteroseismology of DAV (ZZ Ceti) White Dwarf Stars 94 Bradley, P. A.
Confining the Edges of the GW VIR Instability Strip 96 Werner, K.; Rauch, T.; Dreizler, S.; Heber, U.
Helioseismology 98 Gilliland, H. L.
Mote on Solar-like Oscillations in Eta Boo 109 Bedding, T. H.; Kjeldsen, H.
Simulated Power Spectra of Solar-Type Oscillations Driven by an Elementary Excitation Source 111 Roxburgh, I. W.; Vorontsov, S. V.
RadioObservations of Mira Variables; OH/IR Stars and M-Supergiants 113 Chapman, J. M.; Habing, H. J.; Killeen, N. E. B.
Mira Variables: Theory versus Observation 127 Wood, P. R.
Long Term Non Linear Thermal Effects in the Pulsation of Mira Variables 139 Yaari, A.; Tuchman, Y.
The Mass Loss Rate - Period Relation in Carbon Miras 141 Groenewegen, M.
Yellow Supergiants and R Coronae Borealis Stars 143 Cottrell, P. L.
Classical Cepheids and Galactic Structure 155 Fernie, J. D.
Pulsating Cool Stars and Galactic Structure 165 Whitelock, P.
Observations and Interpretation of Luminous Blue Variables 176 Lamers, H. J. G. L. M.
Theoretical Pulsations of Luminous Blue Variables 192 Cox, A. N.; Guzik, J. A.; Soukup, M. S.; Morgan, S. M.
Rotation Curve and Metallicity of the Outer Disc from Cepheids 194 Pont, F.; Queloz, D.; Mayor, M.; Bratschi, P.
Dust Formation and the Doubly-Periodic Variable Stars 196 Lloyd Evans, T.
Pulsating Stars and the Distance Scale - I 198 Walker, A. H.
Properties of the SX Phoenecis Stars in the Metal-Poor Globular Cluster NGC 5053, and Pulsation Modes of Three of the Newly-Discovered SX Phe Stars in 47 TUC 207 Nemec, J. M.
Pulsating Stars and the Distance Scale - II 209 Feast, M.
Variable Stars in the MACHO Collaboration Database 221 Cook, K. H.; Alcock, C.; Allsman, H. A.; Axelrod, T. S.; Freeman, K. C.; Peterson, B. A.; Quinn, P. J.; Rodgers, A. W.; Bennett, D. P.; Reimann, J.; Griest, K.; Marshall, S. L.; Pratt, M. R.; Stubbs, C. W.; Sutherland, W.; Welch, D. L.
Cepheids in the Magellanic Clouds 232 Welch, D. L.; Alcock, C.; Bennett, D. P.; Cook, K. H.; Allsman, H. A.; Axelrod, T. S.; Freeman, K. C.; Peterson, B. A.; Quinn, P. J.; Rodgers, A. W.; Griest, K.; Marshall, S. L.; Pratt, M. R.; Stubbs, C. W.; Sutherland, W.
HIPPARCOS Data on Pulsating Stars 241 Turon, C.; van Leeuwen, F.
Cepheid Binaries: Frequency and Mass Ratios 252 Evans, N. H.
Cepheid Radii and Distances 254 Laney, C. D.; Stobie, R. S.
Common Misconceptions about the Galactic Cluster Calibration of the Cepheid PLC Relation 256 Turner, D. G.
The HO Key Project: Cepheids in NGC925; M101 and M100 258 Hughes, S. M. G.
EROS: Short Period Cepheids in the Bar of the LMC 260 Beaulieu, J. P.
Interferometry of Cool Pulsating Stars 270 Haniff, C.
SUSI's Potential for Cepheid Studies 281 Booth, A. J.; Davis, J.; Shobbrook, R. R.
Detection of Weak Periodic Signals from Irregularly Spaced Observations 283 Pfieiderer, J.; Mossner, M.
A New Asymptotic Treatment of g-modes of a Star 285 Smeyers, P.; Van Hoolst, T.; De Boeck, I.; Decock, L.
Quadratic and Cubic Couplings of Oscillation Modes of Stars 287 Van Hoolst, T.
Asteroseismology of the Beta Cephei Variable 16 (EN) Lacertae 289 Dziembowski, W. A.; Jerzykiewicz, M.
Uncertainties in the Position of the Beta Cephei Instability Strip in the HR Diagram 291 Pamyatnykh, A. A.; Dziembowski, W. A.; Moskalik, P.
A Search for Variable B Stars in the Northern Open Clusters 293 Pigulski, A.; Jerzykiewicz, M.; Kopacki, C.
On the H-alpha Emission Phase of Beta CEP 295 Kaper, L.; Mathias, P.
A Period Analysis of the Optical Line Variability of Beta Cephei 297 Telting, J.; Aerts, C.; Mathias, P.
Search for Pulsational Instability among H Persei Stars 299 Krzesinski, J.
NRP Modes in a Be Star Zeta OPH 301 Kambe, E.; Hirata, R.; Kato, M.; Ando, H.; Kennelly, E. J.; Walker, G. A. H.; Stefl, S.; Tarasov, A. E.
A First Search for Rapid Variations of Stellar and Circumstellar Balmer Discontinuity in Be Stars 303 Stefl, S.; Baade, D.; Cuypers, J.
RapidPhotometric and Spectroscopic Variability of the Be Star DX ERI 305 Stefl, S.; Balona, L. A.
The Line Profile Variations of 60 CYG (HD 200310)* 307 Koubsky, P.; Ballereau, D.; Chauville, J.; Horn, J.
Two Modes of Pulsation in the Rapidly Rotating O9.5 Dwarf, HD 93521 309 Reid, A. H. N.; Bohlender, D.; Bolton, C. T.; Fullerton, A. W.; Howarth, I. D.; Manz, C.; Smith, K. C.; Townsend, R. H. D.
Eta Orionis 311 De Mey, K.; Aerts, C.; Van Winckel, H.; Waelkens, C.
Second-Order Rotational Effects on Observations of Beta Cephei Stars 313 Engelbrecht, C. A.
The Evolutionary Status of Lambda Boo Stars 315 Paunzen, E.; Gelbmann, M.; Heiter, U.; Kupka, F.; Kuschnig, R.; Weiss, W. W.
Fine Analysis of Pulsating CP Stars 317 Kupka, F.; Gelbmann, M.; Heiter, U.; Kuschnig, R.; Weiss, W. W.; Ryabchikova, T. A.
Spatial Integration Grids in Line Profile Modelling of Nonradially Pulsating Magnetic Stars 319 Fensl, R. M.; Konighofer, C.; Stift, M. J.
Consequences of Rapid Rotation on Mode Identification 321 Soufi, F.; Goupil, M. J.; Dziembowski, W. A.; Sienkiewicz, H.
Light Variability of 28 AQL 323 Wehlau, W.; Wehlau, A.
Analysis of the Asteroseismological Data of six beta Scuti Stars in the Open Cluster NGC 6134 325 Audard, N.; Kjeldsen, H.; Frandsen, S.
Asteroseismology in Open Clusters 327 Frandsen, S.; Viskum, M.; Hernandez, M. M.; Belmonte, J. A.
Radial Pulsation among Delta SCT Stars 329 Rodríguez, E.; Rolland, A.; López de Coca, P.; Martín, S.
New WET Observations of the Delta Scuti Star CD-24 7599: amplitude variability and discovery of 13 pulsation modes 331 Handler, G.; O'Donoghue, D.; Buckley, D. A. H.; Giovannini, O.; Kepler, S. O.; Provencal, J. L.; Wood, M. A.; Clemens, J. C.; O'Brien, M. S.; Kleinman, S. J.; Watson, T. K.; Nather, R. E.; Winget, D. E.; Kanaan, A.; Nitta, A.; Montgomery, M. H.; Klumpe, E.; Bradley, P. A.; Sullivan, D. J.; Wu, K.; Leibowitz, E.
Asteroseismology in Praesepe: the case of EP CNC 333 Belmonte, J. A.; Claret, A.; Perez Hernandez, F.
The Variable Star Population in the Center of 47 TUC as defined by HST Observations 335 Gilliland, R. L.; Edmonds, P. D.; Petro, L.; Saha, A.; Shara, M.
Insights into the Pulsational Behaviour of 6 SCT Stars 337 Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
Simultaneous Photometric and Spectroscopic Observations of the unusual Variable F-type stars HD 224638 and HD 224945 339 Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Bossi, M.; Zerbi, F. M.
Slowly Variable Early F-type Stars 341 Balona, L. A.; Krisciunas, K.
On the Mechanism of Mode Selection in Rapidly-Oscillating Magnetic AM Stars 343 Hoxburgh, I. W.; Vorontsov, S. V.
The Cape Rapidly Oscillating AP Star Survey 345 Martinez, P.
Velocity Variations of the roAp Star gamma Equulei: Probing a puzzling pulsator 347 Matthews, J. M.; Scott, S.
The Cepheid Data Base 349 Berdnikov, L. N.
Estimating Cepheid Metallicities: a new approach 351 Zsoldos, E.
The Chemical Composition of 5-Cepheids and Double-Mode Cepheids 353 Usenko, I. A.; Kovtjukh, V. V.; Andrievsky, S. M.; Klochkova, V. G.; Galazutdinov, G. A.
Models of the Double-mode Cepheids in the Large Magellanic Cloud 355 Petersen, J. O.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.
Cepheids in Binary and Multiple Systems 357 Szabados, L.
The Use of Maximum Light in Cepheid Distance Estimators 359 Kanbur, S. M.; Hendry, M. A.
Independent Distance Determinations to Milky Way Cepheids in Open Clusters: A progress report on four stars 361 Gieren, W. P.; Matthews, J. M.; Mermilliod, J.-C.; Welch, D. L.
Uncertainties in the Galactic Cepheid Distance Scale 363 Barnes, T. G., III; Moffett, T. J.
Comparison of the Galactic Cepheid Open Cluster and Surface Brightness Distance Scales 365 Gieren, W. P.; Fouque, P.
Type II? Cepheid Radii and TX Del 367 Laney, C. D.
Baade-Wesselink Analysis of Type II Cepheids 369 Vinko, J.; Balog, Z.
Turbulence Variations in Cepheids 371 Bersier, D.; Burki, G.
Formation Depths of Spectral Lines in Cepheids 373 Albrow, M. D.; Cottrell, P. L.
The Centre-of-Mass Velocity of a Radially Pulsating NLTE Models 375 Sasselov, D. D.
Star:Insights from Accurate CCD Light Curves of Cepheids in the Large Magellanic Cloud 377 Poretti, E.; Mantegazza, L.; Antonello, E.
Baade-Wesselink Analysis of a Sample of Equal Period SMC Cepheids. A progress report 379 Storm, J.; Carney, B. W.; Freedman, W.; Madore, B. F.
Cepheid Distances to Nearby Galaxies 381 Gieren, W. P.; Candia, P.; Fouque, P.; Hertling, G.; Brieva, E.
Cepheids and LPVs in and around Magellanic Cloud Clusters 383 Sebo, K. M.; Wood, P. R.
Iron Abundances of the Cluster RR Lyrae Variables Based on Their Light Curves 385 Juresik, J.; Kovacs, C.
A Century in Period Changes of the Variables in M15 387 Barlai, K.; Szeidl, B.
The Distribution of the RR Lyrae Variables in W Centauri and Background Light 389 Petersen, J. O.; Andersen, M.
RR Lyrae Variables in NGC 7006 391 Wehlau, A.; Slawson, R. W.; Nemec, J. M.; Butterworth, S.
The Temperature of the Supergiant a Per 393 Evans, N. H.; Teays, T. J.; Taylor, L. L.; Lester, J. B.; Hindsley, H. B.
On the Variability of Supergiant Stars 395 Burki, G.; Kienzle, F.
The Mass Loss and Pulsation Activity in Supernova Progenitors 397 Tsiopa, O. A.
Infrared Radial Velocity Results for Long Period Variables 399 Hinkle, K. H.
Studies of Small-Amplitude Red Variables 401 Percy, J. R.; Au, W.; Desjardins, A.; Yu, L.
Pulsation and Long-Periods in Three Nearby M Supergiants 403 Smith, M. A.; Teays, T. J.; Taylor, L. L.; Wasatonic, R.; Guinan, E. F.; Baliunas, S.
Mode Switching in Red Semiregular Variable Stars? 405 Gal, J.; Szatmary, K.
Blackbody FITS of Semiregular Variables 407 Kerschbaum, F.; Hron, J.
The Long-term Variation in the RV Tauri Star U MON 409 Pollard, K. H.; Cottrell, P. L.
Pulsation Properties of a Sample of Mira and OH/IR Stars 411 Gaylard, M. J.; West, M. E.
A New, Systematic Search at 1612 MHz for OH/IR Stars in the Inner Galaxy 413 Sevenster, M. N.; Habing, H. J.; Chapman, J. M.; Killeen, N. E. B.
Pulsations of Long-Period Variables and their Connection to Variations of Circumstellar Maser Emission 415 Rudnitskij, G. M.
Light Curve Analysis of Long Period Pulsating Stars with the Wavelet Method: The semiregular star V Boo 417 Szatmary, K.; Gal, J.; Kiss, L. L.
On the Formation of Hydrogen Emission Lines in Miras 419 de Laverny, F.; Magnan, C.
The AAVSO and its Variable Star Databank on Pulsating Stars 421 Mattei, J. A.
Miras and Galactic Populations 423 Mennessier, M. O.; Luri, X.; Figueras, F.; Torra, J.
On the Nature of M stars with a 60 microns Excess 425 Loup, C.; Waters, L. B. F. M.; Kerschbaum, F.; Hron, J.; Josselin, E.; Kester, D.; Bontekoe, T. H.; Zijlstra, A.
Obscured AGB Stars in the LMC 427 Zijlstra, A.; Loup, C.; Waters, L. B. F. M.; Whitelock, P.; Guglielmo, F.
Mid-IR Imaging of AGB Stars and Circumstellar Modelling 429 Busso, M.; Origlia, L.; Silvestro, G.; Marengo, M.; Persi, P.; Ferrari-Toniolo, M.
Long-term Photometric Monitoring of Cool Hydrogen-deficient Carbon Stars 431 Cottrell, P. L.; Gilmore, A. C.; Kilmartin, P. M.; Lawson, W. A.
Pulsations and Dust Formation in R Coronae Borealis Stars 433 Clayton, G. C.; Whitney, B. A.; Lawson, W. A.
A Nonlinear Pulsation Model for V652 HER 435 Fadeyev, Y. A.; Lynas-Gray, A. E.
Pulsating Degenerate Stars in the EC Survey 437 Stobie, R. S.; Koen, C.; Kilkenny, D.; O'Donoghue, D.
The Effect of Proper Motion on P in Pulsating Stars 439 Pajdosz, G.
The Pulsating White Dwarf L19-2 441 Sullivan, D. J.
Pulsations in the Nucleus of Planetary Nebula IC 4l8? 443 Kuczawska, E.; Zola, S.
Thermonuclear Excitation of R-modes in Neutron Stars 445 Lee, U.; Strohmayer, T. E.
Near-surface Effects in Modelling Oscillations of Eta Boo 447 Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Bedding, T. R.; Houdek, G.; Kjeldsen, H.; Rosenthal, C.; Trampedach, R.; Monteiro, M. J. P. F. G.; Nordlund, A.
An Analytic Theory of Adiabatic p-modes in the Atmospheres of the Sun and Sun-like Stars 449 Dzhalilov, N. S.; Staude, J.
Visibility Functions of Solar and Stellar Irradiance Variations 451 Staude, J.; Bartling, G.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.; Dzhalilov, N. S.
On Expected Constraints on Stellar Transport Processes from Space Seismic Missions: EVRIS, COROT 453 Goupil, M. J.; Michel, E.; Cassisi, S.; Dziembowski, W. A.; Lebreton, Y.; Baglin, A.; Auvergne, M.; Catala, C.
STARS - A Seismic Telescope for Astrophysical Research from Space 455 Hoxburgh, I. W.
Variability Studies and Asteroseismology with the XMM Optical Monitor 457 Horner, S.; Antonello, F.