Title: Multi-Feed Systems for Radio Telescopes
Volume: 75 Year: 1995 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Emerson, Darrel T.; Payne, John M.
ISBN: 0-937707-94-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-411-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
Optical Fundamentals for Array Feeds 3 Padman, R.
Feed Arrays as They Affect the Design of Very Large Collecting Area Radio Telescopes 27 Fisher, J. R.
Fundamental Limits for Focal-Plane Array Efficiency 34 Johansson, J. F.
Quasi-optical Considerations for a Focal-Plane Array 42 Keen, N.
Self-calibration of Antenna Errors Using Focal Plane Arrays 48 Napier, P. J.; Cornwell, T. J.
Real-time Array Feed Compensation System Demonstration at JPL 61 Vilnrotter, V.; Fort, D.; Iijima, B.
Wide-field Imaging Optics for Submm Arrays 74 Serabyn, E.
A Comparison of Some Feed Types 82 Johansson, J. F.
Multi-feed Systems for the Arecibo Gregorian 90 Goldsmith, P. F.; Baker, L. A.; Davis, M. M.; Giovanelli, R.
Further Development of MMW and SMMW Platelet Feed Horn Arrays 99 Haas, R. W.
Off-Axis Imaging Properties of Substrate Lens Antennas 106 Filipovic, D. F.; Eleftheriades, G. V.; Rebeiz, G. M.
Complete Multi-Feed Systems for Radio Astronomy 117 Whyborn, N. D.
Cost-Effectiveness of Array Detectors 126 Hills, R.
SISYFOS - A Project Presentation and Progress Report 130 Johansson, J. F.
The Parkes 21 CM Multi-beam Receiver 136 Staveley-Smith, L.; Wilson, W. E.; Bird, T. S.; Sinclair, M. W.; Ekers, R. D.; Webster, R. L.
The Upgrade of the NRAO 8-Beam Receiver 144 Payne, J. M.; Jewell, P. R.
QUARRY: Experience after Three Years of Use 149 Erickson, N. R.
MARS - The MRAO Array Receiver System 155 Padman, R.; Blundell, R.
Multi-feed System for a Variable Profile Antenna 163 Pinchuk, G. A.; Majorova, E. K.; Berlizev, I. V.
Multifeed Systems for the Effelsberg 100-m Telescope 171 Reich, W.
JCMT Plans for a Heterodyne Array 179 Russell, A.; van de Stadt, H.; Hayward, B.; Duncan, B.
MMIC Millimeter-wave Focal Plane Arrays 189 Weinreb, S.
Quasi-Optical LO Injection in an Imaging Receiver: an Electro-Optical Approach 198 Delgado, G. F.; Johansson, J. F.
A New Concept in Array Receivers for the 3mm Band, Using HEMT Amplifiers 207 Erickson, N. R.
SCUBA: A Camera for the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope 215 Gear, W. K.; Cunningham, C. R.
A 16-Element 480 GHz Heterodyne Array for the Heinrich-Hertz-Telescope (HHT) 222 Gusten, R.; Hauschildt, H.; Ediss, G. A.; Kasemann, C.; Keen, N. J.; Mattes, H.; Pilz, M.; Scherschel, M.; Schneider, G.; Walker, C. K.; Knoepfle, H.; Gundlach, K. H.
A Focal Plane Array Receiver for the NRO 45-m Telescope 230 Sunada, K.; Noguchi, T.; Tsuboi, M.; Inatani, J.
Dammann Gratings for Local Oscillator Beam Multiplexing 238 Murphy, J. A.; Withington, S.; van de Stadt, H.
Superconducting Heterodyne Planar Array Using a Dielectric Filled Parabola: Status and Measured Performance 245 Stimson, P. A.; Dengler, R. J.; Le Duc, H. G.; Siegel, P. H.
Present and Future Array Spectrometers for Millimeter Astronomy 259 Predmore, C. R.
Concepts for a Submm Array Receiver 266 Bischoff, U.; Nitsch, R.; Horn, J.; Jacobs, K.; Schieder, R.
The SISYFOS Spectrometer: Description and Progress Report 274 Whyborn, N. D.; Emrich, A. J. G.
The QUARRY Array Software Subsystems 285 Brewer, M. K.
Measurements of the Submillimetre Emission Noise from Mauna Kea 295 Duncan, W. D.; Robson, I.; Ade, P. A. R.; Church, S. E.
Approaches to Multi-beam Data Analysis 309 Emerson, D. T.
Cleaning of Multi-beam Data 318 Klein, U.; Mack, K.-H.
Observing Strategies for SCUBA 327 Lightfoot, J.; Duncan, W.; Gear, W.; Kelly, B.; Smith, I.
Multi-feed Systems for Radio Telescopes: Workshop Summary and Miscellaneous Thoughts on What We May Have Forgotten 337 Goldsmith, P. F.
Feed Developments for Astronomy Satellites in Europe 347 van't Klooster, C. G. M.
A Fixed-tuned 3mm SIS Mixer for the SISYFOS Imaging System 354 Delgado, G. F.; Whyborn, N. D.; Lindstrom, C.-O.
Finline Mixers for Imaging Arrays 358 Yassin, G.; Padman, R.; Withington, S.