Title: Progress in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life: 1993 Bioastronomy Symposium
Volume: 74 Year: 1995 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Shostak, G. Seth
ISBN: 0-937707-93-7 eISBN: 978-1-58381-410-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
Chirality, the Cosmos, and Life 15 Bonner, W.
The Complexity Ratchet 31 Cairns-Smith, A.
Giant Planets: A Neglected Factor in Drake's Equation 41 Delsemme, A.
Brain Evolution in Dolphins, Humans and Other Mammals: Implications for ETI 53 Falk, D.
Status of the Search for Life on Mars 65 Klein, H.; Farmer, J.
SETI Begins at Home: Searching for Terrestrial Intelligence 73 Marino, L.
Is Solar System Evolution Cometary Dominated? 83 Marochnik, L.; Mukhin, L.
Cyanide Polymers in the Solar System and Beyond: Prebiotic Chemistry 95 Matthews, C.
Search for Biomolecules in SGR B2 107 Snyder, L.; Kuan, Y.-J.; Miao, Y.; Lovas, F.
The Chemical and Biological Basis of Intelligent Terrestrial Life from an Evolutionary Perspective 121 Oro, J.
The Role of Convergence in Evolution: What Extraterrestrial Life Might Look Like 135 Pfleiderer, M.; Leyhausen, P.; Pfleiderer, J.
Biodiversity and Time Scales for the Evolution of Extraterrestrial Intelligence 143 Russell, D.
Temperature and the Evolution of the Earth's Biosphere 153 Schwartzman, D.
Characteristics of Transits by Earth-Sized Planets in Binary Star Systems 165 Bell, J., III; Borucki, W.
Comparing the Expectations for Different Planetary Search Methods 173 Borucki, W.; Koch, D.
Circumstellar Habitable Zones and Mass Loss from Young Solar-Type Main Sequence Stars. I. Theory 183 Whitmire, D.; Doyle, L.; Reynolds, R.; Matese, J.
Circumstellar Habitable Zones and Mass Loss from Young Solar-Type Stars. II. Observational Considerations 195 Doyle, L.; Vikramsingh, R.; Whitmire, D.; Heather, N.
The Current State of Target Selection for NASA's High Resolution Microwave Survey 207 Henry, T.; Soderblom, D.; Baliunas, S.; Davis, R.; Donahue, R.; Latham, D.; Stefanik, R.; Torres, G.; Duquennoy, A.; Mayor, M.; Andersen, J.; Nordstrom, B.; Olsen, E.
Prospects for VLBI Detection of Planets 219 Jones, D.; Lestrade, J.-F.; Preston, R.; Phillips, R.
Planets and Black Dwarfs 231 Kumar, S.
Differential Radial Velocity Spectrometry for Detection of Earthlike Extrasolar Planets 237 Vikramsingh, R.
On the Co-Existence of Dusty Discs and Planets around Main-Sequence Stars 245 Wolstencroft, R.; Walker, H.
A Search for Alien Artifacts on the Moon 259 Arkhipov, A.
The Interstellar Contact Channel Hypothesis: When Can We Expect To Receive Beacons? 267 Blair, D.
A Mini-Spectrum Analyzer for Molecular Spectroscopy and SETI 275 Bortolotti, C.; Cattani, A.; D'Amico, N.; Grueff, G.; Maccaferi, A.; Montebugnoli, S.; Orfei, A.; Roma, M.; Tomasetti, G.; Tuccari, G.; Tugnoli, M.
Forty Trillion Signals from SERENDIP: The Berkeley SETI Program 285 Bowyer, S.; Werthimer, D.; Donnelly, C.
The Berkeley SETI Program: SERENDIP III and IV Instrumentation 293 Werthimer, D.; Ng, D.; Bowyer, S.; Donnelly, C.
The SERENDIP Interference Rejection and Signal Detection System 303 Donnelly, C.; Werthimer, D.; Bowyer, S.; Cobb, J.
Polychromatic SETI 313 Cohen, N.; Charlton, D.
Astrophysical Coding: A New Approach to SETI Signals. I. Signal Design and Wave Propagation 325 Cordes, J.; Sullivan, W., III
Astrophysical Coding: A New Approach to SETI Signals. II. Information About the Sender's Environment 337 Sullivan, W., III; Cordes, J.
Results of Two Years of SETI Observations with META II 345 Colomb, F.; Hurrell, E.; Lemarchand, G.; Olald, J.
Argus: A Future SETI Telescope 355 Dixon, R.
Optimum Signal Modulation for Interstellar Communication 369 Jones, H. W.
A Search for Dyson Spheres Around Late-Type Stars in the Solar Neighborhood 381 Jugaku, J.; Noguchi, K.; Nishimura, S.
The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory 387 Kingsley, S.
A Strategy to Detect Primitive Life on an Exo-Planet 399 Leger, A.; Mariotti, M.; Puget, J.; Rouan, D.; Schneider, J.
The SETISAIL Project 407 Maccone, C.
Review of the Planetary Society's SETI Program 419 McDonough, T.
The Search for Extraterrestrial Technologies in our Solar System 425 Papagiannis, M.
SETI Institute: Summary of Projects in Support of SETI Research 433 Pierson, T.
SETI at Wider Bandwidths? 447 Shostak, S.
HRMS: Where We've Been, and Where We're Going 457 Tarter, J.; Klein, M.
The NASA HRMS Sky Survey X-Band Observations: A Progress Report 471 Levin, S.; Olsen, E.; Backus, C.; Gulkis, S.
A Biochemical Magic Frequency Based on the Reduction Level of Biological Carbon 479 Weber, A.
Detection of Extraterrestrial Civilizations via the Spectral Signature of Advanced Interstellar Spacecraft 487 Zubrin, R.
The Consequences of a Discovery: Different Scenarios 499 Almar, I.
Will ETI Be Space Explorers? Some Cultural Considerations 507 Ashkenazi, M.
Consequences of Success in SETI: Lessons from the History of Science 521 Dick, S.
E.T., Klingons, and the Galactic Library: SETI and Science Education 535 Fraknoi, A.
SETI As a Way to Encourage Public Awareness of Science 537 Helmers, C.
Ethological Hazards of Interstellar Travel 545 Leyhausen, P.; Pfleiderer, M.; Pfleiderer, J.
SETI and Diplomacy 551 Michaud, M.
The POST Cold War ERA and its Implications for SETI 557 Schenkel, P.
Responses to Contact: Variables to Consider 567 Swift, D.
SETI in Australia: Springboards Down Under? 573 Vaile, R.
Conference Summary 583 Drake, F.