Title: Tridimensional Optical Spectroscopic Methods in Astrophysics, IAU Colloquium 149
Volume: 71 Year: 1995 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Comte, G.; Marcelin, M.
ISBN: 0-937707-90-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-407-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
Basic Principles in Spectro-Imaging. Foreword on Marseilles Observatory 3D Spectroscopic Methods 1 Courtes, G.
3D Spectroscopy with large Telescopes: Past, Present and Prospects 12 Monnet, G.
Imaging and Spectroscopy with Focal Reducers 18 Seifert, W.; Furtig, W.; Bohnhardt, H.; Nicklas, H.
A Set of Grisms for FORS 27 Furtig, W.; Seifert, W.
Several Possible Designs for BFOSC 29 Jiang, S.-Y.
A New Technique for Characterising Planetary Nebulae in External Galaxies 33 Taylor, K.; Douglas, N. G.
3D Spectroscopy: The Historical and Logical Viewpoints 38 Connes, P.; Le Coarer, E.
The Scanning Fabry-Perot Spectrometer 50 Atherton, P. D.
Cryogenic Servo-Stabilized Fabry-Perot Interferometers for Imaging at 3-5 and 8-13 Microns 60 Reay, N. K.; Pietraszewski, K. A. R. B.
Recent Progress in the Field of Optical Coatings for Fabry-Perot Interferometers and Filters 69 Pelletier, E.
Photometry with Febry-Perot Spectrometers 72 Bland-Hawthorn, J.
Imaging FP Scans: Comments on Interpolation, Sampling, Decomposition, Deconvolution, Binning and Photometric Calibration 85 Caplan, J.
The Goddard Fabry-Perot Imager 89 Gelderman, R.; Woodgate, B. E.; Brown, L. W.
The UNAM Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometer (PUMA) for the Study of the Interstellar Medium 93 Angeles, F.; Bernal, A.; Cobos, F.; Garfias, F.; Guttierez, F.; Langarica, R.; Rosado, M.; Tejeda, C.; Tinoco, S.
Fabry-Perot Spectroscopy of Extremely Faint Astronomical Sources 95 Roesler, F. L.; Reynolds, R. J.; Scherb, F.
Observations of Extragalactic Objects with the Hawaii Imaging Febry-Perot Interferometer (HIFI) 107 Tully, R. B.
HIFI Survey of Emission-Line Galaxies: Recent Results on the Nuclear Superbubble of NGC 3079 113 Veilleux, S.; Cecil, G.
Hot Shocked Gas Along the Helical Jets of NGC 4258 118 Cecil, G.
A Detailed Study of High Redshift Radio Galaxies 123 Hippelein, H.; Meisenheimer, K.; Neeser, M.
Fabry-Perot Imaging of the Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC 2273: Preliminary Report 127 Golev, V.; Bonev, T.; Jockers, K.; Yankulova, I.
Rotation Curves of 38 Galaxies in Clusters from Scanning Perot-Fabry Observations 129 Amram, P.; Marcelin, M.; Balkowski, C.; Boulesteix, J.; Le Coarer, E.; Cayatte, V.; Sullivan, W. T.
Scanning Febry-Perot Observations of Multiple Profiles of Faint and Extended Gas in the Center of Elliptical Galaxies 133 Plana, H.; Boulesteix, J.
TAURUS 2 Observations of Giant Extragalactic Regions 138 Castaneda, H.
New Methods to Measure HII Regions Diameters 143 Fuentes-Masip, O.; Castaneda, H. O.; Munoz-Tunon, C.
An Expanding Ring in the Gaseous Disk of NGC 6181? 148 Boulesteix, J.; Sil'chenko, O. K.; Zasov, A. V.; Burenkov, A. N.
Results of the H-alpha Survey of the Small Magellanic Cloud 150 Rosado, M.; Le Coarer, E.; Georgelin, Y. M.
H-alpha Survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud 155 Laval, A.; Le Coarer, E.; Georgelin, Y. P.; Marcelin, M.; Amram, P.; Goldes, G.; Carranza, G.; Rosado, M.
Deep H-alpha Survey of the Milky Way 160 Marcelin, M.; Georgelin, Y. M.; Amram, P.; Georgelin, Y. P.; Le Coarer, E.
3D Fabry-Perot Imaging Spectroscopy of the Crab Nebula 165 Lawrence, S. S.; MacAlpine, G. M.; Uomoto, A.; Gelderman, R.; Woodgate, B. E.; Brown, L. W.
Hybrid 3D Spectrophotometry of Emission-Line Nebulae at Ohio State 167 Pogge, R.; Lame, N. J.
3D Observations of the Nebula N30 in the LMC 172 Laval, A.; Le Coarer, E.; Viale, A.; Marcelin, M.; Amram, P.; Georgelin, Y. P.
High Resolution Studies of Molecular Hydrogen by Means of Near-Infrared Fabry-Perot Imaging 173 Chrysostomou, A.; Burton, M.; Axon, D.; Brand, P.; Hough, J.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; Geballe, T.
Astronomical Observations of Comets and the Io Torus Using Fabry-Perot Interferometry 182 Jockers, K.
A Two-Dimensional Spectrometer for Solar Observation and Its Recent Modifications 188 Bendlin, C.
3-Dimensional High-Resolution Solar Spectro-Polarimetry 193 Volkmer, R.
The O.A.O. Spectronebulagraph and the Kyoto 3D Spectrograph 195 Ohtani, H.
Area Spectroscopy of the Extended Emission Line Region in the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 3516 203 Aoki, K.; Ohtani, H.; Kosugi, G.; Yoshida, M.
Tridimensional Spectroscopy of Seyfert Galaxy 3C 120 205 Kosugi, G.; Ohtani, H.; Yoshida, M.; Aoki, K.
Tridimensional Observations of Nearby Active Galaxies Using OAO Spectronebulagraph 207 Yoshida, M.; Shimizu, Y.; Koyano, H.; Kosugi, G.; Aoki, K.; Ohtani, H.; Sasaki, T.; Sasaki, M.
Integral Field Spectroscopy with Optical Fibres 209 Vanderriest, C.
TAUMOK - A Multi-Object Spectrograph for the Tautenburg Schmidt Telescope 219 Lehmann, H.; Ziener, R.; Ball, M.; Pitz, E.
An Infrared Multiobject Fiber-Fed Spectrograph for the Calar Alto Observatory 221 Herbst, T. M.; Pitz, E.; Reuther, C. M.
Field Spectroscopy by Optical Fibres: Development of the ALBIREO Spectrograph 223 Herpe, G.; Sanchez, J.; Vanderriest, C.; Moles, M.
Integral Field Spectroscopy of Gravitational Mirages 225 Angonin-Willaime, M.-C.; Vanderriest, C.
Integral Field Spectroscopy of the Double AGN Merging System Markarian 463 229 Chatzichristou, E.
Simultaneous Bidimensional Spectroscopy of Extended Objects Using Optical Fibers: Application to Seyfert Galaxies 235 Arribas, S.; Mediavilla, E.; Garcia Marin, A.; Garcia Lorenzo, A.; Rasilla, J. L.
The Integral Field Spectrograph TIGER: Results and Prospects 239 Bacon, R.
The Distant (z=0.471) Radiogalaxy 3C 435 A with the Integral Field Spectrograph TIGER 250 Rocca-Volmerange, B.; Adam, G.; Ferruit, P.; Bacon, R.
High Spatial Resolution Integral Field Spectroscopy of Extended Ionized Gas Around Three Quasars 254 Durret, F.; Pecontal, E.; Petitjean, P.; Bergeron, J.
Clues for Stellar Formation in NGC 1275 Cooling Flow 257 Ferruit, P.; Pecontal, E.
Study of Central Regions of AGNs at 6-meter Telescope 261 Afanasiev, V. L.; Shapovalova, A. I.; Burenkov, A. N.; Dodonov, S. N.; Vlasiouk, V. V.
First Observations with Multi-Pupil Integral Field Spectrograph on 4-Meter Mayall Telescope 266 Afanasiev, V. L.; Vlasiouk, V. V.; Green, R. F.
Impact of Nuclear Activity on Extended Emission Line Regions of Nearby Galaxies 269 Pecontal, E.; Ferruit, P.; Wilson, A. S.
Search for Chemically Distinct Nuclei in Galaxies 274 Sil'chenko, O. K.
Bidimensional Spectroscopy with the 6-meter Telescope in Time Resolving Mode 276 Afanasiev, V. L.; Dodonov, S. N.; Drabek, S. V.; Vlasiouk, V. V.
Integral Field Spectrograph Observations of NGC 4258 278 Afanasiev, V. L.; Courtes, G.; Dodonov, S. N.; Plana, H.
Stellar Dynamics of Galactic Nuclei with TIGER 282 Emsellem, E.; Bacon, R.; Monnet, G.
Mixture Modeling of M51 288 Johnson, P. E.; Waddill, D. M.; Townsley, L. K.; Titus, T. N.; Spillar, E. J.
Spectral Observations of Collimated Outflows in LkHα225 and GM1-27 292 Magakian, T. Y.; Movsessian, T. A.
Spectroscopic Imaging of Solid Planetary Surfaces 294 Pinet, P.
Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of the Surface of Mars Derived from TIGER Spectro-Imaging Data 298 Martin, P.; Pinet, P. C.; Bacon, R.; Rousset, A.
The PYTHEAS Concept and Applications 300 Georgelin, Y. P.; Comte, G.; Le Coarer, E.
Reduction of 3D Spectral Data Obtained with the 6-meter Telescope 308 Vlasiouk, V. V.
Reconstruction of Spectra Obtained with PYTHEAS Through Photometric Methods 311 Gray, M.
Low Order Fabry-Perot Low Dispersion Multicolor Large Field Survey System 314 Jiang, S.-Y.
3D-Spectroscopy with a Fourier Transform Spectrometer 316 Maillard, J. P.
A Comparison of Imaging Fourier Transform with Grating Spectrometry for Tridimensional Spectroscopy 328 Smith, P. L.; Thorne, A. P.; Parkinson, W. H.
K'-Band Spectro-imagery of AFGL 2688 and NGC 7027 332 Cox, P.; Maillard, J. P.; Huggins, P. J.; Forveille, T.; Bachiller, R.; Guilloteau, S.; Omont, A.
The Field-Widened SHS: an Extremely High Etendue, Unscanned, Michelson-Based Spectrometer 336 Harlander, J.; Roesler, F. L.; Reynolds, R. J.
High Resolution, Non-scanning FTS for Remote Sensing 338 Dohlen, K.; Canas, A.
Zeeman Doppler Imaging 340 Semel, M.
Solar Imaging Spectroscopy: Multichannel Subtractive Double Pass Instruments 350 Mein, P.
Sub-resolution Limit Spatio-Spectral Information Using Differential Speckle Interferometry 360 Lagarde, S.; Sanchez, L. J.; Petrov, R. G.
Michelson-Spectro-Interferometry (MSI) of Be Stars Envelopes with the GI2T Interferometer 365 Stee, P.; Bonneau, D.; Lawson, P.; Morand, F.; Mourard, D.; Tallon, I.; Vakili, F.
Tridimensional Spectroscopic Techniques: Conference Summary 369 Bland-Hawthorn, J.
A Review of Fabry and Perot Discoveries 382 Georgelin, Y. P.; Amram, P.