Title: Clouds, Cores, and Low Mass Stars
Volume: 65 Year: 1994 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Clemens, Dan P.; Barvainis, Richard
ISBN: 0-937707-84-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-401-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
DenseCores: Locations and Densities 3 Fuller, G. A.
IRAS Dark Cloud Cores 14 Wood, Douglas O. S.; Myers, Philip C.; Daugherty, Debra A.
The Star Forming Character of Nearby Molecular Clouds: Ammonia Observations of the Perseus Molecular Cloud Complex 19 Ladd, E. F.; Myers, P. C.; Goodman, A. A.
Millimeter Observations of TMC-1 and L134N 25 Pratap, Preethi; Irvine, W. M.; Schloerb, F. P.; Snell, R. L.; Bergin, E. A.; Miralles, Mari Paz; Dickens, J.; McGonagle, D.
A Southern Ammonia Survey of Isolated Small Dark Clouds 30 Bourke, T. L.; Hyland, A. R.; Robinson, G.
Properties of Dark Cloud and Warm Cloud Cores 35 Mundy, Lee G.
Spatially-Resolved L sub-ir/M(H2) Ratios in the W3 GMC 46 Deane, J. R.; Ladd, E. F.; Sanders, D. B.
N2H+ Map of a Quiescent Massive Core in Orion B 52 Caselli, P.; Myers, P. C.
Velocity Structure in Dense Cores 57 Goodman, Alyssa A.; Barranco, Joseph A.
N2H+ and C3H2 in Dense Cores 67 Benson, Priscilla J.; Caselli, Paola; Myers, Philip C.; Goodman, Alyssa A.
The Molecular Core Associated with the L723 Outflow 72 Girart, Jose M.; Ho, Paul T. P.; Anglada, Guillem; Estalella, Robert; Torrelles, Jose M.; Rodriguez, Luis F.
Atomic Carbon in the High Latitude Molecular Cloud MBM 12 77 Ingalls, James G.; Bania, T. M.; Jackson, James M.
CO Mapping of the Cepheus Bubble 81 Patel, N. A.; Heyer, M. H.; Goldsmith, P. F.; Snell, R. L.; Hezel, T.; Pratap, P.
Observations of Magnetic Fields in Molecular Cloud Cores 87 Crutcher, Richard M.
BOK Globule Magnetic Field Mapping 97 Kane, Brian D.; Clemens, Dan P.; Leach, Robert W.; Barvainis, Richard
A Guide to Isothermal Gravitational Collapse 105 Foster, Prudence
Fragmentation and the Formation of Binary and Multiple Systems 115 Bonnell, Ian A.
Hierarchical Star Formation 125 Larson, Richard B.
Self-Initiated Formation and Evolution of Protostellar Cores in Magnetically Supported Molecular Clouds 134 Mouschovias, Telemachos Ch.
The Formation of Local Structure in Magnetized Molecular Clouds 146 Stone, James M.
Fragmentation of Filamentary Molecular Clouds into Pseudo Disks and Further Evolution 151 Hanawa, Tomoyuki; Nakamura, Fumitaka; Matsumoto, Tomoaki; Nakano, Takenori
Ambipolar Diffusion and Polarized Thermal Emission from Dust 156 Messinger, D. W.; Roberge, W. G.; Hanany, S.
The Effects of Interstellar Dust on the Formation of Protostellar Cores 161 Ciolek, Glenn E.
Modeling Line Profiles of Protostellar Collapse in B335 with Monte Carlo Methods 167 Choi, Minho; Evans, Neal J., II; Gregersen, Erik M.; Wang, Yangsheng
Turbulent Diffusion and Its Effects on the Chemical Composition in Cloud Cores 172 Xie, Taoling; Langer, William D.; Allen, Mark
The Use of Positive Matrix Factorization in the Analysis of Molecular Line Spectra from the Thumbprint Nebula 176 Juvela, M.; Lehtinen, K.; Paatero, P.
Kinematic Signatures of Protostellar Collapse 183 Zhou, S.; Evans, N. J., II
Infall Line Asymmetries in Cores with Candidate Protostars 192 Mardones, Diego; Myers, Phil; Caselli, Paola; Fuller, Gary
Class 0 Protostars 197 Barsony, M.
First submm continuum maps of pre-protostellar cores 207 Ward-Thompson, D.
Star Formation in Groups and in Isolation: L1641 North 212 Allen, Lori E.; Strom, Karen M.
Binary Protostars 217 Yun, J.
Star-forming cores in BOK globules: A 1.3 MM continuum survey 224 Launhardt, R.; Henning, Th.
Multiple Star Formation in the BOK Globule CB34 230 Alves, J.; Yun, J.
Collapse Candidates Among the BOK Globules 234 Wang, Y.; Evans, N. J., II; Zhou, S.; Clemens, D. P.
The Protostellar Environment: Millimeter and Submillimeter Continuum Emission 241 Chandler, C. J.; Carlstrom, J. E.; Terebey, S.
Multi-Wavelength Spatial Observations of Dust Emission: Merits and Limits 251 Butner, Harold M.
Bolometric Temperature and Young Stars in the Taurus and Ophiuchus Complexes 256 Chen, H.; Myers, P. C.; Ladd, E. F.; Wood, D. O. S.
The Power of Polarized Imaging at Infrared Wavelengths 266 Weintraub, David A.; Kastner, Joel H.; Lowrance, Patrick
Angular Momentum of Cores and Envelopes; and Magnetic Braking 276 Basu, Shantanu
Results of a K' Imaging Survey of Molecular Outflow Sources 282 Hodapp, Klaus-Werner
The Density Gradient in the Star Forming RegionIRAS 05380-0728: Far-Infrared Constraints 289 Colome, Cecilia; di Francesco, James; Harvey, Paul M.
Ammonia Distribution on 1000 AU Scales Near VLA 1623 294 Wootten, Alwyn; Andre, Philippe; Despois, Didier; Sargent, Anneila
Water Masers Associated With Low Mass Stars: A 13 Month Monitoring Survey 299 Wilking, Bruce A.; Claussen, Mark J.; Benson, Priscilla J.; Myers, Philip C.; Terebey, Susan; Wootten, Alwyn
Ammonia Maser Associated with Massive Star Formation toward W51 304 Zhang, Q.; Ho, Paul T. P.
Cepheus A: A Laboratory Showing the Processes Associated with Star Formation 307 Hughes, V. A.; Cohen, R. J.; Garrington, S.
Disk Winds. 315 Hartmann, L.
The Interaction Between Stars and Disks: Winds,Funnel Flows, and More 325 Najita, J.; Ostriker, E.; Wilkin, F.; Johns, C. M.; Carr, J.
Entralnment by Stellar Jets 330 Stahler, Steven W.
Wind Driven Outflows: Disks and Stellar Spins 340 Pudritz, Ralph E.; Dudorov, Alexander
Observational Constraints on Outflow Models. 350 Masson, C. R.; Chernin, L. M.
A Model for the Nozzle of Protostellar Jets: Ram Pressure Confinement of a Stellar Wind by Rotating Infall 360 Wilkin, Francis P.; Stahler, Steven W.
Global, Axisymmetric Instability in Magnetized Accretion Disks 365 Curry, C.; Pudritz, R. E.; Sutherland, P. G.
The Effect of Star-Disk Interactions on the Binary Mass Ratio Distribution 370 McDonald, J. M.; Clarke, C. J.
The Physics of Shocked Outflows In Star Forming Molecular Clouds 375 Tedds, Jonathan A.; Brand, Peter W. J. L.; Burton, Michael G.; Chrysostomou, Antonio; Fernandes, Amadeu J. L.
Haystack CO Observations of Outflow Candidates 380 Kastner, Joel H.; Weintraub, David A.
The Outflow; Dense Core; and "Jet" in L810 386 Clemens, D.; Berkovitch, M.; Yun, J.; Patel, N.; Xie, T.
Evidence for Disruption of a Core by an Outflow in L1228 391 Tafalla, M.; Myers, P. C.; Wilner, D. J.
Molecular Streamers in Orion: Haystack C18 O and VLA NH3 Observations 396 Wiseman, Jennifer J.; Ho, Paul T. P.
Near Infrared Luminosity Functions of Embedded Clusters 401 Lada, Elizabeth A.
Upgraded Capabilities of the Haystack Radio Telescope 411 Barvainis, Richard; Salah, Joseph E.
Meeting Summary 419 Myers, P. C.