Title: The First Symposium on the Infrared Cirrus and Diffuse Interstellar Clouds
Volume: 58 Year: 1994 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Cutri, Roc M.; Latter, William B.
ISBN: 0-937707-77-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-394-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
High Resolution HST and CCD Observations of Interstellar Absorption Lines 3 Meyer, David M.
Very High Resolution; High Signal-to-Noise Spectroscopy of Diffuse Interstellar Bands 12 Krelowski, J.; Sneden, C.
Variability of Interstellar Extinction and Its Relationship to Environment 24 Cardelli, Jason A.
Optical Studies of High Latitude Dust 34 Guhathakurta, P.; Cutri, R. M.
X-Ray Shadows of Cirrus Clouds 45 Mebold, U.; Kerp, J.; Moritz, P.; Engelmann, J.; Herbstmeier, U.
Physical Conditions in Cloud Envelopes from Measurements of Optical Absorption Lines 60 Federman, S. R.; Strom, C. J.; Lambert, D. L.; Smith, V. V.; Cardelli, Jason A.; Joseph, C. L.
A Comparison of the Diffuse Clouds in Front of Theta OPH and Sigma SCO 64 Snow, Theodore P.; Krelowski, Jacek
The Size Distribution of Interstellar Dust Particles as Determined from Extinction 74 Kim, Sang-Hee; Martin, P. G.; Hendry, Paul D.
A Multi-wavelength Study of the Pleiades Region in Conjunction with WISP 78 Gibson, S.; Nordsieck, K. H.; Afflerbach, A.; Anderson, C. M.; Jaehnig, K. P.; Michalski, P. E.
Scattering from Interstellar Dust in the Coalsack: The Optical Constants in the FUV 82 Murthy, Jayant; Henry, R. C.; Holberg, J. B.
Carbon Chemistry in the Polarized 2175A Bump Sightline Toward HD 197770 84 Hanson, Margaret Murray; Clayton, Geoffrey C.; Anderson, Christopher M.; Veen, Kim A.
Ultraviolet Interstellar Polarization Observed with the Hubble Space Telescope 88 Whittet, D. C. B.; Somerville, W. B.; Martin, P. G.
Scattering by Diffuse Clouds in the Galaxy: Searching for the Cosmic Background 91 Witt, Adolf N.; Petersohn, Jens K.
The Origin of the Soft X-Ray Background 94 Kerp, Jurgen
Dust and Gas in the Infrared Cirrus 101 Boulanger, F.
Cirrus and Future Space-Based Astronomy 115 Gautier, T. N.
The 3-Dimensional Distribution of Cirrus 121 van Buren, D.; Gaustad, J. E.
IR Properties of Galactic Cirrus Near the Polar Caps 125 Penprase, Bryan E.; Helou, George
Interstellar Froth: The Cirrus-like Far-Infrared Structure Near the Galactic Plane 129 Waller, William H.; Boulanger, Francois
The 100 Micron Emission of Clouds 133 Laureijs, R. J.; Helou, G.; Clark, F. O.
Interstellar Column Densities Using IRAS 137 Martin, P. G.
IRAS LRS Spectra of (Almost) Cirrus 142 Clark, Frank O.; Assendorf, Rob; Wesselius, Paul; Roelfsema, Peter; Shipman, R. F.; Kuchar, Tom
ObservationS of [CII] 158 MU M Emission from the Diffuse Interstellar Medium at High Galactic Latitude 146 Bock, James J.; Hristov, Viktor V.; Mauskopf, Philip D.; Richards, Paul L.; Lange, Andrew E.; Kawada, Mitsunobu; Matcuhara, Hidec; Matsumoto, Toshio; Matsuura, Syuuji; Tanaka, Masahiro
ISOPHOTE A Unique Instrument for Cirrus Observations with the ISO Satellite 150 Laureijs, R. J.; Lemke, D.; Liljestrom, T.
COBE Observations of the Spectrum of Infrared Cirrus 154 Reach, W. T.; Mather, J. C.; Hauser, M. G.; Dwek, E.; Fixsen, D. J.; Sodroski, T. J.
Spatial Power Spectral Measurements of IR Cirrus 155 Gautier, T. N.; Stewart, W.
1 and 2 Millimeter Observations of Interstellar Dust from Antarctica 156 dall'Oglio, G.; Pizzo, L.; Andreani, P.; Merluzzi, P.; Rossi, L.
The Submillimeter Telescope (SMT) - A Status Report 157 Baars, J. W. M.; Martin, R. N.; Peters, W. L.; Mangum, J. G.
Molecular Line Surveys at High Galactic Latitudes 161 Magnani, Loris
High Altitude Molecular Clouds 172 Malhotra, S.; Knapp, G. R.
Where is the Molecular Hydrogen in the Draco Nebula? 176 Herbstmeier, Uwe; Moritz, Peter; Heithausen, Andreas
Infrared Cirrus and Discrete Sources in the Outer Galaxy 180 Fich, Michel; Terebey, Susan
High-Resolution HI Images of Interstellar Cirrus 'Clouds' 184 Verschuur, Gerrit L.
Arcminute Scale HI and IRAS Observations Toward the High Latitude Cloud G86.5+59.6 188 Martin, P. G.; Rogers, C.; Reach, W. T.; Dewdney, P. E.; Heiles, C. E.
Probing the Atomic ISM: IRAS; HI; [CII] and Optical Observations of an Isolated Cirrus Filament 193 Shupe, David L.; Herter, Terry; Chernoff, David F.; Stacey, Gordon J.; Cutri, Roc M.
Phase Transitions in Interstellar Cirrus 197 Reach, William T.
The HI Gas Kinetic Temperature of High Galactic Latitude Cirrus Clouds 201 Stark, Ronald; Dickey, J. M.; Burton, W. B.; Wennmacher, Lex
Digital Selection of Structural Features in Neutral Hydrogen Emission Maps 202 Chromey, F. R.; Elmegreen, Bruce G.
The Origin of the Far Infrared Luminosity within Spiral Galaxies 207 Devereux, Nick
Cool Dust in the Spiral Galaxy NGC 3079 211 Price, Rob; Duric, Nebojsa; Duncan, W. D.
A New FIR Study M31 with HiRes Maps: Evidence for Deficiency of Very Small Grains? 215 Xu, Cong; Helou, George
{13}C0 Emission from Molecular Clouds in M33 219 Walker, C. E.; Wilson, C. D.
Cirrus in Other Galaxies 223 Helou, George
Dust in Diffuse Interstellar Clouds 227 Draine, B. T.
Tiny Grains, Large Molecules, and the Infrared Cirrus 243 Sellgren, K.
Infrared Spectroscopy of Organic Material in Diffuse Clouds 255 Pendleton, Yvonne J.
Modeling Composite and Fluffy Grains: The Effects of Porosity 266 Wolff, Michael J.; Clayton, Geoffrey C.; Martin, Peter G.; Schulte-Ladbeck, Regina E.
Stability of Small Grains in HII Regions and Reflection Nebulae 270 Werner, M. W.; Gautier, T. N.; Canfield, T.
On the Nature of Organic Matter in Diffuse Medium 275 Jenniskens, Peter
PAHs; DIBs and Interstellar Extinction 279 Salama, Farid; Allamandola, Lous
Infrared Spectroscopy of Matrix Isolated PAHs 283 Hudgins, D. M.; Sandford, S. A.; Allamandola, L. J.
Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of PAH Cations: The Napthalene Ion; C-{10}H{+}-{8} 287 Hudgins, D. M.; Sandford, S. A.; Allamandola, L. J.
IR Spectroscopy of Laboratory-Simulated Interstellar PAHs 291 Joblin, Christine; D'Hendecourt, Louis; Leger, Alain; Defourneau, Daniel
Spectral Properties of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Ions and the Interstellar Extinction Curve 295 Lee, Wei; Wdowiak, Thomas J.
A New Method to Calculate the Extinction Properties of Irregularly Shaped Particles 299 Rouleau, Francois; Martin, P. G.
Proximity Effects in Clusters of Particles 300 Rouleau, Francois; Martin, P. G.
Distribution of Small Dust Particles Inside Molecular Clouds 301 Bernard, J. P.; Boulanger, F.; Puget, L. L.
The Organic Refractory Components of Dense and Diffuse Clouds 302 Allamandola, L. J.; Sandford, S. A.
Infrared Spectroscopy of PAH Cations: Coronene+ 303 D'Hendecourt, Louis; Leger, Alain
The Physics and Chemistry of Cirrus Cloud Cores and Other Translucent Clouds 307 Turner, B. E.
Photochemistry and the Interstellar Radiation Field 319 van Dishoeck, Ewine F.
Chemical Processes in Interstellar Shocks 332 Flower, David
A Multi-transition CO and NH3 Study of Dense Cores in the Infrared Cirrus 339 Heithausen, Andreas
Interstellar Cyanogen Measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background Temperature in Diffuse Clouds 343 Roth, Katherine C.; Meyer, David M.
Heavy Elements in the Interstellar Medium: Copper, Gallium, Germanium, Krypton, and Tin 347 Welty, Daniel E.; Hobbs, Lewis M.; Morton, Donald C.; Spitzer, Lyman; York, Donald G.
Interstellar C2 in Dense Optical Clouds 351 Lutz, Barry L.; Sheth, Kartik; Crutcher, Richard M.
Energy Budgets of Diffuse Clouds 355 Black, John H.
Dynamics of Interstellar Clouds: Turbulence, Shocks 368 Falgarone, E.
Magnetic Effects in Diffuse Clouds 380 Elmegreen, B. G.
The Relationship Between Diffuse and Dense Gas in the Galaxy 396 Knapp, G. R.
Observed Effects of the UV Field on Cirrus 404 Laureijs, R. J.; Helou, G.; Fukui, Y.; Mizuno, A.; Imaoka, K.; Clark, F. O.
Modeling Transient Heating in the Chamaeleon Diffuse Cloud: VSGs, PAHs or HACs? 408 Doty, S. D.; Leung, C. M.; Lis, D. C.
Photoelectric Heating of Interstellar Gas by PAHs and Small Graphitic Grains 412 Bakes, E. L. O.; Tielens, A. G. G. M.
Far-Infrared Colors of Shocked Interstellar Medium 416 Wang, Zhong
2-D Monte Carlo Models of Clumpy Interstellar Clouds 421 Spaans, Marco
The Magnetic Field in Ursa Major 425 Goodman, A. A.; Myers, P. C.; Gusten, R.; Heiles, C.
The Observation and Interpretation of Correlated Velocity Structures in a High Latitude Translucent Molecular Cloud 429 Larosa, T. N.; Magnani, Loris; Shore, S. N.