Title: Optical Astronomy from the Earth and Moon
Volume: 55 Year: 1994 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Pyper, Diane M.; Angione, Ronald J.
ISBN: 0-937707-74-0 eISBN: 978-1-58381-391-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
General Purpose Optical Telescopes 3 Carney, Bruce W.
The SDSU 2.5-m New Generation Telescope 7 Angione, Ronald J.
Lightweight Two-Meter Production Telescopes 17 Genet, David R.; Genet, Russell M.
The Spectroscopic Survey Telescope: Concept and Performance 35 Ramsey, Lawrence W.
The SOAR Telescope 45 Carney, Bruce W.
Adaptive Optics at Mount Wilson Observatory: Results from the 60-inch Telescope. 56 Baliunas, S. L.; Shelton, J. C.; Russell, J.; Donahue, R. A.
Second Generation Adaptive Optics: Plans for the Mount Wilson 100-Inch Telescope. 68 Shelton, J. C.; Baliunas, S.
LaserGuide Star Adaptive Optics at the Multiple Mirror Telescope 77 Jacobsen, Bruce; Angel, Roger; Lloyd-Hart, Michael; Wittman, David; Carter, Barbara; Kibblewhite, Edward; Wild, Walter; Beletic, James
Sodium-Layer Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics Development at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Lick Observatory 82 Oliver, S. S.; Max, C. E.; Avicola, K.; Brase, J. M.; Friedman, H. W.; Gavel, D. T.; Morris, J. R.; Salmon, J. T.; Bissinger, H. D.; Duff, J. M.; Johansson, E. M.; Johnston, B.; Kiefer, K. D.; Presta, R. W.; Rapp, D. A.; Smauley, D. A.; Waltjen, K. E.
CCD Stellar Ensemble Time Series Photometry - Pursuing Stellar Oscillations at the Micro-mag Level 95 Gilliland, Ronald L.
An Integrated Program for Automated CCD Photometry and Spectroscopy 103 Honeycutt, Kent
Custom CCDs for Spectroscopy. 108 Latham, D. W.; Geary, J. C.
Multiple Readout CCD Controllers 113 Leach, Robert W.
Deep CCD Imaging 125 Tyson, J. Anthony
Introduction to Session on Optical Spectrographs and Other Instruments 129 Honeycutt, Kent
The Use and Benefits of Optical Fibers in Spectroscopy 130 Barden, Samuel C.
Polarimetry by Shifting and Exposing 139 Clemens, Dan P.; Kane, Brian D.; Leach, Robert W.; Barvainis, Richard
The McDonald 2.7-in Echelle Spectrometer 148 Tull, Robert G.; MacQueen, Phillip; Sneden, Chris; Lambert, David L.
A New CCD Spectrograph for the Tillinghast Telescope. 161 Fabricant, D.; Cheimets, P.
ATIS93 - an International Standard for Automatic Telescopes 165 Pyper, Diane M.
Self Diagnostics of Automatic Telescopes 172 Valentine, Kenneth M.
A Global Network of Automatic Telescopes 182 Craine, Eric R.
GONG, A Global Network of Automated Solar Telescopes 188 Kennedy, James R.; GONG Team
Remote Interactive Observing with the ARC 3.5 m Telescope 197 Loewenstein, R. F.; Yanny, Brian; Owen, Russell; York, Donald G.; Fowler, James R.; Harper, D. A., Jr.
Stellar Photometry with a Whole-Earth Robotic Telescope 205 Strassmeier, Klaus G.
Automated Management and Scheduling of Remote Automatic Telescopes 216 Bresina, John; Drummond, Mark; Swanson, Keith; Edgington, Will
Collaborative Networks of Independent Automatic Telescopes 234 Mason, Cindy
A Search for Optical Brightness Variations of ROSAT EUV Sources 246 Robb, Russell
Facilities for Infrared Photometry and Spectroscopy of Short-Period ALGOLS 251 Richards, Mercedes T.; Albright, Geary E.
Ground-Based Wide-Field Direct CCD Imaging in Support of the Astro-ULT Space Shuttle Mission 255 Angione, Ronald; Talbert, Freddie; Hintzen, Paul; Cheng, Kwang-Ping; Smith, Eric; Stecher, Theodore
Astrophysics from Antarctica 261 Bally, John
Remote Astronomy at the South Pole 263 Loewenstein, R. F.
Robotic Observatories: The Third Way 267 Genet, Russell M.; Genet, David R.
The PROS and Cons of Doing Ultraviolet Astronomy from the Moon 280 Burns, Jack O.
Lunar Transit Telescopes 283 McGraw, John T.