Title: Observational Cosmology
Volume: 51 Year: 1993 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Chincarini, Guido L.; Iovino, Angela; Maccacaro, Tommaso; Maccagni, Dario
ISBN: 0-937707-70-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-387-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Cosmological Parameters H{0}, Omega, Lambda 3 Sandage, A.
The case for a High Value of H{0} 18 Tully, R. E.
Cepheid and Long-Period Variables in Virgo Cluster Galaxies 24 Pierce, M. J.; McClure, R. D.; van den Bergh, S.; Welch, D. L.; Racine, R.
Expanding Photospheres of Type II Supernovae and the Quest for H{0} 30 Schmidt, B. P.; Kirshner, R. P.; Eastman, R. G.
Giant Extragalactic HII Regions as Cosmological Indicators of Distance: Mapping their Velocity Fields 37 Castañeda, H. O.; Copetti, M. V. F.; Muñoz-Tuñon, C.; Terlevich, R.
Population Synthesis and Galaxy Surface-Brightness Fluctuations in the Tonry-Schneider Method 39 Buzzoni, A.
Structure of Luminosity Fluctuations in Galaxies 41 Lorenz, H.; Böhm, P.; Capaccioli, M.; Richter, G.
Measuring Omega in Compact Objects: Equivalent Widths of Quasar Emission Lines and Gravitational Microlensing 43 Dalcanton, J. J.; Canizares, C. R.; Granados, A.; Stocke, J. T.; Steidel, C. C.
Compact Radio Sources - an Apparent Nonevolving Population to Test the Angular Size - Flux Density Test Relation for Different World Models 50 Kellerman, K. I.
Cosmography and Statistical Inference from Whole-Sky Redshift Surveys 59 Lahav, O.
What is a Fair Sample? 72 Buchert, Thomas; Martinez, Vicent J.
A Redshift Survey in the South Galactic Pole Region 74 Vettolani, G.; Zucca, E.; Cappi, A.; Merighi, R.; Mignoli, M.; Stirpe, G.; Zamorani, G.; Collins, C.; MacGillivray, H.; Balkowski, C.; Alimi, J.; Blanchard, A.; Cayatte, V.; Felenbok, P.; Maurogordato, S.; Proust, D.; Chinarini, G.; Guzzo, L.; Maccagni, D.; Scaramella, R.; Ramella, M.
The Las Campanas Deep Redshift Survey 81 Oemler, A., Jr.; Tucker, D. L.; Kirshner, R. P.; Lin, H.; Shectman, S. A.; Schechter, P. L.
Clustering of Galaxies and Groups of Galaxies in the Las Campanas Deep Redshift Survey 88 Tucker, D. L.
The Edinburgh/Milano Cluster Redshift Survey 90 Collins, C. A.; Guzzo, L.; Nichol, R. C.; Lumsden, S. L.
The QCCOD Redshift Surveys 98 Oliver, S.
The Muenster Redshift Project - A Progress Report 100 Schuecker, P.; Boschan, P.; Ott, H.-A.; Seitter, W. C.
Spatial Distribution of Very Rich Abell Clusters: Results and Projects 102 Fetisova, T. S.; Kuznetsov, D. Yu.; Lipovetsky, V. A.; Olowin, R. P.; Starobinsky, A. A.
CTIO-ARGUS Observations of ACO Rich Clusters of Galaxies: Mean Redshifts and Velocity Dispersions for a Complete Statistical Sample. 104 Olowin, R.; Huchra, J.; Corwin, H.
Mapping Large-Scale Structures across the Galactic Plane 106 Kraan-Korteweg, R. C.; Fairall, A. P.; Balkowski, C.; Cayatte, V.
Deep Pencil-Beam Redshift Surveys as Probes of Large Scale Structures 112 Koo, D. C.; Ellman, N.; Kron, R. G.; Munn, J. A.; Szalay, A. S.; Broadhurts, T. J.; Ellis, R. S.
Systematics in the Orientation of Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies 119 Muriel, H.; Lambas, D. G.
The Alignment of Galaxies in the Coma/A1367 Supercluster 121 Flin, P.
Radio-optical Alignments of Brightest Cluster Galaxies 123 Andernach, H.; West, M. J.; Kotanyi, C.; Unewisse, A. M.
Measures of Large-Scale Structure in the CfA Redshift Survey, III. 125 Vogeley, M. S.; Geller, M. J.; Huchra, J. P.; Park, C.; Gott, J. R.
Cosmological Investigations of IRAS Galaxies 132 Fisher, K. B.
Spherical Harmonic Analysis of 2D and 3D IRAS Galaxy Catalogues 138 Scharf, C. A.
The Power Spectrum of Large Scale Clustering in Redshift Space 140 Jing, Y. P.; Valdarnini, R.
All-Sky Catalogues of Superclusters of Abell-ACO Clusters 142 Zucca, E.; Zamorani, G.; Scaramella, R.; Vettolani, G.
A First Study of the Shapley Supercluster using Wavelet Techniques 144 Slezak, E.; Lega, E.
Hierarchical Structure of Abell Clusters 146 Bury, P.; Bijaoui, A.
The Topology of Nearby Large-Scale Structures 148 Fairall, A. P.
Do Galactic Potential Wells Depend on their Large Scale Environment? 150 Mo, H. J.; Lahav, O.
Galaxy Correlations: Morphology and Circular Velocity Dependences 152 Nicotra, M. A.; Abadi, M. G.; Lambas, D. G.
Correlated Fluctuating Signals in the Analysis of the Large Scale Structure of the Universe 154 Suran, D. M.; Popescu, N. A.
Limits to the Evolution of Faint Galaxy Clustering 156 Neuschaefer, L. W.; Windhorat, R. A.
The Evolution of the Elliptical-Galaxy Correlation Function 163 Warren, S. J.; Iovino, A.; Hewett, P. C.; Shaver, P. A.
Results from a New Tully-Fisher Survey of Galaxy Motions in the Northern Sky 165 Courteau, S.
The Motion of the Local Group with Respect to the 15,000 km/s Abell Cluster Frame 171 Lauer, T. R.; Postman, M.
On the Reconstruction of the Peculiar Velocity Field from Redshift Surveys 177 Freudling, W.; da Costa, L. N.
Study of the Shapley Concentration 179 Bardelli, S.; Scaramella, R.; Vettolani, G.; Zamorani, G.; Zucca, E.
Formation of the Large Scale Structures and Evolutionary Reconstruction of the Primordial Perturbation Spectrum 181 Lukash, V. N.
Hierarchical Statistics and Fractal Structure 186 Borgani, S.
Void Evolution and the Large-Scale Structure 188 Dubinski, J.; da Costa, L. N.; Goldwirth, D. S.; Lecar, M.; Piran, T.
Anisotropy of the Radio Source Counts - A Voronoi-Foam Model 190 Benn, C. R.
Merger Rates in Hierarchical Models of Galaxy Formation 192 Lacey, C.; Cole, S.
Large-Scale Dynamics from Peculiar Velocities: Omega = 1? 194 Dekel, A.
Galaxy Peculiar Motions: Observations vs. CDM Model Predictions 209 Matarrese, S.; Lucchin, F.; Moscardini, L.; Tormen, G.
Peculiar Velocities of Rich Clusters in the Hot and Cold Dark Matter Scenarios 215 Rhee, G.; West, M.; Villumsen, J.
Cosmological Dipoles in Depth 217 Scaramella, R.; Vettolani, G.; Zamorani, G.
Great Attractors: Observational Displays and Condition of Realizations 219 Novosyadlyj, B.; Hnatyk, B.; Lukash, V. N.
The Spectra and Morphology of Galaxies in High-Redshift Clusters 225 Dressler, A.
Morphological Studies of the Galaxy Population in Distant 'Butcher-Oemler' Clusters with HST 240 Couch, W. J.; Ellis, R. S.; Sharples, R. M.; Smail, I.
Evolution of Galaxies in Clusters 254 Molinari, E.; Buzzoni, A.; Longhetti, M.; Chincarini, G.
The Palomar Faint Cluster Survey 260 Postman, M.
Further Evidence for a Change in the Cluster Environments of Radio Galaxies with Cosmic Epoch 262 Hill, G. J.; Lilly, S. J.; Rigler, M. A.
Colors of Core Galaxies in Two Cluster Samples 264 Garilli, B.; Maccagni, D.; Carrasco, L.; sRecillas, E.; Vettolani, G.
Multicolor Photometry of Galaxies in Abell Clusters 266 Hintz, E.; Moody, J. W.
Velocity Dispersions of Nearby Galaxy Clusters 268 Girardi, M.; Biviano, A.; Giuricin, G.; Mardirossian, F.; Mezzetti, M.
A Survey of Nearby Clusters of Galaxies: First Results 270 Mazure, A.; Escalera, E.; Katgert, P.; den Hartog, R.; Rhee, G.; Dubath, P.; Focardi, P.; Gerbal, D.; Giuricin, G.; Biviano, A.; Jones, B.; le Fevre, O.; Moles, M.; Perea, J.
Redshifts in Southern Nearby Clusters of Galaxies 272 Stein, P.
Groups of Galaxies in the Southern Sky: a Redsbift Survey 274 Focardi, P.; Geller, M. J.; Ramella, M.
55 New Compact Groups in the Southern Sky from an Automated Search 276 Iovino, A.; Prandoni, I.; MacGillivray, H. T.; Hickson, P.; Palumbo, G.
Detection of a Diffuse Stellar Component in the Rich Clusters of Galaxies Abell 2390 and CL 1613+31 278 Vilchez-Gomez, R.; Pello, R.; Sanahuja, B.
Isophote Shapes and Color Profiles of Brightest Cluster Galaxies 280 Andreon, S.
Kinematics of cD Clusters of Galaxies: Initial Results of a Survey for Peculiar Velocity cD Galaxies 282 Oegerle, W. R.; Hill, J. M.
The Fundamental Plane of Galaxy Clusters 284 Schaeffer, R.; Maurogordato, S.; Cappi, A.; Bernardeau, F.
The Universality of the Fundamental Plane - E and SO Galaxies in Coma 286 Jorgensen, I.; Kjaergaard, P.; Franx, M.
The Dichotomy in the Physical Properties of the Hot Galaxian Components 288 Capaccioli, M.; D'Onofrio, M.; Caon, N.
Mixed Pairs: Interaction Effects in NGC 5296/7 290 Rampazzo, R.; Reduzzi, L.; Sulentic, J. W.; Madejski, R.
Colors, Masses and the Formation of Disk Galaxies 292 Gavazzi, G.
Environmental Density and Bar Structures in Spiral Galaxies 294 Giuricin, G.; Mardirossian, F.; Mezzetti, M.; Monaco, P.
Search for Starbursts among X-Ray-Selected Galaxies 296 Fruscione, A.; Griffiths, R. E.; MacKenty, J. W.
Spectral Evolution of Merging/Accreting Galaxies 298 Roukema, B. F.; Quinn, P. J.; Peterson, B. A.
K Band Galaxy Counts from K = 10 to K = 23 300 Gardner, J. P.
Counter-Evolution of Faint Field Galaxies 302 Koo, D. C.; Gronwall, C.
Counts and Colours from the NGP CFHT Faint Galaxy Survey 304 Infante, L.
Constraints on the Formation and Evolution of Galaxies from Faint Galaxy Counts 306 Guiderdoni, B.
The Contribution of Dwarf Galaxies to Faint Number Counts 308 Phillippa, S.
Surveys for Protogalaxies and Protoclusters 310 Thompson, D.; Smith, J. D.; Djorgovski, S.; Trauger, J.; Beckwith, S.
A Search for Primeval Galaxies at Z = 2.5 312 de Propris, R.; Pritchet, C. J.; Hartwick, F. D. A.; Hickson, P.
Evolution Models from UV to IR for High-Redshift Galaxies 314 Rocca-Volmerange, B.
Preliminary Results from the Hubble Space Telescope Medium-Deep Survey. 320 Griffiths, R. E.; Ratnatunga, K.; Neuschaefer, L. W.; Windhorst, R. A.; Pascarelle, S.; Schmidtke, P.; Ellis, R. S.; Glazebrook, K.; Gilmore, G.; Elson, R.; Schade, D.; Green, R.; Huchra, J.; Illingworth, G.; Koo, D.; Tyson, A.
Galaxies at Moderate Redshift 328 Colless, M.; Glazebrook, K.; Ellis, R. S.; Broadhurst, T. J.
The Faint Field Galaxy Population 335 Lilly, S. J.
ROSAT Northern Cluster Surveys 342 Giacconi, R.; Burg, R.
X-Ray Selected Clusters of Galaxies 354 Gioia, I. M.
First Optical Results on an X-Ray Selected Sample of ROSAT Clusters of Galaxies 361 Pierre, M.; Schuecker, P.; Böhringer, H.; Cruddace, R.; Ebeling, H.; Voges, W.; Collins, C.; MacGillivray, H.; Romer, A.
Cosmological Implications of ROSAT Observations of Galaxy Clusters 368 Bohringer, H.; Schwarz, R. A.; Briel, U. G.
ACO Clusters of Galaxies in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey - A First Glimpse at ROSAT's Cluster X-Ray Luminosity Function 375 Ebeling, H.
X-Ray Constraints on the Shape of the Dark Matter in Five Abell Clusters 377 Buote, D. A.; Canizares, C. R.
Galaxy Evolution in X-Ray Selected Clusters 378 Annis, J.; Henry, J. P.; Gioia, I. M.
Cooling Flows and Galaxy Formation 380 Fabian, A. C.
X-Ray Clusters and Gravitational Instability Theories 394 Colafrancesco, S.
Measurements of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovic Effect at Millimeter Wavelengths: a New Tool for Observational Cosmology 396 Fisher, M. L.; Ho, T. R.; Holzapfel, W. L.; Osgood, D. E.; Wilbanks, T. W.; Lange, A. E.; Ade, P. A. R.
Sunyaev-Zel'dovic Effect with the Australia Telescope 404 Liang, H.; Subrahmanyan, R.; Ekers, R.; Pierre, M.
Radio Galaxies, X-Ray Subclumps, and Mergers within Clusters of Galaxies 407 Burns, J. O.; Rhee, G.; Roettiger, K.; Owen, F. N.
Correlative Studies of X-Ray and Radio Emission in Abell Clusters of Galaxies 414 Rhee, G.; Burns, J.; Owen, F.
Intra-Supercluster Gas 416 Rephaeli, Y.
Probing Dark Matter in Clusters of Galaxies with Arcs and Arclets 419 Fort, B.; Mellier, Y.; Kneib, J. P.; Pelló, R.; Bonnet, H.
The Hawaii Arc Survey: a Survey for Gravitational Lensing in X-Ray Selected Clusters of Galaxies 432 Annis, J.; Gioia, I.; Luppino, G.
The Cluster Environment of Distant Radio Galaxies, and a New Giant Luminous Arc Gravitational Lens 434 Dickinson, M.
The X-Ray Background 439 Hasinger, G.
Radio Observations of the Deep ROSAT Field in the Lockman Hole 453 de Ruiter, H. R.; Zamorani, G.; Parma, P.
Cosmology with Deep ROSAT X-Ray Observations 459 Stewart, G. C.; Georgantopoulos, I.; Boyle, B. J.; Griffiths, R.; Shanks, T.
The UK Deep Survey Project 466 Branduardi-Raymont, G.; Carrera, F. J.; Mason, K. O.; Mittaz, J. P. D.; Puchnarewicz, E. M.; Smith, P. J.; Jones, L. R.; Merrifield, M. R.; McHardy, I. M.; Lehto, H.; Jones, M. H.; Rowan-Robinson, M.; Pounds, K. A.; Stewart, G. C.; Warwick, R. S.; Fabian, A. C.; McMahon, R.; Ward, M. J.; Pedlar, A.
The UK Extended Deep ROSAT Survey 468 Jones, L. R.; McHardy, I. M.; Merrifield, M.; Branduardi-Raymont, G.; Mason, K. O.; Smith, P. J.; Rowan-Robinson, M.; Jones, M. H.; Lawrence, A.; Efstathiou, G. P.; Ponman, T. J.; Willmore, A. P.; Allan, D. J.; Jeffries, R. D.; Quenby, J.; Lehto, H.; Luppino, G.; Pye, J.; Page, C.; Pedlar, A.
Silver Needles in the 2 - sigma Haystack: Galaxies, Clusters, and the XRB 470 Helfand, D. J.; Moran, E. C.; Becker, R.H.; White, R. L.
Spectral-Luminosity Evolution of Active Galactic Nuclei and the CXB (Cosmic X-Ray Background) 473 Leiter, D.; Boldt, E.
Cosmological Implictions of Slew Survey Source Samples 475 Schachter, J.; Elvis, M.; Voges, W.
COBE DMR Results: Cosmic Background Anisotropies 477 Smoot, G. F.
Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy at One Degree - ACME HEMT 1990-91 South Pole Results 490 Gaier, T. C.; Shuster, J. A.; Gundersen, J. O.; Meinhold, P. R.; Lubin, P. M.
Preliminary Results from the Goddard-Mit Medium-Scale Anisotropy Experiment 497 Silverberg, R. F.; Cheng, E. S.; Cottingham, D. A.; Fixsen, D. J.; Gentieu, E. P.; Inman, C. A.; Meyer, S. S.; Puchalla, J. L.; Page, L. A.
The Status of the Tenerife Anisotropy Experiments: Comparison with the COBE Results 499 Watson, R. A.; Gutierrez de La Cruz, C. M.; Rebolo, R.
Far-Infrared Cosmology Measurements - The FIRAS Spectrum and other Curious Results 501 Cheng, E. S.
An Absolute Measurement of the Temperature of the Cosmic Background Radiation at 1425 MHz 512 Staggs, S.
The ARGO Balloon Telescope: a Cosmology Research Tool 519 de Bernardis, P.; Aquilini, E.; de Petris, M.; Gervasi, M.; Masi, S.; Valenziano, L.; Boscaleri, A.; Martinis, L.; Palumbo, P.; Scaramuzzi, F.; Natale, V.
A Meaurement of the Cosmic Microwave Background Temperature at 2 GHz: Instrument Description and Observation Technique 521 Bersanelli, M.; Bensadoun, M.; de Amici, G.; Levin, S.; Limon, M.; Smoot, G. F.; Tanaka, S.; Vinje, W.
Ten Arcsecond Scale Isotropy of the Cosmic Background Radiation at 3.4 MM Wavelength 523 Radford, S. J. E.
Low Frequency Measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background Temperature from the South Pole 525 Limon, M.; Bensadoun, M.; Bersanelli, M.; de Amici, G.; Levin, S.; Smoot, G. F.; Vinje, W.
A New Program to Map the Absolute Temperature of the Sky at Low Frequencies 527 de Amici, G.; Smoot, G. F.; Bensadoun, M.; Bersanelli, M.; Levin, S.; Limon, M.; Vinje, W.
Limits to the 8.4 GHz Nano-Jansky Source Counts and Arcmin-Scale CBR Fluctuations 534 Windhorst, R. A.; Fomalont, E. B.; Partridge, R. B.; Lowenthal, J. D.
Spectral Distortions in the Frequency Distribution of the Cosmic Background Radiation 541 Sironi, G.; Bonelli, G.; Gervasi, M.
Spectral Distortions in the CMB from Recombination. 548 Rybicki, G. B.; dell'Antonio, I. P.
Distortions of the CMB Spectrum by Continuous Heating 554 Burigana, C.
The Influence of Gravitational Lensing on the CMB in Flat Universes with lambda does not equal 0 556 Cayon, L.; Martinez-Gonzales, E.; Sanz, J. L.
COBE and Primordial Fluctuations on Galactic Mass-Scales 558 Daly, R. A.
Fluctuations on Arcminute Scales from Hydro + N-Body Simulations 560 Scaramella, R.; Cen, R.; Ostriker, J. P.
COBE vs. Predictions from Observed Structures 562 Scaramella, R.
Isotropic Radiation in an Inhomogeneous Universe 564 Ferrando, J.; Morales, J. A.; Portilla, M.
The Nature of submJy Radio Sources 569 Benn, C. R.; Rowan-Robinson, M.; McMahon, R. G.; Broadhurst, T. J.; Lawrence, A.
The Nature of mJy Radio Sources 576 Wall, J. V.; Rixon, G. T.; Benn, C. R.
Distant Radio Galaxies form the MG 5 GHz Survey 585 Spinrad, H.; Dickinson, M.; Schlegell, D.; Gonzalez, R.
A Survey for High-Redshift, Radio-Loud Quasars 587 Hook, I. M.; McMahon, R. G.
Radio Properties of Optically Selected Quasars - VLA Observations of 23 Intermediate Redshift Quasars 589 La Franca, F.; Gregorini, L.; Cristiani, S.; De Ruiter, H.; Owen, F.
New Statistical Results on the Lyman-alpha Forest 591 Stengler-Larrea, L. A.
Emission from a Damped Ly-alpha Absorber at Z = 2.81 598 Moller, P.; Warren, S. J.
The HI Column Density Distribution of QSO Absorbers 600 Petitjean, P.; Rauch, M.; Carswell, R. F.; Webb, J. K.; Lanzetta, K.
Intergalactic Ionizing Flux from AGN: Formation of Lyman-alpha Clouds and Evaporation Scenario of Large Scale Structure without Dark Matter 602 Terasawa, N.
ROSAT Observations of High Redshift Quasars 604 Fiore, F.; Elvis, M.; Wilkes, B.; McDowell, J.; Bechtold, J.
High-Redshift Quasars and the Photoionization of the Intergalactic Medium 606 Madau, P.
Photoionized Clouds at High Redshift 608 Petitjean, P.; Bergeron, J.; Puget, J. L.
Line-Locking in QSO Spectra 610 Wampler, E. J.
Fast X-Ray Variability of Bright AGNs Observed with EXOSAT: do the Power Spectra Provide Evidence for Flicker Noise? 612 Arlandi, E.; Stella, L.; Tagliaferri, G.
Evolution of the Quasar Population at Redshifts <2 614 Miller, L.; Goldschmidt, P.; La Franca, F.; Cristiani, S.
A Quasi-Steady State Cosmological Model 623 Hoyle, F.; Burbidge, G.; Narlikar, J. V.
Particle Physics and Cosmology 635 Ellis, J.
Cosmology from Gran Sasso 662 Bellotti, E.
Are Omega{0} = 1 Cold Dark Matter Models Really Acceptable? 685 Vittorio, N.
Final Remarks 693 Hoyle, F.