Title: Third Decennial US-USSR Conference on SETI
Volume: 47 Year: 1993 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Shostak, G. S.
ISBN: 0-937707-66-X eISBN: 978-1-58381-383-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
A Brief History of SETI 11 Drake, F.
Bioastronomy in the Ukraine 19 Arkhipov, L.; Litvinenko, A.
Andrei Dmitriyevich Sakharov and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence 27 Gindilis, L.
Prospects for Using Soviet DSN Antennas for SETI 37 Altunin, V.
Antenna Systems for Space Communication, Radio Astronomy and SETI 47 Poperetchenko, B.
A CW Detector for the NASA Targeted Search 55 Reykjalin, J.
A Wide-Band, High-Resolution Spectrum Analyzer 61 Wilck, M.; Garyantes, M.; Grimm, H.
Symmetry in SETI 67 Oliver, B.
A New Method for Determining the Merits of SETI Search Strategies 75 Cullers, K.
Blinkers and Drifters: Strategies for Optimum Time Segmenting of Multipathed and/or Doppler Drifting Monochromatic Signals 89 Cohen, N.
A Stochastic Approach to Non-Random Signal Analysis 103 Likhachev, S.
Polyphase DFT Spectrum Analysis for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Sky Survey 119 Zimmerman, G.; Gulkis, S.
On the Detection of Unknown Signals 129 Dixon, R.; Klein, C.
Interstellar Scintillation and SETI 143 Cordes, J.; Lazio, J.
New "Magic" Frequencies for SETI 161 Gindilis, L.; Davydov, V.; Strelnitski, V.
The Search for Extra-Solar System Planets 167 Tarter, J.
A Search for Extra-Solar Planets via Precise Velocities 175 Marcy, G.; Butler, P.
Formation of Planetary Systems in the Galaxy 185 Tutukov, A.
The Planet Around PSR 1829-10 195 Tutukov, A.
Astrophysical Constraints on Exobiological Habitats 199 Doyle, L.; McKay, C.; Whitmire, D.; Matese, J.; Reynolds, R.; Davis, W.
The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence and Ecological Problems 219 Rebane, K.
Target Selection Strategy for NASA's SETI MOP 231 Soderblom, D.; Latham, D.
Can Unique Astronomical Objects Serve as an Instrument for Communication Between Cosmic Civilizations? 251 Beskin, G.; Sannikov, A.
Astrophysical Masers as Amplifiers of ETI Signals 257 Cordes, J.
The SERENDIP SETI Project 269 Bowyer, S.; Werthimer, D.; Donnelly, C.; Lampton, M.; Herrick, W.; Soller, J.; Ng, D.; Hiatt, T.
SETI Activities in Argentina 279 Colomb, R.; Hurrell, E.; Olalde, J.; Lemarchand, G.
Five Years of META: Results of the Planetary Society's Search at Harvard 291 Horowitz, P.
SETI Site Surveys of RFI in the Band 1.0 GHz to 10.4 GHz 313 Olsen, E.; Jackson, E.; Gulkis, S.
The NASA SETI Microwave Observing Project Targeted Search 323 Backus, P.
The NASA SETI Microwave Observing Project Sky Survey 335 Klein, M.; Burns, D.; Foster, C.; Garyantes, M.; Gulkis, S.; Levin, S.; Olsen, L.; Wilck, H.; Zimmerman, G.
Preliminary Test Data from the SETI Microwave Observing Project Sky Survey Prototype 349 Levin, S.; Asmar, P.; Burns, D.; Foster, C.; Garyantes, M.; Gosline, R.; Gulkis, S.; Klein, M.; Olsen, E.; Wilck, H.; Zimmerman, G.
Search for Interstellar Beacons at the 3He+ Hyperfine Transition Frequency 357 Bania, T.; Rood, R.
The Potential for Millimeter-Wave SETI 367 Steffes, P.
A Search for Infrared Laser Signals 373 Betz, A.
Results of the MANIA Experiment: an Optical Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence 381 Shvartsman, V.; Beskin, G.; Mitronova, S.; Neizvestny, S.; Plakhotnichenko, V.; Pustil'nik, L.
Self-Recognition in the Bottlenose Dolphin: A Methodological Test Case for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence 393 Marino, L.; Reiss, D.; Gallup, G.
On the Astrosociological Paradox in SETI 403 Gindilis, L.; Rudnitskii, G.
SETI Post-Detection Protocols: What Do You Do After Detecting a Signal? 417 Billingham, J.
The Aesthetics of SETI 427 Lomberg, J.
Concluding Remarks 433 Dyson, F.