Title: The Magnetic and Velocity Fields of Solar Active Regions, IAU Colloquium 141
Volume: 46 Year: 1993 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Zirin, Harold; Ai, Guoxiang; Wang, Haimin
ISBN: 0-937707-65-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-382-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
Small-Scale Structure in Active Regions (Invited) 3 Keller, C.
High Resolution Magnetic Field Measurements in the Sunspot Photosphere (Invited) 11 Hofmann, A.; Schmidt, W.; Balthasar, H.; Tarbell, T. T.; Frank, Z. A.
High Resolution Observations of Umbral Fine Structure 20 Sobotka, M.; Bonet, J. A.; Vazquez, M.
Changes with Height of Longitudinal Magnetic Field in Active Regions 24 Gopasyuk, S. I.
Doppler Motion in Active Regions and in the Surrounding Photosphere 32 Bumba, V.; Klvana, M.
Coherence Analysis of Photospheric Line Parameters in Active and Non-Active Solar Regions 36 Hanslmeier, A.; Mattig, W.; Nesis, A.
Plasma Motions Around Sunspots 40 Lustig, G.; Wohl, H.
Polanmetric Measurements of the Fine Structure of a Sunspot Penumbra 44 Hofmann, J.; Deubner, F. L.; Fleck, B.
Field Strength vs. Temperature Relation and the Structure of Sunspots 48 Solanki, S. K.; Walther, U.; Livingston, W.
Evershed Effect in Sunspots and Their Canopies 52 Solanki, S. K.; Montavon, C.; Livingston, W.
Velocity Fields in the Filament Regions. Structure and Evolution 56 Ioshpa, B.; Kulikova, E.
The Continuum Intensity Magnetic Field Relation in Sunspot Umbrae 60 Martinez Pillet, V.; Vazquez, M.
Active Region Evolution Through Coordinated Observations 63 Mein, N.; Mein, P.; Schmieder, B.; Engvold, O.; Molowny, R.; Ai, G. X.
The Distribution of Sunspot Decay Rates 67 Martinez Pillet, V.; Moreno-Insertis, F.; Vazquez, M.
Delta Sunspots and X Class Flares in Solar Cycle 22 71 Shi, Zhongxian; Wang, Jingxiu
The Formation of a Moat Around a Sunspot as Observed on Longitudinal-Field Magnetograms 75 Ermakova, L. V.
Relation Between the Longitudinal Field and Radial Velocity in Sunspots 78 Pevtsov, A. A.
Flares and Velocity Fields in AR5528, AR5629 and AR6891 81 Chen, Jimin; Huang, Yinliang; Liu, Zhenxing
Physical Features in the AR 5395 84 Zhang, Heng; Kong, Yongjin; Luan, Di; Cao, Ying
Computational Modeling of Solar Magnetic Fields (Invited) 91 Sakurai, T.
Magnetohydrodynamics Simulation of the Evolution of Bipolar Magnetic Regions (Invited) 98 Wu, S. T.; Yin, C. L.; McIntosh, P.; Hildner, E.
The Sizes of Active Regions and Convective Triggering of Buoyant Loop Instability 108 Petrovay, K.; Szakaly, G.
Avalanches of Magnetic Reconnection 112 Lu, E. T.
Monochromatic Images of Sunspots in Linearly Polarized Radiation and Structure of Their Magnetic Fields 115 Ye, S. H.; Jin, J.
Thermal and Hall-Current Instabilities in a Current Sheet and the Triggering of Two Ribbon Flares 119 Li, Sang-Jae
Area-Weighting of Sunspot Group Positions and Proper Motion Artifacts 123 Petrovay, K.
The Application of Boundary Element Method to 3-D Solar Linear Force-Free Magnetic Field 127 Yan, Y.; Yu, Q.; Kang, F.
On the Inference of Magnetic Field Vectors from Stokes Profiles: A Generalization of the Weak-Field Approximation 130 Qu, Z.-Q.; Ding, Y.-J.; Xuan, J.-Y.; Ye, S.-H.
Numerical Simulation of the Explosive Events in the Solar Atmosphere 134 Jin, Shu-Ping
Formation of Solar Prominence with Normal and Inverse Polarities 138 Choe, G. S.; Lee, L. C.
The Small-Scale Photospheric Magnetic Field as an Indicator of the Dynamo 143 Petrovay, K.; Szakaly, G.
Progress in Measurement of Solar Magnetic Fields (Invited) 149 Ai, Guoxiang
Spectrometer-Based Magnetographs (Invited) 156 Jones, H.
Magnetic Field Observation with the Solar Flare Telescope 166 Ichimoto, K.; Sakurai, T.; Nishino, Y.; Shinoda, K.; Noguchi, M.; Kumagai, K.; Imai, H.; Irie, M.; Miyashita, M.; Tanaka, N.; Sano, I.; Suematsu, Y.; Hiei, E.
THIEMIS Telescope: Prospects in High Resolution Magnetic Field Observations 170 Rayrole, J.; Mein, P.
Early Results from HAO/NSO Advanced Stokes Polarimeter 173 Lites, B. W.; Elmore, D. F.; Tomczyk, S.; Seagraves, P.; Skumanich, A.; Streander, K. V.
Asymmetric Stokes Q, U and V Line Profiles Observed in Sunspots 177 Sanchez Almeida, J.; Lites, B. W.
Ten Years of the Okayama Vector Magnetograph 180 Makita, M.; Sakurai, T.; Shibasaki, K.; Koyano, H.
SIMURIS: High-Resolution Solar Physics 184 Rutten, R. J.; Dame, L.
A Method for Measurements of Solar Vector Magnetic Fields 188 Gu, Xiao-Ma; Lin, Jun; Li, Ke-Jun
High Angular Resolution Stokes V Spectra in Penumbrae 192 Sanchez Almeida, J.; Martinez Pillet, V.; Lites, J. T. Buenol B. W.
New Calibration Parameter for Observations of Transverse Solar Magnetic Fields in the FeI 5324.19 Angstrom Line 196 Song, Weihong; Ai, Guoxiang
Filter Magnetograph Measurements at Meudon Observatory 199 Dollfus, A.; Moity, J.
Strong and Weak Magnetic Fields: Nature of the Small-Scale Flux Elements (Invited) 205 Stenflo, J. O.
The Interaction of Weak and Strong Magnetic Fields on the Sun (Invited) 215 Zinn, H.
Rapid Variations in the Intergranular Space 222 Nesis, A.; Hanslmeier, A.; Hammer, R.; Komm, R.; Mattig, W.; Staiger, J.
On Intensity; Magnetic Field and Velocities of Small Bright Points in the CA Network 225 Soltau, D.
Lifetimes of the Magnetic Network Elements 228 Liu, Yang; Zhang, Hongqi; Wang, Haimin
Small-Scale Magnetic Structures and Supergranulation Flows 232 Zhang, Y.; Jensen, E.; Engvold, O.
Solar Flare as an Ongoing Magnetic Reconnection Process (Invited) 239 Tsuneta, Saku
Corona Magnetic Fields Deduced From Radio Methods (Invited) 249 Kruger, A.; Hildebrandt, J.
Hard X-Ray Imaging Observations by YOHKOH of the 15 November 1991 Flare (Invited) 258 Sakao, Taro
Structure of Chromospheric Magnetic Field in Solar Active Regions 263 Zhang, Hongqi; Ai, Guoxiang; Li, Wei; Chen, Jimin
Evolving Feature of H-Beta Doppler Velocity Fields in Sites of Flares 267 Li, Wei; Ai, Guoxiang; Zhang, Hongqi
Measurement of Solar Magnetic Fields Using Radio Observations with the RATAN-600 271 Gelfreikh, G. B.; Bogod, V. M.; Abramov-Maximov, V. E.; Tsvetkov, S. V.
Solar Radio S-Component Variation with Magnetic Field of Active Regions 275 Zhao, Ren-Yang
Magnetic Tube Scale and Electron Acceleration from the Fine Structure of Microwave Bursts 279 Huang, Guang-Li
Spectral Characteristics of a Coronal Oscillation with a Period of the Order of 10MS 283 Xia, Zhiguo; Chen, Jingying; Zheng, Xiangmin; Ma, Yuan
Microwave Emission From a Sunspot III. Implications for the Force Balance in a Static Sunspot 287 Lee, J. W.; Gary, D. E.; Hurford, G. J.; Zirin, H.
Analysis of EUV, Microwave and Magnetic Field Observations of Solar Plage 291 Brosius, J. W.; Davila, J. M.; Jones, H. P.; Thompson, W. T.; Thomas, R. J.; Holman, G. D.; White, S. W.; Gopalswamy, N.; Kundu, M. R.
On the Formulae for Calculating Magnetic Fields in the Source of Solar Microwave Bursts 295 Thao, Ren-Yang
Reversed Polarity Structure of Chromospheric Magnetic Fields in Active Regions 299 Li, Wei; Ai, Guoxiang; Zhang, Hongqi; Chen, Jimin
Coronal Magnetic Fields From the Effect of the Double Inversion of Circular Polarization of Radio Emission 302 Bogod, V. M.; Gelfreikh, G. B.; Ryabov, B. I.; Hafizov, S. R.
Panoramic Analyzer of Radio Spectra - Instrument for Measurements of Coronal Magnetic Fields on the Sun 306 Bogod, V. M.; Vatrushin, S. M.; Abramov-Maximov, V. E.; Tsvetkov, S. V.; Dikij, V. N.
Solar Activity Observed with the New Nobeyama Radioheliograph 310 Enome, S.; Nakajima, H.; Shibasaki, K.; Nishio, M.; Takano, T.; Hanaoka, Y.; Torii, C.; Sekiguchi, H.; Kawashima, S.; Bushimata, T.; Shinohara, N.; Irimajiri, Y.; Koshiishi, H.; Kosugi, T.; Shiomi, Y.; Sawa, M.; Kai, K.
Flows; Evolution of Magnetic Fields; and Flares (Invited) 323 Wang, Haimin
Observational Evidence for Magnetic Reconnection in Solar Flares (Invited) 333 Henoux, J. C.; Demoulin, P.; Mandrini, C. H.; Rovira, M. G.
Observations of X-ray Jets Using YOHKOH Soft X-Ray Telescope 343 Shibata, K.; Ishido, Y.; Acton, L.; Strong, K.; Hirayama, T.; Uchida, Y.; McAllister, A.; Matsumoto, R.; Tsuneta, S.; Shimizu, T.; Hara, H.; Sakurai, T.; Ichimoto, K.; Nishino, Y.; Ogawara, Y.
Diagnostics of the Velocity Field in Lower Atmosphere of Solar Flares 347 Fang, Cheng; Yin, Su-Ying; Ding, Ming-De
Magnetic Field Configuration in H alpha Flare Loops and Flaring Arches 351 Bhatnagar, A.; Srivastava, N.
Evidence of Reality of Rapid Solar Radio Fluctuation 355 Fu, Q.; Hu, C.; Zhao, B.; Jin, S.; Yurovsky, Yu.; Stepanov, A.; Magun, A.; Schanda, E.
Some Characteristics of Development and Emission of May 13, 1981 Flare Related to Flare Model 359 Krivsky, L.
The Evolutional Characteristics of Magnetic and Velocity Fields of Large Flares in AR 6659 362 Luo, Baorong; Hou, Shuming; Luan, Ti; Cao, Ying
Statistical Characteristics of Solar Proton Flares 366 Wang, J. L.
A Statistical Study of Flares as Self-Organized Critical Phenomena 369 Nakagawa, Y.
Line-of-Sight and Proper Motions in the Flaring June 1991 (NOAA 6659) Active Region 373 Bumba, V.; Klvana, M.; Kalman, B.; Gyori, L.
Solar Microwave Spike Emission and Change of Magnetic Topology 377 Fu, Q.; Gong, Y.; Shang, Q.; Lu, S.; Hu, H.; Li, C.; Li, W.; Zhao, B.
The Statistics Relationship of Mass Motions; Magnetic Fields and Flares in AR5395 381 Tang, Yuhua; Huan, Zunxiang; Lin, Qing; Xu, Aoao
Solar Flares in Center of Activity With No SPOT 384 Sersen, M.
Structure and Evolutionary Features of Flare Producing Active Regions During 1988-1990 388 Golovko, A. A.
Dynamical Fine Structure of Filaments and Prominences 391 Mein, N.; Mein, P.; Wiik, J. E.
Relation of Magnetic Fields with Solar Activity Indexes in a Descending Phase of Solar Cycle 394 Chow, Won-Chol
Pre-Eruption Disturbance of an Active Filament 397 Wang, Jingxiu; Shi, Zhongxian
Nonlinear Mode Coupling of Resistive Instability and the Flare of February 4 and 6, 1986 401 Deng, X. H.; Wang, S.
Proton Flare and Evolution of Magnetic Fields in a Decaying Active Region 404 Zhang, Guiqing
Calcium-K Line Profile as a Function of Latitude and Solar Cycle Phase 408 Singh, J.
Study of Calcium Network Evolution from Antarctica 410 Singh, J.
Model Prediction for Magnetic Shear Changes During Solar Flares (Invited) 415 Forbes, T. G.
Analyses of Transverse Field (Invited) 425 Wang, Jingxiu
Magnetic Field Topology in Solar Active Regions 435 Seehafer, N.
A Sufficient Condition for Krall's Criterion and Its Modifications 439 Wu, Linxiang
Effect of Sheared Flow on Resistive Tearing Instability and the Triggering of Flare 443 Deng, X. H.; Wang, S.; Chen, J. M.; Zhang, H. Q.; Ai, G. X.
Variation of Magnetic Fields and Electric Currents Associated With Solar Flares 446 Lin, Yuanzhang; Wei, Xiaolei; Zhang, Hongqi
The Spontaneous Reconnection of Force Free Magnetic Field 450 Li, Xing; Hu, Y. Q.
The Role of Filament Currents in a Flare Active Region 454 Xu, Aoao; Wu, Guiping; Tang, Yuhua; Jiang, Zhibo
Dynamic Evolutionary Process of the Magnetic Fields in the Solar Active Region Boulder 5395 457 Liu, Xinping
A Synthesized Method for Solving the 1800 Ambiguity of Solar Transverse Magnetic Field 461 Wang, Huaning; Lin, Yuanzhang
Electric Conductivity of Lower Solar Atmosphere 465 Wang, Jingxiu
Structure of Emerging Flux Regions (Invited) 471 Chou, D.-Y.
On Recurrent Solar Activity (Invited) 479 Gaizauskas, V.
Flux Emergence and the Evolution of Large-Scale Photosphenc Field Patterns (Abstract) 487 Wang, Y.-M.; Sheeley, N. R., Jr.
Properties of Emerging Bipolar Active Regions 488 Harvey, K. L.
The Development of Sunspot Groups 492 Howard, R. F.
Evolutionary Characteristics of Large-Scale Magnetic and Velocity Fields 495 Ambroz, P.
MHD Numerical Simulations of Magnetic Reconnection Associated with Emerging Flux 500 Shibata, K.; Nozawa, S.; Matsumoto, R.
Rotation Rates of Active Nests on the Sun 504 van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; van der Zalm, E. B. J.; Zwaan, C.
H alpha Surge Activity at the First Stage of Magnetic Flux Emergence 507 Kurokawa, H.; Kawai, G.
Sunspot Seismology: The Interaction of Solar p-Modes with a Sunspot (Invited) 513 Thomas, J.
Observations of Waves and Oscillations in the Solar Magnetic Fine Structure 522 Fleck, B.; Deubner, F.-L.; Schmidt, W.
Atomic Orientation in Chromospheric Lines 526 Bueno, J. T.; Pillet, V. M.; Almeida, J. S.; Landi degl'Innocenti, E. L.
Oscillations of the Magnetic Network 530 Lites, B. W.; Rutten, R. J.; Kalkofen, W.
Siphon Flow Across the Magnetic Neutral-Line of an Active Region 534 Solanki, S. K.; Ruedi, I.; Rabin, D.
Fractal MHD Waves in the Solar Atmosphere 538 Nocera, L.
Imaging Spectroscopy of Flows in Active Regions 542 Mein, P.; Mein, N.
The Sun's Rotation Near the Interface Between its Convective and Radiative Zones: 1986-1990 545 Goode, P. R.
Generation of Plasma Flows and Filamentation of Magnetic Fields in Solar Atmosphere 549 Ryutova, M.
Unsteady Wave-Packet in the Random Ensemble of Magnetic Flux Tubes: Acoustic Halos 554 Ryutova, M.; Priest, E.