Title: Peculiar Versus Normal Phenomena in A-Type and Related Stars, IAU Colloquium 138
Volume: 44 Year: 1993 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Dworetsky, M. M.; Castelli, F.; Faraggiana, R.
ISBN: 0-937707-63-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-380-5
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Paper Title Page Authors
Hg-Mn Versus Normal Stars 1 Dworetsky, M. M.
Abundances in Magnetic Ap-Stars 18 Cowley, C. R.
Recent Results on Abundance Determinations 27 Adelman, S. J.
Exploring Abundance and Isotope Anomalies in Cp-Stars with the HST / GHRS - High Resolution Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Chi-Lupi 42 Leckrone, D. S.; Wahlgren, G. M.; Johansson, S. G.; Adelman, S. J.
Similarities and Differences Between Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Cp-Stars 60 Lanz, T.
Abundances of Heavy Elements in Cp-Stars 72 Sadakane, K.
A New Opacity-Sampling Model Atmosphere Program for Arbitrary Abundances 87 Kurucz, R. L.
Modelling A-Type Atmospheres - NLTE Models 98 Hubeny, I.; Lanz, T.
Atomic Data - Needs and Progress 113 Artru, M. C.
Using HST / GHRS Echelle Spectra as Templates for IUE Data Analysis 121 Wahlgren, G. M.; Leckrone, D. S.; Johansson, S.; Rosberg, M.
How Normal are the Peculiar A-Stars 126 Babu, G. S. D.; Shylaja, B. S.
Abundance Correlations in Mercury-Manganese Stars 131 Smith, K. C.; Dworetsky, M. M.
Chemically Peculiar Stars among Spectroscopic Binaries - Revisited 137 Seggewiss, W.
The Impact of Reddening on the Observed Fluxes of A-Stars 143 Bonifacio, P.; Castelli, F.
An Abundance Analysis of the Silicon Cp-Star HD43819 149 Lopez-Garcia, Z.; Adelman, S. J.
N and Fe-Peak Elemental Abundances from IUE Co-Added Spectra of Hg-Mn and Normal Stars 154 Roby, S. W.; Adelman, S. J.; Leckrone, D. S.; Cowley, C.; Wahlgren, G. M.
Spectrum Analysis of the Binary Star 53-AURIGAE with a CP3 Component 161 Zverko, J.; Budaj, J.; Zboril, M.; Ziznovsky, J.
On Stark Broadening of Heavy Elements Lines in A-Type Star Spectra - BIII Lines 165 Dimitrijevic, M. S.; Popovic, L. C.
Search for the Companion in the Beta-Coronae Spectrum 169 Faraggiana, R.; Gerbaldi, M.
H-Beta Profiles of 25 Cp-Stars 173 Kroll, R.
Line Identification of Schneider's Star BD+24DEG3675 around H-Beta 178 Kroll, R.
Comparison of Different Methods for Determining Atmospheric Parameters of A-Stars and F-Stars 182 Smalley, B.; Dworetsky, M. M.
Li in Clusters - A-Stars and Am-Stars 187 Burkhart, C.; Coupry, M. F.
Physical Parameters and Chemical Composition of Components of the Am-Type Binary System Rr-Lyncis 192 Lyubimkov, L. S.; Rachkovskaya, T. M.
MK Process and the Am-Stars 197 Sreedhar-Rao, S.; Abhyankar, K. D.
The Colors of Am-Stars 203 Shylaja, B. S.; Babu, G. S. D.
The Effective Temperature of Am-Stars 208 Megessier, C.; vant-Veer, C.
Elemental Abundances of Sharp-Lined Metallic-Lined and Comparable Normal Stars 213 Kocer, D.; Adelman, S. J.; Bolcal, C.; Hill, G.
Magnetic Fields - Observations and Topology 218 Landstreet, J. D.
Magnetic Field Diagnosis Through Spectropolarimetry 232 Mathys, G.
Zeeman Doppler Imaging 247 Wehlau, W.; Rice, J.
Mapping the Surface Distribution of Elements on Ap-Stars Using the Maximum Entropy Method 258 Hatzes, A. P.
Broadband Measurements of the Transverse Magnetic Field of Cool Ap-Stars 274 Leroy, J. L.; Landstreet, J. D.; Landi Degl'innocenti, E.; Landolfi, M.
Stellar Spots - Heating and Cooling Diamagnetically 279 Steinitz, R.; Goldstein, U.
A New Model for Stellar Magnetism 284 Browne, P. F.
Determination of Stellar Magnetism Based on the Computerized Evaluation of Zeeman-Spectra 291 Gerth, E.
Estimation of Stellar Magnetic Fields from Line-Strengths - Refined Hensberge-De Method 295 Takeda, Y.
Observations of Magnetically Split Lines in Ap-Stars 300 Mathys, G.; Landstreet, J. D.; Lanz, T.
Broadband Linear Polarization in Ap-Stars 305 Landolfi, M.; Landi Degl'innocenti, E.; Landi Degl'innocenti, M.; Leroy, J. L.; Bagnulo, S.
Search for Magnetic Fields in VEGA Gamma-Geminorum and Sirius 310 Hidai, M. Takada; Jugaku, J.
Have Non-Magnetic Stars a Complex Geometry 315 Catalano, F. A.
Variability among Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Stars 327 Schoneich, W.; Zelwanowa, E.
Do Bp-Stars have Flares 340 Veto, B.
Variations of Ultraviolet Lines for C N and O in the Ap-Stars HD18296 and HD25823 345 Gonzalez, J. F.; Artru, M. C.
Line Variability in 33-GEMINOREM 350 Hubrig, S.; Launhardt, R.
Carbon and Silicon in Normal A-Stars and in Lambda-Bootis Stars 356 Holweger, H.; Sturenburg, S.
The Lambda-Bootis and Related Stars 368 Gerbaldi, M.; Faraggiana, R.
Rotational Velocities for the Brighter A-Type Stars 384 Abt, H. A.; Morrell, N. I.
He-Abnormal Stars 394 Hunger, K.; Groote, D.
Abundances in Rapidly Rotating A-Stars 407 Lemke, M.
Parameters T/eff and L-Solar Mass for a Group of Lambda-Bootis Candidate Stars and Their Evolutionary Status 413 Gerbaldi, M.; Zorec, J.; Castelli, F.; Faraggiana, R.
A Search for Lambda-Bootis Stars in OB Associations 418 Gray, R. O.; Corbally, C. J.
Hydrogen-Line Profiles of Some Lambda-Bootis Stars 423 Iliev, I. K.; Barzova, I. S.
Search for Lambda-Bootis Stars in Open Clusters 429 Pavlovski, K.; Schnell, A.; Maitzen, H. M.
Spectral Characteristics of A-Type Stars in the Galactic Halo 432 Corbally, C. J.; Gray, R. O.
A Theoretical Period/luminosity Relation of Dwarf Cepheids 437 McNamara, D. H.; Powell, J. M.
Mechanisms of Separation of Elements 439 Michaud, G. J.; Proffitt, C. R.
Diffusion - Theoretical Computations for Non-Magnetic Stars 450 Alecian, G.
Diffusion Models for Magnetic Ap-Stars 458 Babel, J.
Chemical Separation Versus Rotation in A-Stars and F-Stars 474 Charbonneau, P.
Non-Lte Analysis of CNO Lines in VEGA 491 Takeda, Y.
Models for VEGA 496 Castelli, F.; Kurucz, R. L.
Steady State Diffusion Processes Under Turbulent Conditions - Gallium and Aluminium Cases 502 Budaj, J.; Zboril, M.; Zverko, J.; Ziznovsky, J.; Klacka, J.
Radio and X-Ray Emissions from Chemically Peculiar B-Stars and A-Type Stars - Observations and a Model 507 Linsky, J. L.
Spectral Diagnoses of Chromospheres and Winds in A-Type Stars 517 Lanz, T.; Hubeny, I.
The Magnetospheres of the Helium Peculiar Stars of the Upper Main Sequence 528 Shore, S. N.
Periodic Radio Emission from the Helium Rich Stars HD37017 and Sigma-Orionis 541 Leone, F.; Umana, G.
Longterm Variability in Cp-Stars 547 Hensberge, H.
Determination of Luminosity Atmospheric Structure and Magnetic Geometry from Studies of the Pulsation in Roap-Stars 561 Kurtz, D. W.; Martinez, P.
Chemically Peculiar Stars in Clusters - Upper and Lower Age Limits of Cp-Stars 577 North, P.
Cp-Stars at High Galactic Latitude - Photometry Near the Galactic Poles 592 Schneider, H.
Photometric Properties of Cp-Stars in the Infrared 605 Catalano, F. A.; Leone, F.; Kroll, R.
Radial Velocity and Magnetic Variations of Alpha-Draconis 612 Lehmann, H.; Scholz, G.
An Empirical T/tau Curve for the Roap-Star HR:3831 - Atmospheric Structure from Pulsation Amplitudes 617 Matthews, J. M.; Wehlau, W. H.; Rice, J.; Walker, G. A. H.
Complications of Studies of Galactic Structure Caused by Cp-Stars 623 Loden, L. O.; Sundman, A.
Statistics of Cp-Stars in a Magnitude-Limited Sample - the Bright Star Catalogue 629 Schneider, H.
Age Determination for Am-Stars 634 Figueras, F.; Torra, J.; Jordi, C.; Asiain, R.
CP3-STARS in Open Clusters 639 Schneider, H.
Photometry of Chemically Peculiar Stars with Automatic Photoelectric Telescopes 644 Adelman, S. J.; Pyper, D. M.
Variability of 56-ARIETIS 650 Czechowski, W.; Stepieri, K.
Growth Rate in the Study of Normal and Chemically Peculiar Stars of the Upper Main Sequence 655 Jugaku, J.