Title: Astronomical Infrared Spectroscopy: Future Observational Directions
Volume: 41 Year: 1993 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Kwok, Sun
ISBN: 0-937707-60-0 eISBN: 978-1-58381-377-5
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Paper Title Page Authors
Chemical Composition of Planetary Atmospheres by High Resolution Spectroscopy 3 Maillard, J. P.
Infrared Observations of Cometary Dust and Ice 11 Bregman, Jesse
Icy Bodies in the Solar System: Present and Future of Infrared Studies 21 Cruikshank, Dale P.
Spectroscopy of Outer Solar System Atmospheres from 2.5 to 7.0 Microns 29 Noll, Keith S.
Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of Asteroids: The Potential for Mineralogic Determination 41 Sprague, A. L.
Silicon Carbide Grains in cometary Dust? 47 Blanco, A.; Fonti, S.; Orofino, V.
The 10 MU M Silicate Emission Feature in Comets 49 Hanner, M. S.; Lynch, D. K.; Russell, R. W.; Hackwell, J. A.
Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of Five Locations on the Moon 51 Kozlowski, R. W. H.; Sprague, A. L.; Witteborn, F. C.; Cruikshank, D. P.; Bartholomew, M. J.; Graps, A. L.
Absolute Spectrally Continuous Stellar Irradiance Calibration in the Infrared 55 Cohen, M.; Walker, R. G.; Barlow, M. J.; Deacon, J. R.; Witteborn, F. C.; Carbon, D.; Augason, G.
Classification of Mid-Infrared Spectra 63 Volk, Kevin
The IRAS Infrared Sky On-Line 71 Roelfsema, P. R.; Kester, D. J. M.; Wesselius, P. R.
Infrared Spectroscopy of PAHs: From IRAS to ISO 79 Jourdain de Muizon, Marie
Circumstellar Matter: Cool IRAS Sources 87 Omont, Alain
Planetary Nebulae and Related Objects 97 Barlow, M. J.
Spectral Classification of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars 111 Kwok, Sun
Additional Spectroscopic Discoveries Possible Among Late Type, Evolved Stars with ISO 113 Stencel, Robert E.
New Candidates for Carbon Stars with Silicate Feature 115 Chan, S. J.; Kwok, Sun; Volk, Kevin
Does the Ten Micron Dust Feature Vary in Miras? A Survey of LRS Spectra 117 Little-Marenin, Irene R.; Staley, Stephanine B.; Stencel, Robert
FI Lyr: A Candidate Binary System Consisting of C-Rich and 0-Rich Companions 119 Wang, J. J.; Hu, J. Y.; Zhou, X.
Nature ofthe Dust in the Envelopes of Some Carbon-Rich IRAS Sources 121 Blanco, A.; Borghesi, A.; Fonti, S.; Orofino, V.
UKIRT CGS3 Observations of New IRAS 21 MU M Sources 123 Kwok, Sun; Hrivnak, B. J.; Geballe, T. R.; Langill, P. P.
Infrared Spectroscopy of Pure Carbon Molecules in Circumstellar Shells 125 Hinkle, Kenneth H.; Bernath, Peter F.
Infrared Emission Line Imaging of Planetary Nebulae 127 Rowlands, Neil
Near Infrared Spectroscopy of Proto-Planetary Nebulae 129 Hrivnak, Bruce J.; Kwok, Sun; Geballe, Thomas R.
Near-IR Spectral Monitoring of Nova CYG 1992 131 Meyer, M. R.; Dutkevitch, D.; Skrutskie, M. F.
High Resolution Near-IR Spectroscopy of Luminous Blue Variables 133 de Faria Lopes, D.; Viotti, R.; de Freitas Pacheco, J. A.; Damineli Neto, A.; Baratta, G. B.
Infrared HI Line Emission in the Envelopes of Herbig Ae/Be Stars 135 Nisini, B.; Milillo, A.; Saraceno, P.; Vitali, F.
Cloudy Circumstellar Dust Shells Around Young Variable Stars 137 Friedemann, C.; Reimann, H.-G.; Gurtler, J.
Radiative Transfer Effects on the Photochemistry of Evolved Circumstellar Envelopes 139 Doty, Steven D.; Leung, Chun Ming
Infrared Variability of X-ray Sources 141 Leahy, D. A.; Ananth, A. G.
A Millimeter-Wave Survey of S Stars for Mass Loss and Chemistry 143 Latter, William B.; Bieging, John H.
Observations of Infrared Lines of Shocked Molecular Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide 147 Geballe, T. R.
Infrared Absorption Lines of CO as a Probe of Molecular Clouds George 155 Mitchell, F.; Maillard, Jean-Pierre
Far Infrared Spectroscopy of Solid-State Features 163 Cox, Pierre
Organics in the Diffuse Interstellar Medium 171 Pendleton, Yvonne J.
Interstellar Ices, their Processing, and their Relationship to Refractory Dust 181 Sandford, Scott A.
Phenomenological Modeling of Infrared Soucres: Recent Advances 189 Leung, Chun Ming
Dust, PAHs, and ISO 197 Allamandola, Louis J.
H2 Spectroscopy in the Photodissociation Region of M17 Northern Bar 207 Chrysostomou, A.; Brand, P. W. J. L.; Burton, M. G.
Shocked Pure-Rotational Emission from Molecular Hydrogen in Orion 211 Parmar, Parvinder; Lacy, John; Achtermann, Jeff
IRAS Spectra of Ultracompact HII Regions 213 Dames, Jeff; Kwok, Sun
The Origin of CO Bandhead Emission in Young Stars 215 Chandler, C. J.; Scoville, N. Z.; Carlstrom, J. E.
The 8-13 MU M Spectrum of the Young Stellar Object WL 16 217 Hanner, M. S.; Tokunaga, A. T.; Geballe, T. R.
Infrared Spectroscopy of Solid CO in the rho OPH Molecular Cloud 219 Kerr, T. H.; Adamson, A. J.
Modelling Grain Formation in Stellar Outflows 221 Egan, Michael P.; Leung, Chun Ming
Hydrogen Atom Addition Reactions in Interstellar and Solar System Ices 223 Bohn, R. B.; Allamandola, L. J.; Sandford, S. A.
Carbon in Space 227 Hare, J. P.; Kroto, H. W.
Detecting Pure Carbon Clusters in the ISM 233 Saykally, Richard J.
Infrared Spectra of Interstellar Carbon Solids 241 Duley, W. W.
Infrared Spectroscopy of Astrophysical Molecules 251 Bernath, Peter F.
Infrared Spectroscopy of Molecular Ions: Past and Future 259 Amano, T.
Infrared Laboratory Spectra and Composition Changes of Synthetic Amorphous Silicate Grains 267 Blanco, A.; Fonti, S.; Martino, M.; Bussoletti, E.; Mennella, V.; Colangeli, L.; Stephens, J. R.
Photofragmentation of Mass-Selected Benzene Cation Clusters: Measurement of Their Binding Energies and Near-IR Spectra and the Astrophysical Implications of these Results 269 Hecht, J. H.; Beck, S. M.
Mid- and Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of Ices: Optical Constants and Integrated Absorbances 271 Hudgins, D. M.; Sandford, S. A.; Allamandola, L. J.; Tielens, A. G. G. M.
Optical Data of Astronomically Interesting Pyroxene Glasses from Laboratory IR Transmission Spectra 273 Gurtler, J.; Dorschner, J.; Mutschke, H.; Henning, T.
Mid- and Far Infrared Spectroscopy of Naphthalene and d8-Naphthalene 275 Hudgins, D. M.; Sandford, S. A.; Allamandola, L. J.
Explosive Processes in Frozen Acetylene Irradiated by MeV Protons 277 Benit, Jean; Roessler, Kurt
More Evidence, from Quantum Chemical Calculations, for the Existence of PAHs in the Interstellar Medium 279 Talbi, D.; Pauzat, F.; Ellinger, Y.
Determination of IR Optical Data from Particulates- Possibilities and Limitations 283 Dorschner, J.; Mutschke, H.; Henning, T.; Gurtler, J.
The Pure Rotational line R(0) of HD Observed in Naturally Occurring Hydrogen at T=25 K 285 Wishnow, E. H.; Ozier, I.; Gush, H. P.
Near-IR Imaging Spectroscopy of the Hot Gas in the Centre of the Galaxy 289 Burton, Michael; Allen, David
Far-Infrared Spectroscopy Diagnostics of the Interstellar Medium in Galaxies 297 Stacey, Gordon J.
Near-IR Spectroscopy of Active and Starburst Galaxies 305 Moorwood, A. F. M.; Oliva, E.
Infrared Spectroscopy of Radio Galaxies at 2 <z <4: Evidence that Some High-Redshift Radio Galaxies May be Proto Galaxies 313 Eales, Stephen A.; Rawlings, Steve
Molecular Hydrogen Emission from the Galactic Centre 321 Ramsay, Suzanne; Mountain, Matt; Geballe, Thomas
The Structure of Photodissociation Regions at 3.3 MU M 325 Giard, M.; Bernard, J. P.; Rouan, D.; Normand, P.
Stellar Population in Starburst Galaxies 329 Doyon, Rene
Spectro-Imaging of the 3.3 PM PAH Feature in Edge-on Galaxies: M82 and NGC 4565 331 Normand, P.; Rouan, D.; Lacombe, F.; Tiphene, D.
High Spatial Resolution NIR Spectroscopic Imaging of the Seyfert Nucleus in NGC 7469 333 Weitzel, L.; Blietz, M.; Cameron, M.; Drapatz, S.; Genzel, R.; Krabbe, A.; van der Werf, P.
The Spatial Distribution of the 3.3 MU M Emission Feature in NGC 253 335 Wynn-Williams, C. G.; Kalas, Paul
Science with CGS4 339 Ramsay, Suzanne; Mountain, Matt; Geballe, Tom
High Resolution Far Infrared Spectroscopy 349 Betz, A. L.; Boreiko, R. T.
A Mid-Infrared Echelle Spectrograph 357 Lacy, John
Future Airborne IR Spectrometers: Improved Ernciency and Calibration 365 Witteborn, F. C.; Greene, T.; Wooden, D. H.; Cohen, M.
Balloon-Borne Far-Infrared Spectroscopy 373 Nakagawa, Takao
Spectroscopy with ISO 383 Waters, L. B. F. M.; de Graauw, Th.; Beintema, D. A.; Loup, C.; Roelfsema, P. R.; Valentijn, E. A.; Wesselius, P. R.
Infrared Measurements of the Sky Noise Power Spectrum at Mauna Kea 393 Glasse, A. C. H.; Casali, M. M.
Improved IR Passbands for Ground-based Photometry 395 Milone, E. F.; Stagg, C. R.; Young, A. T.
Optical Performance Evaluation of an Etched Infrared Echelle 397 Graf, U. U.; Jaffe, D. T.; Lacy, J. H.; Ling, H.; Moore, J. T.; Kim, E. J.; Rebeiz, G.
Infrared Spectroscopy with the GRIS 399 Thompson, Rodger I.
MICHELLE: UKIRT's Mid-Infrared Echelle Spectrometer 401 Glasse, A. C. H.; Atad, E.; Montgomery, D.
A UCSD-RAO Infrared Spectrometer 403 Milone, E. F.; Babott, F. M.; Clark, T. A.; Fry, D. J. I.; Jones, B.; Puetter, R. C.; Pura, R. K.
A Polarizing Fourier Transform Spectrometer for Astronomical Spectroscopy 405 Naylor, David A.; Tompkins, Greg J.; Clark, T. Alan; Davis, Gary R.
Spectrocam-10: A 10 MU M Spectrograph/Camera for the Hale Telescope 407 Miles, J. W.; Hayward, T. L.; Houck, J. R.
Infrared Astronomy: A View From the Banquet Table 411 Klemperer, William