Title: New Frontiers in Binary Star Research: Pacific Rim Colloquium
Volume: 38 Year: 1993 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Leung, Kam-Ching; Nha, Il-Seong
ISBN: 0-937707-57-0 eISBN: 978-1-58381-374-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
New Directions in Eclipsing Binary Research 1 Guinan, E. F.
Automated Stellar Photometry 45 Honeycutt, R. K.
Interferometric Methods Applied to Binary Stars 57 McAlister, H. A.
CCD Observations of Possible Trapezium Systems 72 Abt, H. A.; Corbally, C. J.
Detection of Triple Star Systems by Speckle Observations of Spectroscopic Binaries 81 Miura, S.; Isobe, N.; Baba, N.; Ohtsubo, J.
Observations of Interacting Binaries from Space 86 Kondo, Y.
Computation Methods and Organization for Close Binary Observables 91 Wilson, R. E.
The Measurement of Radial Velocities Using Cross-Correlation Techniques as Applied to Binary Stars 127 Hill, G.
A Method to Decouple Light Curves 154 Leung, K. C.
Towards the Realization of Modeling Improvements Suggested at the Beijing Colloquium on Close Binary Stars 172 Milone, E. F.
Some Algorithms for Reducing the Astronomical Time Series 181 Andronov, I. L.
On the Origin of Cataclysmic Variables 186 Webbink, R. F.; Politano, M.
Nonsteady Accretion in X-ray Sources Fed by Stellar Winds 197 Taam, R. E.; Fryxell, B. A.
Numerical Model for Two-dimensional Circulation in Contact Binary Stars 206 Zhou, D. Q.; Leung, K. C.
Model of the Galactical Population of White Dwarfs 211 Yungelson, L. R.; Tutukov, A. V.
On the Effective Gravity-Darkening of the Roche-Lobe-Filling Primary Components in Reverse ALGOLS 218 Kitamura, M.; Nakamura, Y.
Accretion from the Accretion Disc onto a Magnetic Compact Star 223 Kim, Y.; Beuermann, K.
Viscous Excretion Discs Around Be Stars 225 Lee, U.; Saio, H.; Osaki, Y.
How to Study the Approach of Late-type Very Close Binary Components? 229 van't Veer, F.
Simulated S-Process Enriched Star Populations as a Products of the Evolution of Binaries 236 Frantsman, Ju
The Physical and Geometrical Variables of Eta Orionis 239 Lee, W. B.; Sung, E. C.; Koch, R. H.; Hrivnak, B. J.; Bradstreet, D. H.; Corcoran, M.; Mitchell, R. J.; Blitzstein, W.
Recent Work on X-ray Binaries 255 Cowley, A. P.
Ages and Separations Among Nearby Binaries 260 Poveda, A.; Allen, C.; Herrera, M. A.
Photometric and Spectroscopic Investigation for the Optical Rare of V711 Tau (=HR1099) in 1989 268 Zhai, D. S.; Foing, B. H.; Catala, C.; Zhang, R. X.
New Radial Velocity Curves of Six W UMa Binaries 269 Hrivnak, B. J.
Some Applications of Cross-correlation to Double-lined Spectra 275 Popper, D. M.
A Radial Velocity and Photometric Study of the Eclipsing Binary RT Andromedae 280 Wang, X. M.; Lu, W.
Extreme Long-period Eclipsing Binary EPS Aurigae 291 Nha, I. S.; Lee, Y. S.; Jeong, J. H.; Kim, H. I.
Photometric Analysis of A Long-period Interacting Binary Star AQ CAS 298 Lee, Y. S.; Chun, Y. W.; Jeong, J. H.; Nha, I. S.
Velocity Field of Forbidden Lines in VV Cephei 303 Kawabata, S.; Saito, M.
Photometric Observation of FO Aquarii (HD2215-086) 308 Okazaki, A.
IZ Persei as a Non-synchronous Rotator 312 Wolf, G. W.; West, S. R. D.
Photometric Behaviors of SX Cassiopeiae 315 Kim, H. I.; Nha, I. S.; Leung, K. C.
A Photometric Investigation of AP Aurigae 322 Zhang, R. X.; Zhang, J. T.; Lee, Q. S.; Zhai, D. S.
Photometry of the Contact Binary System V471 CAS 329 Liu, X.; Tan, H.
Photometric Observations of XY UMa in 1989 334 Lee, W. B.
EB-type Contact Binary DO CAS 337 Oh, K. D.; Ahn, Y. S.
Quadrature Emission in the Algol RW Tauri 343 Honeycutt, R. K.; Vesper, D. N.; Yoon, T. S.; White, J. C.
A Period Study of SW Lyncis 347 Kim, C. H.; Han, W. Y.
Changes in the Period of ZZ CAS 351 Keiner, J. M.; Tremko, J.
Photometric Study of R CMa 354 Edalati, M. T.
Spectroscopic Studies of Epsilon Aurigae and 31 Cygni 364 Chun, M. S.; Park, J. H.; Song, H. K.
Close Binary Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae: UU SGE and HFG1 367 Yamasaki, A.; Malasan, H. L.
The Central Star of Planetary Nebula LT-5: A Triple System 369 Malasan, H. L.; Yamasaki, A.; Kondo, M.
Starspot Parameters of RS CVn Binaries 371 Kang, Y. W.
Non-synchronous Rotation System Among RS CVn Stars 374 Tan, H.; Wang, X.; Pan, K.
Light Variations of ER VUL in 1990 385 Olah, K.; Budding, E.
Flare Activity in AM Canun Venaticorum 390 Tanabe, K.; Ohshima, O.; Kosaka, K.
Observational Properties of the Secondary Components Semidetached Systems 393 Liu, Q.; Yang, Y.
The Envelopes of Be Stars in Binary Systems 404 Kogure, T.; Mon, M.; Suzuki, M.; Singh, M.
The Area Factors of the Conic Section and Its Application on Orbit Determination of Visual Binary 410 Cheng, Z. Y.; Yan, L. S.
A Binary Star Formation Mechanism Through the Fragmentation of Prolate Dense Cores Rotating End Over End 422 Zinnecker, H.
Pulsar Searching in Triple Stellar Systems 425 Todoran, I.
The Card Catalogue of Eclipsing Binaries 429 Wood, F. B.
Astronomy Plans in the United States 430 Oertel, G. K.
Astronomical Facilities in Japan 438 Kogure, T.
The Joint Laboratories for Optical Astronomy; Beijing Astronomical Observatory; Shanghai Astronomical Observatory and Yunnan Astronomical Observatory; Chinese Academy of Sciences 441 Zhao, J.
Astronomy in Canada 443 Milone, E. F.
Astronomical Opportunity in Mexico 451 Poveda, A.
Astronomy Developments in Thailand 455 Soonthornthum, B.
Variable Star Astronomy at Konkoly Observatory of The Hungarian Academy of Sciences 458 Olah, K.; Szeidl, B.
Astronomy in Korea 462 Moon, S. H.
Astronomical Publications 466 Abt, H. A.