Title: Research Amateur Astronomy
Volume: 33 Year: 1992 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Edberg, Stephen J.
ISBN: 0-937707-52-X eISBN: 978-1-58381-369-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Observation of the 1984 Annular Eclipse in Mexico 7 Mallen-Fullerton, Guillermo M.
Some Tips on Video Recording Solar Eclipses 8 18 Nye, Derald D.
The Sonne Network - Amateur Solar Astronomy in Geraany 22 Reinsch, Klaus
Sunspot Observations with the Unaided Eye and the International A-Net 32 Tarnutzer, Andreas
The Ashen Light of Venus 43 Cruikshank, Dale P.
Dust Clouds on Mars in 1990 - an International Event 61 Parker, Donald C.; Beish, Jeff D.; Troiani, Daniel M.
The Minor Planets Section of the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers 78 Pilcher, Frederick
N-Times Method; to Measure the Longitude of the Great Red SPOT of Jupiter 86 Ferrin, Ignacio
The July 3; 1989 Occultation of 28 Sagittarii by Saturn; its Ring System, and Titan: a. L. P. Visual Observations 3 93 Benton, Julius L., Jr.
Opportunities for Amateur Contribution to the Study of Cometary Plasma Tails 104 Brandt, John C.
The Importance of Comets Encke and Machholz 10 110 Ferrin, Ignacio
Quantized Beyer's Method (qbm); to Estimate Accurately the Brightness of Extended Objects and Stars 123 Ferrin, Ignacio
Rphot Release 2.0: a UBVRI and Occultation Photometry Acquisition and Reduction Software Package for Pc-Based Observatories 135 Nolthenius, R.
Could Amateur Astronomy BE the Missing Link? 47 147 Diego, Francisco
Introducing Critical Thinking Into an Introductory Astronomy College Course 153 Painter, Will J.
Skyweek - a Weekly Newsletter on Astronomy and Spaceflight 162 Huettemeister, Susanne; Fischer, Daniel
The International Comet Quarterly: Bridging the Gap Between Amateur and Professional Astronomers 174 Morris, Charles S.; Green, Daniel W. E.
Eclipse of the Sun: the First Images 189 Arnold, H. J. P.
Human Interaction at Total Solar Eclipses - the Events at General Santos City; Mindanao; the Philippines; March 18; 1988 205 Rickard, James J.
The Solar Eclipses in Ancient Mexico 210 Gallut, Maria Elena Ruiz
Astronomers and Astronomy in Early CALIFORNIA24 224 Mathes, W. Michael
The 1769 Transit of Venus Expedition to San JOSE del Cabo 234 Westfall, John E.
The Hubble Space Telescope and the Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph 243 Brandt, John C.