Title: Complementary Approaches to Double and Multiple Star Research, IAU Colloquium 135
Volume: 32 Year: 1992 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: McAlister, H. A.; Hartkopf, W. I.
ISBN: 0-937707-51-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-368-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
A Two Dimensional Near-Infrared Speckle Imaging Survey of T Tauri Stars in Taurus and Ophiuchus 1 Ghez, A.; Neugebauer, G.; Matthews, K.
The Murky Depths of the Main Sequence: Nearby Speckled Dwarfs and Elusive Brown Beasts 10 Henry, T. J.; McCarthy, D. W., Jr.
A Survey of Young Stars in Taurus for Multiplicity 21 Leinert, Ch.; Weitzel, N.; Haas, M.; Lenzen, R.; Zinnecker, H.; Christou, S.; Ridgway, S.; Jameson, R.; Richichi, A.
The Short-Period Frequency Among Low-Mass PreMain Sequence Stars 30 Mathieu, H. D.
Multiplicity Among the Young Stars 41 Simon, M.
Pre-Main Sequence Binaries: The ESO Imaging Survey 50 Zinnecker, H.; Brandner, W.; Reipurth, B.
Duplicity Among Young Stars in Chamaeleon 60 Chen, W. P.; Graham, J. A.
A Comparative Study of Lithium Abundances, Radial Velocities, and Emission Lines in Pre-Main Sequence Visual Binaries 63 Martin, E. L.; Rebolo, R.; Magazzu, A.
Dusty Disks in the Multiple Stars UZ Tau and GG Tau (abstract) 66 Simon, M.; Guilloteau, D.
Precise Radial Velocities 67 Walker, G. A. H.
CORAVEL Surveys to Study Binaries of Different Masses and Ages 73 Mayor, M.; Duquennoy, A.; Halbwachs, J.-L.; Mermilliod, J.-C.
Duplicity Among Solar-Type Stars 82 Abt, H. A.; Willmarth, D. W.
Spectroscopic Studies of Multiple Stars and Speckle Binaries: How to observe AD infinitum 89 Fekel, F. C.
Spectroscopic Studies of Binary and Multiple Star Systems 98 Griffin, R. F.
Surveys of Spectroscopic Binaries at the Center for Astrophysics 110 Latham, D. W.
The Mass-Ratio Distribution of Short-Period Binaries 119 Mareh, T.; Goldberg, D.
The Combination of Spectroscopic and Astrometric Data in the Analysis of Orbital Motions in Binary Star Systems 127 Morbey, C.
The Multi-Telescope Telescope Project: an Inexpensive Spectroscopic Facility 137 Bagnuolo, W. G.; Furenlid, I. K.; Gies, D. R.; Barry, D. J.; Hopper, C. H.; McAlister, H. A.; Hartkopf, W. I.
Tomographic Separation of Composite Spectra of O-Type Stars 140 Bagnuolo, W. G.; Gies, D. R.
Extracting Velocities for Faint Secondaries 143 Cohen, D.; Latham, D. W.
Colliding Stellar Winds in O-type Close Binary Systems 146 Gies, D. R.; Wiggs, M. S.
Infrared Spectroscopy of Multiple Star Systems 149 Hinkle, K. H.; Ridgway, S. T.; Fekel, F. C.
Ultra-High Accuracy Masses of Eclipsing Binary Stars 152 Lacy, C. H.
Spectroscopic Binaries in the Open Cluster M67 155 Latham, D. W.; Mathieu, R. D.; Milone, A. A. E.; Davis, R. J.
Spectroscopic Binaries in the Halo 158 Latham, D. W.; Mazeh, T.; Stefanik, H. P.; Davis, R. J.; Carney, B. W.; Torres, G.; Laird, J. B.
Detection of Spectroscopic Triples 161 Mazeh, T.; Krymolowski, Y.; Latham, D. W.
TODCOR: A Two Dimensional Correlation of a Composite Spectrum to Derive the Radial Velocities of its Components 164 Mazeh, T.; Zucker, S.
High-Precision Radial Velocities of Southern Solar-Type Stars 167 Murdoch, K.; Hearnshaw, J. B.
Preliminary Orbits from Velocities with the CCD-Echelle Spectrometer at Lick 170 Popper, D. M.
Binaries in the Hyades 173 Stefanik, H. P.; Latham, D. W.
Star-Disc Interactions and Binary Formation 176 Clarke, C.
Gravitational Instabilties in Circumstellar Disks and the Formation of Binary Companions 185 Adams, F. C.; Benz, W.
The Fragmentation Mechanism 195 Boss, A. P.
The Formation of Non-Equal Mass Binary and Multiple Systems 206 Bonnell, I.; Bastien, P.
A Review of Dynamical Studies of Multiple Stars 212 Harrington, R. W.
Visual Binary Orbit Calculation with Help of a PC: One Possible Approach 217 Catovic, Z.; Olevic, D.
Adaptation of Docobo's Method for the Calculation of Orbits of Spectroscopic-Interferometric Binaries with Mixed Data 220 Docobo, J. A.; Ling, J. F.; Prieto, C.
Calculation of Perturbations in the Stellar Three-Body Problem 223 Docobo, J. A.; Prieto, C.; Ling, J. F.
Detectability of Stellar Companions by Imaging 226 Heacox, W. D.; Gathright, J.
The Apparent Galactic Disk Scale Height 228 Kroupa, P.
Binary Stars in Praesepe 231 Kroupa, P.; Tout, C. A.
The Stellar Luminosity Function and Binary Stars 234 Kroupa, P.; Tout, C. A.; Gilmore, G.
Method for the Calculation of Orbits of Spectroscopic-Interferometric Binaries with Mixed Data 238 Lanchares, V.
Miras Without Masers are Symbiotic Stars 241 Lewis, B. M.
Orbital Circularization in Binaries with A-Type Primary Stars 244 Matthews, L. D.; Mathieu, R. D.
The Use of Pulsating Stars in Orbit Determination 249 Pigulski, A.
Searching for Optical Visual Double Stars 252 Sinachopoulos, D.; Mouzourakis, P.
Effects of Duplicity on the Period Changes of Cepheids 255 Szabados, L.
An Impression from Programmes Performed at ESO about the Interest of European Astronomers in Visual Double and Multiple Star Research 259 van Dessel, E. L.
Prospection sur IA Frequence des Binaires: Etat Actuel et Prospective 266 Couteau, P.
Astrometry and Spectroscopy as Tools Toward Visual-Binary Masses 273 Heintz, W. D.
Calibration of the Mass-Luminosity Relation Using Trigonometric Parallaxes I. 276 van Altena, W. F.; Girard, T. M.; Lee, J. T.
Visual Double Star Catalogs - Past, Present, and Future 284 Worley, C. E.
Databases of Interest to Double and Multiple Star Observers 291 Warren, W. H., Jr.
A Catalogue of Nearby Wide Binary and Multiple Stars (abstract 299 Poveda, A.; Herrera, M. A.; Allen, C.; Cordero, G.; Lavalley, C.
Double Star Astrometry with the Carlsberg Automatic Meridian Circle 300 Argyle, R. W.
Astrometry and Photometry of Trapezium-Type Multiple Stars 303 Bernacca, P. L.; Lattanzi, M. G.; Massone, G.
Differential Photometry of Binary Stars 308 Dick, J. S. B.; Devaney, M. N.; Jones, D. H. P.; Argyle, R. W.
Systematic Errors in Double Star Observations 311 Douglass, G. G.; Worley, C. E.
The Companions of the Classical Cepheid FF AQL 314 Evans, N. R.; Udalski, A.
Very Wide "Visual Double Stars" for the Astrometric Calibration of CCD's 317 Geffert, M.; Sinachopoulos, D.; Guibert, J.
Is This Designation Really Necessary? 320 Griffin, R. F.
Zeta CANCRI 321 Harrington, R. S.; Douglass, G. G.; Worley, C. E.
The Very Low-Mass Companion to BD +60398 323 Ianna, P. A.
Determination of Visual Binary Orbits from Short-Arc Observations Using the Method of Apparent Motion Parameters 326 Kisselev, A. A.
The Astrometric Study of ADS 48 - A Nearby Double Star with a Probable Invisible Satellite 330 Kiyaeva, O. V.
The Gaseous Envelope Structure of the Eclipsing Binary V 448 CYG 333 Manilova, G. V.
A CCD Optical Search for Visual Very Low-Mass Companions of Halo Stars 336 Martin, E. L.; Rebolo, R.
Observational Programme for Classical and CCD Photometry of Visual Double and Multiple Systems 339 Oblak, E.; Lampens, P.
Statistics of Double and Multiple Stars in the Solar Neighborhood 343 Orlov, V. V.; Titov, O. A.
A Study of the Motion of the Nearby Red Dwarf Lalande 21185 346 Shakht, N. A.
A Study of ADS 5983 (6 Geminorum) 349 Shakht, N. A.; Kiyaeva, O. V.
On the Reduction of CCD Observations of "Close" Visual Binaries 352 Sinachopoulos, D.
Stromgren Photometry of Wide Visual Double Stars with G-type Primaries, Most of Which Have Common Origin Components 355 Sinachopoulos, D.; van Dessel, E.
Cepheid Binaries - an Up-to-Date List 358 Szabados, L.
UBV CCD Photometry and Astrometry of "Close" Visual Double Stars 362 van Dessel, E.; Sinachopoulos, D.; Prado, P.
Searching for Low-Mass Companions with the HST WF/PC 365 Baum, W. A.
Detection and Measurement of Binary Stars with the HST Fine Guidance Sensors 369 Franz, O. G.; Kreidi, T. J.; Wasserman, L. H.; Bradley, A.; Nelan, E.; Story, D.; Whipple, A. L.
The Analysis of HST Fine Guidance Sensor Transfer Functions 377 Lattanzi, M. G.; Bucciarelli, B.; Holfeitz, S. T.; Taff, L. G.
Searching for X-ray Binaries in the LMC: The Optical Counterparts of CAL 9 and CAL E 386 Schmidtke, P. C.; Cowley, A. P.
Spectroscopic and Photometric Studies of an X-Ray-Selected Sample of Chromospherically Active Binary Stars 389 Stefanik, R. P.; Marschall, L. A.; Nations, H. L.
IUE Studies of Hot Binary Stars 393 Stickland, D. J.
Raw Data from HIPPARCOS Double and Multiple Stars 396 Bernacca, P. L.; Donati, F.; Mignard, F.
HIPPARCOS First Results in the Double Star Processing by the FAST Consortium 403 Mignard, F.; Badiali, M.; Bernacca, P. L.; Bernstein, H.; Cardini, D.; Emanuele, A.; Falin, J. L.; Froeschle, M.; Hering, R.; Prezioso, G.
Detection and Measurement of Double Stars with HIPPARCOS Provisional Results from NDAC 412 Soderhjelm, S.; Lindegren, L.; van Leeuwen, F.; Evans, D. W.
HIPPARCOS First Results in the Double Star Photometry 421 Mignard, F.; Falin, J. L.; Froeschle, M.
First Double Star Observations in the HIPPARCOS TYCHO Project 429 Halbwachs, J.-L.
How Double Star Astronomy May Develop After HIPPARCOS 435 Dommanget, J.; Lampens, P.
Methods of HIPPARCOS Double Star Parameter Estimation for Relative and Absolute Astrometry within the FAST Consortium 439 Bernstein, H.-H.; Hering, R.; Badiali, M.; Cardini, D.; Emanuele, A.
Search for Wide Double Stars in the Guide Star Catalog. I.All-Sky Properties of the Catalog 449 Bernacca, P. L.; Bucciarelli, B.; Lattanzi, M. G.; Morbidelli, R.; Pannunzio, R.; Spagna, A.; Sarasso, M.; Volpicelli, A.
The European Network of Laboratories: Visual Double Stars 454 Oblak, E.; Argue, A. N.; Brosche, P.; Cuypers, J.; Dommanget, J.; Duquennoy, A.; Froeschle, M.; Grenon, M.; Haibwachs, J.-L.; Jasniewicz, G.; Lampens, P.; Mermilliod, J. C.; Mignard, F.; Sinachopoulos, D.; Seggewiss, W.; van Dessel, E.
HIPPARCOS Discussion 457 Dommanget, J.
Twenty Years of Speckle Interferometry 459 Hartkopf, W. I.
Double and Multiple Star Speckle Observations at the 6-m Telescope 469 Balega, I. I.; Balega, Y. Y.; Vasyuk, V. A.; McManus, J. J.
Differential Speckle Interferometry Applied to Double Stars 477 Petrov, R. G.; Lagarde, S.
Stellar Multiplicity Discovery By Lunar Occultations 486 White, N. M.
Stellar Masses from Double Star Observations with the Mark III Interferometer 492 Armstrong, J. T.
Sub-Milliarcsecond Binary Star Astrometry 502 Pan, X.; Shao, M.; Colavita, M. M.
Simultaneous Spectroscopic and Interferometric Measurements of Binaries with the GI2T 510 Mourard, D.; Bonneau, D.; Biazit, A.; Labeyrie, A.; Morand, F.; Percheron, I.; Tallon-Bosc, I.; Vakili, F.
SUSI's Potential for Double Star Research 521 Davis, J.
The Potential of Long-Baseline Optical Interferometry of Binary Stars 527 McAlister, H. A.
Absolute Quadrant Determinations from Speckle Observations of Binary Stars 536 Bagnuolo, W.; Mason, B.; Barry, D.; Hartkopf, W.; McAlister, H.
Prospects for Rapid, Routine Speckle Photometry 537 Barry, D.; Bagnuolo, W.; Mason, B.; McAlister, H.; Turner, N.
Interferometric Imaging of Nearby Low-Mass Spectroscopic Binaries. I. KPNO Observations 540 Duquennoy, A.; Christou, J.; Mariotti, J.-M.; Mayor, M.; Morbey, C.; Perrier, C.; Probst, R.; Tessier, E.; Ridgway, S.
Interferometric Imaging of Nearby Low-Mass Spectroscopic Binaries. II. ESO Observations 543 Perrier, C.; Duquennoy, A.; Mariotti, J.-M.; Mayor, M.; Morbey, C.
Photometric Observations of Three Double Stars by the Occultation Method - Comparison With Interferometric Results and with Preliminary Results of HIPPARCOS 546 Froeschle, M.; Meyer, C.
Speckle Observations of Binary Stars with the MAMA Detector 549 Horch, E.; Morgan, J. S.; Giaretta, G.; Timothy, J. G.; Kasle, D. B.
Binary Orbits from Interferometric Data 552 Hummel, C. A.; Armstrong, J. T.
Speckle Observations of Triple Stars 555 Isobe, S.; Baba, N.
Mira's Companion(s) 558 Karovska, M.
A Speckle Duplicity Survey of the Hyades Cluster 561 Mason, B. D.; McAlister, H. A.; Hartkopf, W. I.
A Preliminary Speckle Orbit of the Old Disk Population Star HR 107 564 McAlister, H. A.; Hartkopf, W. I.; Mason, B. D.
The Spectroscopic-Speckle Triple System HR 6469 567 Scarfe, C. D.; Barlow, D. J.; McAlister, H. A.; Hartkopf, W. I.; Fekel, F. C.; Reis, R.; Lyons, R. W.; Bolton, C. T.
Occultation Binaries Observed from KPNO: Astrometry Corrections Using the Observed Rate of Lunar Motion 570 Schmidtke, P. C.
Speckle Spectroscopic Studies of Late-Type Stars 573 Tokovinin, A.
Astrometric Speckle Interferometry for the Amateur 577 Turner, N. H.; Barry, D. J.; McAlister, H. A.
Speckle Data in the New Bright Star Catalogue 580 Warren, W. H., Jr.; Hoffleit, D.
Speckle Interferometry at the U.S. Naval Observatory 583 Worley, C. E.; Douglass, G. G.
Towards a Comprehensive View of Binary and Multiple Systems 586 Batten, A. H.