Title: Proceedings of a Workshop on Optical Surveys for Quasars
Volume: 2 Year: 1988 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Osmer, Patrick; Phillips, M. M.
ISBN: 0-937707-19-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-338-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Evolution of Optically Selected QSO's 1 Boyle, B. J.; Shanks, T.; Peterson, B. A.
Evolution of Low Luminosity Quasars 11 Marshall, Herman L.
Selection Effects in QSO Surveys 23 Peterson, Bruce A.
QSO Surveys to B=24 36 Kron, Richard G.
In the Presence of Photometric Bias 46 Cavaliere, A.; Giallongo, E.; Vagnetti, F.
Blue Stars 51 Demers, S.; Wesemael, F.; Fontaine, G.; Lamontagne, R.; Irwin, M. J.
Catalogs: MBQS Quasar Surface Densities in the Range 16.0< B <18.25 56 Mitchell, Kenneth J.; Usher, Peter D.
Surveys of Ultraviolet Excess Quasar Candidates in Three Large Fields 61 Swings, J. P.; Surdej, J.; Gosset, E.
A Survey for Faint Variable Objects in SA57 66 Trevese, Dario; Kron, Richard G.
A Sample of Quasars at Faint Magnitudes 71 Zanorani, Gianni; Zitelli, Valentina; Marano, Bruno
AQD Surveys 75 Clowes, Roger G.
At Large Redshift 87 Gunn, Jams E.
The Quasar Luminosity Function at Redshifts Z > 3 96 Warren, Stephen J.; Hewett, Paul C.; Osmer, Patrick S.
Redshift and Luminosity Characteristics for APM Objective-Prism Survey Quasars 107 MacAlpine, Gordon M.; McGgaugh, Stacy S.; Anderson, Scott F.; Weynana, Ray J.; Turnshek, David A.; Hewett, Paul C.; Chaffee, Frederic H., Jr.; Foltz, Craig B.
The Efficiency of Quasar Selection by Broad-Band Colours 114 Miller, L.; Mitchell, P. S.
A Multicolor CCD Survey for Faint QSO's 125 Anderson, Scott F.; Schechter, Paul L.
Automated Survey of CFHT Grens Plates 130 Borra, E. F.; Beauchemin, M.; Edwards, G.
The APM QSO Survey: A Progress Report 135 Chaffee, Frederic H., Jr.; Foltz, Craig B.; Hewett, Paul C.; MacAlpine, Gordon N.; Turnsbek, David A.; Waymann, Ray J.; Anderson, Scott F.
The Hamburg Quasar Survey 143 Engels, D.; Groote, D.; Hagen, H.-J.; Reimrs, D.
Selected Area GRISM QSO Survey 149 Hoag, Arthur A.; Thomas, Norian G.; Sandage, Allan R.
Calan Tololo Survey: Bright Quasars at High Redshifts 154 Maza, Jose; Ruiz, Maria Teresa; Gonzalez, Luis E.; Wischnjewsky, Marina
Serendipitous Discovery of a Redshift 4.4 QSO 158 McCarthy, Patrick J.; Dickinson, Mark
A Strip Search for Quasars: The CCD/Transit Instrument (CTI) Quasar Survey 163 McGraw, John T.; Cawson, Michael G. M.; Kirkpatrick, J. Davy; Haemmerle, Vance
The QSO Findings 168 Sanduleak, N.; Pesch, Peter
Undetected Gravitational lensing Events and Quasar Population Statistics 173 Turner, Edwin L.
Search for Gravitational Lensing from a Survey of Highly Luminous Quasars 183 Surdej, J.; Swings, J.-P.; Magain, P.; Borgeest, U.; Kayser, R.; Refsdal, S.; Courvoisier, T. J.-L.; Kellermann, K. I.; Kuhr, H.
Radio Quasar and Radio Galaxies - A Comparison of their Evolution, Environments and Clustering Properties 194 Peacock, J. A.; Miller, L.
A Complete Sample of Flat-Spectrum Radio Sources from the Parkes 2.7 GHz Survey 204 Savage, Ann; Jauncey, David L.; White, Graeme L.; Peterson, Bruce A.; Peters, W. L.; Gulkis, Saniel; Condon, J. J.
An Optical Search for Gravitational Lenses 221 Webster, Rachel L.; Hewett, Paul C.
Limits on the Number of Close Optical Quasar Pairs 226 Weedman, D. W.; Djorgovski, S.
Implication for the Luminosity Function 233 Green, Richard F.; Yee, H. K. C.
The Spatial Clustering of QSO's 244 Shanks, T.; Boyle, B. J.; Peterson, B. A.
Quasar Clustering in the CFHT/MMT Survey 254 Crampton, David; Cowley, A. P.; Hartwick, F. D. A.
Quasar Clustering in Perspective 265 Shaver, Peter A.
Results from a New GRISM Survey for Quasar Clustering 273 Osmer, Patrick S.; Hewett, Paul C.
Fields 281 Gosset, E.; Surdej, J.; Swings, J. P.
Evolution of Quasar Clustering 287 Iovino, A.; Shaver, P.
The ROEESO Large Scale AQD-Survey for Quasars 292 Iovino, A.; Shaver, P.; Clowes, R.
Formation; and Quasars 295 Romanishin, W.
Quasar Sample 300 Maccacaro, T.; Gioia, I. N.; Morris, S. L.; Schild, R.; Stocke, J. T.; Wolter, A.
Sensitivity Survey Sample of BL Lacertae Objects 311 Stocke, John T.; Morris, Simon L.; Gioia, I. M.; Maccacaro, Tommaso; Schild, R. E.; Wolter, A.
Models of the Quasar Population: II. The Effects of Dust Obscuration 323 Heisler, Julia; Ostriker, Jeremiah P.
Activity Patterns and Evolution of AGN's 335 Cavaliere, A.; Giallongo, E.; Padovani, P.; Vagnetti, F.
Luminosity Dependent Effects in QSO Spectra 346 Baldwin, J. A.
A Joint Deep X-Ray and UV-Excess Survey in Pavo Quasars at Z 1 Contributing to the Extragalactic X-Ray Flux 351 Griffiths, R. E.; Tuohy, I. R.; Brissenden, R. J. V.; Ward, N.; Murray, S. S.; Burg, R.
Current QSO Surveys: A Compendium 361 Foltz, C. B.; Osmer, P. S.