Title: Protostars and Planets VII
Monograph: 9 Year: 2023 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Shu-ichiro Inutsuka, Yuri Aikawa, Takayuki Muto, Kengo Tomida, and Motohide Tamura
This Protostars and Planets VII volume shows the current understanding of the formation of stars and planets, covering various aspects of molecular cloud and star formation, protoplanetary disk, planetary systems, and astrophysical conditions for life. A decade gap between PP6 and PP7 corresponds to substantial progress in theory and observations. Observations of protoplanetary disks by radio interferometers and other high spatial resolution telescopes have provided many fantastic images that are stimulating theoretical investigations in the context of planet formation. The advent of modern polarimetry observations in millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelengths that enable the magnetic field line measurement in the interstellar clouds and the radio wavelength scattering by the relatively large dust grains in protoplanetary disks. Ground-based and space observations of exo-planets provide a large statistical database for the study of planet formation. The sample-return missions of the small bodies in Solar System have provided direct insight into the composition of primordial materials. This PP7 book is expected to serve as an essential resource for our understanding of the formation of stars and planets.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Front Matter Shu-ichiro Inutsuka, Yuri Aikawa, Takayuki Muto, Kengo Tomida, and Motohide Tamura
The Life and Times of Giant Molecular Clouds 1 Chevance, M.; Krumholz, M. R.; McLeod, A. F.; Ostriker, E. C.; Rosolowsky, E. W.; Sternberg, A.
The Solar Neighborhood in the Age of Gaia 43 Zucker, C.; Alves, J.; Goodman, A.; Meingast, S.; Galli, P.
Star Formation in the Central Molecular Zone of the Milky Way 83 Henshaw, J. D.; Barnes, A. T.; Battersby, C.; Ginsburg, A.; Sormani, M. C.; Walker, D. L.
OB Associations 129 Wright, N. J.; Kounkel, M.; Zari, E.; Goodwin, S.; Jeffries, R. D.
Initial Conditions for Star Formation: a Physical Description of the Filamentary ISM 153 Hacar, A.; Clark, S. E.; Heitsch, F.; Kainulainen, J.; Panopoulou, G. V.; Seifried, D.; Smith, R.
Magnetic Fields in Star Formation: from Clouds to Cores 193 Pattle, K.; Fissel, L.; Tahani, M.; Liu, T.; Ntormousi, E.
From Bubbles and Filaments to Cores and Disks: Gas Gathering and Growth of Structure Leading to the Formation of Stellar Systems 233 Pineda, J. E.; Arzoumanian, D.; Andre, P.; Friesen, R. K.; Zavagno, A.; Clarke, S. D.; Inoue, T.; Chen, C.; Lee, Y.; Soler, J. D.; Kuffmeier, M.
The Origin and Evolution of Multiple Star Systems 275 Offner, S. S. R.; Moe, M.; Kratter, K. M.; Sadavoy, S. I.; Jensen, E. L. N.; Tobin, J. J.
The Role of Magnetic Fields in the Formation of Protostars, Disks, and Outflows 317 Tsukamoto, Y.; Maury, A.; Commercon, B.; Alves, F. O.; Cox, E. G.; Sakai, N.; Ray, T.; Zhao, B.; Machida, M. N.
Accretion Variability as a Guide to Stellar Mass Assembly 355 Fischer, W. J.; Hillenbrand, L. A.; Herczeg, G. J.; Johnstone, D.; Kospal, A.; Dunham, M. M.
Organic Chemistry in the First Phases of Solar-Type Protostars 379 Ceccarelli, C.; Codella, C.; Balucani, N.; Bockelee-Morvan, D.; Herbst, E.; Vastel, C.; Caselli, P.; Favre, C.; Lefloch, B.; Oberg, K.; Yamamoto, S.
Structured Distributions of Gas and Solids in Protoplanetary Disks 423 Bae, J.; Isella, A.; Zhu, Z.; Martin, R.; Okuzumi, S.; Suriano, S.
Hydro-, Magnetohydro-, and Dust-Gas Dynamics of Protoplanetary Disks 465 Lesur, G.; Flock, M.; Ercolano, B.; Lin, M.; Yang, C.; Barranco, J. A.; Benitez-Llambay, P.; Goodman, J.; Johansen, A.; Klahr, H.; Laibe, G.; Lyra, W.; Marcus, P. S.; Nelson, R. P.; Squire, J.; Simon, J. B.; Turner, N. J.; Umurhan, O. M.; Youdin, A. N.
Setting the Stage for Planet Formation: Measurements and Implications of the Fundamental Disk Properties 501 Miotello, A.; Kamp, I.; Birnstiel, T.; Cleeves, L. C.; Kataoka, A.
Demographics of Young Stars and their Protoplanetary Disks: Lessons Learned on Disk Evolution and its Connection to Planet Formation 539 Manara, C. F.; Ansdell, M.; Rosotti, G. P.; Hughes, A. M.; Armitage, P. J.; Lodato, G.; Williams, J. P.
The Role of Disk Winds in the Evolution and Dispersal of Protoplanetary Disks 567 Pascucci, I.; Cabrit, S.; Edwards, S.; Gorti, U.; Gressel, O.; Suzuki, T. K.
Optical and Near-infrared View of Planet-forming Disks and Protoplanets 605 Benisty, M.; Dominik, C.; Follette, K.; Garufi, A.; Ginski, C.; Hashimoto, J.; Keppler, M.; Kley, W.; Monnier, J.
Kinematic Structures in Planet-Forming Disks 645 Pinte, C.; Teague, R.; Flaherty, K.; Hall, C.; Facchini, S.; Casassus, S.
Planet-Disk Interactions and Orbital Evolution 685 Paardekooper, S.; Dong, R.; Duffell, P.; Fung, J.; Masset, F. S.; Ogilvie, G.; Tanaka, H.
Planet Formation Theory in the Era of ALMA and Kepler: from Pebbles to Exoplanets 717 Drazkowska, J.; Bitsch, B.; Lambrechts, M.; Mulders, G. D.; Harsono, D.; Vazan, A.; Liu, B.; Ormel, C. W.; Kretke, K.; Morbidelli, A.
Short-Lived Radionuclides in Meteorites and the Sun's Birth Environment 759 Desch, S. J.; Young, E. D.; Dunham, E. T.; Fujimoto, Y.; Dunlap, D. R.
Direct Imaging and Spectroscopy of Extrasolar Planets 799 Currie, T.; Biller, B.; Lagrange, A.; Marois, C.; Guyon, O.; Nielsen, E. L.; Bonnefoy, M.; De Rosa, R. J.
Exoplanet Science from Kepler 839 Lissauer, J. J.; Batalha, N. M.; Borucki, W. J.
Architectures of Compact Multi-Planet Systems: Diversity and Uniformity 863 Weiss, L. M.; Millholland, S. C.; Petigura, E. A.; Adams, F. C.; Batygin, K.; Block, A. M.; Mordasini, C.
Geophysical Evolution During Rocky Planet Formation 907 Lichtenberg, T.; Schaefer, L. K.; Nakajima, M.; Fischer, R. A.
Giant Planets from the Inside-Out 947 Guillot, T.; Fletcher, L. N.; Helled, R.; Ikoma, M.; Line, M. R.; Paramentier, V.
Exploration-Based Reconstruction of Planetesimals 993 Watanabe, S.; Arakawa, M.; Hirabayashi, M.; Sugita, S.; Bottke, W. F.; Michel, P.
Chemical Habitability: Supply and Retention of Life's Essential Elements During Planet Formation 1031 Krijt, S.; Kama, M.; McClure, M.; Teske, J.; Bergin, E. A.; Shorttle, O.; Walsh, K. J.; Raymond, S. N.
The Isotopic Links from Planet Forming Regions to the Solar System 1075 Nomura, H.; Furuya, K.; Cordiner, M. A.; Charnley, S. B.; Alexander, C.M.O'D.; Nixon, C. A.; Guzman, V. V.; Yurimoto, H.; Tsukagoshi, T.; Iino, T.